Subject: Becoming ‘Dad’ If you enjoy this story, please donate to fty.donate.html. ————————————————————————– I grew up in a very rural farming community with 5 siblings and my father was a fiercely religious man. The year I turned 12 my mother fell ill and died, “God’s will” my father decreed. After my mother’s death my father became even more stern and physically abusive. When I turned 15 I left home to live with an old spinster aunt whom my father hated and thus became totally estranged from my family. 25 years later I’ve left my nightmarish childhood behind… Well almost. Attitudes and experiences from one’s childhood can leave deep scars and I have mine. While I’d had success with my career, I’ve never had any luck with relationships of any kind. One of the major stumbling blocks is the fact that I have real issues with intimacy, emotional and sexual. I’d meet a nice woman and we’d go out several times. Eventually, the woman would want to take the relationship to a more intimate level and things would fall apart. I figured out that I was gay in my mid 20s and I briefly experimented dating a few men: That was even more of a disaster. By the time I was in my mid-thirties I just stopped even trying to date, having had my fill of rejection. About the time I turned 40 I made my first real close personal friend, a man from work named Brian who was also gay. One night he invited me to going her for dinner and a movie. I was filled with dread, thinking I knew where this was headed… For disaster. After the movie we stopped in for a few drinks at a pub and we just talked. Brian made me feel at ease and for the first time I felt a real deep human connection with another person. While he was attractive and had we had a lot in common, he too was over the idea of dating or ever finding a permanent romantic partner. His situation was different from mine, 16 years earlier he had a brief relationship with a woman (experimenting, he called it) and she got pregnant. The woman had no interest in being a single mom, so instead Brian became a single dad. We grew closer and soon we were inseparable. Rumour about our relationship spread at work, and that worried me, but Brain just said, “Let them talk”. We car-pooled as the commute from the suburbs to work was brutal. Hours spent in the car together cemented our friendship. One particularly bad winter commute during a storm, Brian suggested we both look at moving down-town. That weekend we headed into the city to look for apartments. After looking at a few places it became clear that anything either of us could afford would be pretty dismal… Then we stumbled across a beautiful model suite in a new building. It was a spacious three bedroom unit in a development with an indoor pool and a gym. While even smaller units were over out budget, after a depressing day of looking at crappy apartments it was nice to stop and dream for a few minutes. Brian got really quiet and I could tell he was lost in thought. The next day during the drive to work, Brain proposed that we rent the beautiful three-bedroom apartment together. He outlined all the reasons why it made perfect sense, and it did. I gave it a lot of though. I was finding living on my own increasingly lonely and depressing, so, I agreed and told Brian that we’d give it a shot. About a month, later Brain and I were moving in together. Of course it wasn’t just the two of us, there was his (now) 17 year old son, Duncan. He was, I supposed, a typical teenager. Duncan was a quiet boy who had inherited his looks from his Mother. While Brain looked very Scottish with dark hair and eyes, his son had his mother’s Nordic genes. He was tall and trim with very blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. His hair was longish and was constantly falling into his eyes which always seemed to be examining me critically, sizing up the man whom his father had become so close with. He was friendly enough, just not ready to let his guard down I imagined. Duncan mentioned that people were going to wonder whether Brian or I was his actual father. He liked the idea of keeping people guessing. From that moment on, Duncan started calling me “Dad”, he called his father “Papa”. It seemed very odd to me at first, but I quickly grew to like the boy calling me “Dad” even thought he always said it as if it were some kind of inside joke between the three of us. We all seem to be happy with the new arrangement and I was enjoying Brian’s company. Duncan was friendly, if quiet. He was usually either out with friends or alone in his room doing whatever it is teenage boys do. Once we all got settled, Brian asked how I’d feel about her taking some courses so he’d qualify for a big promotion. A number of universities offered ‘executive’ MBA programs, the courses gaziantep travesti are run on