Bedroom Eyes


Like the North Star in a heaven full of stars, she had stood out amongst the throng of still attractive sensually swaying women. He had gone to the concert with friends, hopes of merely enjoying the music, sharing a few laughs, and perhaps enjoying some scantily clad eye-candy while there his only expectation. Until he saw her, the longhaired blonde with “bedroom eyes”.

“Where are you going?” Brad’s best friend Pete asked him curiously. Then nodded his head in understanding as he followed Brad’s trance-like gaze out across the mezzanine where they had all gone during intermission for a quick bite and a chance to pee. Brad heard his friends knowing laugh like a distant memory, “Good luck buddy,” he’d heard through the fog, mocking him, challenging him like there was “no fucking way” he was going to get anywhere near this gorgeous looking creature.

And maybe Pete was right. Maybe he really did have no chance in hell, but as beautiful a vision as she was, the girl with “bedroom eyes,” Brad thought to himself smiling, he would never forgive himself if he didn’t at least speak to her. Even if she ignored him, which was likely, he had to at least let her be aware that she was indeed his North Star.

She stood chatting with friends, “girl-friends” he mused to himself thankfully, half expecting some six-foot plus jock to suddenly come up and stand next to her. As though somehow aware of his approach, she turned slightly spotting him as he continued on towards her. She seemed both surprised, yet curious when it quickly became obvious to her that she was indeed his reason for his bold move. And bold it was, for he was nervous beyond reason, though his resolve to control it, not let her see his nervousness show through was his only hope to crack that initial awkward barrier in meeting.

“Hi,” he said confidently as he drew close enough that his intent had been indeed to introduce himself to her. This vision standing before him turned to her friends without answering however, purposely ignoring him though she did smile, and seemed to actually blush with the unexpected attention. Brad could either tuck his tail between his legs and slink off in defeat, or go down in flames with what he expected as a polite, but obvious brush off.


He spoke to her again, ignoring the intended look-away. “You have the most amazingly beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I had to at least come and tell you that.” Now he began to turn away from her, at least he’d said what he’d come over to say. And if nothing else, she would go home knowing that someone had commented on them to her, had truly appreciated her beauty, and not just her body as she was indeed well endowed. But he had made a point of not gazing at her chest in his approach, though even then she might not have known that. But when he’d spoken to her, he had indeed spoken to her face, not her obvious attributes like many men might have done. She could have ignored him. She could have continued speaking to her friends as though he wasn’t even there, laughing with them afterwards perhaps. He had in fact noticed the bemused smiles on the other women’s faces, one openly surprised at his boldness as he’d spoken, half expecting either one to toss out some comment his way about being bothered or something. Neither one did.

“Thank you,” she’d said almost too softly, catching him in his turn. He stopped, pivoting on his feet as gracefully as a cat. He could only offer her a smile, see where it led. She smiled back.

“Autumn?” One of her girlfriends prodded. “You still want to go and get that drink?” she’d offered giving Autumn a chance as well as an excuse to politely and discreetly walk away.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll catch you up in a minute,” she’d told them without even looking their way, still smiling at Brad in tentative acceptance of further conversation.

Once again Brad caught the carefully thrown looks his way out of the corner of his eye, though he never wavered in looking directly at the vision of perfection standing before him. One was of envy perhaps, even jealousy. The other of concern, a protective reflex at being overly cautious by the woman who Brad now guessed had to be Autumn’s best friend.

“A very interesting name for a girl with interesting eyes,” he now added, seeing her smile widen even more appreciatively, her beautiful smile, sparkling white teeth merely heightening her perfection.

“And you are?” she now asked him pointedly extending her hand in her own bold little move. “Since you already know my name,” she finished.

“Brad,” he said simply accepting her handshake.

“Brad…” she drew out pausing, waiting for a last name.

“Brad who had to meet you,” he grinned boyishly now.

“Interesting last name,” she giggled back finally withdrawing her hand.

“Interesting woman,” he tossed back smiling at her. “Hungry?”

