Becoming a Sissy


Becoming a SissyPreviously published, but in separate parts, this one is the whole story start to finish.This is the story about how I went from being an inadequate husband to being a porn addicted goon and finally in the past year fulfilling my sissy ambition to worship a big cock and balls. They belong to my best friend Tom who I have known for 20 years. It was a journey that took a few years but if I had been brave enough when I was younger would have taken no time at all and spared me lots of humiliation (that being said humiliation can be a turn on!)I’d been married for about six years but our sex life had gradually fizzled out as I proved incapable of satisfying my wife. I have a small dick and while I was able to make the most of it for a few years, increasingly the only way I was able to get my wife off was through eating her pussy (which suited me, my inadequacy was becoming more and more obvious which made me less and less capable of using my limited dick to please her). It got to the point where sexual contact became further and further apart. I rarely initiated, and only occasionally would my wife push my head down between her legs to get some relief. We sort of lived separate lives but were able to keep it together for family occasions and friends et cetera. Increasingly though my wife developed a social life of her own. I guess I could have done the same, but the realisation that I couldn’t satisfy my woman really impacted my confidence. I discovered porn which seemed to be made for someone like me. I could spend hours and hours trawling the Internet watching videos, and gradually became a pathetic gooner. I could rub my dick for hours looking at these stunning women knowing I could never get them. My porn taste evolved from vanilla to anal, pissing and then to my surprise, shemales. It really surprised me when I developed a really strong interest in shemales. It’s probably obvious, but I didn’t really know why. Up until then I had been a pure tits and pussy type of guy.Now I understand exactly what my journey was about. Knowing how inadequate I was I could fully appreciate a beautiful shemale with a magnificent cock. I wanked thinking of kneeling between their legs and worshipping their cock, balls and licking their arse. It just seemed to make complete sense.X-hamster became where I spend every minute I wasn’t working. I built up a huge library of video, photo and gif porn. Increasingly the only things I downloaded were shemale cock worship, sissy caption photos as well as masturbation and humiliation photos and gifs. I guess I was gradually becoming reconciled to my future, (perhaps the role I was born for), as someone who was to be humiliated and used and frankly I loved it.My wife had never really demonstrated any interest in how I spent my time, although she was capable of the odd biting remark “off to play with your tiny dick” or “I bet you can’t even satisfy yourself, never mind a woman” the latter remark was closer to reality than she could have known. I was now gooning so much I regularly lost the ability to get an erection irrespective of how many hours thinking about cocks, balls and ass licking I did.While I was very careful about password protection, closing down my computer et cetera I suppose it was inevitable that while we were living under the same roof my wife would find out about my porn habits, although the way she did was to deliberately catch me out.She had gone out to see some friends for the afternoon and I quickly established my wanking den. I set myself up in the living room turned on the TV with one shemale video playing on it, whilst flicking through sissy caption photographs on my laptop and started wanking gently to my shemale beauties.By this stage I was pretty regularly mixing up pissing and humiliation with my shemale adoration. I would drink lots of water and then Goon and Goon until I had to relieve myself. I would then go down to the bathroom lie in the bath on my back raising my hips up in the air and proceed to piss down my chest and onto my face and hair. I loved it, it reiterated to me what I pathetic sexual individual I was. I would then lie in my piss and attempt to wank myself to completion.The afternoon in question about an hour and 1/2 into this session, I was lying in the bath covered in my own piss and jerking my cock when my wife walked into the bathroom. She burst out laughing saying “I always knew you were a pathetic little wanker but this really is even worse than I thought” she took out her smart phone and clicked me lying there trying to cover myself up. All I could say was “babe babe please don’t…………….”Then she marched out of the bathroom and went into the living room. I quickly had a shower, covered myself in a towel and ran out to see what she was doing. I found her with my laptop going through all my porn files. When I came out she was clicking through my master file of sissy captioned photos and masturbation and humiliation photos. I tried to take the laptop from her but in the struggle she just reached down, grabbed my cock and balls and squeezed them as hard as she could. “Sit over there you pathetic little man, I’m going to find out what you’ve been spending so much time on” she spent the next hour going through everything, looking at the shemale videos (making sure to admire the size of their cocks) and even looking at a video clip I’ve taken of myself while pissing in the bath.After that everything changed from my wife’s point of view. While I’m not sure if she had been unfaithful to me in the past she was making pretty obvious that she was completely within her rights to go out and get fucked by a real man (her words obviously). I guess one of us should have called it quits and divorced but frankly her being out more and more just enabled me to spend more and more time on my porn addiction. The incident with my wife really brought it home to me that I was a sissy. Again what is now obvious seemed to be a revelation back then. The fact that there was no pretence between my wife and myself, and the fact that she obviously did not care any more really gave me even more freedom to explore my sexuality.I started wearing women’s underwear. I had initially thought of buying these over the Internet or taking a couple of pairs of my wifes, but that appeared to me to be too high risk of her finding out and frankly the prospect of going to a lingerie shop to buy my underwear both scared me and excited me in equal measures. It was bound to be humiliating, but by that stage I was embracing humiliation (all those hours of x hamster slideshows telling me what a pathetic man I was had done the trick).So one day I took the afternoon off work assuming the shops would be quiet and ventured into a department store. I had rehearsed the “I’m looking for something nice for my wife” and “she’s about my size” lines so that I thought I could deliver them without blushing. My heart was beating my chest as I slowly made my way through the womenswear department to the lingerie section. As I had hoped it was pretty quiet, but unfortunately that meant the sales staff had plenty of time to help their one male customer who was presumably out of his depth. I had just started to rifle through some beautiful silk camisole bottoms when the sales lady approached me.Can I help you sir? I will spare you my humiliation but no sooner had I got the “I’m looking for something nice for my wife” words out of my mouth, I blushed profusely. The lady put her hand on my arm and said “it’s okay dear, I’m sure we can find something, what did you have in mind?” by now my heart felt like it was in my throat I was beetroot red and starting to sweat. As a result my voice became slightly high-pitched “these look nice”. She smiled gently and agreed “yes these will suit you perfectly”. I hung my head in shame and was about to bolt when she said “please don’t worry sir I will be very discreet and find you something that you will love” I paused and looked into her kind face and decided to stay. 20 minutes later I was walking out with about 20 pairs of women’s underwear (I know, overkill, but I didn’t want to go back and do that again). I got immense joy out of wearing these over the next number of months. The natural extension of my feminisation was that I completely shaved my body on a regular basis. Not only did I love the smoothness of my skin afterwards but I loved the process of turning myself into a sissy. I would look forward to the time when I knew I would have a couple of hours free to have a bath and slowly shave my body from armpits to my legs. To me it felt like a very feminising process, I even lit candles sometimes (I know, what a sissy).Thinking about being a sissy I started to increasingly experiment with my anus. Obviously I had occasionally lubed my finger and stock at up my ass whilst masturbating, but knowing I was a sissy meant I had to explore this more which proved another very rich perversion to explore. On a trip into London I decided to buy some sex toys which would help me in this exploration. I had been very turned on by watching my porn idols with butt plugs in their ass. I bought a set of three and had endless enjoyment opening my anus with those, even keeping them in for a day and sometimes through the night. That then led me to buying a dildo. Over a period of time I used a bigger and bigger butt plug and got an incredible charge from wearing panties and occasionally a butt plug in everyday life. At this point I never really thought that it was ever going to go beyond me just enjoying myself and my addiction to porn. If you had asked me then I would have said I had the perfect life. The appearance of being in a relationship without any of the restrictions enabling me to pursue feminisation through my porn addiction, but I guess something had to give….Part 2The beginning of the end was when my wife started to see a guy who was in our social circle, actually he was a friend of my best friend Tom. Everybody knew what was going on. Nobody said anything to me (I knew as well) and things just sort of went along. However one night I got a call from Tom, usually I didn’t pick them up as I would either be in the middle of or about to indulge in my new sexuality. Anyway, this night I was just sitting watching the football match having a beer, so I answered the phone.”Hey mate I’m in the area, what about you and I have a beer and watch the game together?” All the excuses were running through my mind when he said “why don’t I come around to yours, as you’re already watching it by the sounds of it” before I could say anything he said “I’ll be there in five minutes” and hung up the phone.This didn’t feel right. While we had been good friends for a long time we had drifted apart, mainly my fault but also I guess he felt awkward that my wife was pretty openly in relationship with one of his friends. I sensed an intervention, and I was right.As promised Tom, arrived within five minutes carrying a sixpack of beer. Despite my sense that there was an ulterior motive it was definitely good to see him. We had been friends for a long time and shared a lot about the ups and downs of our respective lives. As usual Tom threw out his arms and gave me a big hug. He is about 6 foot three, 4 inches taller than I and a big solid bloke. His arms went around my shoulders and mine under his arms and around his back, briefly my head rested on his shoulder. “Great to see you mate, it’s a long time since we had beers and talked shit together” we disentangled and I have to say I felt a little emotional that I still had a really good friend. Anyway, we sat down and watched the football and knocked back the beer pretty quickly. We talked a lot about the old days (we always do that) of hanging out together before we were both married. I felt more and more relaxed in his company and my nervousness was going away.When the match ended I thought Tom would be on his way as I was sort of looking forward to a quick wank session.I turned the television off and was making the usual moves to say goodbye to him when he turned and looked straight into my eyes and said “what’s going on what you and the missus” I was a little bit surprised, I guess the beer had lowered my guard and I started to mumble “oh you know, going through a rough patch, everything will work out fine, relationship ups and downs you know…” Tom could sense my rising panic and just kept looking straight into my eyes, and a soft voice he said “mate, you can talk to me”………………….. He just left that hanging in the air and kept his eyes locked on mine. I felt a huge buildup of emotion in my chest, flushed red in my face and actually started to cry (what a fucking sissy). Tom just opened his arms and pulled me towards him and hugged me, this made everything even worse I started to bawl crying on his shoulder. “Tell me what’s on your mind, maybe I can help, you know a problem shared is a problem halved” with that he started to chuckle a little and I joined in. “Christ Tom what you think of me? Blubbering on your shoulder like a little girl”.With that Tom pulled away from me held my face in his hands and said “you’ve got to tell me what’s going on”I knew that if I wanted to keep Tom as a friend, and I really did, (tonight had reminded me how safe, secure I felt in his company), I would have to at least give him the outlines of what had happened. Interestingly, perhaps the one thing I should have felt most nervous about, the size of my cock and its inadequacy, didn’t bother me that much. Like I said we had been friends for a long time and we’ had definitely seeing each other’s equipment at different stages. His was a good 6 inches flaccid and I guess a reasonable handful around. In fact it looked pretty much like those Goddess shemales I adored. He knew mine was pretty tiny but had never teased or belittled me about it.So all of these emotions were going through my head, and I decided to spill my guts a little bit. “Well, what have you heard?) I asked “what are people saying about me”. “Well you know people are talking, what with your missus messing around with that prick Kevin…… to be honest I prefer to hear everything from you, and please know that this will make no difference to our relationship” I started to relax a little, “after all” he continued “I’ve known you for longer than I’ve known my own wife and all of my mates, I’m on your side”.So I sat down, looking at the floor still pretty ashamed that my life had come to this, I had to explain to my best mate why my wife had to get sexual satisfaction somewhere else. But was this going to be worse than buying underwear for myself in a department store? I hoped not.For the next 30 minutes I went through the whole story from beginning to somewhere before the end! Went through my inadequacy, how myself and my wife had grown apart and how she had sought release elsewhere and that although I had not been unfaithful to her, that i had devoted myself to porn. At different stages Tom just nodded and occasionally made a comment but was pretty noncommittal. At the end I was finally able to lift my eyes from the floor and look at him directly in the face, hoping I wouldn’t see disgust and rejection. To my great relief I just saw the kind understanding face of my friend. I started crying again.”Mate, mate please don’t cry, you really don’t have to worry about this, shit like this happens all the time with people, I’m just glad you felt able to share it with me” with he stood up threw his arms out again and gave me a big hug “don’t worry, everything is going to be okay” he said in a very soothing voice.In the days after that evening I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, he was right a problem shared was a problem halved. But there was something else. Before this I had never thought of Tom in a sexual way. He was my best friend. Okay I knew he had an impressive cock and big balls that look like the shemales I admired so much, but he was my best mate nothing more. After that evening though I couldn’t get it out of my head that my shemale fantasy was really a deep-seated fantasy for Tom. Now whenever I was gooning it was Tom’s knees I was between, his massive cock I had in my mouth,his beautiful balls that I played with and his anus I tried to penetrate with my tongue. My perversion really was reaching new depths, or should I say heights. I had no problem reaching