Becoming Madison_cd,s Daddy

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Becoming Madison_cd,s DaddyTUESDAY SUPRISEWe had an unexpected power cut at work SO AT 1.30PM the boss told us to go home which was nice it would allow me to spend some time with madison.I drove on to the drive at home and saw that the curtians in the living room were drawn we never draw the curtians in the living room could we havesomeone trying to rob the house . I decided to sneak thru the back door and try and suprise them. As i came to the living room door I could hear groaning it was coming from the TV I slowly quietly as a could opened the door and there was the back of Madisons head on the couch.I couldnt see the TV so I asked ” what you watching there Madison ” Suddenly he jerked up as if he had been shot and switched the TV off with the remote .”Nothing Daddy , please dont come in “” Please dont come in” i replied as i walked round the couch “whats going on “As i came round the front I got the suprise of my life there was Madison naked from the waste up with a pair of his mothers panties on sporting an erection bulging through the silky white material.” what the fuck are you doing boy ” I said as he squirmed to cover up.”please dont be mad daddy I was just watching porn “” DONT BE MAD I SAID ” reaching for the remote. I turned the DVD on and there on the screen was a guy in a dress sat on another guys lap with his legs wide open taking his huge cock up his ass. I watched for about 5 seconds I knew it was turning me on but I wasnt going to let Madison bursa escort know yet.” Your watching faggot porn ” I said as he scrambled for a cushion to cover his cock and panties.My cock was getting harder in my pants slowly rising as I was secretly admiring his smooth body.” You wanna be a faggot ?” I said as I grabbed his hair.” No daddy i was curious ” “curious, I will show you how to be curious ” I pulled Madison by his hair off the couch and dragged him screaming in to his mothers bedroom , I sat him at her dressing table and reached for her lipstick.I grabbed his chin and lifted his head and said” I will show you how to be a sissy faggot ” and proceeded to smear lipstick all over his lips ” please daddy no im sorry ” he said crossing his legs trying to hide his cock and those little white panties .He looked so vunerable but it was turning me on so much.I unzipped my cock it sprang out of my pants it was that hard. I grabbed his hair again and pushed my cock towards his lipstick covered mouth .” If your curious about faggots your going to learn to suck cock boy “I said and I pushed my cock towards his mouth .” please daddy no ” he said as he turned his head, my cock slid down the side of his smooth face.I grabbed his head with both hands this time and positioned my rock hard cock towards his mouth ” Suck it Madison dont make me have to make you “He opened his lips and I pushed my cock into the silky warm interior of his mouth right to the bursa escort bayan back off his throat . Then I pulled back he let out a gasp and looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and began to suck me . Sucking the head slowly ” lick it ” Madision cup my balls suck my cock like a fucking sissy girl”He had obviously been watching this type of thing before or been practising because it felt good.” have you been sucking boys cocks at school Madision ?”” no daddy this is my first time ” Red lipstick was all over my cock as he sucked and slurped I looked down and his cock was bulging from his mums little white panties.I could see his silky smooth legs and asked ” do you shave your legs Madision ” ” yes daddy too feel girly ” I was bursting to shoot my load into his warm mouth but I wasnt going to waste this moment. ” Get up Madison and bend over the bed i am going to make you daddies little girl”” Please daddy not that I dont think I can do that “” you need to learn Madison because while your under my roof youre going to be doing it a lot.”He reluctantly then bent over the bed his ass in the air vunerable and shaking ” please dont daddy ” he cried ” Quiet you fucking faggot and take whats coming to you ” I said as I bent behind him a slowly peeled his little panties to reveal a beautiful smooth ass. I pushed his ass cheeks aside and slowly started to lick Madisions tight little bum hole he pushed forward ” no please daddy dont “” I said before dont escort bursa make me make you Madison “I pulled him back onto my tongue mmmm the taste was nice like a metal taste I was so horny .Eventually Madision was groaning and pushing back I took my hand and put it round his waste to find his hard cock.I started to milk his wet cock as I licked and slurped at his tight little ass .I lowered my tongue on to the bridge of his ass and balls and pulled on his delicious wet cock . I knew he was going to burst then ” Aaaaaaah !!!!!!!!!!!” Madision came shooting his cum downwards onto the floor groaning and sobbing at the same time.” Turn over Madison “He turned over and I opened his legs wide ” Dont say anything Madision you need to learn from this “I slowly pushed my cock towards his little boy pussy he was shaking his head whispering “no no””Too late for that you fucking sissy “I slowly entered him for the first time his virgin ass struggling to accept my cock but eventually I was in , it was so warm and tight , I pushed all the way in then stayed ridgedly still while Madisons bumhole got used to accommodating my cock I placed a hand over his mouth and started to thrust into his hot hole I knew I wouldnt last long .I came in spasms time and time again my legs shaking my body jerking as I released my cum into to his beautiful smooth ass.I stayed inside him until my cock became soft and slid from his boy pussy of its own accord.Followed by a torrent of cum dripping from his beautiful smooth ass onto the bed.i lowered my head down towards his cum filled ass and licked for all i was worth tasting my cum and Madisons ass .I lifted myself from the bed and said.” Tommorow Madison we go shopping “

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