Subject: Horny Dad Tales 14 Horny Dad Tales Bill Drake The usual disclaimers apply: for adult readers only. Contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men, some of whom are related. Fair warning that this one has some bi scenes, as well. Thanks to those readers out there who’ve taken a moment to write. Send those comments and story suggestions along: billdrake@hotmail. Check out the authors page at Nifty or see all of my stories at my Yahoo hoo/group/drakestories/ Horny Dad Tales 14 Becoming a Man The first time was my sixteenth birthday. It was a cold winter day and after church Dad gave Mom the excuse we were going to look for a car for me. Instead, we were driving to the other side of town, a place on the outskirts, definitely across the tracks. I guess I should have been pissed off that my father was sneaking around on Mom like that, but Dad and I had always had a close bond. I’m the only son, and I looked up to him in almost every way. I could tell he was proud of the man I was becoming. The months in the gym and on the varsity team had just started to pay dividends. I was getting muscle, real man muscle, on my teen body. Even in the cold of that car, I found myself involuntarily caressing my chest muscle through my shirt. I’d been feeling myself up a lot lately. I stopped immediately, only to realize Dad had noticed. He didn’t say anything, but just gave me a smirk, like he knew what I was feeling. What changes my body was going through. Knew that I was swimming up to my eyeballs in hormones. I’d never thought about it before, but he must have gone through the same thing at my age. As we drove into a driveway of a nondescript ranch house, Dad paused unbuckling his seat belt and scanned my face to see how I was reacting. “Up for this, boy?” “Yeah,” I answered truthfully. I was nervous, but real eager to lose my virginity. Dad ruffled my hair and laughed as he opened the car door. He was already chubbing up a little in his Sunday dress trousers. “Son, I hope you’re a tittie man, cause Ellie’s got a real pair.” Ellie was a prostitute who worked out of her home. A little trashy with big bleach blonde bangs, she wasn’t all that great to look at, but Dad wasn’t lying. Her tits were huge. “Stan,” she greeted with a smile. “You brought company.” “My son Jake. It’s his birthday, so I wanted to show him a good time.” Dad gave her a cheeky grin and flashed two crisp bills as he walked by her into the house. I nervously followed behind and shook defensively as her fingernails traced the muscle in my back through my T-shirt. “Sure thing, sugar,” she cooed whorishly, “Jake’s gonna have a real good time, aren’t ya hun?” I followed Dad to her bedroom. He knew where he was going and made himself at home as if it were his own place. I wondered how often he visited. I was nervous, even more nervous as we all entered the wood-paneled bedroom. I suddenly feared that I’d be soft and not be able to get it up. Thankfully Dad piped in, “I’ll go first. I’m horny as fuck.” Wasting no time, he kicked off his loafers and started unbuckling his belt. It was weird hearing Dad talk like that, and even weirder knowing he was going to be having sex in a half-minute’s time. “Dad, I can wait out…” “Stay, Jake. Trust me, it’s not gonna take me long.” He shucked his boxer shorts and up popped my father’s erect cock. Raging hard and raring to go. “Besides, you might learn something,” he winked before turning attention to Ellie who’d taken off her nightie and was reclining on the bed. I knew suddenly I wasn’t gonna have difficulty getting hard. It was the first time I’d seen a woman’s body up close, live in the flesh, not a magazine photo. It was lewd and magnificent. And when she spread her legs, I felt the tightening up in my chest and groin. But that wasn’t all that entranced me. I guess I’d seen Dad’s dick before, getting out of the shower or on occasional early mornings as he padded down the hall to the bathroom. But erect, Dad’s prick was pretty fucking big. Nice long boner that stood more straight than curved, wide spongy head, fat girth all the way down, and, beneath, two meaty testicles that swayed down heavily in a hairy sac. A man’s cock. Dad got on the bed and crawled on top of Ellie. Fuck, it was intense watching him penetrate then fuck her. My eyes stayed fixed on his buttocks clenching, then wandered down between his legs to watch those nuts pound the labia, the cock screwing in rapidly. Dad liked to fuck hard. He huffed and went at her like a machine, all the while spewing dirty insults at Ellie. Calling her a whore, his bitch. I was beginning to understand that this was about more than just sexual release for Dad. True to his word, he didn’t take long. I’d read in a biology book I’d found in the library that the average American male cums in 3 minutes while having intercourse. I don’t think Dad lasted that long. His muscular body seized and he shouted as he injected his seed into the conquered pussy. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, finally lifting himself up in a push-up motion. His cock was still half-hard, slick as fuck, and still very large when he pulled it out. “Oh man, I needed that.” Looking over his shoulder, he saw me lustful, transfixed, and needing to fuck. “OK, son, your turn.” My body shook as I approached the bed, approach Ellie, but my dick was stone hard. It should have repulsed me… Ellie’s used body, her cheap perfume, the obvious deposit of Dad’s seed soaking her pussy. Fuck, it all turned me on. I wanted to make love like a man, but I was so eager, I just crawled on and penetrated her. My first fuck. You can’t put it into words, not really. I felt a millions sensations and at the same time felt nothing but the high of fucking. Somehow I managed to hold off the initial urge to blast and kept screwing. I lasted longer than Dad, and somehow the knowledge made me proud. “Man, Jake, I think you took to fucking like a duck to water,” he teased me as we walked back out to the car. “What’s not to like?” I admitted, istanbul travesti feeling a little sheepish now that the sex endorphins were wearing off. And knowing that Dad and I had shared a prostitute. I wondered if any of my buddies had had similar father-son bonding time. “Nothing,” Dad chuckled. “Nothing at all.” I guess I should have seen him as a pathetic, low-life adulterer, but mostly I felt the glow of satisfaction that I’d entered manhood. The second time was a surprise. Dad had gotten a big commission at work, and I came home from school to see him on the front porch, partaking of whiskey and a cigar. He was all smiles. “Your mother’s getting that new living room set she’s been wanting,” he announced while puffing his stogie. “But there should be enough left over to treat the Harris men. Whaddya say, son?” I took me a second to figure out what he was talking about, but when I did my smile of excitement gave Dad his answer. Soon we were driving over to Ellie’s. “Well, hello, men,” she cooed as we walked up to the porch. Dad did not believe in foreplay, at least not with Ellie, but I was surprised that this time we seemed to get down to business even quicker, marching to the bedroom, shedding our clothes, stroking our hardons as Ellie unstrapped her bra and got onto the bed. I hadn’t even offered to wait outside this time, and Dad didn’t ask me to. It was understood we were gonna fuck like last time. In each other’s presence. “Wanna go first this time, son?” Dad stared at me expectantly, his hairy chest heaving, his hard cock twitching in sexual heat. “Nah, Dad. I’ll go second.” I felt a crimson blush of shame sweep over me. I realized I wanted to watch Dad fuck. Wanted to feel his sperm on my cock as I did Ellie. Dad smiled big. “Thanks, boy. I gotta get off something bad.” I guess he did, too, cause when he was done and it was my turn to climb on top of Ellie’s fecund body, my dick was dipping into the wettest, spermiest pussy imaginable. Dad’s warm jizz clung thickly to my pistoning shaft. The very thought was nasty and spurred me on. As Ellie’s legs wrapped around my waist, I shifted my hips and hoisted her up into a sitting position on my cock. “Fuck yeah, Son,” Dad encouraged. “Oooh, yeah, baby,” Ellie cried, “Cowboy’s gonna show me how he likes to ride.” I don’t know where I was getting this sexual adventurousness. Maybe it was me showing off for Dad. Trying to be a man, a stud. Maybe I was just getting swept up in the sex. I was a teenager, hormones swimming, cum up to my eyeballs, and I sure as hell was gonna fuck every ounce into this woman. So I did. The new position had the advantage of putting Ellie’s huge knockers in my face, a fact my mouth and tongue took full advantage of. Better still, gravity was now making Dad’s recent load drip down, meeting the upward thrusts of my eager dick. The result was a succession of loud slurping wet fuck noises. Soon I was feeling Dad’s fuck sauce drip down my cockshaft, over my balls. Fuck! I was gonna nut in a major way. I piledrove my tool into her and spermed her womb the hardest I ever could remember shooting. A couple seconds after nutting, I was suddenly aware of my father’s nude body standing next to the bed. Flogging his cock, now erect again. Spraying a second wad all over my back. Dad and I didn’t talk on the way back home, but there was the glow of satisfaction, of understanding between us. The third time was months later. I’d won MVP for our team and was feeling pretty high. Half of it was seeing the pride in Dad’s face. He clenched his arms around me and growled in my ear. “Way to go, Jake. You deserved it.” He pulled back and looked me in the eye, beaming in a wide