climax for the next week I can tell you.It wasn’t for another week that I heard from Tom, and I must say when I saw his name flash up on my phone I was relieved. This time I was wanking to a gorgeous shemale with a magnificent cock, but I didn’t want to miss Tom’s call, I wanted to talk to him and know that we were still good friends. “Hey mate hows it going” he asked “what are you up to” briefly I thought about lying to him, but then thought, he knows everything anyway why continue with life. “Tom, you know what I do with my evenings I’m on the Internet watching filth and trying to get an erection” I laughed. For a secondthere was silence at the other end, and I thought I had blown it, then I was relieved to hear Tom laugh out loud and say “hey, you’ve got to get your kicks”. Then he asked “what website are you on?” Which surprised me a little. By this stage my desire to lie was completely gone “X hamster” I answered they’ve got some of the best stuff online and you can even create your own page with favourites and sufff” I just realised that I given Tom a big opening and he didn’t mess it “oh yeah what your username on the site? Maybe I can check it out, see if we’ve got shared interests” fuck me I had really blown it. Oh well in for a penny in for a pound “snoozer 2000, but remember this is all fantasy stuff, you know stuff to get me off, not the real me”. Tom started laughing out loud “you think I don’t wank to porn online? Relax, this is just something we can share, let me check out your site and I’ll let you know what I think, chat to you in a few days” with that he hung up.I was immediately seized with terror. Okay I understood that Tom was no saint and that he was a good friend, but the truth is what he would find out about me when I looked at my page, was exactly who I was in all its filth and perversion” he would find out that I liked pissing on myself and got off watching others doing it, that I had a massive fascination with big cocked shemales which seemed to be boundless. He would see the sissy galleries which openly belittled and humiliated me identifying me as the sissy I am. For a few seconds I thought about deleting some of the more extreme videos on favourites but to be honest it would have taken me too long and I’m sure that before I had hung up the phone Tom was already registering.I went back to my x-hamster page and logged on, and lo and behold within 10 minutes got a friend request from somebody you identified themselves as “bigtom” the message read “hey snoozer2000 you seem like a pretty kinky guy, love your page”. I accepted the friend request, what difference would it make he knew my username.Part 3.Tom’s story.Myself and Peter had been friends since we were in school together were we had an interest in supporting common which really kept us as friends for years and years. We finished school, went to college got our first jobs and settled down all the time being in touch with each other, helping each other and basically being good mates. I had been divorced about three years earlier and Peter had been a real help to me during that time. My wife had just lost interest in me and frankly I had in her. We probably should never have married, but still it was a shock to the system which Peter helped me through. After the divorce I decided to fuck around as much as I could, why not, pussy was served up to me on a platter. I guess word got around about how big my cock was, it was like bees to honey. I had a no intention of settling down, once was enough, so maybe this whole development in Peter’s life came at the right time.I hadn’t really been specific with Peter about what I had heard about his missus (Sarah) and Kevin. One bimbo that I had fucked claimed she knew what was going on. The word was that Peter couldn’t satisfy his wife because he was so inadequate in the cock apartment (no surprise to me, but what did I care?), and Kevin really could apparently. I laughed when the bimbo, reassured me that Kevin was nowhere near as big as I was (she’d been there, done that). But I have to admit, I, like all the men I knew thought Sarah was definitely someone we would like a crack at, but hadn’t because of Peter. Even more worrying about the rumours, was that there was supposedly a photograph of Peter lying in the bath, jerking off in a pool of his own piss. What sort of a bloke does that?Being his best mate obviously it was no surprise to me that Peter had a tiny cock. When we had been out for beers et cetera I had seen it, or rather not seen it when we’d stand for a piss, he would always lean in more while I would stand back and admire myself. Occasionally I caught him glancing at me, but I guess that’s natural.Anyway all of this stuff was going through my mind when I decided to call around and see him.The stuff I learned that night really explained an awful lot. His inability to hold onto Sarah the fact that she was seeing Kevin etcWhen Peter told me about his porn habit, I guess it made sense to me, a bloke does need a sexual outlet after all. I was glad we had the conversation and frankly when he told me about the website he used I really wanted to find out more about what he was into. Fuck me it was astounding. He clearly was submissive, a sissy in porn language, looking at all the photographs and videos which really could only have turned an already slightly submissive person into a complete sissy. Then there was all the shemale stuff, cripes this was new to me. Stunning birds with huge cocks! I felt my own big unit start to stir. Why not I thought, I could really do with relieving the pressure in my balls. I pulled out my cock which was a big handful around and when I get erect, 9 inches of male perfection (my ex-wife’s description). I started jerking off going through these videos, trying to find more and more out about Peter’s new sex life. Then I came across a story he had apparently written. It was all about submission and the sexual pleasure of being pissed on. I didn’t think about it too much, it was perverted, but I have to say my cock was loving it. What drove me over the edge was finding a gallery which was all about Daddy’s. I wasn’t exactly sure what that was until I had flicked through a few of the photographs. It became obvious that Peter was turned on by the idea of being submissive for his Daddy. Whether it was kneeling between a guys legs, sucking his balls, deep throating his cock or assuming the doggy position opening his smooth ass for daddy, it was a huge turn on. That’s when I busted my nut. I came and came and came.Later as I reflected on all of this stuff it did cross my mind, did Peter see me as his Daddy?PeterI really didn’t know what I was thinking, there was a night out planned for all of our friends months ago and I never got around to telling people I wouldn’t show up. Ordinarily this would have been exactly the type of evening I would have made my excuses and stayed at home with my beloved porn, but for some reason Tom called me and convinced me that it would be a good thing to go along, besides he wanted to catch up with his friend. I was a little puzzled by this, he hadn’t said much about the X-hamster, perhaps he hadn’t spent much time on it and had accepted my “it’s all a fantasy excuse”.The minute I arrived at the venue I knew this wasn’t a good idea. Sarah made it more or less obvious that she was with Kevin. Because of that I guess Tom seem to go overboard in his friendliness to me, bringing me to the bar having a drink and all in all making it obvious that we are friends. I guess if he had’t done that I would have just sat in the corner, crushed by my wife’s very public infidelityI sorta took it for a while like the sissy that I am. But then at one stage she was sitting beside him with her hand on his leg rubbing up and down with the desired results. Finally I had, had enough. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t go up and confront her with Kevin beside her, could I? So in the end I just sent her a text “time to go, are you coming”. I looked over when she received the message and a grin broke across her face. She fiddled with the phone for a while and then obviously pressed send and looked over at me. I almost cried when I saw the message which read “do you seriously think I’m going home with this” which was followed by the photograph she had taken of me in the bath, covered in my own piss with my tiny erection on show, the rest of the message read “when I can go home with this” underneath was the photograph of what I have to say was a magnificent cock, presumably Kevin’s. She showed the messages to Kevin and both laughed out loud and looked over at me. Embarrassed I rushed out of the club, hoping I would never see any of them again. However, Tom rushed after me, and tried to calm me down. “Don’t mind him Peter, she’ll soon get tired of that idiot and want to come back with you, just bide your time” I looked up at him and said “you’ve looked at my X-hamster profile, you really think I actually want her back? I think that ship has sailed and frankly I have changed too”. He looked at me for what felt like a minute and said “yes I have to say I was a bit shocked, but I know you have to get your rocks off so no big deal, and by the way your profile is helped me get my rocks off a couple of times” he grinned and looked directly at me. “Anyway I’ve had enough of this night you fancy going somewhere else for a beer?”I really wasn’t sure, but even though I really wanted to go home and humiliate myself with lots of sexy porn, I was intrigued by the fact that Tom had followed me out and wanted to go for a drink. So we went down the road a bit, found a bar and started to have a few drinks, like the old days. Inevitably my small bladder got the better of me I had to go to relieve myself. Tom followed me in and we ended up side-by-side, which we hadn’t been for a long time. As usual I was leaning in trying not to piss all over my shoes, while Tom was standing almost 1 foot back and pissing with power. I looked down at what I had remembered to be a magnificent cock. I got absorbed in it and for a few moments imagined I was lying in my bath at home and Tom was pissing all over me. Needless to say I ended up pissing on my shoes! I looked up into Tom’s face and he was looking into mine, “I hope this is turning you on, I saw some of your videos and I guess a big cock like mine pissing might get you off?” I zipped up quickly washed my hands and went out. I waited for him for a few minutes until he finally came out.”Interesting, I thought you would have gone home humiliated, but then again I guess that’s your thing” I looked up at him hoping I would still see my good friend, and indeed I did. He was making fun of me, not trying to humiliate me. He continued, “I gather this stuff turns you on, like I said I’ve been getting off to it too, but I’m interested how much of it is a fantasy? Have you made any of this reality, yet?”I looked at him intrigued, I really hadn’t expected him to completely cut me out of his life, but nor did I expect him to be as interested and questioning as he was being. A tiny part of me was thinking about what I’d seen in the toilet, and what I would like to happen in the future. He slightly cut me off balance when his next question was “tell me about this sissy stuff”.I went beetroot red, I wasn’t sure I was prepared to have this conversation with Tom, but again I did slightly wonder if he was asking me to seduce him. We moved over to a table in the bar with no one else around so we could have the conversation in private. I explained how having experienced all the rejection from Sarah I had totally lost my confidence and explored the internet for stuff that got me off. Sissy and humiliation really did it for me. I guess it spoke precisely to my lack of manhood. Occasionally Tom would ask me to clarify, for instance “do you dress up?”. I explained about how I loved the bodies of the sexy shemales, especially how smooth they were, so that yes I shaved my body from head to toe and had taken to wearing women’s underwear. He was full of questions about where I got them et cetera and when I explained he just shook his head saying “how humiliating was that”. He asked me had I ever had another man fuck me.I quickly reassured that, no, all of this was just a fantasy for me to play out at home. “Sex toys?” He asked me. Jesus this was like being interrogated by Special Branch. Again I explained that as part of the fantasy I did use butt plugs and occasionally a dildo in my arse. I even told him that the night he had called over with the beer to watch the football I was wearing a sexy little Thong and a butt plug in my arse. He burst out loud laughing saying “if I’d known that, I would have wanted to have a look”.I looked at him sideways and said “I am tonight as well” I left it hanging there, enjoying his embarrassment and obvious discomfort for once. We said nothing and I went up to the bar to get us another drink, we knocked that back quickly and I could see that he was deep in thought. It was important that the next move was his, and I wasn’t surprised, given how manly he is that he didn’t back down “okay mate let’s go home and see what you have to offer”.I couldn’t quite believe this was going to happen. We made our way back to my flat, and I was reassured that Tom was taking charge of this situation (like he always did) and I was happy to follow. When we got home he really took charge, but still in a nice way.”Tell you what, I’m going down to have another piss, why don’t you set up your TV so we can go through some of your porn, and you can explain some of this stuff to me” I quickly scurried to get my laptop and connected it up to the TV in the lounge room. I pull two chairs together and waited for him to come back. As soon as he did I fired up the computer and started showing some of my personal favourite videos. I deliberately kept it pretty vanilla (or as vanilla as I had on my laptop) so as not to put him off. It was things like Gina Gerson blowing a big bloke with all of the enthusiasm she always has. Then I thought I would be a little more adventurous and show a Bailey Jay video where she is getting a blowjob. I was finding this quite a turn on, not so much the videos which were at the tame end of what triggered me but the fact that Tom was sitting beside me absorbed by it. “I think your stuffs a bit harder than this, are you going easy on me?” He asked.I debated it for a minute and then just put on a slideshow of my favourite sissy and humiliation photographs which had a pretty liberal mix of Daddy stuff in it as well. “Oh yeah, this is the stuff I saw”. This whole situation was getting too much for me and I started, I thought surreptitiously to rub my little clit. I guess Tom was looking out for it because he looked over at me and said “one thing we’ve never done is jerk off together, why don’t we do that” with that he stood up and came over to me, pulling me into the standing position.”Let’s see this smooth body you’ve been hiding” with that he completely took charge pulling my T-shirt over my head, checking out under my armpits, and then undoing the belt in my trousers. I put my hand on his “do you really want to go through with this?” His answer was to brush my hand away and continue with undoing my belt, my button and fly and taking my trousers down to my ankles. He stood back and whistled quietly, “not bad, not bad” at this stage I was well past embarrassment, there I was standing with a completely shaved body and in a little red thong. I kicked my trousers and shoes off when Tom held my hand high in the air said “give us a twirl that” I giggled and complied. Just as I was about to turn around to face him again he stopped me by putting his hands on my shoulders saying “I think you’ve got something else to show me” then he gently pushed my shoulders down so that I was bending forwardHis fingers reached under the top of my thong and pulled it down to my ankles where I stepped out of them in my best impression of a sissy. He bent my head further forward so that my arse was in the air. Then I felt his hands pulling my arse cheeks apart, revealing my little butt plug. “So you weren’y just teasing me” he laughed. I didn’t say anything but maintained my position whereby he started gently tugging at the butt plug just a little at first and then a couple more centimetres and a couple canlı bahis more centimetres in