“What?” she said somewhat taken off her guard, tossing a quick look over towards her friends who now stood in line waiting to purchase their drinks, perhaps something to munch on. almanbahis They were still looking towards her, prepared to lose their place in line if necessary and come to her rescue. “Oh, I think Debbie and Sandra are getting it,” she replied offhandedly, almost apologetically that they were. “Not here,” Brad spoke hopefully. “I was hoping, perhaps after the concert you might join me for dinner, I know a really nice place,” expecting the sudden turn down when it came.

“I don’t know, I came with friends,” Autumn stammered suddenly as though forgetting he already knew that, then blushed realizing how lame that really did sound. “And besides, we just met. I don’t even know who you are!” she added a little more assuredly allowing logic to win out over some wild notion of actually accepting the invitation.

“What better way to get to know one another than over dinner,” Brad countered, then added before Autumn could respond with another excuse for turning him down, by giving her an easy out, and a way to reconsider without feeling put on the spot to make a decision about it. “Tell you what,” he said, “I’ll give you my phone number. Then, after you’ve had a chance to think about it, and if you’d like to go, call me. We’ll set up an evening and I’ll take you out. How’s that sound?”

“Ok,” she said surprising herself just by her own tone of voice. But he’d accomplished what he’d hoped for at least. Maybe she wouldn’t call, maybe after she’d seriously considered it she’d decide she’d been “too caught up in the moment” or worse…her six-foot plus jock boyfriend’s face would suddenly remind her she wasn’t really available after all.

“Well, enjoy the rest of the concert then,” he told her finally beginning to turn away once again, but not before he tossed her one last smile, and one last hopefully memorable comment. “You truly do have gorgeous eyes, and I hope to see them again.” With that, he completed the turn walking away, hoping against all odds that she wouldn’t merely toss the phone number he had written down for her and never call him.

Which is just exactly what he’d begun to think she’d done when three days later, she called.


“I don’t normally do something like this,” she’d told him.

“I know,” he’d replied matter of factly. “But I’d hoped that this time at least, you would.”

They’d set the date for the next day, Saturday. He’d asked her what her favorite food was, she’d told him, “Mexican, and the spicier, the better!” With that he’d asked her one last thing, and that was simply to trust him. She was hesitant at first, but then she assured him that she would.

On Saturday, he picked her up in of all things, a limousine, which he had hired for the evening.

Once again, she was nervous…hesitant when she saw the limo waiting out front of her apartment, but the way he was dressed had assured her that she was neither under-dressed, nor over dressed for that matter either. She had worn a simple but delicate white-laced blouse with a sexy camisole beneath it. It neither highlighted her more than ample breasts, but didn’t make any attempt at hiding her endowments either. A new pair of simple faded jeans set off the casual, not casual affect, and she smiled as Brad looked at her appreciatively.

“You really are beautiful,” he told her once again. Autumn, thanked him, and then allowed their Chauffer to open her door for her as she slid into the back seat of the limo. Moments later they were on the road.

“So? Where’re we going?”

Brad smiled. “You’ll see. And remember…you promised you’d trust me,” he stated.

That made her a little nervous, again. But she relaxed as he poured them both a glass of sparkling champagne to sit and sip together as they drove along. Before too long however, Brad produced what appeared to be one of those satin sleeping masks.

“What’s that for?” she questioned curiously.

“This is where the trust part really comes in,” he informed her. “And what you need to know is this Autumn, you are in charge here. And I want you to know that. At any time you want to be driven home, you will be. That is my word and promise on it to you. Ok?”

The champagne had certainly relaxed her, otherwise little alarm bells might have warned her to tell Brad to turn the car around right then. But now she really was intrigued by all the mystery, and having his assurance that she was indeed in control, she allowed him to slip the mask on over her eyes.

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there, but I’ll tell you when you can take the mask off,” he informed her. “So not until then,” he smiled, allowing the tone of his voice to also smile so she could hear it and accept his assurances once again.