smile. “Wanna go to Ellie’s and celebrate?” “Yeah?” My dick was starting to rise just at the thought. “You earned it, son,” he winked. He then lowered his voice. “And… if you want something besides the regular fuck, it’s my treat. Order anything off the menu.” He slapped my back conspiratorially. I blushed. I was having a hard time imagining what else to “order.” Dad laughed. “Not into the kinkier stuff, huh? ‘s OK. ” “I just, well, I’ve never done much beyond the usual, Dad.” I paused and ventured a question. “Do you think she’d give me a blowjob? I’ve never had one.” “Aren’t you an innocent one, kid? Ellie’ll do whatever the fuck you pay her to. You’re gonna get blown tonight, Jake.” Another image flashed in my head. I had to take a chance. “What about me going down on her? I’ve wanted to eat a woman out.” That made Dad laugh more. “I doubt any woman will charge for that. Just do it, son, and I bet she’s not gonna stop you.” We got in the car and buckled up. “So my son’s a pussyeater,” he mused as he started the engine. Yeah, his son was a pussy eater, all right. Dad had barely dismounted, his penis dripping a trail of aftershock sperm when I crawled into his place and lifted Ellie’s legs and went for it. Lapped up and down then teased the varied surfaces of her privates with the tip of my tongue. “Ooh, honey!” Ellie cried, clearly taken by surprise. I don’t know if she was doing it for effect or was feeling good, but it egged me on. I started drilling my tongue in and felt her give up on any resistance. Soon I started tasting the distinctive bitter saltiness of sperm. Dad’s sperm. For some reason I hadn’t thought of that and my body seized up in shock. Then, as if I had downed a shot of whiskey, a warmth spread through me, a deep, intense rush. I pushed my tongue and tasted more. As I lapped back out, the jizz flowed to me. More now, I licked and slurped Dad’s seed eagerly now. It was sick, I know, a high school jock on his knees worshiping the pussy his dad had just spermed, but damn, it turned me on. I was wondering just how much juice my father had ejaculated when I heard Ellie announce that she was gonna come. Call me naive but I guess I thought that when she came it would be all over. Quickly I leaned forward and shoved my cock in and gave a couple of hard thrusts, kadıköy travesti sending her and me over the edge. Dad was jovial all the way home. “Leave it to my boy to get a hooker to come,” he mused. He said it like it was the strangest thing on earth. Maybe it was. “Thanks, Dad, for treating me.” He smiled and nodded. “Glad to do it, son. Though it’s probably time you start chasing pussy your own age. If you do to them what you did to Ellie, I guarantee they’ll be coming back for more.” That made me smile. I’d gotten to the petting stage with one girl I’d been dating but I was eager to do more. “Just be careful, Jake,” he continued. “Rubber up, even if she says she’s on the pill. I’m not ready to be a grandfather yet.” We went to Ellie’s one more time. I’d just gotten dumped and I guess Dad thought that sex was the best way to get over a breakup. I wasn’t feeling all that into the idea, til Dad spoke up as we neared her place. “I gotta warn ya, Jake. I got a major load to shoot tonight.” Casually he rubbed his crotch, where he was already boning up. A felt a sense of shame. Shame and lust. Cause all I could think about was my father’s sperm and how I wanted to watch Dad orgasm and then lick the jizz out of Ellie again. I blushed but tried to act nonchalant. “I guess you’ll want to go first then.” Dad looked over, trying to read my face. He nodded. “Would you mind, sport? I gotta fuck bad.” “No problem.” A minute or so of silence, then Dad said in a soft, low voice. “You know, son, I don’t mind if you eat her out again.” Damn, that set my heart beating. “Actually, it was kind of hot watching you go to town last time.” I don’t know where this was coming from but it sent me into lust overdrive. If Dad had pulled out his cock right then I would have gone down on the man. And yet, it was my dad. Practically giving me permission to eat his freshly fucked load. Now I was throwing wood in my jeans as we got out of the car and walked into Ellie’s. Dad was definitely turned on. The other times he’d mounted her, done a few jackrabbit thrusts, and came quickly. Not this time. He sauntered over to the bed, his large, engorged hardon wagging in front of him. He circled Ellie as if prey, then lifted her legs and started sliding in, slowly and deliberately. Then he began fucking with firm but measured strokes. He gradually picked up speed, switching positions a couple times. He’d growl obscenities at her, then start caressing her boobs appreciatively. It was hot to watch and I sat in the chair, my boner throbbing untouched, since I knew the slightest sensation would set it