Bed Tea


Barbara and I had met at University, where it transpired that we in fact lived quite close to each other in Northern England and it transpired that had a number of mutual acquaintances although we had never met each other before.

This then led on to us sharing a flat in our last year at University, and we had often gone out for girls’ evenings although we had never shared a bed or a boyfriend. After we left University we went our separate ways, but frequently kept in touch and met up from time to time when our visits to our home towns coincided. I have to say that Barbara was very active on “the boyfriend front” and constantly seemed to have a number of fellow students in tow or guys from outside of the University, some of which were married and much older than us.

She seemed keen to arrange a number of blind dates for me; some of them ended up in one night stands and some did not. It was not surprising that Barbara was popular with the men as she was a stunning blonde with a plump, but shapely, figure and I knew that she had a veracious sex drive. As flat mates we had often seen each other naked in the bathroom but this had never led to anything of a sexual nature. Looking back now I did appreciate her curvaceous arse and globe like breasts.

After University I ended up in a job in London and rented a flat at the top of a house with two bedrooms. One day completely out of the blue Barbara called me to say that she was hopeful of getting a job close to London and could I suggest anywhere for her to look for accommodation. I said that I had a spare room if she wanted although it would mean an hour’s journey to work, but Barbara readily accepted my offer and duly moved in once she secured the job. It was just like the old days and we were soon out on the town, with varying degrees of success, sometimes I was lucky and at other times Barbara was. I had noticed that Barbara had taken to wearing shorter and shorter dresses to tempt the men, and quite often I caught a glimpse of her panties, but thought nothing of it having seen Barbara completely naked on numerous occasions.

After a few months having had a hectic time at work I had returned home one night and had gone straight to bed, pleased that it was a Friday and that I did not have to go to work the following day. Barbara was out and I did not know where and at that time was not particularly bothered as I was so tired.

The next morning I got up fairly late and saw that Barbara’s shoes and handbag were lying on the kitchen floor, so I thought that I would take her a cup of tea. I opened her bedroom door and in the semi darkness I could make out that Barbara was lying on the bed completely naked with her hand wrapped around the thickest, but not biggest, cock I had ever seen. Meanwhile there was a hand placed upon Barbara’s blonde triangle between her legs.

“Oops I’m sorry I did not know that you had company” I apologised still staring at the thick tool in her hand.

Barbara laughed, “Oh you silly fool, no problem. Meet Geoff, we work together and he had too many drinks to drive home last night so I offered him a bed” she said with a wink of her eye and a broad smile.

“Hhh….em hello” I stammered and noticed how erect Barbara’s thick nipples were, I had of course ankara sınırsız escortlar never seen them in such an aroused state before. Geoff did not offer to shake my hand as it was still strategically placed upon Barbara’s fanny.

“What is up?” she questioned “you have seen me in the nude before and I know that you have had your hands on a few dicks.”

Whilst she said this I noticed that Geoff was gazing at me, I only had on a fairly short T shirt and I presumed that from where he was lying he had a reasonable view of my dark pussy.

“By the way I am Annie” I said to Geoff and he smiled at me whilst his eyes were fixed on the bottom of my T shirt.

“Hello Annie sorry if we troubled you” Geoff said, I guessed he was in his late twenties, with dark brown hair and his body was in pretty good shape with a hairy chest and that thick cock which Barbara, almost guiltily released and it flopped onto his upper thigh.

“No I sorry I did not know that Barbara had a visitor” I replied, but Geoff could see my eyes focussed upon his prick, Barbara also noticed what I was looking at.

“Do you like what you see?” Barbara inquired. Before I could answer I felt Barbara’s hand on my leg running up and down “Come and join us Annie, I bet you could handle a bit of early morning fun?”

By now Barbara’s hand was reaching the bottom of my arse cheeks and I could feel her finger trying to move between my legs. I leant forward and kissed her on the lips, but she forced her tongue towards mine and I gently fell onto the bed next to her.

We kissed longingly and as we did so, Geoff slipped his hand under my T shirt was it soon running up and down my body and towards my tits. Our mouths parted and Barbara said “How was that dear? Should we give Geoff something to remind him of his visit to our flat?” Geoff was now squeezing one of my nipples between his thumb and index finger under my T shirt. I could feel myself getting wetter and I looked down at Barbara’s tits in all their glory. Her nipples were now swelling up to an incredible size, I leant down and instinctively engorged one of them in my mouth, sucking it as hard as I could. Barbara started to moan quietly, meanwhile Geoff squeezed one of mine even harder with one hand and started stroking himself with the other. Still sucking Barbara, I reached back and wrapped a hand around Geoff’s throbbing member. His prick was already dripping pre cum and I rubbed up and down flicking my thumb over the tip of it every now and again. I had trouble getting all of his dick in my palm and he smiled at me as I cupped one of his balls in my other hand.

“Take off your top” Barbara instructed “On second thoughts let me do it” and with that she leaned forward, and lifted my T shirt over my head just leaving the sleeve of the arm with which my hand was wanking off Geoff. I quickly changed my hands on his prick and Barbara finished taking off my T shirt.

“There Geoff I told you she had one of the hairiest fannies you have ever seen” Barbara exclaimed. Now over the years I could never be bothered with trimming and shaving too often, although I did do my tan lines in the summer. My pubic hairs are almost jet black and as it was winter my hairs stretched patchily across the top of my thigh. ankara suriyeli escortlar Geoff released my tit from his grasp and started to run his hands through my pubic hair. It gave me the most incredible sensation as he was almost tickling me.

