Subject: You are a boy before you become a man Part 4 You are a boy before you become a man Part 4 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ Thanks to Em, Dan, hal, Luke. John, David, Steve, Levi, McDuffie, Brian for their most kind and encouraging mails. This story is just my imagination. If you have problems with brothers exploring each other and a Daddy who takes his pleasure from their bodies as well, do not read this! I like feedback and if you have some comments please email me. Please donate to Nifty to keep this site open and free. ===== Part 3: I smiled at David, “Good boy, show David you like having your little dick played with and me touching your smooth balls,” Jonah moaned and looked at his brother, “Tell him, boy!” Jonah groaned, “I love it, David! I loved it all.” David laughed, he was surprised but excited to watch us, “Tell Daddy!” Jonah panted and cried out, “I loved it. Daddy!” With that, he panicked, he started to tremble, an awesome dry orgasm went through his young body. Jonah’s little shaft pulsed between my stroking fingers, and I squeezed the bloated knob, letting his tight foreskin scrub the sensitive glans into an explosive dry cum. Jonah looked at his brother and yelled, “Jesus this feels so good. Oh, so fucking good.” One, two three, four, five more pulses drove him up on his toes, this time so he could get the maximum feeling out of his orgasm and Jonah’s cocklet throbbed one last time, and then pulsed over and over and over again, even his nipples hardened as the dry cum almost made him faint. I expertly slowed my strokes as I talked him down. “That’s it, that’s my boy. I’m proud of you! Just relax now. I think you are ready for more, much more and you will love it!” David looked at me and I nodded, “Jonah took it all, he is ready for the real thing, he will love to take your cock.” ===== Part 4 ===== Nudity became more common, but my boys kept their underwear on most of the time when they walked around. At the other hand we were open and relaxed about see each other naked. The next day David asked Jonah a lot about what he knew about sex between men. He didn’t learn much, he didn’t know already. The boy was interested and curious about sex and wanted to learn more but nothing happened worth mentioning that day. The next day David had his friend Simon over. The two had known each other since the primary school, and David and Simon did everything together. I knew they had jacked off and partied together. They trained together in the gym for months and the time had been well spent. Both early teens got looks from girls and guys admiring their builds. Together, they loved to show off themselves. David was toned but by all accounts Simon was his superior. Years of swimming had allowed Simon’s young teen body to develop and grow into proportions. Simon was the best all-around swimmer at school and he had the smarts and the power to be a real athlete. He wasn’t afraid to try anything once, became openly gay and he experimented wildly with men and boys. He had few inhibitions regarding sex and which surprised me. Simon was quite open about his relationship with his own Daddy and my son David. They shared the joys of masturbation. Sitting or lay side by side, letting their body touch openly, growing up they knew what each other was feeling and it was okay. It was a bond that bordered on gay sex without the label. Just sharing bedrooms during sleepovers, sharing vacations, bathrooms, locker rooms brought things a bit further of course. It didn’t define their sexuality so much as a need for exploration and release. They explored their sexual needs and each other. Kissing, hugging, touching and after a while David became Simon’s fuck buddy. David admired his buddy and followed him everywhere. They were lucky and became real buddies. That day they would meet in David’s room as usual. Simon felt at home with us, and in keeping with the new customs in our house, he left the door wide open. I could enjoy everything from my seat in the living room. Simon didn’t seem to mind and David loved it that way. Simon waited for David and sat on his bed and had put his hand down the front of his shorts. When David came into his room from the shower, he was only dressed in a pair of tight briefs. David looked down and saw his friend’s hand still trapped in his shorts. “You playing with your dick. Couldn’t you wait for me? You know I like to make you hard.” David stepped up to the bed and went between his buddy’s legs, straight for the waistband his shorts. Simon laughed but wasn’t about to stop him. David got his shorts down, “You take your dick out for me.” Simon flopped his teen dick out over the tip of his white boxershorts for him and David asked, “Take you shorts off, Simon,” and tugged at his shorts. Simon raised his ass and stripped off his shorts and leaned back, lowered his boxershorts and a moment later his dripping teen dick sticking up between his legs. The handsome teen looked relaxed at me, smiled provocatively and waved his cock. I smiled back and felt my cock rise in my own boxers, my attention totally on what Simon was doing to his dick. I have no idea what to expect. “Damn,” David said. “You sure leak out a lot of pre-cum and I bet you squirt even more. When was the last time you shot your load, buddy?” Simon smiled, “I squirted the last time I screwed my little brother Sammy this morning, but I’ve got enough left over to fill your beautiful ass.” David stroked his bare legs and saw his eye contact with me and reassured him, “My father likes you, just enjoy his attention.” Simon nodded and smiled and looked at me, “I know he likes to watch us. Your Daddy is