off. What made it worse was the way Dad would look over at me from time to time, acknowledging my presence and drawing me into the act. It was like he was putting on a show for me. My feeling was confirmed as he swiveled and positioned Ellie on top of him and spread her legs so that I was facing the site of penetration. Dad’s large cock pushing over and over again into her. His nuts bounced slightly but mostly were drawing tight to his stalk. Veins throbbed up the hard length and I wondered how much longer he could hold off his nut. Not long, I realized, as I heard a telltale grunt then watched the fat dickhead pop free. In an instant the pissslit at the end dilated and out shot a heavy cannon of my father’s jism. It was copious and heavy and I could practically smell its distinctive alkaline scent from where I sat. My heart was pounding like crazy now, and I couldn’t believe how this scene was playing out or how much I was enjoying it. Dad held his cock steady for three seconds more as another wad of his juice shot out and coated Ellie’s pussy. Then he plunged back in and thrust away to finish off his nut. After a half-minute, I watched in rapt attention as his spermy staff pulled its way out of its confined and plopped free, hanging half-hard, half spent down to Dad’s hairy thigh. Ellie seemed a little out of it but looked down her body and up at me, trying to figure out what was going on. I could tell she was used to fucks like that, but not from Dad and certainly not from our sessions together. Gently, Dad rolled her over onto the bed and massaged her stomach. “Hold still, Ellie. Thanks for being a sport just now. My boy’s still got his turn coming. He wants to eat you out and then do you doggie style.” It was funny: I hadn’t said anything about doggie position to Dad, but as Ellie nodded and spread her legs, I saw the spermy mess in front of me and scrambled into position, kneeling on the floor so that my face was more or less at bed level. Dad’s muck was everywhere, a thick sheen of pearly white juice. I wasn’t tentative this time. I put my tongue out and started licking. Tasting, savoring, and gathering up as much seed as I could. There was a hell of a lot of it. Dad wasn’t kidding about having a major load and the long fuck had just worked his orgasm up even more. Dad watched me intently as I ate his freshly deposited sperm. His cock was now chubbing up again, clearly excited by the nasty scene in front of him. He began spouting his sex talk once more… “That’s it, son, eat that pussy out” …. “Lick it clean, boy, all the way the fuck around, make her squirm”… and finally, “Now flip her over and fuck her, Jake.” I did as commanded, putting her on her stomach and entering from behind. It felt a different than missionary. Not better, but good still. I had passed the intense ready-to-shoot moment and knew I had a few minutes of good fucking in me, so I started pounding away. In the back of my mind I was wondering why Dad had been eager for me to fuck her doggy til he approached my heaving body and ran his hand up my naked back, sending chills through my body. Looking down to make sure Ellie was looking up behind her, he grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. My lips opened in surprised and all of a sudden my father’s tongue snaked its way into my mouth, prodding and dueling with my own tongue. The sensation was incredible – forbidden bakırköy travesti and sexual – and immediately, my cock fired its volley right into Ellie. It was the most intense orgasm imaginable. As soon as he’d invaded my mouth, Dad retreated, a big proud smile on his face. Afterward, as we all got dressed, it was a little awkward, but Dad gave Ellie a few extra twenties which seemed to ease the tension. Dad and I were both quiet on the way back home. For him, it could be the post-sex state of satisfaction, but I was running what had just happened in my head. It freaked me out but turned me on, too. I was still boning in my jeans just thinking about it. Finally, I couldn’t take the silence. “What are you thinking, Dad?” I asked, nervousness in my voice. He paused as if trying to decide whether to answer. Then, “I shouldn’t even be thinking this, Jake, but I’m guessing next time we won’t need Ellie.” It took me a second to process what he was saying. When I realized, I felt a well of excitement in me. “Maybe tonight?” That brought a smile to Dad’s lips. “If we can wait that long.” Afterword It was a quiet Tuesday night and I was studying for my calc exam when I heard a knock. “You up, sport?” Dad peeked his head in, a little sheepish for intruding on my privacy. He was still dressed in his starched blue dress shirt and striped tie, pressed pants and loafers. I could tell he’d just gotten back from drinks with his work associates. He wasn’t slurring his words or drunk, but