Becoming pregnant

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Becoming pregnantdeleteddeleteddeletedHi, my name is Nikila, I originally hail from Gujarat. I have settled in Bangalore after my marriage. I got married early at my age of 25. My husband is running finance business along with his family members. Ours is a joint family of 6 and financially healthy. My marriage is a happier one as everybody would respect and care me well. But this didn’t continue for long. After two years of our marriage we lost of peace of mind inside the family the reason behind is that i could not get pregnant. We had done lot of mannath and done many medications nothing resolved. Even at the age of 30 years old i could not get baby coz of this, the family atmosphere had worsened. All the time i am blamed for not having k** in seven years. Though i had known i don’t have any physical problem i didn’t had enough freedom to raise my voice. We had mutually undergone several tests but all the results were kept hidden to me yet they blame my sterility. This made my life ruined and unhappy. In our last test one doctor had clearly told me that i don’t have any problem in becoming pregnant and she had also told that my husband’s sperm count is not positive to make me pregnant. Even though i cannot tell this anyone and simply had to take the blames. These blames started to grow up, and it went to the extent that to divorce me and for his remarriage. This time i was worried a lot, as i have not studied well and also my parents are not rich to run my life when i go back to my parents. As a matter of luck or whatever people may call, my in laws came with another doctor of our own community who is renowned for women and c***d care. I and my husband left to have a consultation with him. When we reached my mother in law first went in with the previous test results and spoke something in our absence, then he tested both of us individually and told us to visit 2 days later. We visited two days later. First he called my husband and sent him back and asked me to get inside his cabin. When i went he smiled and welcomed. He too told the same that i am very fine and able conceive baby and told because of your husband you are not getting pregnant. I was not shocked to hear this coz i did know this before. Since my tension was up coz of family threatening me to send me off back to my parents, i broke down and said all the things happening in our family. He listened carefully all i was saying. When i finished he left a big gasp of unhappy and said this is happening in our community for long, but i can say you, you can become mother but in any case your husband cannot become father. I said what i can do now for this? If this continues, i will be punished for no mistake. He said, sucheeta i know you may be sent back, yet if he re-marries also he won’t get k**. I asked is there any treatment for my husband. He laughed with a bit of unsatisfactory. Then he asked, see sucheeta, have you seen your husband organ? I was shy to answer, he said no shy here tell me then i told no. He said i expected this answer from you as large people of our community have never seen their husband in that way, but sucheeta your husband organ not at all developed with his age, its very small of about 6 yr old k**s have, and you must be knowing that he cannot enter you in anyway with such small organ, but he is able to generate sperm, but sperm count is not enough to make you pregnant as well his sperm is not positive to make any women pregnant. Over that i have seen his case history, he has taken all most all medication and nothing left. I broke again. He felt sorry and asked me calm down. I can understand your position. I asked, is there is no solution to me. He said, you have no problem, but with this man you can’t become pregnant. But if you make up your mind you can become mother. I asked how. He said, you have to get pregnant to another man. I felt irritated to here and he guessed that with my face. He then said sucheeta when these people are acting smart even after knowing its their fault its really frustrating to me when they are cheating you there is no point to think wrong becoming pregnant to another person. I said, how can it be possible? He said i can’t say that. I said they already know that he can’t make me pregnant, and if i become pregnant somehow then don’t they get doubt on me. He laughed, he said, i will help you out. I will say some treatment required for him; meanwhile you try some other person. I was still not ready to accept it. I said, i don’t have anyone here in this city who can give sperm. He again laughed hey sucheeta, to be frank you are beautiful, you are gorgeous and you have natural seductive body with which you can attract