really cool. I like him, I hope to feel his hard daddy cock in my ass one day, but now show your daddy how much you like my dick.” Simon was slowly stroking and rubbing the pre-cum all over his sensitive head and thick shaft. Simon wanted badly for David to suck his cock, “Hey Buddy, go on, show your Daddy what you learned and suck me! Suck my dick!” I knew they serviced each other a lot. David watched as his buddy stroked his dick. What the fuck would that feel like going into my son’s tight ass? For now Simon wanted David to suck him off. All I knew was that for a good reason my son could not take his eyes of his friend’s dick. Simon teen looked awesome and David’s ass was ready to receive that beautiful teen cock. David put his head in Simon’s lap and started sucking on his dick, quickly his friend got harder and harder. When Simon got it fully hard, David took his mouth away and gazed at Simon’s dripping teen cock. “Oh yes David! Your mouth on my cock feels so damn good! Keep sucking my dick, David! Oh yes. Oh god, I need your mouth on my dick,” David didn’t need more encouragement, he started rubbing it against his face, teasing Simon and he went back to sucking his friend. I have to say, for a teen, David knew what he was doing. He was definitely an excellent cocksucker and he was doing his usual excellent job on his throbbing dick. David ran the foreskin all the way down and sucked on Simon’s exposed cockhead. It was pretty hot to watch, two beautiful eager teens having sex. David stopped and started pulling up from under his legs, but it seemed almost natural for Simon put his one hand behind David’s head. He began to pull him closer to his dick again. He felt some resistance at first but soon David’s lust took over. I saw Simon’s cock was getting closer and closer to David’s face and my son licked his lips. A couple of seconds later David opened his mouth again and he moved a bit to get better access to Simon’s dick and began to suck his friend’s dick. Simon enjoyed David’s mouth a lot, “Oh buddy, this is so good!” I could hear him telling David, “Suck it, David! Oh, suck my dick!” Simon started to fuck his friend’s face and my son really loved it! All he did was moan and he opened his mouth wider. “Take it all, I love it,” Simon groaned. David never hesitated, he just swallowed his dick. There was no gagging, so they did this a lot of times before. I wondered how far this would go, would Simon really fill my son’s ass with his teen cum? David sucked his buddy like a pro, without hesitation, eager to pleasure his friend. Simon had his hands all over David’s head, he fucked his throat and his hot mouth had him flying high. Simon was too horny to hold back, he was too close to his climax. David’s ass would have to wait a little longer, he was shaking and moaning, “Oh, take my cum,” David deep throated him, he swirled his tongue around his friends teen cock. Simon moaned, “Oh, take it, buddy! Take my cum! Swallow it all!” My boy did not resist, he moaned and waited for his friend to dump his load into him. Now Simon started to wildly hump his mouth and throat. David was going to get it! David was in heaven. I saw Simon’s urgency started to build deep inside him, until finally he could no longer control himself. He couldn’t stop no matter what. With one final lunge, Simon packed his cock firmly in his buddy’s throat, and held it there while he came. Simon groaned as he ejaculated deep inside my son’s mouth. David tried to swallow, but much of it washed back up inside his mouth, causing his cheeks to puff out. The volume of cum was so great that some of it leaked from David’s mouth, leaving a white trail down his chin. I saw them leaning into each other, happiness on their faces as my son wrapped his arm around his buddy’s waist, and he drew Simon in for a kiss. A real one, long and slow and easy, incredibly sensual. Simon licked David’s face clean and my cock quickly returned to full hardness. I love watching two teens kiss, and watching my boy kiss his buddy was awesome. Simon enthusiastically kissed him back, and well… I loved it and had to stop myself from rushing in. Exhausted the teens lay together. David was nestled against his buddy, his still hard dick leaked against Simon’s leg. Simon knew it was his time to return the favour, but David said, “We have time, I want you to fuck me.” He turned his back and went to his to his laptop. He showed Simon his laptop, on the screen a teen had his cock shoved all the way up a young boy’s ass. He was fucking him hard. They saw it from the back so they saw everything and I have to say this porn was pretty hot stuff, but I never intended for them to see it. “I want you do that, Simon,” David informed his friend and his eyes sparkled. Simon leaned forward and wrapped his arm around David’s chest and sort of held him while they watched the screen. They saw now a close-up of the teen’s cock sliding in and out of the young boy’s hole. “Fuck, I love this stuff.” Simon moaned softly, “How did you get it?” Simon moved his hand toward the tent in David’s briefs but he stopped him. “Later,” he said, “we have time.” and explained, “my Daddy has a lot of porn, this is just one.” Simon smiled, “Did your Daddy fuck Jonah already?” David was a little confused by his blunt question, “I don’t think so, why do you ask?” Simon whispered, “Oh David, don’t play innocent, I would love to fuck you but your little brother’s ass is awesome. I know you want the same, buddy. You want peel those little white boy briefs down to Jonah’s ankles. You want to open him, rub your hard dick cock up and down his cute little ass crack and enter him. Buddy, sometimes I wonder how you