“That’s wonderful” I stated and Geoff’s hand started to move towards my labia. I knew his finger would be inside me before too long so I lent on one side and opened my legs a little wider for him. Barbara was watching intently and started to frig herself, she must have been really wet as she had no difficulty slipping three fingers inside herself as she watched Geoff’s attention to my fanny.

By now Geoff’s finger was deep inside me flicking at my G spot and now and again brushing over my clit. He took his finger out and licked all of my juices off it, he then leaned forward and kissed Barbara deeply, obviously wanting her to taste me off his tongue.

“You taste gorgeous” Barbara exclaimed “If only I had known about this years ago.” I now felt a little embarrassed and uncertain. Geoff replaced his finger inside me and probed as far as he could. His cock was by now rock hard and his pre cum was dripping off the end of it. Barbara rubbed him again and he stood regally to attention. About eight inches tall but so thick, his foreskin was pulled right back and I could sense that he wanted to plant it inside either of us.

Barbara obviously was having the same thoughts “Fuck me Geoff now” she demanded “I want to feel your thick prick again.” Geoff took his fingers, by now two, out of me and positioned himself to take Barbara missionary style.

“No no no!” exclaimed Barbara “I want to taste Annie while you fuck me. “With that she knelt up and then turned over proffering Geoff her ample arse. I said nothing but moved to the top of the bed, lay on my back and opened my legs as wide as I could. My wetness was by now almost a flood inside me, and Geoff moved right behind Barbara and slipped his cock inside her. She let out a wail of pleasure as his cock filled her pussy and he was soon thrusting in and out of her. Barbara placed her head between my legs and began to kiss my inner thighs, I knew it would not be long before she would be eating me. She was soon there, her tongue searching inside my fanny and from time to time she nibbled at my clitty.

“Oh Annie you are wonderful” said Barbara as she gorged on my wetness, meanwhile Geoff pumped her pussy for all he could and he often slapped her arse cheeks as his prick went deeper inside her. By now I was close to cumming, guys had done oral on me before but Barbara needed no guidance as to where the best places were.

Then suddenly Geoff withdrew his prick from Barbara’s cunt and shot spunk all over her arse, the milky colour of his come matched the white colour of her arse cheeks. I watched as he spurted for what seemed like an eternity. Barbara continued her attention to me unperturbed and the sight of Geoff’s climax had nearly brought me to the edge. I started to rub myself as well to accelerate my climax which duly happened moments later, a deep orgasm which rippled up and down my body.

I screamed with delight “Oh my…oh my…oh my” and then it was over. Barbara lifted her head and gave me a warm smile, Geoff came to ankara türbanlı escortlar lie next to me on the bed and we kissed deeply, his cock was still erect and I reached for it again with my hand. Barbara then stepped in “Sorry Annie he is mine” with that she leant forward and started to take him in her mouth. She kissed his tip and then took him inch by inch inside her mouth. Geoff leant his head back and closed his eyes, I put my hand on his balls and squeezed them very gently, I could almost tell that he was close to his peak again. I wondered if Barbara was going to swallow him. He groaned louder and louder and then suddenly exploded in her mouth. Barbara almost gagged and then trails of cum started to drip out of the side of her mouth, but she swallowed as much as she could. When Geoff had finished he lay back on the bed appearing to be exhausted.

“Are you finished” Barbara asked him, he nodded in reply. “Poor Barbara hasn’t cum yet” she continued. With that she reached across and opened her bedside table drawer, and pulled out a nine inch vibrator, it was purple with a massive head, as well as some lubricant.

“Annie be a darling and fuck my arse please?” she enquired.

With that she knelt on all fours again with her arse pointing towards me, I could see her pussy all pouted and the wonderful veil of blonde pubic hairs that surrounded it. Having applied the lubricant I eased the huge vibrator into her arse.

“Ouch give it to me” she screamed.

“Are you OK” I asked.

“Yes but it hurts like shit however I really like it” Barbara replied.

I pushed the vibrator in as far as I could and started to move it back and forward inside her. The vibrator was huge and I concluded that it was not quite as thick as Geoff’s cock which I had handled earlier.

“It is not as thick as you” I said to Geoff, he smiled and started to move between Barbara’s legs.

“Want me to lick your pussy?” he asked Barbara. He did not wait for her reply as his tongue started to attack her blonde fanny. I never been this close to a man giving oral sex to a woman and I found it really arousing. With one hand still operating the vibrator inside Barbara, my other hand reached down to my own love box and started to wank myself the way that always brings me off.

Barbara’s body was now rocking with Geoff’s tongue attending to her fanny and the vibrator in her arse. Her breathing became louder and I could tell that she was close, as was I for that matter. Suddenly Barbara exploded and the air was filled with her shrieks of delight, my climax was more muted but another orgasm ripped through my body. Meanwhile, Geoff’s prick was dripping wet and I craved to hold it again. We all lay back on the bed exhausted from our sexual efforts, I looked again at Geoff’s cock as it slowly returned to a flacid state. I felt envious of Barbara and the fact that she had enjoyed the exclusivity of it.

At this point Barbara decided that Geoff had deserved a cup of tea himself for his disappeared and went to fetch one, but Geoff said he had to leave as he had to go to the office to pick up his car. I never saw Geoff again after that morning, Barbara said that he had a steady girlfriend and that there was no way that he would become a permanent fixture. Some time later Barbara said that they had some wild nights at an office conference at a country hotel but that their relationship would never be more than that.

As for Barbara and I, we discovered a new element to our long standing friendship more of which I shall write about later.

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