anyone. I left an unhappy gasp and bursa escort said its not possible coz ours is a joint family and i don’t have anybody here. He thought for a while then he came towards me and said, sucheeta, i have one thought, its not compulsory as well you don’t take this into your heart, if you feel ok then you do as i say otherwise forget it. I agreed. Then he said, look sucheeta i never had thought like this to any of my patients but yours is a special for me as we are same community and you have touched me by saying your suffering at your in laws, if you like, i can help you to become pregnant in a month. I am not doing this for fees or something, i just felt to help you as well i too felt about your beauty which is flowing like beautiful monsoon, you are very pretty, you have seduced me naturally, lets not take this as help for each other. I just was blank to hear all these, never said a word. Then he asked, don’t worry, i don’t force you in anything, but i tell you this is not a sin you are doing, you are just taking your chance to reply your in laws who are playing foul also you can get your own baby and have this life settled. I said, how this can happen i cannot come alone anywhere and our home always filled with people. He then said, ok fine sucheeta first tell me are you ready to become pregnant to me. I said, if everything works right and no one comes to know then i am ready but i feel feared if somebody comes to know. He said, oh sucheeta don’t be afraid of all these things. I just manage your husband to send you to here to take a treatment for few days. I will manage perfectly that i don’t get any bad effects of this. I said ok. He smiled and said now you go and come with your husband. I came back with my husband and doctor said i have checked both of you; you both have minor problems which can be solved by medication of 15 days. He blabbered something in medical language about us and said your wife need to undergo everyday treatment for 15 days and he said he will also give tablets to both us to take. He said to continue intercourse during the medication and gave 100% assurance that i will become pregnant with in a couple of months time. My husband was happy this time and agreed. Doctor told my husband to send me in the afternoons from tomorrow. I don’t know how, but my husband asked can she come alone? Doctor said no problem. Then my husband asked treatment cost, he charged his usual charges and gave prescription for both of us and sent us back.Next day afternoon around 2 o clock my husband dropped me at clinic when we entered doctor said it may take one hour to send as his lady nurse is busy with another patient. My husband said no problem she will be here and take the treatment. Later my husband gave auto fare to get back to home and told to wait till she gets free and he left. After he left, doctor said, he has one more patient, he will check him and get back to me, he opened a door from his cabin, this time i was amazed it was his home, he said to wait there. I went in and saw the house; it was a smaller one but kept very nice. After about 15 mins, doctor came back; he offered me some juice and told he will be back after fresh up. I was waiting at the hall for him, he came back shortly. Then he also sat on chair and said, sucheeta, don’t worry you are not doing any sin, you are doing this for your living and life purpose and said, i can see the tension in your face. Don’t get tensed up and be free. I am a doctor and i know your husband cannot be a match for any women on bed. You have not felt manhood so far, and with that your in laws expect you to become pregnant, i feel it as a serious joke. Don’t worry; i know about me, you will become pregnant soon. Sucheeta i know you are homely women, i know it may be an irritation to you by this kind of treatment also i am younger to you and also i know that you don’t go for this kind of relationship in future, by need of your in laws you are here with me, but i request you enjoy this time in your life, coz you don’t get this kind of pleasure in life again as your don’t have intension of this kind of relationship. I was listening quietly to him. After sometime, he said sucheeta come with me, i followed him, it was his bedroom, and he stood near the bed i stood back at door. He came back towards me he said, don’t be upset sucheeta, he held my arms and took me near to bed. I had worn green saree with matching blouse with minimal make up on my face. I have long hair till my knees which i always make a bun of it and tie at the back. He made me to stand near his bed, he kept his hand on my hair bun and he removed the knot my hair flowed freely, with which he exclaimed how beautiful you are, bursa escort bayan your parents have ruined your life with this man