Becoming an identical twin part II

Painful Anal

Becoming an identical twin part IIWhen I woke up I realized that I was in a very pink room. It looks like the exact same room I stayed in the last time I was at my Aunt’s castle. I get out of the soft bed and I realize that all my clothes have disappeared.I try to check the closet to see if my clothes are in there. There is a biometric scanner on it and a ditzy female voice comes over a speaker from the scanner. “Access denied cutie pie! I will not punish you for your insubordination, but if you try to something without permission again you will be punished. Believe me the sooner you learn the better off you will be. Please go back to your bed and wait for your Mistress to arrive.” “I’m not going to put up with this” I said while I walk over to the main door and turn the handle. As soon as I touch the metal an electrifying shock comes out and I hit the floor. I black out for a second and the next thing I hear is that sadistic ditzy voice.”I did warn you that I will have to punish you for not following orders sweet cheeks! I love it when people don’t listen. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Violet and I am your nanny. It is my duty to care for you bursa escort while you are staying at Lady Iris’s estate. You will learn more about your training regiment in a little bit. I must insist that you return to your bed and wait for your Mistress to arrive. That little shock is nothing compared to what can and will happen to you in the future. I can give you a sample if you are so inclined.” I just shake my head and walk over to the bed with tears in my eye.”I’m glad you decided to listen for a change. The more you succumb to your training the more pleasure you will get. I’m pretty sure you will get pleasure from the punishments, but we will work up to that.” As soon as I crawl into the bed the sheets are somehow immobilizing me. The only thing I can move is my head. As soon as the sheets are done encasing me I start to hear Violet’s voice get giddy “I’m going to give you a reward for listening. I must warn you that rewards are earned rather than given. You didn’t really earn this reward so there will be a caveat for your pleasure. You must not cum unless your Mistress tells you to. Failure to do so could be catastrophic to you down the road.” bursa escort bayan The sheets start to vibrate a little bit. Every 30 seconds the vibration would change and escalate.”Oh my God. Please stop this insanity Violet. It’s starting to get too much for me.” Only after a few minutes I am writhing in pain and ecstasy. I don’t want to get punished again after that shock and yet I desperately want to cum. All I can do is whimper while the sheets continue to vibrate.”Oh nonsense sweetie,” Violet says in a coy manner. “I promise I would let you have a reward and you should be grateful I am giving you that. Now Lady Iris should be joining you in the morning so in the meantime try to get some rest. You’re gonna need it!”Getting some rest is nearly impossible with these vibrating sheets. It seems to be really focusing on my genitals and ass. I would masturbate quite often at home, but never have I felt pleasure like this before. Never have I felt this good while jacking off. I’m pretty much on the verge of ecstasy.”I can’t take any more of this Violet. I don’t want to cum! If you don’t turn this off I am about to explode.” Tears are streaming escort bursa down my face and I look like a miserable wreck. It seems like Violet might have had some second thoughts with the tone of her voice.”I guess you are right darling. I think you have had enough and I will turn off vibrations.” I could start to feel the sheets stop moving and now I am fully encased in these erotic bed sheets.”Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don’t think I could last anymore.” At that moment the sheets start to vibrate like crazy and I start screaming while I have the hardest orgasm of my life. “I don’t want to cum! I don’t want to cum! I don’t want to cum! I don’t want to cum! I’m cumming!!!!!” I end up soiling the sheets with my semen. It was the biggest orgasm of my life.”Oh my God that was so pathetic! You call that an orgasm. We are definitely going to work on that sweetie. We are going to train you so well that you will be able to cum on command. Granted you might not be able to cum for weeks or months at a time some I’m sure you will be grateful for that satisfaction. For cumming without permission you will be punished severely when the time comes. For now get some rest. Mistress Iris has been notified that you came and will be seeing you shortly to talk about your future for this organization. Sweet dreams baby!” The lights in the room dim and I cry myself to sleep.

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