the end he was gently fucking me with the butt plug, this went on for a few minutes and not to my surprise my clit started responded. I was partly humiliated mostly embarrassed but very turned on. He stopped and then raising my shoulders turned me around and looked down at my clit. “Yeah that’s how small I thought it was” he said in a very matter-of-fact way. “Why don’t you sit down and make yourself comfortableAs I sat down he stayed in the position facing me, but just out of my reach. He too pulled his shirt over his head revealing his hard muscular chest and arms. Wow I thought, Tom’s been working out! Then very deliberately keeping eye contact with me he kicked off his shoes and trousers. I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear, (Tom going commando, what a stud). He just stood in front of me for 10 or 15 seconds with his magnificent cock just hanging there, backed up by his huge balls. I was afraid to even touch my little clit for fear that I would shoot my load. Then he just went and sat back in his chair and said “let’s make this a good one”The next 30 minutes are a daze, I went through video after video, lots of shemales giving and taking large cocks to a range of shemales, men and women. I was afraid to touch myself, because this was already driving me nuts. Rather I just looked over at Tom who had his cock in his hand and was wanking it to his hearts content. He looked at me and if winked saying “why didn’t we ever do this before” he laughed.The next video I called up was entitled “Sissy husband sucks BBC” the video started with some role-play you know, hot wife with a pathetic white husband and her black boyfriend with huge cock. Within two or three minutes the dominant wife and the BBC have the white guy on his knees sucking a huge black cock, and they switch to her straddling the BBC and ordering him to lick her ass, and the next scene was ordering him to kneel between the BBC’s knees and lick his balls while she fucked him.At this point Tom just looked over at me and said “so is this just a fantasy of yours or would you really like to do it? Because if you want to do what that Sissy is doing now is your chance” he opened his legs wide shifted his bottom forward in the chair and gently rocked his hips up and down with the effect that his cock was bouncing around, to my mind begging for attention. I stood up from my chair, determined to find out if this was just the fantasy of a porn addictg or my role in life. As I stood up, Daddy said “I don’t think so sissy, shouldn’t you be on your knees?” I smiled, Tom had really done his work, and yes this was going to happen.I got down on my hands and knees and slowly crept over to him, keeping my eyes on the prize, that huge deck and those big balls. They were going to be mine. When I got to him he slid his bottom further forward in the chair and lifted his knees up to his chest “ass first”.I looked up into his eyes and said “Yes Daddy” for the first time. I leaned forward taking in the impressive view. I sniffed the aroma and pure a****l lust shot through me. I started licking this beautiful anus. For the next five minutes I lapped and lapped at his gorgeous butthole alternating between long wet licks and shorter stabbing ones, trying to penetrate his sphincter. After that there followed a series of commands with my obedient reply “Yes daddy” “suck my left ball” followed by “right ball” followed by more of a question “both? I was in sissy heaven, Obviously, I was really lucky to have such a fine specimen to worship, I loved taking his balls in my mouth and toying with them loving the smooth skin, but knowing that they were full of sperm which drove me crazy. It was somewhere between having both balls in my mouth and responding to his order to take the gorgeous mushroom head of his cock in my mouth that I spilled my girly cum on the floor.Whatever, I knew why I was here and it wasn’t anything to do with my pleasure, rather everything to do with Daddy’s. I played and played with the head of his cock alternating between gentle licks and then taking it all in my mouth. Then I heard his command “take more” and I knew that we had reached an important point, he wanted me to take his monster as far down as I could. I have to say that I was somewhat nervous but knew I had to serve Daddy as best I could I rose up on my knees and angled his cock towards my mouth so that I could maximise how much I could take. I opening my mouth as wide as I could and gently lowered my head over it. It was an incredible incredible feeling which I don’t think I will ever be able to replicate. A sissies first blow job is a momentous occasion.On the one hand, I know this sounds bizarre, I felt incredibly powerful. I had the ability to give pleasure to the most important person in my life with my tongue and throat and it felt exciting.At the same time I was very aware that I was kneeling in my own lounge room with my sissy underwear on the floor, my pathetic shaven body which was neither male nor female with its tiny pathetic little clit. I had dribbled my cum on the floor and was kneeling between the legs of this powerful man with his cock down my throat. There was some humiliation there but I have to say I was very aware that I was pleasuring Daddy and that made me happy and fulfilled. I continued to attempt to deep throat his cock but could only really take half it. He gently pulled his big hands on the side of my head and rocketed it forward onto his manhood. I was aware that he was getting closer and closer to climax. He started rocking my head faster and faster and then gave his final command “swallow it” within five seconds he was cumming in my mouth and down my throat. He stopped fucking my face and left his cock deep in my mouth grunting as he shot each load of beautiful cum down my throat. I struggled manfully (okay like a sissy) to take it all and was mostly successful. A little bit dribbled down the side of my mouth and on to my chin, but for a first effort I thought I had done a good job.Then Daddy collapsed back in the chair which took his cock out of my mouth. Aware of my duties I kept his cum in my mouth and played with it, tasting it, getting used to its consistency. I then open my mouth to show him before very deliberately closing it and swallowing my first load of cum. Using my finger I pushed the cum on my chin into my mouth and swallowed again (you see my hours of porn addiction had not gone to waste).Just then we became aware of the sissy video that had been playing. In a stern voice the hot wife instructed the sissy, “now clean him up”.Myself and daddy both burst out laughing. But then he stopped, raised his eyebrows looking at me and didn’t need to say any more. I shuffled in closer so that I would be able to honour my daddy’s request while allowing him to lie back and relax in the afterglow. I started with his cock, sucking and cleaning all of the spit. I paid special attention to the head which was still dribbling cum. I went down the shaft kissing nibbling and licking up the mess I had left. Then down to his balls nuzzling them and licking them making sure they were clean for my Daddy. Finally with his encouragement I licked his ass clean. This whole process was turning me all over again, not that anyone cared.When I thought I had done a satisfactory job I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. He looked down inspecting himself and nodded with appreciation “good job Sissy”.With that he stood up and reached down for his trousers and started to get dressed, when I started to do the same he stopped me saying “stay how you are, you don’t need to get dressed until after I’ve left”. I was a little surprised and started to say “but Tom” when he looked at me and it was then I realised that Tom and Peter had gone replaced by Daddy and Sissy. I felt part humiliation and part ecstasy. In my mind Daddy had just made a commitment to me, I guess you could say I was in Sissy heaven. Peter got dressed and without giving me another glance just said “I’ll give you a call when I’m horny” and went out the door.Part 4.Toms voice”Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, use me like the Sissy that I am, FUCK MY BOY CUNT, Give me your cock Daddy” I had my hands around the sissies hips as I fucked her doggy style pulling her pussy onto my hard cock, pounding and pounding. “Please daddy cum on me, paint my Sissy face, I want your cum on me, fuck me harder, I’ve been a bad boy”I loved the power Sissy submission gave me. I was a fucking sex god getting the respect I deserved. As I looked down at her back I could see the butt plug winking at me from her anus. Fuck, this sissy had really come prepared for action, the thought that I would later be invading her anus drove me wild.I fucked and fucked harder as the sound of my heavy, spunk filled balls could be heard smacking against sissies clit, I came closer and closer to exploding if if. If “Assume the position CUNT” She quickly dismounted my cock and assumed the perfect obedient wanton sissy position, kneeling, mouth open panting for my cum. My cock exploded with rope after rope of cum landing on her face, lips, in her eyes and hair, but like a good sissy her mouth stayed wide open to collect as much cum as she could. Just in case there was any doubt I took Sissys head and drove my cock into her throat, holding it there as she tried to lick my balls.I then used my cock across Sissy’s face to push my cum into her mouth. She took it like her life depended on it. Showing me my cum before swallowing it. “Thank you Daddy” Hours of work for sissy to have the perfect hair, lips, eyelashes and make up destroyed by 15 seconds of cum exploding all over her face, and all for my pleasure. I could really get used to my role as daddy.Let me explain. As I got deeper and deeper into understanding Peters sexual perversion, spending every waking (wanking?) hour on X hamster, delving into control and submission it began to make more and more sense to me. Before talking to Peter about his porn habits and exploring X hamster my sex life had just been about finding some slut and fucking her. I’m not saying that was a bad thing, but it was obvious there was a whole world of sex I had not explored. This was a world which was uniquely open to me. MY POWER came from my cock and balls. You can dress it up any way you want but my cock and balls meant I was an Alpha male, and that meant there were pussies, cunts, mouths and arseholes out there, attached to submissive sluts (men and women) that would worship me. Peter made me aware of that and I intended to take what’s mine.First I decided to test drive this new power with a dumb bimbo called Mandy. It’s her face I came all over. I had fucked her once before but frankly the massive fake tits didn’t do it for me. But when I thought about it, it occurred to me that her whole life, her whole being, was about pleasuring men, how submissive is that? I called up and asked her did she want to come over and get fucked. I said “I’m the daddy and you’re my sissy”It felt good, after all I was probably making her year. The only problem is a took her five hours to get me. The dumb bitch went to the beautician, the hairdresser to get perfectly prepared for my cock. But then again I can’t blame her, she knew that she was lucky to get another crack at me and her bimbo instincts kicked into overdrive. I almost broke out laughing when I answered the door. There she stood with her long blonde hair, cock suckers lips, fake eyelashes, too much make-up, fake tan and those 44 double tits that didn’t move. She was barely dressed but what she was wearing was pink. Built to use, and boy was I going to. I said nothing and turned and walked into my flat as I could hear her clip clopping behind me in six-inch heels. What a fucking joke. Still, one thing I can say for her is that she knew all about daddies and sissies. Immediately she got on her knees and started crawling over to me. “please daddy can I see your cock” and “please daddy put your cock in my mouth” et cetera et cetera I loved the begging and subservience and control. Finally my massive cock and huge spunk filled balls were getting the respect they deserved.After I came I lay on the bed and said “clean up your shit” she crawled up to me until she got to my balls and started licking her slime off a them. I lifted my knees to my chest presenting my anus, and she didn’t even blink, her face was between my ass crack licking and sucking it clean. Interesting. Then she got my cock, I finally understood the real meaning of cock sucking lips. She used them to clean all the spit and slime leaving it in perfect condition. With that she slid off the bed and went to go to the toilet.Interesting, I guess she thought she was finished. I followed her into the bathroom and there she was sitting on the toilet pissing. I said “I need a piss” and she started to get off the toilet I said “no, in your mouth” she looked at me with her dumb face as both her brain cells tried to compute what I just said, and then it clicked. For a second there was hesitation and then ” please daddy give me your piss” she threw her head back, opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. I walk forward, my legs straddling her sitting on the toilet and put my cock in her mouth and started to piss. I never thought having a piss would be such a turn on. I Gushed into her mouth and down her throat as she bravely tried to swallow again and again, only succeeding in the piss going down her face and over her tits and body.I had thought that this might even be a step too far for me, but it wasn’t about the piss. It was about the fact that this dumb bimbo would allow me to do it, and it was a huge turn on.When I finished Sissy swallowed for the last time and looked up at me for reassurance. “you’ve been a great little sissy, now I’m going to fuck your ass”We went back to the bedroom after Sissy had cleaned herself up a bit. “Daddy’s cock is so big and powerful I need to get my little sissy anus ready for daddy, is that okay?” Fair enough, I thought, I might enjoy the show.With that sissy, still in six-inch heels, went to her handbag and took out some lube and what looked like a bigger butt plug than the one already embedded in her ass. She got on the bed on all fours, and reached around and took out the butt plug. There was no way it had prepared her for my cock ploughing her ass. She got the bigger butt plug put some lube on it and slowly inserted that past her sphincter. She played around with it, obviously getting her sphincter ready for anal invasion. Despite myself I found I was getting a grudging respect for Mandy the bimbo. She took this shit seriously. She continued to play with the bigger butt plug, stretching her ass by rotating it. As she did it was clear it was turning her on as her breath became shallower and shallower. She then dropped the second butt plug and lubed up her fingers. Three fingers went into her ass easily and then she pushed and pushed until her hand, up to her knuckles had entered. She started masturbating herself, pushing her hand in and out, stretching her ass. By this stage I had a raging hard on. While I was enjoying the show I couldn’t wait to invade her anus and leave my load in there.Finally Mandy got her whole hand into her ass, and fucked herself with it. What a show! But she didn’t forget why she was here. She turned her head to me and said “sissies ass is ready for daddy, can I have your cock in my ass now please” there was a whimper in her voice, I understood again the joy I was going to be giving her when I reamed her ass.I quickly got on the bed and availing of her gaping ass hole slid the head of my cock in, quite easily. Sissy gasped as she realised that for all her preparation, this was the real thing. I pushed about half way, encountered some resistance and then gently started to increasingly invade her anal passage. Sissy whimpered “yes daddy, yes daddy, my ass is all yours” it took me about 10 minutes to get my whole cock in their, but when I did I felt magnificent. I felt like I was finally getting the respect and worship that I deserved, that thought drove me wild and I started to plough into Sissy’s ass. I fucked her hard for 10 minutes as Sissy encouraged me and begged me for more, my balls smacked against her clit probably driving her wild as my orgasm built and built and built. I felt like a bull, a total fucking