who cannot enjoy your feminine beauty and satisfy you and then he said “kaash mein tum meri biwi hoti tho mein kushi ke unchi mein hotha” he bited my lower lip and said “mein samja tha ke thum kuch khas lipstick dal thi ho, ye tho thumara natural hott badi cheese hai” we had gap between our body and he held his hand on my arms and moved away my saree pallu, it fell on floor exposing me in blouse, then he held my buttocks and pulled towards him which closed the gap between us, our body was packed by each other, my breasts and his chest were closed together, then he held my neck from back side with both of his hands and kissed my lips hard and deep, while his hands were squeezing my buttocks. He started to kiss all my face, bite my cheeks, chin and earlobes, later i felt his hands on my saree tuck, soon before i can realize it he removed my saree tuck and peeled away my saree from me, first time in my life i stood in just lehenga and blouse in front of a outsider man he had good look at me in lehenga and blouse. His face was very cheerful than anytime i saw him. He now pulled and hugged me tight and his hands started to move all around my body, his hands were pressing every bit of my body, kissing me all over face and neck while his hands were moving around all my body feeling every bit of my body. He held my both breasts and presses it hardly that i felt the pain of it. I left a gasp of pain which he still enjoyed it. Later i felt his hands on my down my waist near my pussy, i removed his hand from my pussy area over my lehenga and kept my hand securing the part but he removed my hand again and kept his hand on my pussy , and he pressed and rubbed it while i felt the emotion rushing towards my head. I started to enjoy doctor’s act. Later he just made me laid on bed. When i laid he intensified his kissing and smooching with me. While his hands were pressing my breasts very hard, even he was smooching my every inch of my body with hands hard and very sensually. Now he kept his hands on my blouse. He started to unhook my blouse, as he unhooked the last button of my blouse my breasts got off from my blouse i usually don’t wear inners. He looked at my face greedily and started to kiss my breasts. He took of my blouse completely. He took my nipples in his mouth while he kept pressing my breasts hard. He did this for a long and then he got down to my naval. He fingered my naval, i have deep naval, he then put his tongue tip inside my naval which made me even enjoyed and anticipating his gesture. In a subconscious mind i was enjoying his tickling like a small baby. This tickling went on for sometime. Later he kept his hand on my lehenga knot, i came to know i will be explored to an i*****l person; i kept my hand over him in avoiding him to stop undoing my lehenga knot and i said please aap lehenga mein hi kardo, he said, sucheeta, kyon rok rahi ho? Thum kuch galath nai kar rahi ho, gabravo math. Bacha hogaya tho sab teek hojayega, tume bhi mard ka aihsaas hona hai and then he kept his other on hand my hand and removed my hand. He undid my lehenga and he pulled down my lehenga in one go, this time i became fully naked in front of a second man which is forbidden to the customs of my caste. I felt guilty of cheating my people but i had lost control coz i had commited with that doctor before he started doing all these things. At the start i had only intension that i should not spoil my married life for a reason for which i am not responsible.He pulled off my lehenga fully, off shy i closed my legs tight, he started to rub my upper thighs, my pussy area and my buttocks, he tried hard to spread my leg but i was not giving up but at once he turned me around showing him my buttocks he slapped it twice, he kissed there too and he bite my buttock cheeks gently, he run his finger over my buttock cheek crack till my pussy, then again he turned me up facing him and he all of a sudden he put his hand between my legs and he forced and spread my legs, now my pussy got visible to him, he got down and he blow air from his mouth over my pussy. He kissed my pussy with his mouth which my husband never did in life. Later he looked at my face and smiled. I could not make my eye contact with him as i was feeling i am doing a sin in my life. He continued to say, tumari chooth tho abhi kachi hai, muje patha tha jab tumare johar ko check kiya tha. I didn’t make any comment. Later doctor continued to kiss my pussy while he rub my pussy, now all my guilt was gone away with the evil that i started enjoy with what is happening with me. Later on he inserted his two fingers escort bursa inside my pussy and continued lick my pussy with his tongue, his fingers were moving in and out of my pussy and he was still licking my pussy. I was so