he had that recognizable gentle quietness to his voice. “Yeah, Dad. What’s up?” He entered and shut the door. He was walking a little funny, then I realized it was from the hardon jutting the crotch of his pants. “Well, I kind of hate to ask, you, Jake, but your mother’s out and well, fuck, I haven’t cum in five days. Think you can help your old man out?” I didn’t answer in words but excitedly I tossed my books aside and scooted up the mattress to sit at the end of the bed, my back straight and my hands on my knees. Dad walked over to me, then turned to face away. I heard the clack of his belt and then the zipper and my heart beat heavy. “I wish you weren’t so eager, boy.” Then, as he trousers fell to reveal the pale blue boxers, “Hell, I wish I wasn’t so eager for this.” I reached forward and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and tugged them down. Dad’s meaty, hairy ass came into view. A nice, full pair of buttcheeks covered in brown fur that got thicker closer to the crack, becoming a hairy forest in the asstrench. I grabbed each cheek and pulled apart, marveling at the muscular feel as well as the sight of my father’s pink pucker coming into view beneath the fur. Gently, I kissed the man melons and nuzzled my face downward and inward. Dad moaned as I burrowed and licked around. “So good, son, that feels so fucking good. Yeah, that’s it. Lick around, find my asspucker.” Of course, even with the full muscled ass, the man’s hole isn’t that hard to find, but I loved to take my time worshipping his rear and teasing him in the process. “Christ, you want it, Kyle,” he continued. The man loved sex talk. “You fucking want to lick my hole don’t you? Eat your old man out? Holy fuck!” Dad always shouts whenever my tongue first touches his anus. Top of his lungs shouts. We definitely had to wait til Mom was out of the house to play. I started lapping directly at his pucker, sending whimpers of sexual excitement from both of us. Only mine were muffled in the asspillows smothering my face. “Lick my hole, Kyle. Drill it, baby. Fuck you know what you’re doing. My boy the asseater. I shouldn’t like this so much. A man should be addicted to his own fucking son eating his hole like this. Oh, but you’re so fucking good. Eat me, son.” The whole time Dad was flailing away at his meat. I unzipped and pulled out my own cock. Taking a breather, I leaned over to my bed stand and pulled out some lube I used for jerking off. Noticing that I was no longer rimming him, Dad turned his head and looked over his shoulder. When he saw me jerking my cock he nodded. “Yeah, jack off, son.” Then he backed his ass back into my face. I obliged with the asslicking duty, prodding his hole repeatedly with my tongue. The elastic sphincter began to relent at the oral pressure and soon was dilating and softening up to the touch. By now my tongue was tickling his inner folds. That started to send Dad off. He was panting heavily now and his nuts were no longer bouncing against my chin. Remembering a trick I’d done with Ellie I backed off and stood up quickly. Before Dad could register anything, I nudged my hardon against his hole. Dad’s butthole quivered and opened and my prick sank in. “Holy fuck,” he grunted. He let go of his prick and felt my sonmeat impale him. I reached around his torso, still in his dress clothes from work, and held on for leverage as I fucked my way into the hot heat of my father’s rectum. I was gentle but determined as I sawed my cock feverishly in and out. A few times punching Dad’s internal sex glands and he was choking back his grunts as his body went into involuntary orgasm, spraying thick ropes of semen all over my dresser. Later I would find out his jizz would ruin a few of my collectable baseball cards I had displayed but for the moment all I could think about what my first hot incestuous assfuck and the load I was depositing deep inside the man who made me. “Man, Kyle, that was intense,” Dad said as we both caught our breath. “Yeah, Dad,” I agreed. Unable to think of anything else to say and unable to let go of my grip around his body. My prick was still lodged up his quivering rectum, depositing the oozing remnants of my sap in him and feeling his heartbeat from the inside out. Dad shuffled around in my grip, at first I thought he was trying to get free but then I felt him push his butt back harder against my crotch. I looked in the mirror and saw him still erect. “Christ, son, you’re still boned hard.” I agreed as my fingers massaged his nipples through his dress shirt and gently gave mini-thrusts of my cock to caress his innards. “Let’s get undressed and I’ll fuck you again.” It gave me a thrill to even say that. Dad twisted his head around and I leaned forward, and we connected in a full, hungry kiss.

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