becoming Rachel 2 – A night out at a fetish party


becoming Rachel 2 – A night out at a fetish partySo I had been Rogers trans-mistress for about 2 years. as he was also a p/t Tranny he had taken me on as his little teen (19 year old) apprentice tranny.he was in his mid-40’s, he taught me how to walk, how to sit, how to talk, how to suck cock and deepthroat, how to fuck. lately he had me taking some estrogen tablets which had made my skin softer, changed my voice and given me little cheery nipples. I liked all these changes and Roger told me that we would eb going to a ‘party’ i was very excited by this, as I hadnt been out dressed much and really liked it when I did. Roger bought me a hot tight PVC dress, some PVC glovea and some thigh high 4″ stilletto boots. I tried my new sexy gear on straight away, and was amazed how sexy i looked (and felt) in the PVC gear.The Partyon the night of the party, Rog warmed me up with a quick teasing fuck and then gave me a massive butt plug to wear. it was a struggle, but betsobet yeni giriş I pushed it into my ass pussy but after it was in i could only walk around with my ass stuck out and my cheeks appart a little. Rog thought that this looked hot and made me walk sluttier. he told me i would be the hottest thing at the party and that everyone would want to fuck me there.We arrived at the party which was at a large mansion in a country area. I was in my PVC, my thigh high boots, a white foundation, with thick egyptian eyeliner and bright red fuck me lipstick. Rog hhad also put a collar and lead on me as I was his slave. I was getting many approving looks and I was lapping up all the attention. there were about 8 guys there, and about 7 women. One Guy caught my eye, and our eyes met accross the room. he came straight over and was very friendly, getting me a drink. He introduced himself as tony, he was tall and brown skinned, with leather betsobet güvenilirmi fetish pants on and a muscled torso. Rog whispered something in his ear, which must have been to tell him that i was a trans-girl. he obviously didnt mind because he asked me if I would like to see the Dungeon, I said yes without thinking at all. ROg then handed him my leash and told me to do what i was told.The Dungeon was at the back of the house with every pieve of harness/strap/machinery that you could imagine. he asked me if I had been good all year and i said no. he told me he would have to punish me then, picking up a small whip and giving my ass a playfull whip. he then led me to a stockade (a device to lock the head and hands in) and locked me in. Straight away he came to the front of it and unzipped, releasing a massive 10″ cut, shaven cock. he slapped me about the face, teased me then finally put it in my mouth and started gently fucking betsobet giriş me (as i couldnt move in the stockade) After a while Tony started thrusting down my throat, now i was taking him to his balls, with the occasional gag.. (thanks to my training with Rog) . I was hot with Amyl that someone kept feeding me and at this point i felt someone playing with my ass pussy and before i knew it the butt plug was out and someone was rimming me.. so hot.. “lets swap” Tony said to whoever this was. Tony left me gasping walked to the back of the rack, immediatly grabbed my hips, and glided his beautiful throbbing missile into me fucking me hard. my copanion from the back was now at the front of the rack and i started obediently sucking, recognising Rogs smooth cock. I became aware of a few other people around me and i was now also giving a handjob with one of my captive hands.. Tony was getting faster and faster and finally climaxed with deep powerful strokes, filling me full of hot cum. ‘My turn’ i heard someone say, and Tony withdrew and i met my next cock. I must have been fucked 12 times that night and at the end of the night was covered in Cum and sweat. Everyone complimented me and asked me to come back next-time. I assured them i would 🙂

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