stud claiming what was his. Sissies ass started to pulsate and throb, massaging my cock, and that drove me over the edge I buried myself deeper into her bowels and exploded inside her, I closed my eyes imagining it was Peter below me, and with that I almost fainted.When I’d finished I rolled over onto the bed, seeing stars. Sissy again crawled up between my legs, taking my cock which had just been in her arse and started to clean it. She licked and lapped and sucked the spit from my cock and balls. At some point, I fell asleep, but not for long. I opened my eyes to see Sissy standing beside my bed looking down at me. When she saw me wake she asked “Will that be all daddy” I nodded, closed my eyes and as I fell asleep could hear her totter on her high heels to the door.” Thank you Daddy, thank you for everything” and with that she left.Well, if that was the appetiser and the test drive, I definitely wanted to move on to the main course. I knew now that being a daddy was what would fulfil me, and I decided that I would seduce Peter into being my first real sissy. I didn’t think it would be that hard, so when I heard about the night out I decided to make my move.Mandys Story.Only joking, nobody cares.If you like my story, or even if you don’t please leave comments below, or failing that, thumbs up or thumbs down if you didn’t like it. Two more parts to come over the weekend I hopePart5.Sarahs story.I finally realised that I’d made a mistake getting married to Peter. I guess if you were to describe me would say I was a loyal and sympathetic person and it’s probably those qualities which led me to marry such a wimp. So why did it take so long for me to realise? Because I never really had a proper sex life. I met Peter, fell in love with him and figured that’s what marriage is about, so that’s what I did. It was only when I opened up to the girls that I realised I was really missing out on something. Peter’s little penis couldn’t give me an orgasm and I finally got tired of that. Obviously my turning off sex with him did nothing for his confidence, but that’s the loyal sympathetic Sarah speaking, what I wanted was to get well and truly fucked.My girlfriends were astounded that I had put up with “pathetic Peter” as they called him for as long as they did. It’s interesting, in the past I would have walked out if somebody had said that about my husband. But they weren’t being mean, it was just a fact. He was a pathetic weak man with a tiny penis. What else could you call him?They really got enthusiastic about making sure I would have a fulfilled sex life. Obviously, they were worried that my cunt wouldn’t be able to take a real cock. So one night when I turned up for a drink I found that they had clubbed together and bought me a range of sex toys butt plugs, dildo’s and vibrators. They ranged in size from about twice as big as Peter to something as big as my arm. Seriously, would I be able to get that inside me?We all got a bit pissed, and the jokes were flying about me going home to fuck King Kong. Anyway I was on my way home with Julia, who lives nearby. “Well, you going to use them tonight?” She asked. I told her I wouldn’t be able to as “pathetic Peter” would be at home, as he always was. I could see a mysterious smile on her face and she said “come around to my place, I’ll be able to supervise you, just so you don’t injure yourself” she laughed. I jumped at the opportunity, I know I was a bit tipsy but Julia was a good friend and I thought she would be able to help as she seemed an expert.When we got in her door she took me by the hand and brought me to her bedroom. “Tonight, you’re going to lose your virginity” while it wasn’t technically true it did feel a bit like that. I had butterflies in my tummy and I could feel my cunt begin to tingle. I felt like a virgin on her wedding night as Julia led me by the hand up to her bedroom. When we got there she threw me on the bed and said “I’m going to the loo, make yourself comfortable”. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I was going to be naked and presumably playing with those sex toys in front of another woman. I panicked a little and instead of making myself comfortable just sat on the edge of the bed waiting for Julia to return.She came out of the bathroom totally naked. I was shocked, I hadn’t expected that. She looked at me and teased “is my virgin a little bit nervous”. “Don’t worry, this is just an extension of trying on clothes in front of each other, or getting our Brazilians done at the same time” I looked up at her, puzzled ” don’t tell me you don’t trim your garden?”I was starting to get really embarrassed “well I do trim it a little, but by myself”. Julia crawled up behind me on the bed and removed my jacket, as she did her hands brushed over my breasts and seemed to linger on my nipples, she got an instant reaction. “That’s interesting, I’d say you were so horny you are about to explode” it was true, while in my head I thought I should resist, my body was betraying me. I leaned back into her which enabled her to kiss me gently on the side of my face and neck. “I’ve always wondered what your tits look like, they look magnificent encased in this blouse, but I think they will look better with me sucking on them, don’t you?” By now I was starting to moan a little, her hands were gently toying with my nipples and it felt amazing. She took this as permission to start unbuttoning my blouse, then gently pulled it back over my shoulders. She started to giggle” Jesus Sarah where do you buy your undies, in Marks & Spencer? I think I’m going to have to take you shopping” she undid my admittedly very plain bra from the back releasing my 36D tits. She reached around cupping my breasts in her hands, we both moaned. With that she came around in front of me and I got to see her body properly for the first time. She was much more petite than I, very slim with small tits and I realised a completely shaven pussy. It was a real turn on. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed over me, and started to suck my breasts, paying special attention to my nipples. I was lost, I had never done anything like this before, but it felt amazing. I felt like I was the centre of attention and that my lust was finally being acknowledged and served. Julia kept licking and sucking and occasionally very gently biting around my nipples, I felt intense pleasure and then with great shock felt my body getting lost in a shuddering orgasm. I close my eyes, and stuck my hand down the front of my skirt and started to rub my clitoris. I had never felt like this before. All too quickly my orgasm came crashing over me , leaving me breathless and panting on the bed. As I recovered I opened my eyes to see Julia smiling down at me, “I’ll take that as a compliment”Julia gave me a couple of minutes to recover and then encouraged me to move up the bed. As I did, she stayed where she was saying “let’s see the rest of your hot body” 30 minutes earlier I would have been shocked, now I just raised my hips so she could pull my skirt down and I could reveal myself to her. No sooner had my skirt hit the floor than she push my legs up to my chest saying “let’s give your cunt some attention”With that she went down on me licking my pussy paying special attention to my clit. Having just cum I wasn’t sure there was any point, but as Julia continued to pleasure me I felt the joy of another orgasm building. As she was licking me she started to gently explore my cunt with her long fingers. For a moment I felt angry, why had I wasted all those years with Peter? Julia continued giving me pleasure and I started to wallow in it.”What about we see what your beautiful cunt can take?” With that she reached down to my goodie bag and took out the dildo’s. She gave one of the larger ones to me “here, practice sucking on a big dick, it’ll come in useful” with that she gave me the dildo and I immediately put it in my mouth sucking and licking on it like my life depended on it. At the same time she was doing the same to a smaller one and then brought the head of the dildo to my current lips. She gently pushed it in and surprisingly it didn’t encounter too much resistance. “How does that feel?” My mouth was full of cock so I could just moan in acknowledgement, I took it out of my mouth and said “bigger”. With that she took out King Kong and gave it to me. It was an enormous, like the size of my arm. “Get used to that in your mouth and give me the other one” with that she took the smaller dildo out of my cunt which briefly left me feeling empty. “Let me know what this feels like” with that she rocked my hips further backwards and started licking my anus. Jesus it felt like I had been given an electric shock. The waves of joy and excitement that washed over me were almost too much for me to handle. With my ass high in the air she took the small dildo and toyed with my sphincter. She raised her eyebrows looking at me and I nodded my permission.I was about to be fucked in the ass for the first time. She gently pushed the dildo in and my ass greedily gobbled it up. I don’t know which of us was more surprised. Julia had a puzzled look on her face and then looked at me and said “how did you survive with pathetic Peter for all these years” it looks to me like your ass was built for fucking, let’s see about your cunt” with that she took King come from me and again looking at me for permission gently toyed with the opening of my vagina.She spat on my cunt lips and licked King Kong and then very gently tested my opening. At first there was resistance until King Kong’s knob went into my cunt. It felt stretched, a little sore, but if I was to describe the feeling I would say I felt alive for the first time. Julia gently rocked King Kong forward and back each time putting a little bit more inside me. I was greedy for more. My ass was already full of cock and I wanted my cunt to be full for the first time. I pushed back against King Kong taking another two or 3 inches. What did I feel like? I felt like a dirty whore, and I wanted more.Julia was stunned. ” Are you sure you haven’t been playing away from home with a horse”? I giggled, “no but if you have one I might give that a go”With that I pushed back against the dildo taking all 10 inches of it into me. The feelings in my body were intense and I started to rub my own clit aggressively, I wanted to cum again and knew it wasn’t far away. Julia helped me by gently fucking me with both dildo’s while I rubbed my clit. My orgasm came crashing through my body and I may even have fainted in the intensity. But I continued rubbing my clit and then the most amazing thing happened. My cunt started gushing, as if I was pissing, but I could not have cared less, I was in ecstasy. It gushed and gushed, all over Julia who got over her initial shock in time to put her lips over my current and drink down my cum.It lasted 10 seconds, and I have to say if I had died then with a woman lapping my pussy, King Kong embedded in my pussy and another cock in my ass I would have been a very very happy woman.We both collapsed on the bed panting and trying to make sense of what had happened. I looked at Julia and we both burst out laughing. “Jesus girl, you were built to fork huge cock, and while I’d love to give you this pleasure every night, I think we have to find you a living breathing penis”We cuddled and I fell into the deepest most satisfying sleep I had ever had.The next morning I woke up and immediately started to panic. What had I started? How could I have done what I did last night, was I just a dirty whore? Julia woke up and realised the cause of my panic. She reached up and started cuddling me bringing me back down beside her.We talked for a long time and she made me realise what I guess I already knew, that I had to explore my sexuality, which I had ignored while being with Peter. The intensity of my orgasm and the pleasure the dildo’s (and Julia) had given me meant there was no going back. But where could I find a cock which would satisfy me. I was surprised when Julia said “well of the men we know there is either Kevin or of course Tom” I looked at her puzzled and she started laughing “don’t tell me you didn’t know Tom was hung like a donkey” I hadn’t, I guess all those years of suppressing my desire had meant I hadn’t even been checking out was in front of me.”Well obviously I can’t go out with Tom, his Peter’s friend, and while I don’t owe Peter anything I don’t want to rub his nose in it either”A week later I manufactured a meeting with Kevin with the aim of seducing him. Almost immediately I regretted it. While he was well endowed, apparently he wasn’t a patch on Tom, and my continued masturbation with King Kong led me to understand that only the biggest longest fattest cock would satisfy me. So when I went along to that party at the club and was all over Kevin it was just so I could make Tom jealous and want to fuck me. But to my surprise he was all over Peter, Jesus was on about? I guess they were friends.if you enjoyed the story, please give it a thumbs up. Happy to hear your comments. The continuation of Peter’s story will be next.Part 6.The story returns to find Peter in the aftermath of his mind blowing night with Tom, how would he react?When Tom walked out the door and left me on my knees with my own cum stain on the floor, the taste of his arse, cock, balls and cum in my mouth I was stunned. The whole night was like a dream. Earlier in the day I considered myself to be a porn addict who would goon and wank for hours. Now? Well I had answered one question, this was more than a fantasy, the satisfaction I felt for giving such pleasure to such a magnificent Alpha Male told me my role in life was to be a sissy. I sat down in my chair, found my favourite Sissy Hypno video and jerked my little clit to completion. Then I did something I had never done before but which felt completely natural. I collected my cum in my hand, brought it up to my mouth and licked and slurped it into my mouth. If I was going to be a Sissy I had to get used to the taste of cum. While I enjoyed the taste and texture of my own, my memory of daddy’s was that it was much richer and thicker which was to be expected, he was Alpha, I was Beta.For the next four hours I sat watching sissy video after sissy video, observing how a good sissy worshiped an alpha male. I made mental notes of how I should crawl, swinging my ass and boy pussy from side to side, advertising my femininity.I saw that to be a good sissy I had to know when to make eye contact and when not to. It wasn’t that difficult. When I was serving my master with my mouth I should always look deep into his eyes, communicating how grateful I felt that he had chosen the. Otherwise when Daddy was talking to me I should lower my gaze to his cock and answer it. It felt invigorating but after all these years of trying to steal glances at Tom’s magnificent manhood and not get caught, that now I didn’t have to be secretive, but I had to do is worship it like the God that it was. I fell asleep and dreamt of Daddy.The next morning my mobile phone woke me with shock. I picked up my phone, not really looking at who it was and to my surprise it was my father. Immediately I felt humiliated. He was just ringing to see how I was and ask if I was going to visit him and my mother. My humiliation came crashing down on me. I wasn’t born to serve another man’s penis. How pathetic I had become. I made my excuses as I couldn’t bear to talk to my father knowing what I had done. When he got off the phone I started crying. This had to stop.The next two hours were a frenzy of trying to erase what my pathetic life had become. I deleted all my porn which I had so lovingly curated. I felt ashamed and disgusted of myself, maybe if I really tried I could satisfy Sarah and become a man again? Maybe if I told her how sorry I was she would accept me back and we could try to live a normal life?I spent the rest of the day hating myself and regretting what I had done.The next day I woke up determined to re-establish my previous life. I called and left a message on Sarah’s phone “Sarah, please ring me, I’m so sorry for not satisfying you, let’s try again” I felt good about that and could feel some element of manliness returning to me.For the rest of the day I busied myself with the mundane acts bahis siteleri of life, paying bills tidying my flat doing my laundry! Occasionally