aroused and lost in his acts that i started to make soft noise and i was not able withhold my sense. I started to enjoy. After some time of play like this he got up he started to remove his cloths. When he became nude, he forced and made me to see his organ i was confused and had got bit shamed to see him in that way. The reason to get confused was that this is the first time i saw a male organ in that way. It was long about my palm, thicker more than my five fingers, and the skin was out, a red bulb like had come out from his skin and it had a horrifying look which i never saw with my husband. When i was seeing it with a bit of surprised state he laughed out loudly and asked kyun sucheeta chowk gayi kya? I didn’t answer but he continued to say, deko har mard ko aisi hi hoti hai, magar tumara pati ka aise nai hai isse medical problem bhi hai. I didn’t make a word. Then he said, gabra math sab teek hojayega, pehle tume dard hogi kyun ki thum abhi kachi ho, magar tume bhi acha lage gi jab thum enjoy karogi. I was quite. Then he came on to bed, laid on me. I was feeling unusual and i could not participate with him as it’s all looking new for me. But in the mean time doctor was explaining all the things. After some smooching and kissing, he went down to my legs again, i had closed my legs tight again but this time i didn’t resisted much when he spread my legs. He parted my legs, folded my legs to knees and he forcibly spread my legs wide, such that i felt the pain between my thighs. He sat between my legs, and hugged me again kissed my lips and said, mein aaj tume aise dekne ko bahut kush horaha hai, tum tho cheese badi ho. Thum bhi jitna maza chahe lelo badh mein thu aise nahi karogi and then he got back. He kept his tool in hand rubbed it against my pussy. I closed my eyes. He said, sucheeta enjoy karo, apne aap ko doka mat do, muje pata hai tum enjoy kar rahi ho magar tume kuch rok rahi hai, kuch math socho mere saath masti karo, then he slowly kept his tool in front of my pussy lips and rubbed over my pussy lips. He then applied some pressure on it, he then applied force to it and his tool came in me a bit, and more he pushed in but it was hardly going in and it was creating a hell pain. He forced it in again, i shouted loud this time as it was not going in freely, he then said, oh thum tho abhi kuwari jaisi ho, mera kismet tho bada hai aaj and he again forced heavily and all his tool came in me and i gone all in hell like pain and screaming him to leave me. He didn’t listened but slowly he moved back, before i could feel relaxed again he forced his all in my pussy and he continued this even i was screaming in pain but he was saying sucheeta enjoy karo, and kept forcing his tool inside me. After some in and out it was going in and out freely and he was doing in and out very deep and hard. Frequency of in and out started to grow, as well my voice also coming very loud and fast with each in and outs but he didn’t had any idea to leave me now. He was doing it very fast. I was feeling the pain at the same time in a subconscious mind i started to enjoy it, as i never felt like this in life. He kept doing this for about 20 mins at which he came to a halt after pushing his tool inside me too deeper and he fell on me and kisses my lips and presses my breasts again. I felt his liquid flowing in me. He got tired now relaxing on me. I too was breathing heavy as it was first ever for me to feel such kind of act. After some rest he got up. Told me to take rest as much you need then you can go. But i rushed up adjusted my hairs and face. He said me to clean in bathroom. I went inside bathroom, i washed my pussy, legs and stomach as his liquid had spread there. When i came back, he was there with a towel. I went to take it, but he grabbed me towards him and kept the towel between my legs, and he rubbed his towel against my pussy and he was feeling my pussy in hands again. I took a gap and said ghar mein intzaar kar rahe honge. Then he let me free. I got my dresses on. While i was getting out of his clinic he asked, kal aathi hai ki nahi? I just said, dher ho rhai hai and kept coming back to home coz again i was feeling guilty. But next day i was ready again to go to clinic as i was feeling good with his gesture as he did yesterday, so i was ready to go but this time i had no guilt or shy. This we continued to enjoy for about 15 days after about in 40 days i conceived. Now my k** is 3 yr old but no one knows secret of his birth except me. I had no intention of sharing this real life of mine but somewhere in the corner i feel guilt and feel i am to be punished so i have expressed all my pains here. Hope you don’t get upset with my long tale. I am open to friendship

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