evenings and weekends. While Duncan was very mature for his age and quite self-sufficient, Brain asked if I’d be comfortable keeping an eye on the boy while he was attending evening classes. I agreed and thought it might be an opportunity to develop a rapport with Duncan beyond the occasional nod and grunt that we currently shared. Duncan was much more of a free spirit than I’d ever been. The first morning the three of us were living together I was in the kitchen, fully dressed for work. Duncan stumbled out of his room and headed across the hall wearing nothing but a pair of loose fitting boxers. I was recovering from the display of near-nudity when he emerged from the bathroom still just wearing his boxers and walked into the kitchen. A young man being so comfortable displaying so much skin would take some getting used to considering my Puritanical past. Brian’s first course started on a Saturday and I was left to interact with Duncan, I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated. I was trying to look approachable, so after Brian had left in the early morning I’d decided to return to my bedroom and changed back into my pyjamas so I didn’t look so… Stuffy. I waited in the kitchen reading the paper knowing at some point Duncan would emerge in his boxers, as was his routine. About an hour later I heard movement in the boy’s room and his head poked out of the doorway. He emerged wearing something I hadn’t expected, tight Lycra boxer briefs. I couldn’t help but stare and he noticed, blushing slightly, “My sleeping boxers are all in the laundry, theses are all I have.” Duncan explained I was like a deer in the headlights and my eyes kept alternating from his face to his skin-tight boxer briefs. I think I was in shock, to be honest. I mean, you could clearly see the outline of his penis. It wasn’t a small display either, if you get my meaning. Duncan quickly sat on a chair at pulled up tight to the table, concealing his… stuff. I was much more comfortable and started to relax, refocusing on my paper and trying to look as casual as possible while I made small talk with the boy. The reprieve was short lived as he got up and started fixing himself breakfast. As determined as I was not to look, I couldn’t stop myself from stealing glances over my paper as he moved around the kitchen. From the first time I met Duncan I was surprised how fit he was. He had the build of a farm boy despite not being involved in any sports or athletic activity. Now, I was taking in all of the details of his build: Broad shoulders, squarish pecs punctuated with big brown nipples, and a very flat stomach and just a hint of a six-pack. Not a body builder by any stretch, but I could clearly spot all the key muscle groups on his frame including his butt, which was firm and round. His Adonis’s belt kept pulling my gaze in like a magnet, the clearly defined V pointing straight down into his tight boxer briefs at his bulge. My eyes lingered there, it was an impressive sight. I could clearly see every detail, the big impression made by his large ball-sac and the outline of his penis gently curving in a soft arc down and to the left. I surmised it was a very large penis at that, it looked to be long and quite thick, ending in a smooth taper. It occurred to me that he wasn’t circumcised, I could see the outline that clearly. I don’t know how long I’d been staring, 5 seconds? 10? Longer? The next thing I was aware of was a sound, Duncan clearing his throat. “Ahem. Getting an eyeful?” the boy asked. I looked up and we locked out gaze as he gave me this look. It was hard to read beyond the fact he was examining me very closely. I was struggling for something to say, some explanation… “I was just….” My voice trailed off, I was just staring at his penis, that’s what I was just doing. “It’s cool, no worries. I won’t tell Papa,” the boy coyly said. I tried to defend myself, “It just that you were, well, strutting around practically naked and I…” It was all too much, I got up and headed to my room. As I stood to leave, I noticed it for the first time… My erection. Full on boner standing proud, 7 ” at a 45* angle terminating in a big wet spot where my cock was trying to drill through my pyjamas. Duncan and I both saw my predicament at the same moment. He winked at me and muttered “Nice boner Dad.” I ran to my room and closed the door. I lay there for over an hour trying to think or what I was going to say to Duncan. I knew I need to talk to him and I wanted to do it before his father got home. .. Explain things, tell him it was just a misunderstanding at that I wasn’t any threat to him. I got up and looked around the apartment, gaziantep masaj salonları no sign of Duncan, but his bedroom door open a few inches. I walked over and was about to knock when it occurred to me that he might be