my mind drifted back to the night before and before I could correct myself I could feel my penis starting to engorge. As soon as I could catch myself I stopped and changed the movie in my head, thinking about Sarah and how I could please her.I was having something to eat when my phone binged, I had a message. I grabbed it quickly thinking maybe Sarah was getting back to me. She had. The message had a video attached and for a moment I thought, maybe it’s a video of her agreeing to try one more time. I started to play the video and quickly realised that there had been no change of heart. It was a video of Sarah completely naked, impaled on a dildo. As I watched, she rose and then plunged down on the enormous fake cock, up and down she went with her beautiful tits bouncing as she groaned and started shouting “Fuck me, fuck me, I love a massive cock” with that she looked directly at the camera and said “No Peter I don’t think we are getting back together” and then she rose up off the dildo, picked it up and held it right in front of the camera “unless you’ve grown one of these overnight”. The camera held its focus on the enormous dildo and I went from shame to lust. She wasn’t the only one who could get an enormous cock in her! I could hear laughing in the background and then the video ended.Something clicked in my brain, I’ve been a fool to think I could be a proper man. I had enjoyed servicing my Daddy too much last night not to want to continue it. I thought back on what a good sissy should be able to do and knew that if Daddy ever wanted me again, he would want my boy pussy and it was my duty to prepare it for him. I practically ran to my bedroom and opened my bottom drawer which was full of my sex toys. I needed to take charge of stretching my pussy for daddy. I quickly replicated Sarah’s position from the video. Except I didn’t have a massive long dildo, anyway I wasn’t so much worried about the length of Daddy’s cock but rather it’s width there really was no way my boy pussy could accommodate that and I knew I really needed to stretch myself. I had two butt plugs which I had not yet dared use, but knew that they were perfect for this purpose. They were rubber and looked grossly bulbous and at first impossible to get in my pussy. But this Sissy was determined!I started squatting over the smaller butt plug which was 4 inches in diameter. I covered it in lube and gently lowered my sphincter onto it. The initial shock of feeling my anus being invaded by something so fat made me slow down. Could I really do this? In answer I lowered myself so that little by the little the fat butt plug entered my ass. I could have screamed, I was being torn apart, and this was the smaller of the two! My mind flashed back to Daddy’s cock and I knew I had to keep going. Finally, I lowered myself so that all of the fat butt plug was in my ass. I just sat there feeling its size invade me as the pain gradually died down. Then the pleasure of knowing what I had achieved started to tingle my clit. I lay on my back on the floor and gently fucked the butt plug in and out of my ass savouring the feeling it gave me. I felt the power that being able to service my Daddy with my pussy would give me.I decided to just lie on my bed with the butt plug in me, stretching me to give me some time before inserting its big brother. 15 minutes later my ass felt completely fine and I knew it was time. I lubed up the big one and as soon as I took the smaller one out of my ass started to insert its big brother. The first few inches went in very easily, until the fat part (6 inches in diameter) started to push against my ring. Oh my God, the pain shot through me. I found it easier to lie on my side with one leg pulled up to my chest, gently pushing fat boy into my ass. My whole body was tingling and my little clit was beginning to dribble my sissy cum, with a final push, the butt plug entered my ass, and I smiled with the achievement. I knew then that I had proven I was worthy of being Daddy’s little sissy bitch, he could have my boy pussy any time he wanted. My chest swelled with pride, this was my role in life. Again I lay on the bed this time for about an hour feeling how I was stretching to accommodate the intrusion in my anus. Only then could I risk starting to fuck myself with it. I felt shooting pain give way to base a****l lust. I was fucking myself with a fat piece of rubber and it felt amazing. imagine what Daddy’s cock would feel like. I spilled my girly cum all over my belly. I scooped it up with my hand and fed it to my mouth licking my fingers like my life depended on it. After my orgasm I fell asleep and dreamed beautiful dreams of servicing my Daddy.I woke up a few hours later with fat boy still in my ass. I gently pulled it out, and reinserted his smaller brother. At first it started to slip out as my gaping anus couldn’t hold onto him. But gradually my ass muscles shrank and flexed to hold him in my ass.I knew that being able to service Daddy’s sexual needs in whatever way he wanted was something I could do. After all I had serviced him, to his satisfaction I believed, two days ago and had now started the training of my boy pussy. But I knew that there was more to being a sissy than the sex, there was also the submission which was an important part of how a sissy services Daddy. I grabbed my laptop, lay on the bed and started researching. One of my friends on X hamster had helpfully posted “150 rules for a sissy” I read and re-read them and thought about how the next time I saw Daddy (I stopped myself for a moment, would there be a next time? Had I really satisfied daddy? What if he never came back?) But then I remembered that Daddy had said he would give me a call when he was horny, and I reapplied myself to my sissification. I quickly realised how out of my depth I was, there was so much to do to turn me into a perfect sissy. While I loved wearing women’s underwear (I mean Sissy’s underwear) I had not bought any lingerie, shoes, dresses and then there was the issue over my hair which was short and obviously manly. My sex toys were insufficient for my total sissification. I felt disheartened and out of my depth. Then X hamster saved me again, I found the profile of a dominant woman who claimed to be able to give Sissy advise. Her profile implied she live nearby so I immediately befriended her and sent her a private message. “Please Mistress, I’m a little sissy boy who has found a Daddy, but I need to complete my sissification, can you help me?” My heart jumped when a direct message came back “Sissy, send me a photo of your most sissy pose” I immediately knew this was a test and sprung into action.I slid on my favourite black thong and was standing in front of the mirror about to take a photograph. I re-read her message and realised that I wasn’t sissy enough. I took out my favourite butt plug (big boy), lubed him up and pulling my thong to one side squatted on top of him. I was in front of the mirror so I was able to show three or four stages of big boy invading me. The final touch when big boy was completely inside me was to take the dildo and throwing my head back and ease it down my throat. Surely that’s what she wanted. I quickly uploaded the photos and send them to her by direct message. “I can see you are serious about this, you sure you want to take the next step” I replied immediately “yes please Mistress” we quickly established that she didn’t live that far for me and that we would be able to start the next morning. I hoped and prayed that Daddy would get in touch with me, but not just yet. I wanted to be perfect for him.I met mistress the next day beside Piccadilly Tube station. To identify me she originally wanted me to dress up, but when I told her I only had underwear we agreed that I would carry a handbag. There I was standing in front of Piccadilly Tube station holding one of Sarah’s handbags (red) and waiting for my mistress. She came over soon, rescuing me from some of the sideways glances I was receiving. She was a statuesque woman, big breasts and dressed to show off her beautiful figure. She looked me up and down “I think we will make you a very beautiful sissy, you have a girl’s body already” my heart jumped and I swelled with pride. Daddy would be so happy.She turned and started walking into the side streets of Soho. I followed behind her, which felt natural, my heart beating in my chest. We soon came to a non-descript doorway and climbed a flight of stairs. I had the perfect opportunity to ogle my mistresses magnificent ass but did not dare to.At the top of the stairs we went inside a door and I thought I was in sissy heaven. On one side was the most beautiful range of underwear, lingerie, stockings, garters, dresses and shoes, everything a sissy could want. On the other side were a bewildering range of sex toys. I felt my clit start to react.Behind the counter was a gorgeous woman with dark hair and beautifully dressed. Mistress went up to her saying “we’ve got another one, in a hurry to be sissified, let’s get working” with that woman came from around the counter and looked me up and down. “Oh yes this one is perfect” then she looked me in the eye and said “get completely undressed”. I looked at her for a moment a bit confused, she didn’t mean right here in the middle of the shop did she? She held my gaze. Yes, that’s exactly what she meant.Part 7.Peter continues to tell us about his day out with Mistress who accelerates sissification. this part should be read in conjunction with the previous part as it follows directly from where we left off.Just then I looked around and saw two people in the corner of the store. One must have been a mistress because the other was a little femme boy like me. I was stunned to see that he was naked except for a pair of six-inch fuck me shoes and a gorgeous pair of stockings and suspenders. His little clit looked like he was getting a kick out of it. He looked over at me, winked and blew me a kiss.This reaction made me shed my inhibitions. I immediately started stripping off, taking off my T-shirt, and then shoes and trousers and dropping them to the ground. The shop assistant murmured approvingly, “nice little body, glad to see you’ve taken care of all that the body hair” then she went around behind me pushing my shoulders down and inspected my anus” oh yes, sissy boy has a plug in, this is going to be easy”.Mistress walked over to the lingerie and asked me “have you dressed up in stockings yet?” “No mistress just my panties and underwear” She chose a number of pairs of stockings with suspenders some beautiful silk underwear” my heart was beginning to beat faster as I realised how beautiful mistress would make me for Daddy. With her encouragement, I put on a black pair of stockings, sitting down in a chair with one leg extended, rolling the stocking up over my shaven legs. Then I attached the suspender around my waist and clipped it to the stockings. I felt amazing, it felt so natural and sexy to be dressed like this my clit started to react.Mistress gave me a withering look and walked over to where there wasa bewildering array of high-heeled shoes. I sat down on a chair and the shop assistant consulted with my mistress. The result of that was a beautiful pair of red leather six inch heeles shoes, size 6 (which they agreed was perfect for a little sissy). I slipped into them and then attempted to stand up. At first I stumbled, struggling with the acute angle the shoes produced in my body. I held onto the back of the chair and stood again.With that mistress picked out what looked like a corset of the shelf. “I wouldn’t do this with every sissy, but your body is so feminising to start with I think we can really work with it to produce the perfect, feminised girly body” I couldn’t move for a few moments as I thought about what mistress had said. Was it really possible that I have the perfect girly body? My heart jumped in my chest as I thought about how happy Daddy would be. Mistress took the corset and going behind me, wrapped my body in it and started tightening the strings from behind. Tighter and tighter she pulled as my waist became smaller and smaller. With one final tug she tied my corset off and came around to look at me. I looked into her face trying to detect approval or disappointment. All she gave away was a nod of what I took as approval. “Okay in the absence of breasts we need to give the appearance of something upstairs, how big would you like to be?” This was an easy question to answer “well I know daddy likes big tits, but he does like natural ones” as we looked at the fake plastic tits I knew I would never be able to satisfy Daddys desire for really big natural breasts.Mistress picked up a large pair of fake tits and pushed them down the front of my corset then looked at me, reading my mind. “Well sissy boy if you really want to please your daddy we can organise some hormone treatment, but that’s for further down the road” I filed that knowledge away and decided to do some research later.Mistress next found a dress which she thought would fit me, “okay given today is your first day of dressing we will find something modest, for wearing outside” I looked at her trying to understand if I had heard her properly “wearing outside?”. “I thought you were serious about this…………. when we leave here you are going home dressed like the sissy that you are, believe me when your Daddy hears of your progress he’d want to come straight around and plough your pussy “then she winked at me saying “but not before I do”My head was spinning, this was all getting out of control, what did she mean?She helped me slide the dress over my head and down over my body. She zipped me up saying “don’t look in the mirror yet, we need one more thing” with that she went up and spoke to the shop assistant who went in behind the counter coming out a few moments later with a wig. It was pitch black and the hair was shoulder length. “Okay let’s try this on.” With that she placed the wig over my head and played with it until she was satisfied how good it looked. She then reaching into a handbag took out some lipstick and looked at me pouting her own gorgeous lips. I copied her and she applied the lipstick generously. I was delighted, it would match my shoes. With that she turned me around and walked me up to a full length mirror.I looked into the mirror and saw this pretty slim woman looking back at me. I caught my breath and a small tear escaped my eye. There was no doubt that Daddy would love this.We then walked over to the shop assistant and mistress instructed her “darling please gather up the usual slut wear for my little sissy. You know for when Daddy wants his sissy to be a total slut bimbo, while you’re doing that we’ll go in the back ” then looking at me she said “are you ready for the rest of your education?”Mistress walked behind the counter and opening a curtain and walked through. I followed her. We walked down a corridor and into what I assumed was another room. But it looked like a row of changing rooms in a department store except they were open, no doors. As I tried to take it in I could hear the sounds of fucking in one of the cubicles. “Yes Mistress, fuck my pussy, Fuck my pussy” these were obviously the mistress and sissy I had seen earlier. We walked up to the cubicle were the sound was coming from to see an amazing site. The sissy I had seen earlier was bent over with her hands on her knees for stability while her gorgeous mistress was fucking her from behind with a massive strap on dildo. Her mistress was pounding her ass and for a moment all I could hear was them both panting in effort and the dildo smacking against the sissies arse. My mistress brought me to the next cubicle which had a big mirror and on a hook hung a range of strap on dildo’s. “Okay Sissy, have you been fucked in the pussy yet?” I explained to mistress the extent of my experimenting with my anus, reminding her that I had taken big boy, only that morning. She nodded approvingly saying “well that’s a start, but I think I may have to take it easy on you. Take off your dress” with that I slipped the dress over my head and hung it up. I took the opportunity to examine myself in the full-length mirror, I thought I looked beautiful, the corset with the fake breasts, the stockings and suspenders and those killer shoes. I gave myself an erection.Mistress became much more stern. “Okay choose the strap on