Beetlesmith’s Ch. 16


Lisa and Barbara went back to their home around two-thirty in the morning.

It was a stunning night, one that will go down in the annals of debauchery for all time. Caligula, Nero, Casanova, the Marque de Sade, and that weird looking guy from ‘Dangerous Liaisons’—fucking unimaginative, sexual eunuchs compared to me. Okay, okay, a bit of an over exaggeration. There were no decapitations and very little blood.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to relay the details, nor all the highlights, only broad brush strokes of some of the events will have to do. I have a party to plan and a wife to punish.


I told Lisa twenty minutes, but it only took me ten to get home after the Goth girl. Yeah, I was racing. Fortunately, the donut shops were still open, so there were no cops on the road.

As expected, Lisa and Barbara were waiting for me, sitting on the couch in the living room. Funny, neither of them seemed to expect anything out of the ordinary, especially given our recent histories. I thought at least Barbara would be bit nervous, young as she was and still naïve about some things in the world—all manner of sex, benign or depraved, not being one of them any longer. Karen saw to that. Still, I thought she might be worried, what with her mother there, and Karen ‘sweating bullets’ next to her, but she was as calm as I’ve ever known her.

Karen was another story. She was freaked. Rushing up to me as soon as I entered the house, she asked in a harsh whisper so the others wouldn’t hear, “What the hell is going on?”

I could read Karen’s mind like a book, and I didn’t need any special powers for that. Thoughts of what I was going to say to Lisa about her and Barbara flooded her mind, and it terrified her.

Not daring to look at her cheating face, I rudely dismissed her by saying, “Go sit somewhere away from me, and try and make yourself useful for once by keeping your lying mouth shut.”

I settled in the chair opposite from where Lisa and Barbara sat. I didn’t say anything to them. I just stared at them while thinking all those delicious acts that I’ve been denying myself for too long.

Almost immediately, they both broke out in a fevered sweat. Lisa was wearing a tight-fitting pair of white shorts, and I saw a growing stain darkening the fabric between her legs. Although I couldn’t see between Barbara’s legs because of the way she was sitting, I knew her panties were soaked as well.

That’s all it took. A few moments of thought, and mother and daughter were ‘hot to trot.’

Not only were all my acquired powers back at full strength, they had grown exponentially. I felt I could move mountains. I felt I could give the whole shitty world, and every fuck-head in it, a shuttering orgasm with just a single thought—and still have strength left for corn flakes.

Yeah—Total Recall—bitchin’ movie.

After another few moments under my gaze, Lisa and Barbara were panting, fidgeting, pushing their fists into their stomachs, clamping their legs together, doing anything to stem that rising tide, but I pushed them both to climax right there.

I didn’t care who knew it now. Let all of them see my power. No one would believe their lying eyes anyway. Why should they? I’ll just tell them what to see, how to think, what to feel. I am the director. They—my actors…

…And if they know what’s good for them they’ll shut the fuck up, spread their legs and enjoy the ride.

I’ve been played the chump for too long—Mr. Nice Guy…Mr. Chump. Well, it’s payback time. Yeah, the world is in for one big ass fucking, and it starts tonight, and it won’t end until I say stop!

I said to mother and daughter, “I don’t like hair on my pussies. Go upstairs and shave yourselves. Then wait for me on the bed.”

Barb pulled her mother off the couch, and they raced to the bedroom, laughing. As I heard their footfalls pounding up the stairs, I wondered if they knew, or guessed at the incestuous debauchery I had in store for them. Was thought possible for those under my power—thoughts about the moral and ethical implications of their acts? Or was it just an overriding emotional reaction totally void of any thought?

Oh well, I can’t be bothered with that now, I’ll leave those questions for the philosophers to figure out.

Karen got up to follow.

“Sit down, bitch! What makes you think I want you in my games?

“You’ve already had your fun, while making a fucking fool out of me. Now, I’m going to show you what it’s like to have someone you love shit on you.

“When I’m done with those two sluts, they’ll be begging to have my children, and all you get to do is watch. Do you understand me?! Cunt! And as I have my way with them, the Cunt’s not to talk…The Cunt’s not to touch herself…I don’t even want to hear your cunty moans! If you do anything other than watch, I’ll lock you in the fucking attic with all the other rodents.”