napping, his black-out curtains were closed and the room was dark. As my eyes strained to see, I could make out his figure sitting slightly propped up on his bed, he was illuminated by the light from his lap-top next to him. I was about to knock when I noticed something else, there was just enough light to see that his Lycra boxers were around his ankles just above his big sized 13 feet. I froze as my eyes drifted upwards. My gaze following from his feet to the underwear, up his legs, and past his knees to… And there it was. Standing straight up like a python with his hand around it. An honest to goodness thick 8″, rock-hard cock teenage cock. My eyes shot up to his face, he was transfixed with whatever he was looking at on his lap-top, seeming oblivious to me just outside his bedroom door. M eyes shot back down to a motion at his crotch, his hand slowly moving up and down the top-half of his hard cock, gently sheathing and uncovering the head of his big boner with it’s foreskin. I reflexively leaned closer and slipped, my head bumping against the door sending it open several more inches. Duncan had seen me now. The boy spoke, “Enjoying watching me jerk-off?” I stuttered, “I just wanted to talk, I’ll come back later when you’re… Um… Done.” Duncan removed his ear-buds and replied calmly, “No, just give me a sec, don’t move.” He gently lowered the lid of the lap-top, putting it to sleep and pulled up the sheet, covering himself. I said, “I’ll come back later.” As I turned to leave he said, “No! Let’s do this now.” He had never spoken to me that assertively and for whatever reason I felt no option but to do what he said. “Come in” he almost barked , so I did as he reached over to turn on his bedside lamp. I entered Duncan’s bedroom and looked for a place to sit. The only chair was covered in a pile of clothes so I just stood next to his bed feeling very vulnerable wearing only my pyjamas. It occurred to me that I should have gotten dressed. I was waiting for him to speak as he seemed to be in control of the situation. I could see he was thinking so my gaze drifted, not wanting to make eye-contact. Looked at his body, the lower half covered in the sheet. I didn’t do it deliberately but my gaze landed on his crotch. The sheet was bunched up so I couldn’t make anything out, but he saw me looking. “Eyes up here,” he said almost cruelly. He continued, “I have something I think you’ll be interested in looking at, just so we know where we stand. Best to get this sorted out before Papa gets home.” He smiled and added, “Here, check this out”. The boy lifted the lid on the lap-top and hit the mouse pad. The video he’d been watching restarted. We both watched as the scene unfolded: There was a young man, late teens, lying on a bed masturbating. In the doorway was an older man, early 40’s watching from the shadows, his hard cock in his hand. I Iooked at Duncan questioningly. “Watch and learn,” he instructed. We both returned our gaze to the video as the older man got down on his knees and slowly crawled towards the bed. The boy smiled at the older guy and waved his cock at him. The man crawled closer to the boy and reached out, grasped his hard teen cock and took it in his hungry mouth. For the next few minutes the older man sucked greedily on the boy’s rod, all the while the boy kept repeating, “Suck it daddy, suck your boy’s big cock and make me cum for you.” After some time, the boy in the video jumped up and knelt over the older man’s face and started to jerk off furiously. He grunted and groaned as his body spasmed, then he froze. The camera zoomed in. The boy was motionless, his cock suspended just a few inches over the older man’s face. His cock started to twitch and throb as a massive load of cum started spraying everywhere. Cum ricocheting off the man’s face and most of it blasting into his open mouth. The boy slouched back and spoke, “Thanks Daddy, I needed that. You’d better get cleaned up before mom gets home, you’re covered in my cum.” Duncan closed the lid on the lap top and looked back at me. His steely gaze slowly drifted from my eyes down to my crotch. I looked down to see I was totally bricked. My cock jutting out in my pyjama bottoms and a huge wet pool of pre-cum oozing through the thin fabric. I blushed beet red. Duncan spoke, “Obviously you liked that scenario. That’s good because it’s one of my favourite scenes. So, here’s what’s going to happen: Jerking off just isn’t doing it for me any more and you obviously have the hots gaziantep escort bayan for my cock. I see an opportunity for a ‘win, win’ situation.” He continued, “You’re going to re-enact that scene and we both get what we want. You don’t, and I tell my father you’ve been perving on me. If you mention my proposition, I’ll deny everything that happened after the point you entered