that you want in your arse” mistress was very clever she knew that I wanted to prove what a good sissy I was, so I would choose the biggest one possible. Which is what I did. Mistress raised her eyebrows and nodded in appreciation. “Head back, and give this b**st a blowjob”I immediately tilted my head backwards and taking the strap on from her attempted to get as much as possible into my mouth. After fucking my mouth for about five minutes with this enormous strap on, I had half of it down my throat. “That really isn’t good enough my little bitch, Daddy is going to expect you to take all of his cock and maybe even his balls in your mouth at the same time” I was embarrassed by my poor performance and in an effort to improve recalled all of those deep throating videos I had seen. I started to synchronise my breathing with the strapons invasion “of my throat. I relaxed my throat and pretended that it was Daddy in my mouth. “That’s better, I thought you were going to let me down” a couple of minutes later I had the whole strap on down my throat and was able to gently fuck myself with it, spit was running down my face and make, but I didn’t care. I was fully aware how important a milestone this was. Meanwhile Mistress took my phone an took a photo with the strapon bulging in my throat. “ For Daddy”Mistress took the strap on for me and started to tighten it around her waist.”okay assume the position”. Immediately I replicated the position of the sissy in the next cubicle (who was now begging for his mistress to pound him harder). As I did I was slightly uneasy on my feet and actually started to feel a little faint, the corset was reducing my breathing, but I guess I would have to get used to that. A few seconds later I felt mistress easing the butt plug out of my anus and immediately positioning her enormous cock at the entrance of my sphincter. My spit had lubricated it but nonetheless I was sure this was going to hurt. I was surprised when mistress gently eased the head of the strapon into my anus.Clearly mistress was impressed and she gently started to fuck me, inserting a little bit more each time. By now I could feel the pain ripping through me and I started to feel faint just then mistress reached around and put something under my nose which I sniffed, smelling salts, which brought me to my senses very quickly. Mistress continued with her fucking me and after 10 minutes patted me gently on the shoulder and said “congratulations! You have lost your virginity” by now I was starting to feel less pain and more and more pleasure washing over me in waves from my pussy, it was an amazing feeling. Not happy with my performance so far,I gently started to push back against mistress, begging her to fuck me. “Oh my, you are a little slut” with that she started to rock forward harder and harder withdrawing more and more of the strap on each time and pounding my pussy with it. By now the pain had gone and all was there was intense pleasure and pure sissy pride “More, more I begged, Fuck me like the sissy I am” Mistress, realising my need to be reamed upped the pace. It got so all you could hear was my breathing and her grunts as she fucked me like an a****l. All of a sudden an orgasm washed over me from my pussy and I spilled my girly cum on the floor. Just then we could hear applause behind us and I looked in the mirror to see the other sissy, mistress and the shop assistant standing there with a look of awe on their faces. “Did I really hear you say that your first time?” the other mistress asked. ” Yes mistress” I said” “Well your Daddy will be very proud of you”After we tidied ourselves up and I had collected all my bags and paid at the counter I was starting to leave. Just then the shop assistant came up to me and raised her skirt to reveal a magnificent cock. “If Daddy ever gets tired of you, come and see me, I think we could have a lot of fun” “I hope that never happens but if it does, I like what I’ve seen”With that I walked out to get the bus home. Mistress wanted me to travel home so that everyone could see me. I was apprehensive, when I was dressed. Like a sophisticated lady, I had not had my make-up done and like outside of myself in a shop window all I could see was a man dressed up in women’s clothes. I certainly got some strange looks on my journey home, but it was an important rite of passage. Mistress had asked me to take photographs of myself on the bus just to prove that I had not backed down.I arrived home, hung up all of my clothes and on Mistresses advice I sent the photographs of my afternoon to Daddy. I reflected on the progress I had made since my first evening with Daddy. I hoped that I had not changed too much for him and I was very nervous as I waited for his reply. Part 8.Tom makes a decision. It lists Mandy’s help. And Sissy proves herself.Tom had already made his decision concerning Peter. He had thoroughly enjoyed his role-play with Mandy, but knew that having his best friend as his sissy would be even better. He trusted that what Peter wanted was to service his Daddy, and he knew from the way Peter (Sissy from now on) had serviced him on that evening, that he would do anything for his Daddy.He too had explored X hamster and was aware of the degree of training that went into turning his friend into a genuine sissy. He also knew that he, Tom, wasn’t just doing it for his own pleasure but that his sissy would extract enormous pleasure from serving his Daddy.He was deep in thought when he saw a message coming in in this phone. He looked at it, puzzled, it was from Tom but was a photo of a sexy woman. Then he realised it was his Sissy. As he flicked through the photos he saW sissy deep throating a strapon and then getting fucked with it. He fully realised the commitment that his sissy was making to him. He felt the power surge through him and his massive cock started to engorge. If there had been any doubt, there wasn’t now.He called Mandy again to seek her advice, about the only subject she had any knowledge of. How do you turn somebody into a total sex object for the pleasure of others. Mandy so proud that her advice was being sought, came rushing over to Tom’s. Obviously, Tom wasn’t going to miss out on an opportunity, so when she came in the door he walked over to his bed and lay down. “Strip me, and suck me” he said. Mandy crawled up the bed and immediately stripped all his clothes off. As she went to work on his cock and balls, Tom reached for his laptop and started looking at some sissy videos. While he could feel the lips and mouth licking and sucking him he couldn’t see who was doing it. He turned up the sissy training video which was giving instructions “now take the head of daddy’s cock in your mouth” Mandy responded “take his balls in your mouth and play with them” then ” take this cock in your mouth and start to deep throat him”Mandy immediately responded by forcing her head mouth and throat down over Tom’s massive engorged penis. She gagged and sputtered but got it all in there. “Now fuck his cock with your throat” Mandy responded. Tom felt his orgasm building and while still looking at his laptop but his right hand on top of Mandy’s head and held it there, waiting for its explosion. When it came it shocked Mandy, she gagged and gagged, but didn’t try to move her head from where it belonged. She took it all down her throat with just a little escaping onto his cock and balls. Tom had to admit, this was Mandy’s best performance yet. He raised his knees so Mandy could have access to his anus and she responded by cleaning up just like she had done the previous night. The next hour was the happiest of Mandy’s life as Tom consulted her about how he could turn Peter into a sissy. He showed her the photographs and she immediately understood that Sissy had probably already received some advice. She felt pangs of jealousy as she knew she would not have Tom exclusively to herself, but nonetheless, what could she do? For the first time in her life Mandy felt a lightbulb going off in her head “well your sissy looks very nice, but maybe she needs some professional help with her make-up, what do you think?” Tom nodded in agreement, “know anyone?” He realised how dumb his question was the minute he said it and didn’t mind when Mandy sniggered. “Oh yes I think I know somebody who might help” she wracked her brain more and remembered how Tom had looked approvingly at her own completely bald pussy and ass. “What about getting some professional help with all his body hair? I’ve had mine completely removed by laser, do you like it?” Tom really liked that idea as there was an element of emasculating his sissy. “I’ve never done it myself, but if he’s really going to be your sissy, shouldn’t he have a tattoo?” Tom looked at Mandy and understood that she probably wasn’t as dumb as she looked (well nobody could be that dumb). He remembered a video he’d seen of a sissification which included the sissy getting a tattoo just above their arse reading “Daddy’s”. He felt himself getting erect again.He made a decision. “Okay Mandy, I’ll keep fucking you if you give me some help with this. I even have in mind a starring role for you if you help me” Mandy, the poor dumb plastic bimbo, almost cried.With that Tom took a photo of his erect cock and texted it to sissy. “My place in 30 minutes.”Sissy received the text and was overjoyed. He debated how we should dress (as she was, or full slut wear), but decided in the interests of time to go as he was. He called a minicab and was at Daddy’s within 15 minutes. Tom answered the door completely naked, and looked sissy up and down admiringly. Sissy returned the compliment focusing on the magnificent cock and balls which she had had in her mouth a few days earlier. She started to salivate. Tom turned and walked in to his bedroom with sissy following. He was shocked to see a bimbo sitting in the corner and stopped. “What’s wrong, afraid of a spectator?” Daddy asked. Sissy was reassured that she was going to be the main course. “Okay Sissy the other night was really good and I think you have potential to serve me, but obviously if you are to be my sissy you need to be able to take this (he grabbed his obscenely large cock and balls) in your little boy pussy, how about now?”Sissy knew that this was make or break. She was so happy that she had received instruction from mistress earlier in the day. Momentarily she reflected on how tender her boy pussy was, after getting reamed, but she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. He immediately clicked into full on sissy mode. He went over to the bimbo, turned around saying “can you unzip me” Mandy did as she was asked and sissies dress slid down to the floor. Sissy stepped out of it and presented her body to her daddy. He gave a low whistle saying “wow, that’s hot” he was especially impressed by the effort sissy had gone to replicate the big tits that he so enjoyed. The corset was a total surprise and he had to admit a turn on. Seeing sissy standing there in the red high heel shoes, stockings and suspenders and a corset with his little clit dangling, Daddy went to full mast.”Would Daddy like me to pleasure his cock?” Sissy asked her eyes cast down in a submissive manner. “Daddy would like that” came the answer. With that sissy walked over to Daddy and assumed the position that would become one of her two natural poses. Looking up into daddy’s eyes she took his cock in her mouth, kissing and caressing the huge slab of meat, making love to it with her lips and mouth. She then pushed his cock back to his belly and started to lick his giant balls. A groan escaped daddy’s lips, it really had been as good as he remembered. Sissy continued giving pleasure to his balls and then kissed her way up the giant penis. He was aware that the bimbo in the corner was probably competition, so this had to be good. Looking demurely into Daddy’s eyes she took the head of his cock in her mouth and slowly but surely pushed and pushed until her tongue was able to lap his balls. Daddy looked down into her eyes with admiration. With that, sissy reached around clasping daddies powerful ass cheeks and started to fuck her own throat with daddy’s cock. In the corner, Mandy realised she would never have Daddy to herself. Sissy fucked and fucked her own throat with the massive cock and Daddy felt the spunk starting to boil in its balls. Despite himself he pulled the sissy off his cock saying “let’s try out your pussy”.Immediately Sissy assumed the second position which would become her favourite. She got on all fours lowered her shoulders so that she was resting on her elbows and then reached around to take out the ever present butt plug. “That’s okay, leave that to me” Daddy said. He remembered the previous evening when he had gently fucked his sissy with the butt plug. He started to pull it in and out of sissys pussy but quickly realised that this was much bigger and fatter. His admiration for the dedication his sissy had shown him knew no bounds. He thought he actually felt love for his sissy.As he pulled and pushed on the butt plug he was aware that there must be some pain for sissy, but also knew that if he were to be able to get his own cock in there and to fuck sissy like they both wanted, that he had to be cruel to be kind. He pulled and pushed on the plug watching the sphincter ring tightened and loosened around the grotesque toy. As he continued to play with it he was aware that his Sissy was starting to pant gently, presumably starting to take some pleasure. He looked underneath and saw that Sissy’s little clit was fully erect, how cute it looked. As he looked down he knew he was missing an opportunity. “Mandy get down between Sissy’s legs and give her a blow job while I fuck his pussy” Mandy looked at him, a hint of resistance in her dumb face but then scurried over, lay on the floor between Sissy’s legs and shifted herself upwards so that she could blow his clit. For her it was a pleasant surprise. She was used to taking massive cocks all the way down, with this all she had to do was a little sucking and nibbling, no problem.With her in position Daddy decided it was time to get down to business. He pulled the butt plug roughly out of Sissy’s pussy and marvelled at the yawning gape of the pussy hole. He spat into the chasm before him, shaking his head in wonder. Then he saw the gape beginning to close and he knew we had to get to work. He roughly pushed the bulbous, beautiful mushroom head of his cock into the opening which it took easily. Beneath him Sissy sighed deeply. This was unquestionably going to be the most fulfilling day of sissys life. Daddy took that as a sign to invade the pussy even more deeply and slowly but surely pushed his giant engorged cock into the pussy before him. He was astounded when his balls were resting on sissies arse within minutes. He rested there for a moment not wanting to cause sissy too much pain (he would have to stop doing that, he still occasionally thought that it was his best friend beneath him and took his feelings into consideration). His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of sissies pushing against him, “cripes, you’re a greedy little sissy” with that he grabbed Sissy around the hips and started to pound the little pussy before him. Beneath him he could hear Mandy doing her best. His mind was melted by the total perversity of what was happening and with that went into a blaze of rapidfire pounding which lasted three or four minutes. He had thought that he would deposit his load all over Sissy’s face, but in the end his orgasm came too quickly and he exploded deep in her bowels. He started roaring as he felt spunk gushing from him into sissys guts. With that he heard sissy whimper and whimper and then gasp, as he assumed Mandy had enticed an orgasm out of her. For a minute or two they all held their position out of breath and trying to get their heads around what had happened. Finally as he felt the sissy sphincter start to tighten around him daddy pulled his b**st out and went over to the bed and lay down on his back. He bent his knees and looking over at them asked “well who’s gonna clean up this mess” Sissy reached for her butt plug and inserted it easily into her pussy. She bahis şirketleri wanted to keep Daddys seed in there for as long as she could. With that she helped Mandy to her feet and they both crawled up on the bed to clean up daddy.Tom got lost in his