Watch she did, from her vanity chair, stripped of all her clothes, as well as dignity. The whole time the Grants and I played, mersin escort she sat rigidly in that chair like a good little cunt, watching, stewing, seething, and dripping. The only sounds that could be heard from her quarter of the room were that of heavy panting, and the slow drip of her arousal pooling on the carpet beneath her.

Just as in my dreams.

For the first hour or so, I let Barbara and Lisa get to know each other more intimately. I mostly watched their raucous dance together, although I did interject the occasion verbal and, of course, mental command from time to time; but really, I was curious to see just how creative they would get on their own accord.

Surprisingly for me, the daughter immediately assumed the dominant role over mother. Well, maybe not so surprising, given that Barbara was the more sexually experienced now. Still, I found it odd that Lisa never once tried to interject any motherly control over any situation. She played the most demure and compliant submissive.

As for Barbara, it was as if every parental slight, real or imagined, borne by her since childhood was thrown back at Lisa during their romp. She was, at times, vicious in her treatment of Lisa, and berated her mother at every turn if she wasn’t satisfied by Lisa’s tonguing or fingering. Moreover, each time Barb slung down the insults as she ground her pussy hard into her mother’s face, I could see Lisa becoming more docile, more submissive, and more aroused.

It was Barbara’s overarching need for revenge for constantly being under mother’s thumb that was the true music of their dance, and far more the sexual instigator than my occasional suggestions.

Barbara’s sexual venom wasn’t on display more so than when she had Lisa on her back, while she straddled her mother’s head. Usually in this position, Barbara faced her mother’s feet so that she could tease Lisa’s clit on occasion with a finger or tongue. The tease was never enough to give mother release, but more than enough to send her into greater sexual frenzy.

Lisa responded aptly to the tease. Gripping Barbara’s buttocks hard, she would lift daughter’s ass off her face, spread her cheeks wide, and suck feverishly at Barb’s vulva.

Lisa’s fingers and tongue shifted quickly about her daughter’s vitals. A long suck and quick flick her, a forceful prod into Barbara’s pussy there. Lisa’s tongue, lips, and fingers moved in perfect harmony. It wasn’t long before Barbara’s arousal glistened heavily on mother’s face.

It wasn’t just Barbara’s vulva she enjoyed, as Lisa occasionally took long swipes with her tongue at her daughter’s tight, pretty pink asshole.

Yes, she went their—with only a little mental direction from me…

In for a penny, in for a pound. Wasn’t that the old saying?

…Once the incestuous cat was out of its bag, there was no point in having other boundaries between mother and daughter.

Lisa never lingered there for long. Just enough to get Barbara moaning loudly and flex her ass cheeks around mommy’s tongue.

When the golden moment arrived, it was always the same. Barbara would arch her back, point her face toward the ceiling, and moan sweetly, “I’m coming Mommy.”

How many, ‘I’m coming Mommy’s,’ did I hear during that first hour? I don’t know. Who counts that stuff? All I know, I didn’t hear one, ‘I’m coming Dear.’ Lisa exhibited perfect, motherly self-sacrifice

They ended their solo session on a tenderer note, by just kissing and caressing each other with soft hands and softer lips. A catharsis had finally occurred between the two. Barbara’s punishments had washed Lisa clean of her sins, and she was made pure again in the eyes of her daughter.

It was really quite moving to watch.


We continued with the games, so many games varied in rule and tempo, but too numerous to relay now. However, to give you at least a taste of the evening’s events, my favorite game came just after their catharsis.

I had removed my clothes by then, and was lying at the head of the bed. Barbara and Lisa were still lying together at the opposite end. They watched and waited patiently, like faithful pets, for what I would have them do next.

I called Lisa up to me. Barbara uttered a little whine at not being chosen first, but I hushed her, telling her to continue to be patient.

As for Lisa, she had the most delectable smile—playful yet still demure—as she crawled toward me like a cat creeping closer to an unsuspecting bird.

Slipping my fingers through her short, blonde hair, I pulled her lips gently into mine. Her kiss was slow and passionate, full of anticipation and barely reserved, percolating arousal.

She nibbled at my tongue with her lips, as if she wanted to draw all the sexual essence out of me and savor it like a fine wine.

Pressing harder into me, she sucked my tongue fully into her mouth while letting her hand slip down to gently brush against my cock. I was so very hard, and so very massive.