Moments later she heard the crunch of the tires on gravel, then the limo slowed coming to a stop. Seconds later, the sound of the door opening, closest to Brad’s side of the car. He stepped out first, taking her hand. “I’ll guide you, don’t worry, I won’t let you trip over anything,” he said leading her away from the vehicle and up what appeared almanbahis giriş to be some sort of circular walkway. The coolness of the air told her that they had climbed in altitude, but beyond that, she really had no clue as to where they were. He opened a door leading her inside, then down what appeared to be a hallway into a set of elevators. Moments later after what appeared to be a lengthy climb, the doors opened and Brad once again led her out down another short hallway. Again, the sound of another door opening, then he led her into the room. Autumn felt a fresh breeze caress her face as he finally stopped her, reaching behind her now and begin his removal of her mask.

“Surprise!” he stated hopefully.

And Autumn was surprised, as well as a little fearful. The room was magnificent, a suite actually. Ahead of her, out on the balcony stood a perfectly set table for two. Already lit candles, a bottle of wine along with a steward as well as a serving host who stood there in greeting.

“I wasn’t quite expecting this,” she stated by way of curiosity, though indeed pleasantly surprised as well as impressed. The fact he had actually rented a room however did concern her to some extent, but she remembered his promise, and thus relaxed, taking her proffered seat as their host held her chair out for her to sit down. She had also noticed upon taking a quick glance about the sitting room, (and thankfully no bed being in sight) that the room itself was filled with several dozen beautifully formed red roses in differing displays all about the room, along with a single white rose that lay delicately across her dinner plate.

“This…is really nice,” she admitted admiring the rose, smelling it, and taking in the incredible view of the sparkling night stars above, as well as the ambiance of the silhouetted mountain peaks just across the way. “It really is beautiful up here,” she added, “I’ve always wanted to come up here and stay for the weekend myself.”

Brad smiled. “And that Autumn, is exactly what you can do if you want to. The room is yours for the weekend. Every need, desire or want has been taken care of. A masseuse stands ready to come up and give you a massage if you should desire one. As well as a manicurist. And yes, Autumn, I have a room next to this one,” he informed her alleviating any concerns she might have had. “So…its up to you if you decide to stay or not. But either way, lets begin with dinner here shall we?”

He had ordered and had had prepared one of her favorites. Very spicy, delicious tasting Chile Verde. She had enjoyed her dinner with him as they sat casually consuming it along with the wine until they had both had their fill.

“Can you excuse me for a moment?” she asked.

Brad smiled. “It’s off to your right through the bedroom,” he informed her knowingly.

Autumn easily found her way, but stopped upon entering the bedroom itself. Here again the room was filled with a wide variety of flowered displays, including Daffodils, situated so much so about the enormous bedroom that it reminded her of a meadow, not unlike those actually nearby. But even more interesting, was the appearance of a good-sized Jacuzzi near the bed, and laid out beside it what appeared to be a newly purchased two-piece swimsuit with a card attached. Autumn bent over retrieving the card and read: “For later if you’re interested, if you’d like me to join you I thought you might appreciate the suit. If not…it’s yours to keep anyway.” He’d drawn a simple smiley face, and signed it, “Brad”.

Autumn grinned widely, then entered the enormous bathroom.


Brad watched as she emerged back into the main sitting room a short while later. She was wearing one of the two fluffy white bathrobes she’d found hanging behind the door in the bathroom. He smiled, standing as she approached. Autumn hadn’t tied the robe closed, so it parted as she walked towards him. Brad smiled even wider than he had been as she was wearing the bright red bikini he had purchased for her.

“You like?” she asked, smiling more with her gorgeous eyes than with her full sensual lips actually. Autumn allowed the robe to fall away from her shoulders, giving him an even fuller view before closing the distance between them, stepping near him, then giving him a quick, but thankful kiss.

Though Autumn stepped back, she didn’t step back so as to make her self unavailable, certainly, unreachable. Brad had maintained a light, but firm grasp of her shoulders, now…drawing her back in towards him. She knew what was coming, welcomed it…and as his lips met hers far more fully than the briefest of touches moments ago, she allowed herself to absorb the moisture of his kiss, his lips pressing against hers urgently, needfully.

Brad allowed his hands and fingers to wander towards her back, lightly caressing the bareness of her flesh. He felt her shudder beneath his welcomed touch, her kiss becoming suddenly deeper, even more passionate if that were possible. Finally, though it had seemed like eons, they broke apart, each almanbahis yeni giriş one of them now stepping back, creating a buffered distance between them.