own thoughts as his two submissive slaves went about their business. “Why oh why did I wait this long to get what I truly deserve?” he thought. When they had finished he indicated that they could come either side of him. As he fell asleep with sissies head on one shoulder and Mandys on the other an image flashed through his mind. It was of a beautiful big pair of natural tits bouncing to the rythmn of his pounding a bald pussy. The tits belonged to Sarah…………………Part 9.Things between Tom, Mandy and Sissy evolve. Also, Sarah decides to throw caution to the wind.Across town Sarah was just finishing another unsatisfactory fuck with Kevin which was driving her crazy. Ever since her night with Julia it was like the God of Sex had flipped a switch, making her insatiable. She supposed that a lot of women would view Kevin and his penis as completely acceptable. But her experience with King Kong (she smiled at the thought) and Julia’s stories of Tom’s massive manhood meant there was only one thing she was thinking of. To get Tom inside her, as soon as she could.She rolled off Kevin, and he immediately fell asleep. She decided to get in touch with Julia and see if she could go around to hers. Julia responded quickly “I’m not eating his cum out of you :-)” Sarah laughed, she definitely was fixated on a massive cock, but Julia certainly knew how to turn her on, and she would always be grateful to Julia for helping her realise her own sexual needs.When Sarah arrived at Julia’s she told her how fixated she was getting on Tom. Julia nodded in understanding. “It’s bound to happen Sarah, it’s clear that your body is built to be satisfied by the greatest specimens of manhood available, there is simply no point you wasting your sexuality on inadequate men. What do you want to do about it?” Sarah responded tentatively “you know that video you helped me make for Peter……………………?” Sarah burst out laughing “you’re right, subtlety will get you nowhere, let’s let Tom know what he is missing”A few minutes later they were in Julia’s bedroom. Sarah’s cunt was still wet, both from Kevin’s cum but also from her own unsatisfied sexual need. Julia set up some lighting in the room so Tom would be able to see everything. Sarah didn’t really need to think about what she was going to say, she had been rehearsing it in her mind for the past few days. “Okay we’re ready” said Julia.Sarah knelt on the bed with three dildos of varying size in front of her. She started “hi Tom, rumour has it that you have a very big cock “she said smiling. Picking up the smallest of the dildo’s she held it at the entrance of her cunt and lowered herself all the way down. “That seemed too easy, I’m sure you’re bigger than that” with that she took the next dildo which was bigger than the average man and again lowered herself onto it in one movement. “It’s got to be bigger than that, it slipped in so easily” she winked at the camera “I wonder if it’s as big as King Kong?” She lifted the grotesquely big dildo, which still reminded her of a horse, and held it in front of her body, so that Tom could see how far it was going to penetrate. “Are you this big Tom?” With that she placed the massive cock head at the entrance of her cunt and looking directly into the camera lowered herself onto it, inch by inch. When all but the base had disappeared inside her she said “oh yes, that fills me up properly” with that she started raising and lowering herself onto the dildo. At first the movements were small, a few inches at a time. As she started to feel her orgasm building she gradually increased the size of the movements until by the end she was lifting herself off so that Tom would be able to see the head of the dildo before it was slammed back inside her body.At the same time her gorgeous massive natural tits were bouncing up and down in a way that was driving Julia crazy. At one point Sarah grabbed one breast and started sucking on the nipple. The only sounds that could be heard were the dildo’s sloppy invasion of her body and her panting like a wanton slut. Her orgasm kept building until she was no longer able to stay upright. Lying back on the bed with one hand jamming King Kong inside her and her tits bouncing up and down she rubbed furiously at her clitoris and within seconds she was exploding her cum all over the bed. She screamed in ecstasy pounding and rubbing as her fluid drenched the bed. It was all Julia could do to stay behind the camera, and not crawl up the bed and get showered by Sarah’s beautiful cum. As Sarah’s orgasm subsided she stayed panting on the bed her chest rising and falling with her heavy breathing. She left the giant rubber penis where it belonged. When she got her breath back she looked directly into the camera saying “So Tom how big are you?”Tom’s.Tom was woken by text message coming enormous phone. He smiled to himself as he looked at Mandy on one side and sissy on the other. “This is the life” he thought.He picked up his phone as the girls decided to go to the toilet. Interesting thought Tom even sissies and women go to the toilet together. He opened the message and for a moment couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing. There was Sarah squatting on a bed with her big beautiful tits hanging freely. He hit play on the video and was transfixed by what unfolded over the next 10 minutes. One thing after another left him speechless. When Sarah lowered herself onto the huge rubber dildo he could not quite believe it. And then watching her fuck it with her tips bouncing up and down, gave him an immediate erection. He was astounded when he saw Sarah ejaculate like a broken fire hydrant. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, and he knew that his own sexual adventure was not over.The ladies came out of the toilet and seeing their masters erection immediately started serving their master. Tom was focused on replaying the video, so was just aware that if one mouth was on his cock the other was on his balls, and it felt magnificent. He played and played the video each time gazing in wonder at Sarah’s magnificent orgasm, pounding her cunt with the huge dildo, her tits bouncing and finally the massive ejaculation. While it wasn’t their place to ask the bitches sucking his cock were curious. Tom had a decision to make. After watching the video one more time he decided to show it to the cock suckers. Here ladies, you’ve got some competition. As the video played the ladies slowed down their ministrations so that they couldn’t miss any of the action. They could not believe what they were seeing. When they saw the completion of Sarah’s orgasm they both had a sinking feeling in their little lady tummies. While she continued to pleasure daddy’s balls, sissy was heartbroken. “He’ll never choose me over her” he thought and started to cry a little. Mandy reacted differently and again buried Tom’s cock deep in her throat and looked directly into his eyes, daring him to ditch her.Tom, feeling the power of having three wanton sluts begging for his cock, short another load into Mandy’s mouth. “Don’t swallow anything, I want to see you guys swapping my cum” Mandy was very careful not to swallow the large load which was in her mouth. She raised her head, and sissy lying with her head on Daddy’s thigh opened her mouth to receive her prize. Mandy slowly dribbled her mouthful of cum into Sissy’s mouth, and so they swapped it mouth-to-mouth for the next couple of minutes. All the while daddy was recording the horny scene in front of him. “Okay let’s have some kissing” he directed, with that Mandy and Sissy kissed each other, their tongues invading each other’s mouth, swapping the cum. Some of it dribbled down their chins and onto their chests, “that’s the money shot” daddy observed, “okay, it’s time for your breakfast, you can swallow now” with that they both swallowed what was in their mouth, and then scooped up what was on their chains and faces taking care to swallow that as well. “Fuck me” daddy thought “what other kinky shit can I make them do?” Then he remembered he would always have X Hamster to inspire him.When they had cleaned him up he took them aside one by one, telling Mandy that he would be in touch with her in the next couple of days as he needed her help. Still tasting Daddies cum in her mouth she nodded appreciatively and left. He was aware that Sissy might be less resilient than Mandy so he took Sissy by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes, saying “I know how much you have done in order to please me, you have pleased me a great, great deal, however to be my sissy there are some further steps that you need to make” Sissy nodded appreciatively though she was uneasy looking directly into daddy’s eyes she said “whatever you want of me, I will give you”. With that Daddy said “go home, I’ll be in touch”Tom knew that the key to the next few days, was to do nothing. He knew that if he contacted any of his sluts that they might start taking him for granted. What he needed was for them to doubt that he wanted them so that their desire and suggestibility would increase. He knew that Sissy would do anything for him, and he had some thoughts about what he would like. He felt he understood the conflicting roles between Daddy and Sissy. Essentially, all he had to do was think about what would give him the most pleasure which given Sissies utterly submissive feminised nature would give her pleasure.Mandy was a little different. Sure, she was the epitome of a dumb bimbo, but he had noticed a little spark in her. After all she could be anybody’s Dumb Bimbo and have an easier life, though admittedly his cock was probably the deciding factor. While he could probably turn her into another sissy, he already had one of those. He would have to think about what her role would be.He thought a lot about Sarah and he had to say he was very pleasantly surprised. While he knew her somewhat from his old friend Peter, she always behaved in a very buttoned down controlled way. While he had on occasion thought about fucking her (those tits), he never thought it would happen. And yet now he had a video on his phone of her behaving like a whore. He thought about her smoking hot body and knew that for him her beautiful big natural tits made her a must have. But what role would she play in his harem?. He replayed the video again and noted the implicit challenge in Sarah’s final comment “So Tom how big are you?” that was very interesting he thought, while on the one hand she was very happy to beg for him, on the other hand there was still that slight air of superiority “so Tom how big are you?”In that question, Tom could hear every snotty condescending bitch he had ever been with. While all of them appreciated what he was able to give them (his enormous cock), at some point or other they felt entitled and as a result thought more about themselves and their needs than they did about his. Tom had learned from experience. He was the Daddy and the Master because he had the one thing they all wanted a massive beautiful cock with huge spunk filled balls and 100% alpha male masculinity. “yup” he thought “I’m going to have to humiliate Sarah before she gets her mouth, ass or pussy near me”Part 10.Apologies for the delay. This is the final part of “becoming a sissy”. Obviously, I have packed a lot more into this story, and I apologise if it got complicated with too many characters. I’m thinking of writing another story which will take up from where we are now, but I will make it more focused on one or two characters. It’s my first story, so I guess lessons.Over the next five days a plan formulated in Tom’s mind. As he thought about it he would have three submissive sluts vying for his attention. And while the thought of adding Sarah into the mix was very enticing he knew that introducing her would greatly complicate things. In addition, he had no interest in dealing with the mundane bullshit and attention seeking that was bound to happen when you had three bitches chasing the same cock. He thought it was likely that Sarah was the most wilful of the three, and for that reason he knew he had to break her to ensure that she fell in line. If she didn’t want to, no problem, life would be simpler with Mandy and Sissy and they would be much easier to control. But, whenever he thought of not including Sarah in his fuck nest he just remembered those beautiful big breasts bouncing and bouncing as she fucked herself with the dildo, and then finally sprayed her cum everywhere. No, she was worth the effort. And besides, even if it didn’t work out, it would be enjoyable trying. He texted Mandy and asked to come over to him. He was a bit uncertain about this part of the plan, but felt he had judged Mandy appropriately. Mandy came to his flat and immediately, seeing him sitting on his bed, got on all fours and started crawling towards him. “That’s okay Mandy, we’ve got business to talk about” with that he described the role he had in mind for Mandy. Mandy the Mistress of his harem. At first Mandy was disappointed, would that mean she wouldn’t get his cock? Daddy reassured her. He described how the hierarchy would work. It was up to her to reprimand and train, humiliate if necessary Sissy and Sarah. Everything about how they dressed, their bodies, even their diet would be dictated by Daddy, and communicated by Mistress to his two submissive bitches. But there was also no doubt who the Daddy was, he reiterated to her that if at any point he wanted her ass, cunt or mouth it was his to take. This reassured Mandy that she would be getting her fair share.Mandy was apprehensive about her new role. While she had not met Sarah she had seen her performance on video and knew that she must be a strong-willed person. “That’s okay” Tom reassured her “it’s up to us to get rid of her attitude and open her up to her submissive side. “After all Mandy she was the one who married a guy with a tiny little penis who obviously could not satisfy her sexually, how submissive is that? Just because she needs a huge cock doesn’t mean she gets it”Mandy was greatly reassured and then listened to her Daddys detailed instructions. She was about to leave, overjoyed in the trust Daddy had placed in her, when he stopped her in her tracks “of course I do have to test your devotion to me, I’m sure you’ll understand” “of course Daddy I understand that I need to demonstrate to you that I belong to you, and will do anything you ask me” Mandy replied subserviently.Tom unzipped his trousers matter-of-factly said “I want to cum on your face” after 15 minutes of fervent sucking, licking, face fucking, Daddy exploded over Mistresses face. “Okay now I want you to go down to the off-licence on the corner with my spunk on your face and buy me a sixpack of beer, take a selfie while you’re there”Mandy looked up at him, “of course Daddy, with pleasure” with that, cum dripping from her face onto her tits which were as always on display she went down the street and into the off-licence. There with the delighted owner and his less delighted wife she took a selfie and texted it back to Daddy. Tom knew immediately he had made the right choice, it would have been easy for her to just want to play the dumb bimbo, but she was willing to go along with his plan. When he got the text he decided to test her a little bit further. ” I’ve changed my mind, why don’t you go home, on the bus, send me more selfies.” For the next hour he got a selfie every five or 10 minutes of Mandy with her cum covered face and tits, surrounded by bus passengers. The truth is Mandy became very horny with her display of sluttishness. She could care less what people thought of her. What she knew is that she had access to a superior alpha male who trusted her to control his pathetic subservient bitches. When she got home she texted him back” have I passed the test Daddy?” ” oh yes you have mistress I think we will have a lot of fun, let me know when you have carried out my instructions”When Mandy got home she cleaned herself up and immediately made the necessary appointments to complete her transition to Mistress. First stop was her hairdressers where she had agreed jet black hair would be more appropriate than her current “dumb blonde”. She walked out of the hairdressers and caught sight of herself in a shop window. She felt empowered. Her next stop was the same sex shop which sissy had been to a couple of weeks earlier.Rather than shop for lingerie et