Becoming Bi Ch. 02


Steve and I rested for a while talked and had another cold one. We then decided to take a shower before the girls got here.

I have a big shower stall, one that two person can use at the same time without being all cramped up. So we decide to take a shower together. Before going in the shower Steve says he has to pee. Here’s my chance to try something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.

“Don’t go waste that in the toilet Steve, come in the shower instead and you can shower me with your golden brew.”

“Good idea, with all that beer we drank you’ll get a good shower.”

We get in the shower I sit down and Steve stand in front of me holding his dick. He then starts to pee, hitting me in the face I open my mouth and catch as much as I can and I masturbate at the same time, he then aim lower hitting my nipples then down my belly and on my dick. This is great, he then finishes in my mouth and I swallow the last gush of pee.

I get up and we soap each other up, making sure to lather up all the right spots. I apply soap to his hardening cock and lather it real good I then turn him around and lather his ass making sure to rub his nice puckered asshole. I then rinse the soap off and kneel down behind him and I start licking up and down his ass, spending some time at his asshole, sticking my thong in and out of it, pressing a finger at the entrance I feel him tense up a little and he then grabs his ass cheek with both hands and spreads them so I can be more at ease to do my work. I’m now pushing two fingers in as I lick around his hole. After awhile I stop, stand up and grab my now steel hard cock and put it at the entrance of his asshole and I slowly start to push, never stopping until I’m balls-deep in his ass, once there I stay deep inside without moving, contemplating the feeling. After a couple of minutes I start moving in and out first slowly then a little faster this is so fucking good, I know I won’t be able to hold on much longer and from the grunts escaping his throat he’s near the edge also. Just before we’re about to cum I stop and pull out he turns around and says:

“Why did you stop I was just about to cum?”

“So was I, and we can’t cum just yet, gotta keep some for the ladies.”

“I guess your right. Well let’s get the hell out of here before we go too far.”

We dry off, get dress in silk robes and boxers and wait for the girls to come home. In the mean time we talk about what has been happening in our lives and everything else that two friends talk about when they haven’t seen each other in a long time.

It’s getting close to the time that the girls are supposed to get home. I get a little snack ready. I make up two plates of nachos, one really spicy and one with a milder salsa. Steve is helping me ankara evi olan escortlar set everything up for a romantic evening. We set up a small table in the living room, there’s a fire in the fireplace, the candles are lit on the table and in a few places in the room and we turn off all the lights. The wine is chilled in an ice bucket all we need now are the girls. Here they are here now, I can hear the truck pulling in. I think it’s going to be a great evening.

The girls walk into the house we’re waiting for them at the door with bathrobes in our hands. We hand them the robes and direct them to the bathroom where a warm sudsy bath is waiting for them, our bathtub is large enough for two people side by side. They walk in and close the door behind them. I then put the nacho in the oven and shout to the girls not to take too long the lunch will be ready in fifteen minutes.

Twenty minutes later they finally come out of the bathroom, the nachos had time to cool off a little so we sit at the table. I pour the wine Steve puts some music on, and we start munching, it feels good I was kind of hungry after the exercise I had a little earlier.

Steve tells us what he’s been doing since the last time we saw him and how him and Mel met. And we talk about what we’ve been up to and so on. Of course the talk has to turn toward sex, with us it’s unavoidable. Kat asks Steve if he partied like we used to, since then.

“No, never found anyone else quite like you guys. What about you?”

“Well, I’ve had a couple more lovers after you but no, no partying. Like you said couldn’t find another one like you. What about you Mel? Any wild stories to tell us?”

“Ho god no. Nothing really wild ever happened to me, not that I didn’t want to it just didn’t happen. But ever since Steve started telling me about you guys and the parties you used to have, well I’ve been fucking his brains out and I’ve been begging him to bring me up here to meet you.”

With she turns towards Kat and kisses her on the mouth, a nice deep French kiss that they share for what seems like forever. We’re sure not complaining. They break-off the kiss and look at us with a smile. And we all go back to munching and drinking a little wine. But now the girls are seating so close together you’d think they were joined at the hips.