“I guess you do like the way I look in this then?” she asked teasingly, not expecting any more of an answer than the one she’d already received from his appreciative look.

“I guess the only thing I’d like to know, is if that’s an invitation to join you in the Jacuzzi, or if you’re planning on soaking in it alone,” he questioned hopefully. By way of an answer, Autumn turned leaving her now discarded robe to lie on the floor between them. She hadn’t answered his question verbally, already walking towards the doorway. But as she did, he saw her reaching up from behind, undoing the clasp on the halter top covering her magnificent breasts. Stunned, still unsure of her intention or answer for that matter, she now paused in the doorway, turning back towards him and smiled. Though the top had come undone, she held it against her breasts, still covered. “Well? You coming or are you just going to stand there with that silly grin on your face?” She asked, and then disappeared into the room. Brad retrieved the discarded bathrobe, blew out a soft silent breath, and then followed her.


By the time Brad had entered the room, Autumn had already stepped down into the Jacuzzi, the bright red bikini top carelessly tossed atop the sideboard. She was giggling, and as she did so, lifted a handful of floating daisies that covered the surface of the water like a comforting protective blanket. Brad admired the gentle slope of one slightly exposed breast as she lifted her arm before lowering it, setting the daisy tops back into the water as gently as she had lifted them out.

“They’re beautiful!” she expressed once again, and once again parting them with a gentle sweep of her hand as they chased one another across the surface.

“As are you,” he said standing beside her now, looking down at her still covered form as she extended herself a little more deeply beneath the carpeted display.

“Thank you,” she smiled once again, and then scooted over slightly, an obvious invitation without having said so.

“I left my suit inside my room,” he explained, prepared to leave in order to put it on. There was only a brief hesitation.

“If you turn down the lights,” she said without continuing. Brad quickly lit several readied candles, the soft glow just barely enough to see by once he’d extinguished the brighter lights of the room. Even then, he stood, facing away from her as he quickly disrobed, tossing his clothing in a nearby chair before returning. He noticed as he did that Autumn had indeed been looking, but caught her briefly as she demurely turned her head looking away as he eased himself down into the water beside her. Still careful to maintain the briefest of distance between them, Brad scooped up one of the daisies placing it gingerly within her hair. He followed that with another simple brief kiss, which she returned.

As the controls were on his side, he turned them to the lowest setting, the water churned disturbing slightly the slumbering flowers that covered the surface. Now however, they seemed to play amongst one another as though playing tag, chasing one another around the surface as Autumn sat mesmerized by the sensual game they played together. He felt the softness of her upper thigh briefly come into contact with his own, it seemed to linger there briefly until she herself realized the unintended touch, thus moving away. Too dark to see her blushing, somehow he knew that she was however.

“If you’re uncomfortable, I can still get out and go put my suit on,” he offered. Once again, she failed to answer him with words, though she disturbed the playful flowers even more so with her own sudden movement beneath the water. Much to his surprise, she extended her arm, clasped within her hand were the bikini bottoms, which she now tossed over by the top she’d discarded earlier.

“Obviously, I’m not uncomfortable,” she told him coquettishly, then rose, sitting up from the water slightly just so the upper slopes of her breasts revealed themselves to Brad’s feasting eyes.

Petals from the daisies now floated freely, many having adhered themselves, singularly and in pairs, like sprinkles on an ice-cream cone, decorating her soft alluring breasts invitingly so. So much so, Brad leaned allowing his tongue to swipe away one of the errant petals that had clung so erotically to her now very exposed, very erect nipple. The touch of his tongue upon her caused her to both laugh as well as shudder involuntarily. But Brad took that as a positive sign, allowing his tongue to linger now upon the naked surface of that erect tasty morsel of flesh. When he felt her hand at the back of his head, he sighed contentedly, now drawing it further between his lips, sucking it softly…gently.

Autumn moaned contentedly at the pleasure, dropping her hand from the back of his head without thinking. Brad felt it as she innocently brushed his erection, anticipating when she did a quick reflex, moving her hand away from him. The reaction he received however was even more unexpected than that. She did in fact move her hand, but she moved it, clasping him firmly within her soft hands exploringly.

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