cetera she headed straight to the leather and latex section. The stunning shop assistant quickly came up to her to offer help. She was slightly puzzled to see what ostensibly looks like a dumb bimbo shopping in the section for Mistresses. Mandy was immediately taken by the shop assistant who introduced herself as Laura and explained an outline of what was happening. She immediately put Mandy at ease recognising the significant change her life was about to undergo. She quickly had Mandy kitted out with a range of latex and leather suits. To mark Mandy’s official coming out as a Mistress they chose a stunning leather outfit. This included tights and suspenders which were worn without any knickers with the result that Mandy’s cunt and ass were available for servicing. To ensure Mandy didn’t get arrested on her way home they fitted a miniskirt. But the impact was breathtaking. From a stupid worthless piece of plastic trash Mandy was transformed into a powerful dominating woman. As Mandy checked herself out in front of the mirror both with and without her miniskirt, Laura started to get turned on. Mandy did a double take as she saw the front of Lauras skirt started to bulge. Laura saw her and laughed pulling up her skirt to show her engorged cock. The combination of her outfit and seeing the beautiful cock on shemale Laura, instantly engorged Mandy’s cunt.Laura gestured to the back of the shop and Mandy followed, they went into the cubicle where sissy had recently been. Mandy got on her knees to suck Laura’s cock and balls. It was an incredible turn on to find such beautiful male equipment swinging beneath a gorgeous woman. Laura’s cock started to drip precum which Mandy swallowed like it was her last drink on earth. Then standing up, Mandy bent over so Laura could access her pussy from behind. Laura did not need a second invitation and quickly entered Mandy and fucked her rapidly. Mandy looking in the mirror and was incredibly turned on by what she saw. Her own stunning body encased in black, with her pussy dripping and Laura who by now had shed her blouse to reveal her gorgeous plastic tits, hammering her cunt. The effect was the same in Laura and she quickly came inside Mandy, and then just as quickly got between Mandy’s legs and sucked her own cum out of Mandy’s cunt. Mandy had a screaming orgasm which shook her body for 15 or 20 seconds. Of all the fucking Mandy had ever received this was the biggest orgasm she had ever had. She left the shop feeling empowered and noticed how must read people looked at her differently. There was no doubt that people responded to her obvious sexuality, but not in the dismissive way they had when she was a bimbo.When she got to Daddys flat, he was stunned at the changes in her. He went from thinking of her as just a piece of ass to use, to being, if not an equal, someone he could trust in his new arrangements. He knew he had made the right decision.They agreed that for Sissy they didn’t really need to go out of their way to humiliate her. But there were things that needed to get done. First of all she would need to get all of his body hair waxed (on a regular basis) Daddy had seen some stray hairs around his pussy, and didn’t want to see them again. Mandy reassured him that he would not. Next he had to learn how to do is make up, get his eyebrows done and his ears pierced. To be honest he thought Sissy would love this, just as he would love coming on her painted face. And then there was Sarah. They debated how exactly they would go about this. Daddy was blown away by how imaginative Mandy had become, this bitch had a mean streak he thought, but he liked it.They decided that in order to get sissy all done up that they would arrange to meet back at Masters flat in two days. He would look after enticing Sarah there, but he did not think it would be difficult.Two days later.”Bitch if you want my cock better be here at 8 PM” Sarah received a text and was delirious. She had been so frustrated that she had almost gone back to Kevin for a quick fuck just to release some of her tension. She had continued to stay at Julia’s and they had played around a lot including riding King Kong. Fuck, it felt awesome, but she knew that the real thing would feel even better.As soon as she received a text she went into overdrive. She too went out to beautify herself, prepare body her so that it would be perfect for Tom. She did not even give Sissy a thought. Who cares, that pathetic individual was gone from her life.”Mandy is your Mistress, and I and your daddy from now on. Obeying her is like obeying me, see you tonight” Sissy was overjoyed to receive the text. She felt sure that daddy had not forgotten about her, and that whatever he was planning would be for the best. She was waiting for Mandy the next morning outside a beauticians, dressed in her red shoes and black dress. The next few hours were sissy heaven, as all of her body hair was removed leaving her soft and smooth, just the way master liked it. She had a little sissygasm when she saw the result of her make up. She thought she looked very pretty, and knew that she could make her master happy. Mandy had popped out to the shops in Soho and returned with a bag of goodies for later that evening.Mandy brought Sissy back to Daddys flat and filled him in on the day. When Tom saw Sissy he decided that he would prefer if she wore her slut gear. Mandy brought her into the bathroom and she changed her into a pair of white six-inch heels, her white stockings and suspender belt topped off by her white corset and fake tits. Mandy then reached into her bag and took out one of the presents she had bought earlier that day. It was a beautiful necklace which spelt words “Sissy” which she fixed around Sissys neck. Sissy looked in the mirror and really liked what she saw. She was perfectly dressed to serve her daddy.When they went out to see daddy he was totally naked and oiled up his magnificent body which now glistened in the candlelight. His cock and balls hung down between his legs, he really was a magnificent specimen of manhood. He was impressed with how Sissy had turned out. “you look perfect for your big night” he said, Sissy looked at him quizzically, but just then the doorbell rang. Mandy took charge, going to answer the door. There in front of her was Sarah, looking stunning in a pair of jeans and a slightly see-through blouse against which her magnificent tits were straining. Wisely, she had dispensed with her bra, the effect even for Mandy was breathtaking. Sarah was shocked, she was expecting Tom and was ready to fall into his arms, instead in front of her was this statuesque, slightly forbidding figure dressed in tight leather. Sarah nonetheless adopted a superior tone when she saw what she knew to be fake tits. She brushed past Monday and walked straight into the lounge room where an even bigger shock was awaiting her. Yes, Tom was there, and he was totally naked and Christ yes his cock was magnificent but behind him was this little slut dressed in pink with a Sissy necklace. It was only when the sissy looked Sarah in the eye that Sarah recognised her husband. She was gobsmacked.Mandy took control again. ” Thank you for coming this evening, we have a celebration we would like you to witness. Sissy, is dedicating her life to her Daddy and we thought you would like to see it.” Looking at Sissy she said ” repeat after me, I Peter, renounce my name and from now on will be known only as Sissy” Sissy repeated it quietly, Mandy continued “I have long known daddy’s male superiority, and wish to dedicate my life to satisfying his every sexual need, I wear this necklace has a sign that I will always be his sissy”Sarah snorted as she heard these words coming from her pathetic husband. “Silence bitch” Mandy barked. Sarah looked to Tom for reassurance but he only had eyes for Sissy. Mandy continued “with my mouth and my pussy I will pleasure my daddy” Mandy then reached into her bag and took out a chastity lock she continued” I exist for my Daddys sexual pleasure and as such I will deny my own sexual pleasure by wearing this chastity lock” Mandy then fixed the lock on Sissys pathetic little cock, locked it and slipped the key between her tits. “Okay Sissy you may service your daddy” with that sissy instinctively got on her knees. For two seconds she contemplated the cock and balls in front of her and then gently kissed the length of her daddy’s cock and each of his spunk filled balls. Daddy was now at full mast. By now Sarah was looking on with jealousy. She wanted to be where her pathetic husband was, but she could do nothing.The atmosphere was charged with sexual tension. Mandy removed her miniskirt to reveal her stunning bald cunt and ass. She gently started to finger her cunt as she watched the beautiful ceremony before her. SIssy had Daddys cock in her mouth and was worshipping it. The fact that her cock was locked up gave her even a greater sexual charge. After five minutes daddy gently took sissies head in his hands and gradually fed his whole cock down her throat. He looked over at Sarah, then closed his eyes as he felt Sissy’s tongue lapping balls. Mandy again took over “time for daddy to take your pussy” Sissy reluctantly allowed daddy to withdraw his cock from her throat and then assumed the doggy position with her pussy high in the air. Again looking at Sarah, Daddy slowly but surely fed his cock into the depths of Sissy’s bowels. When he was in to the hilt both he and Sissy groaned in pleasure. Sissy would forever remember her honeymoon night. By now Mandy had three fingers in her own cunt and was pounding herself. Sarah had reached one hand into her blouse and was pinching her nipple. Hoping nobody would notice she undid her jeans and slid her other hand down into her cunt. Daddy started to fuck his bride, reaming her ass with all his power. His body glistened in the candlelight as he took what was his. He looked over his shoulder at Sarah, approving what he saw, she was a horny bitch, no doubt about it.Looking directly at her he said “do you want my cum?” Sarah panted “yes please, yes”. She was puzzled when Tom continued to fuck sissy and then grunted in ecstasy as he came in Sissy’s guts. Rope after rope of cum shot into Sissy’s bowels. Daddy then removed his cock and looked at Sarah “okay first of all cleanup my cock and balls and then eat my cum from sissys ass” this had been Mandy’s idea and that he thought it was magnificent.Sarah hesitated, but by now her body, every fibre of her being was begging for sex as she pinched her nipples and was fucking herself with her hand. She got on her knees and just like her husband earlier took in the magnificence of Tom’s cock and balls. She looked at him took the head of his penis in her mouth, and maintaining eye contact, pulled him towards her until he was all the way down her throat. Then slowly sucking on his cock as it withdrew, she started to clean him. She lapped at his balls sucking up all of the sex slime around it. Tom nodded approvingly “okay lie on the floor” she immediately got on the floor and Mandy led Sissy over to squat his pussy above Sarah’s face. “eat up bitch” with that she lowered Sissy onto Sarah’s face. Mandy and Tom were impressed as Sarah started to lick and suck at Sissy’s arse hole. She sucked and sucked as though her life depended on it. Tonight had really brought out the whore in Sarah and she loved it. She knew Mandy and Sissy were competition but this was a competition she felt she could win. When she had finished she stood with cum and slime all over her face and looked directly into Tom’s face.”Master is very impressed with you and as a sign of that he wishes to give you a present” Mandy reached into her bag and took out another necklace. She showed Sarah the necklace which read “Cum Slut” “you will wear this necklace whenever you are in daddy’s presence, understood”. With that she went behind Sarah and fixed the necklace from behind.”Daddy would now like to fuck you in the ass, assume the position.” Sarah quickly got down on her hands and knees and thrust her ass in the air. This is what she had come here for. Daddy then placed his cock head at the entrance to Sarah’s arse and gently inserted it into her sphincter. Sarah gasped “Fuck me with that monster, I can take it all” taking her at her word Tom clasped around her hips and slowly but surely inserted his full length into her ass. Mandy directed Sissy to kneel before her and suck on her cunt as she surveyed the scene. Daddy looked magnificent, his beautiful body taking control of this slut bitch. Oh yes, we will definitely be able to control her Mandy thought. She reached into her handbag and made a call quietly on her phone. She nodded at daddy and mouthed “15 minutes” he slowed down his fucking knowing he had time, and wanting to savour the glorious bitch knelt before him. Sarah was revelling in her whorish behaviour. The necklace, the setting and now the gorgeous beautiful anal Fuck that was driving her over the edge. Her body shuddered to orgasm. Daddy continued his relentless anal invasion. The sound of his giant balls smacking against her was hypnotic. Just when he thought he could take no more Mandy nodded at him, letting him know he could cum. “Okay, on your knees slut” with that Sarah flipped onto her knees and opened her mouth hoping to receive his loaded directly. “No, this one’s for your face, cum slut” Mandy sneered. With that daddy exploded his giant load of spunk all over her face, in her hair, and oh yes dripping down onto her magnificent breasts.Just then the doorbell rang which surprised both Sarah and Sissy. “That’s the pizza guy, go and get it bitch” Sarah immediately understood she was being tested, and decided to take charge. “No problem, I’ll even give him a tip” she strode towards the door, her beautiful body swaying, cum dripping from her face onto her breasts. She felt empowered as she opened the door to a stunned pizza delivery guy. “Thank you so much for the delivery but I’m afraid I don’t have any money to give you a tip, why don’t you come inside” she led the tall black pizza guy into the lounge room. “Oh I know, why don’t I give you a blowjob instead of a tip” she said. With that, in front of Mandy, Sissy and Daddy she unzipped the bewildered pizza delivery guys trousers, praying that she would find a big cock. She smiled broadly as his monster flopped out of its boxer shorts. He quickly went from being bewildered to being incredibly horny. He surveyed the scene around him, and thanked God he had taken this delivery. His enormous cock sprang to attention and he exhaled deeply as the pretty cum covered whore took it all down her throat. Jesus, he thought he had died and gone to heaven.While this was going on Daddy decided to fuck Mandy from behind, entering her pussy roughly. This evening was going far better than they had imagined. Clearly Sarah was willing to debase herself to be part of their little group. He watched her take the Africans cock and fuck her own throat with it. Sissy was feeling left out so went behind daddy to lick his ass as it pounded Mandy. Quickly the African felt he was going to cum and getting in the spirit of the evening said “where do you want it, cum slut” “my face” she answered, with that he wanked his cock and spewed all over her face, his spunk mixing with daddy’s, in her hair, eyes and over her beautiful beautiful breasts. Seeing this daddy withdrew from Mandy and came all over her face again. Three loads, and the whore was in heaven.Daddy decided to exert some control “okay mistress and sissy come over here and clean up the cum slut” Sissy immediately went over to his wife and started sucking and cleaning the cum from her face. Mandy was more reluctant but made her way over and joined Sissy in the cleanup process. They licked and sucked the spunk from her face, and then on Sarah’s urging the three of them stood up and shared the cum between themselves swapping a mouthful of cum one to the other and back again. As they did their faces were slimy with cum, it dripped down onto her chest. Sarah raising her tits to her own face licked up what was there. Then Sissy and Mandy cleaned up each other. When they had finished Sarah walked up to Tom and said “please daddy, let me be part of your group I want to be your whore cum slut and will worship your manhood in whatever way you wish”The end

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