my room a few minutes again. .. Got it DAD?” I stood dumbfounded, trying to think of a way to extricate myself from this situation. As I stood and weighed my options, Duncan reopened his laptop, reinserted his ear-buds and started another video. I watched as he slowly slid his hand under the sheet and started playing with his cock. I could see the profile of his big teenage cock as his hand massaged it back to life. He looked up at me and spoke, “Tic toc, time’s wasting, better get to it before I make myself cum.” My mind raced, I wanted this more than anything I’d wanted in my entire life. With a trembling hand I reached for the sheet. “Not like that”, Duncan commanded. Like in the video, go back outside and come back in… Slowly.” I left the room and stood in the doorway. My eyes drank in the scene before me, the boy was beautiful. His face was almost angelic, mop of bright blonde hair, sharp features and sky-blue eyes. His chest was smooth and defined, his shoulders broad. He reached down and pulled the covers back, revealing his thick, uncut 8″ steel hard rod. One hand slowly stroked his cock while the other guided his thumb to gently caress a big, brown nipple. He sighed and then groaned as a surge of pre-cum oozed out of his knob making his cock-head slick and shiny. It was like I was in a trance as I slowly crept across the floor, my hands trembling. I looked down to see my hard cock pointing the way as it twitched and leaked. Duncan looked up at me and smiled, a look of devilish mischief etched on his face. A reached the bed and fell to my knees and reached for his cock. It felt like a steel bar covered in silk in my hand and it seemed to be impossibly hot. I slid my hand up and down its entire length, causing the foreskin to pop over his engorged knob. He sighed. I couldn’t wait any longer so I bent over his reclining body and took his cock into my mouth. Duncan’s cock was impossibly large. My lips strained and my jaw opened wide to accommodate the boy’s massive tool. Satisfied I was minding my teeth, I started to descend. My lips tightly sheathed his cock, I got half of it in my mouth and started to gag. I pulled off and started again with the same result, choking and coughing this time. Duncan spoke, “In my fantasy, I was getting a good blow-job. We’re going to have to work on this.” With that, Duncan jumped up off the bed and stood in front of me, his cock jutting straight out, pointed at my mouth. He told me to stay perfectly still and let him guide me. He put his cock up against my lips and applied gentle pressure, I could feel my lips stretch as his cock eased in to the half-way point then he paused for a second. Next, he applied just a little more pressure until I could feel myself start to choke. Duncan spoke, softly and deliberately: “Just relax and work through the urge to gag, and remember to breath through your nose. We don’t want you passing out.” I redoubled my effort not to gag. As much as Duncan wanted a good blow-job, I wanted it to be perfect. Gradually the urge to choke subsided and I found that I could get 3/4 of his cock in my mouth. Every time he moved his cock forward I could feel his big, spongy cock-head stretch my throat open a little farther. He gently rested his hand on the back of my head and sighed as I took as much of his cock as I could manage. I looked up at his face as his cock was in my throat and he smiled gently down at me, “We’re almost there Daddy, you’ve taken more of my cock that most could manage.” Duncan’s legs started to shake slightly and he moaned. I wanted this to be the best blow-job he’d ever had so I took a deep breath through my nose and inched forward until I had taken 3/4s of his cock, then I pushed forward firmly. The last few inches of his cock snaked down my throat and I felt his balls come to rest against my chin. I looked up and his eyes were wide with disbelief, staring in amazement as his entire tool had disappeared into my mouth. His legs began to shake uncontrollably and his hand trembled gently as it held my head in place. He started bucking wildly as he called out, “Yes Daddy, just like that! Right there!” I could feel his cock throb, twitch and spasm as I felt several contraction, his big balls unloading volley after volley of hot teen cum straight into my throat. Just then my body convulsed as I shot a huge load right into my pyjamas. Duncan pulled his spent cock from my throat and as it slid over my tongue I got the first taste of his sweet teenage cum. I was trying to catch my breath and Duncan was still staring at me in disbelief as he repeated over and over, “Holly fuck!, Holly FUCK! That was amazing!” Just then Duncan’s phone buzzed and he looked at the text message. “Shit, that’s Papa, he’ll be home in 5 minutes!”

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