She moaned loudly at its feel—a rough moan escort mersin of anticipation, greed, and want for that object she lovingly stroked with her fingers. I felt the unmistakable quick rise of her climax. Her arousal stopped just below the tipping point and stayed there, boiling feverishly, waiting for just the right touch to set it off.

That kiss alone almost made her come. I slipped my palm over her mons, tamping down her arousal for now.

Holding her cheek close to mine, I asked, “Do you remember my phone call?”

She giggled, nibbled my earlobe, and said softly, “Yes.”

“And do you remember what you said to me?”

“I said lots of things…”

“Come on,” I said playfully, “Don’t be coy now.”

Again, she giggled and bit my earlobe, “Yes, I remember.”

“I thought you would. And did you bring it?”

Sheepishly, she said, “I forgot.”

“Naughty girl,” I said, kissing her.

Then to Barbara, who was sitting back on her heels watching me play with mommy, I said, “Barb, be a sweetheart and get the lubricant for your Mom. I don’t think I need to tell you where it is, given your time with Karen.”

That last part was just a little vague dig at Barbara and Karen’s bit of selfish infidelity, and it wasn’t lost on either Lisa or Karen. Lisa cocked her head toward Karen and stared hard at her for a moment, but remained silent.

As Barb scampered away, Lisa fell back into the kiss. Her fingers continued to dance slyly about my cock, reminding her of what she now coveted. As such, she didn’t stay at my mouth too long.

She slid down my chest, licking and kissing me the whole way, just like her daughter had done from that other night.

Once she got to that thing she coveted, she took her time, savored every bit of the delectable experience with lips, tongue, and fingers. Along these ends, not once did she put me in her mouth, spending that time Barbara needed to prepare her, by nuzzling, caressing, kissing and licking me softly and sweetly.

Barbara returned with the lube, and stood behind her mother, shrugging her shoulders at me in a, ‘What’s next,’ manner.

“You should know what to do, you dope. You’ve done it enough times with Karen. Get your Mom ready for me.”

It was another dig at their treachery of me, not nearly as subtle as before.

Barbara tried to make like she didn’t hear me, but she did and hoped I wasn’t angry with her.

Karen trembled each time I brought the subject up, knowing I wasn’t nearly through with her punishment; she was experiencing real fear of what I would finally do to her when I got the chance.

Lisa’s reaction, on the other hand, was much different than before, she became aroused at hearing the slutty treatment done to her by Karen. Of course, it helped that I pushed salacious images of Barbara acting the slut into her mind while ramping up her arousal. Still, there was quite an odd dichotomy of emotion and thought that played out in Lisa’s mind. On one hand, there was the maternal instinct to enact revenge against Karen, the one who violated her daughter’s chastity; and yet, at the same time, she was getting aroused by the very thoughts of Barbara’s raped innocence.

I watched as Lisa applied a quick, lustful tongue flick to the underside of my shaft, and asked nonchalantly, “It excites you to know Barb’s taken it up the ass, doesn’t it?”

Her tongue continued to flick as she looked into my eyes, trying to hide her feelings from me.

“I wish I could tell you it was me doing all that ass pounding of your daughter. But it was only my cheating, slut of a wife with a dildo, who fucked Barb every day in the ass. Do you want to know how long those two cunts have been at each other?”

Lisa, still looking dispassionately into my eyes while licking my shaft, nodded hesitantly.

“They romped together every day since we had that wonderful time together on my front porch. And in all that time, neither of those selfish little twats thought to ask me to join them.”

Lisa became visibly upset hearing of her daughter’s selfishness and treachery toward me.

Barbara began crying while trying to defend herself, “I wanted you there, but Karen said you couldn’t be…And that it wouldn’t be a good idea to ask you…And that we should just…You know…Just do stuff together, alone…”

“I wasn’t talking to you, Barb, my slut. You should just concern yourself with getting mommy ready for my cock.”

“Sorry,” she said, meekly, returning to the task I set for her.

“How many fingers have you worked into Mommy’s ass?…Barely two? You need to be doing it better than that sweetheart. Add some more lube.”

She did, and started to push in three fingers.

“Add a bit of your spit to it also, my little slut. That usually helps.”

I couldn’t help but feel pleased, watching Barbara hang her head directly over Lisa’s asshole, just like a bombardier sighting in a ground target, then letting a large dollop of spit fall from her mouth onto her mother—bulls eye, mersin escort bayan right on target. She quickly pushed her three fingers in, right after the spit bomb.