The girls now get up and start dancing to a nice slow, kissing, rubbing, caressing each other, what a site. I take a peek at Steve and it’s like he’s in a trance watching the girls, eyes wide open not to miss anything, his cock sticking out of his boxers and he’s rubbing it slowly. After a while the bathrobes fall to the ground. Mel kisses her way down Kats body, from her neck to her breasts, taking her time to really lick and much on ankara olgun escortlar her pert small breasts, then down to her bellybutton sticking her thong in there as Kats head falls back. And she moves down lower we can see her thong licking around Kats mound then it goes in between the lips to collect the juice then has started flowing. Kats legs buckle, she has to lie down or she will fall. Mel is really enjoying going down on Kat cause her mouth is glued to that pussy like her life depended on it. She’s sucking on those lips, thong fucking her, licking her hard clit while her hands are roaming all over Kats body. Caressing her legs, her belly, her tits but never touching her pussy. Mel must be doing a good job cause Kat is starting to moan and groan and her hips are now moving up and then she gets a hold of Mels head and mashes her face on her pussy and screams “YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” and her body tenses up and bucks for a minute or two. Then Mels takes her mouth away from that delicious pussy, looks at Kat with pussy juice dripping down her chin. Kat sits up and takes Mels head between her hands and kisses her deep on the mouth licking the extra juices on her cheek and chin at the same time.

Watching that seen was like out of this world. No porn movies can compare to this. I’m about ready to blow my load without even touching myself.

The girls break off their kiss, Kat moves back and lays her head down on the cushions and says:

“That was great, I’m exhausted. Thanks Mel, now how about you all put a little show for me while I get my strength back.”

Mel turns toward me, “can I suck on your cock?”

Before she could finish that sentence my robe and boxers were off. She crawls up between my legs and start licking my balls and shaft. She then moves up to the head and licks the precum forming at the end.

“MMMM, that is deeeelicious, can’t wait to taste the rest of it” she says.

She starts sucking on the tip, and then the whole head disappears in her mouth, then most of the shaft as she bobs her head up and down. God that woman is good, no wonder Kat didn’t last that long, if she keeps this up I won’t last long either.

Her mouth comes off my dick long enough for her to ask Steve if he wants to join her. He comes closer and starts kissing her mouth with my dick head between their lips. Two tongues flicking at my dick, what a feeling. Then Mel moves down my shaft to my balls and takes them in her mouth while Steve is swallowing my dick, this is too good. While they go at it, sucking, licking, changing position I close my eyes for a few minutes to enjoy the great feeling and concentrate not to come too soon, I want this to last.

“OK guys stop or I’ll blow my load right now” I tell them ankara sarışın escortlar as I pull their head away from my groin.

“I want to taste that little pussy of yours.”

“Good idea, lay down I’ll sit on your face and Steve will stand up for me to suck on his dick.”

I lay down she sits on my mouth with her asscheeks on my eyes, can’t see anything but that beautiful butt, no better sight for a butt lover like me. Her pussy taste really good, a little tart compared to Kat sweet pussy juices but good just the same, just different. And god she’s wet, she really was enjoying what she was doing, so much pussy juice I can’t lap it all up fast enough, I’ve got some all over my cheeks and chin. HAAA the sweet smell of excited pussy.

I can’t see what else is going on in the room, but I hear sucking noises from above, she’s giving him a blowjob I’m sure he won’t forget soon. Now I’m licking, sucking, doing my best to give as much pleasure she gave me. I must be doing good, her hips are starting to move on my mouth and I can feel her putting more weight on my face. She starts trembling and then goes off in a major orgasm, shaking, bucking, it takes everything I have just to hold on to that little bronco. After she calms down some, I here her say:

“Jeez that was great but now I need a cock in my pussy, would you do that honey?” All the while she never gets off my face instead she lays down on top of me and puts my cock in her mouth and starts sucking. Well what else can a man do, I start licking that beautiful pussy again. But now I’m able to see and I see Steve coming around with his dick in his hand. I move my mouth down a little to give him room and he sticks that hard dick in her pussy with one thrust which makes my dick go down her throat. WOW getting deepthoated at the same time as i’m licking a pussy filled with cock. If this is not heaven what is?

I’m just about ready to blow my load so I concentrate on the task at hand to try and prolong the pleasure longer, sucking that hard clit, lick around the shaft when it comes out, sucking his balls when he’s in, licking those beautifully stretch pussy lips. Once in awhile he pulls all the way out and sticks his cock in my mouth for me to suck then puts it back in her pussy. I don’t know for how long we did this, time seemed to stop. Then Mel started to moan like crazy, she was cumming with my cock in her mouth. What a feeling. Seeing this I guess Steve couldn’t hold back anymore so he pulls out and shoves his dick deep in my mouth and blasted my throat with hot cum this pushes me over the edge and I explode in Mels throat as she moans. And in the middle of this I could here screams that I recognize so well, Kat had brought out her trusty vibrator and was fucking herself to ecstasy while watching us cum. Now that’s what I call chain reaction.

After this we all curled up together in front of the fire and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Until next time. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

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