“It also helps to take Mommy’s mind off the pain. What other things does Karen do to you when she gets you ready?”

“She likes to suck and finger my twat!” Barbara blurted out, happy that she could be so helpful.

“See, you knew all along what you need to do,” I said, as I watched Barb push her face into Lisa’s vulva. From then on out, the only thing I could hear was loud sucking sounds and Lisa squealing in pleasure.

Lisa had momentarily stopped her tongue and lip slides over my cock due to her daughter’s skillful attention to her pussy. I tapped my cock lightly against her face in a teasing manner, while saying, “Hey sweetheart, don’t forget about me. Unless, of course, you don’t want any cock for the rest of the evening. I’ll have you sit in a chair alongside that other cunt and both of you can watch me fuck Barbara until she passes out.”

“Sorry,” she squeaked, and holding me firmly down at the base of my shaft, and renewed her licking of my cock with all the focus and fervor of a child licking a popsicle on a hot summer day.

“That’s nice, Baby, slobber all over that cock-head like a good little cock slut,” I said soothingly as I stroked her cheek, and then to Barbara, I asked “Now how many fingers?”

I heard Barbara spit into Lisa’s ass before answering, “Almost four. How does it feel, Mom?”

Lisa swallowed hard, and mumbled something inaudible.

“Good girls, both of you. Not like my slut-cunt of a wife, who never seems to be helpful, and is always disagreeable and selfish.”

Lisa found a certain encouragement from my words. That, or else they excited her into new levels of arousal, because her little lick-kiss, cock sucking technique changed from long licks of my shaft, to short, forceful flicks of the tongue just below my cockhead. She threw in soft sucks and tongue rolls on occasion, and it was like heaven.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to come all over your pretty face.”

She stopped her flicking to ask, “Just like last time? Promise?”

Then turning, she winked at Karen, and said, “I’ve never seen a guy come harder or faster. Not even in the movies. Will really made me feel I’d done something extraordinary. He made me feel special. And you, you stupid bitch, you had it all, and now look at you.” She laughed in Karen’s face, before returning her flicking tongue to my cock.

I must admit, I got Lisa to say those words to Karen, particularly throwing in the humiliating laugh at the end. I think those words have more power, and have a greater, humiliating effect when they are said by a third party—don’t you think?

Oh yes, they certainly do!

Karen’s just sat there like a good cunt and took the abuse, although her face was cloaked in a crimson-colored mask of miserable jealousy, rage and shame.

“That should be good enough, Barb. Come around here now, sweetheart, and grease me up real good with the lube, and then you can stay and watch my cock slide into mommy’s ass.”

She knelt alongside me, and dribbled a liberal amount onto my cock-head. There was the brightest glow and smile on her face as she watched the lubricant trickle down along my shaft. As the viscous fluid neared the base of my cock, Barb quickly scooped it up and smeared all over my erection. She giggled as the sensation made my cock jump a number of times out of her gentle grip. Then, while applying more lube to my shaft and head, Barb lowered herself down and drew my balls into her mouth with one easy swipe of her tongue.

Lisa watched in fascination—but with a little revulsion mixed in—as her daughter preformed acts that she, herself, had rarely, if ever, given thought to, and preformed those acts with an ease and guiltless naiveté as one would garner from boiling an egg.

She didn’t ask how Barb came to be such an expert in carnal pursuits. I think she was too afraid to, preferring to keep her head in the sand and not explore too deeply into her daughter’s debauchery, but she could guess. Every so often, I could see her sneaking a sideways glance at Karen with a look of utter contempt plastered on her face.

It’s funny how Lisa ignored my obvious culpability in the corruption of her daughter. Then again, maybe not— innocence as well as arousal can be instilled into the actor’s head by the director.

The moment of truth had arrived for Lisa.

I cupped her head between my hands, and said, “Come up here, baby, and give us a kiss.”

Her heart pounded madly in her chest. Her face turned a deep pink as all the blood rushed upward. I could feel each ‘thump’ and ‘pulse’ of her beating heart through her lips as she pushed them hard into me.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I said quietly.

She almost said something, but just shook her head in embarrassment.

I guessed what she wanted to say, and asked, “Remember what I said to you over the phone about this moment?”

“That I couldn’t back out of it?”

“That’s right, so here’s what I want you to do. Turn the other way around, so that you’re facing away from me. While you straddle my hips, just slowly sit down. It’s as simple as that.”

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