can handle to temptation to open his cute little ass. You know how it is with cute little brothers, sometimes you don’t need to say anything at all, just snap your fingers and he will bend over and be ready for your cock.” David stared at him, flush faced, “What do you mean?” Simon grunted lustily and I could tell there would be no stopping him to continue, “You’re sweet, David, I love you and we have great sex. Screwing you feels great and you’re a great bottom. Your little cute brother wants your cock, buddy. Trust me, you are his hero and he wants your cock in his tight little boy hole. Your cute kid brother is willing to open his ass cheeks for you, David. Come on, you know you’ll be kicking yourself the rest of your life if you don’t have the experience of fucking him the first time.” And dammit, I knew that was the truth. David was mostly bottom, but horny and eager to fuck his little brother. David’s dick was roaring hard and I swear listening at them, I nearly came in my own boxers. Simon continued to tell David, “Oh man, why didn’t you fuck that sweet little ass?” I heard David, he grunted, “Fuck… sounds hot, but Daddy thinks Jonah is too young to be fucked.” My own cock hadn’t gone down. I couldn’t move, Simon’s words had very nearly made me cum in my boxers as I imagined David fucking Jonah. Simon said looked at his buddy, “I took my own little brother’s little ass, it istanbul travesti was so good. I love him and his cute beautiful body. My little brother Sammy looks like Jonah but he is younger as you know.” Simon convinced me indirectly. The teen was telling the truth and that he had already fucked his little brother convinced me. I decided give David the permission he needed to do the same with Jonah. I wished Simon would tell more and he did. He delivered his message with conviction and enthusiasm. “Just get him naked and lay on top of him. Rub your bodies together as make him moan. Soon Jonah will be whining in heat for more and he will be ready. He will moan and beg you to fuck him. David spread his young legs and plunge your face into his sweet pucker. Lick his sweaty boy hole before you flip him over to reveal more of his pink sphincter, rim that boy ass. Soon his orifice will be dripping wet. Licking your fingers, finger fuck him. Start with two fingers, then three, four. Jonah will be your cute little lover, begging for more. Using only spit for lube, that way you can fuck him with more speed. Jonah will beg you to fuck him and plead for your dick to fill his tight boy hole. Spit into his boy hole and do the same for your dick. Once fully wet, shove your fuck stick inside the boy. Jonah will whimper, yelp and cry out. He will start to wail, as you slowly start to fuck his cute tight bottom with your dick. Jonah will be tight, Sammy was incredible tight, but push your dick deeper into his ass. Once fully in, fuck him in a heated passion, thrust your tool into his young boy hole. Believe me Jonah will love it and will beg for more! You know his smooth young body, and you know he needs your cum. Start slowly, take your time, later you can fuck with more force and gusto. Push your dick deeper and deeper into his young ass. Soon enough in a massive push you will get deep down. Fuck him and spill your load into your little brother. I promise you a mind-shattering orgasm. a climax you will never forget. This is the way I like to fuck my own little brother, Sammy, first slowly enjoying his tightness and later deep and hard. Cuddle him and leave hickey on his cute neck as reward. David, don’t be a stupid dumbo, fuck little Jonah, you will love it and the little boy needs it!” I didn’t know what to expect next, my fist steps with David had been completely different, but he was my cute little son at that time and not my cute little brother. Maybe this was better than I had imagined though. I imagined that maybe David’s dick would fit inside Jonah’s tiny ass, but it would take hell of lube to fuck his little brother. My own dick for sure would tear the sweet little angel apart. Call me an pervert, but somehow I wanted to see it happen. I had a these thought not long before finally Simon was ready to fuck my son. He moved closer to David, who lay in a flash on his bed with his legs in the air. Simon moved his teen dick towards the wide and waiting hole and I watched as his dick pushed through the entrance and disappeared deep inside my son. In two short sharp pushes Simon impaled the full length of his dick inside his friend’s love channel. I smiled as David writhed in pleasure and I also was pleased to see that David’s dick throbbed as the invading dick teased past his prostate gland. After a brief pause, Simon withdrew his cock until just the head of his cock was inside the entrance to David’s hole, before plunging back until his balls slapped against the cheeks of his ass. Gradually, Simon increased the speed of his thrusts and David began to moan loudly each time his buddy’s dick moved in and out of his ass, “This is how you should fuck your little brother David, you will love it!” and with those words Simon was beginning to breath rather raggedly and his thrusts became more speedily savagely. Suddenly, with a loud cry, he withdrew completely from my son’s hole, and, after a couple of short tugs, fired a huge wad of spunk all over David’s cock and stomach. I moaned too as my cum filled my boxers, soaking the front of them. David grinned up at his friend and said, “Thanks!! Oh man this was great!” Simon was still fighting to recover control over his breathing, but nodded vigorously. I left the teens to their fucking and their dreams. But I was sure, tonight was Jonah’s night. Believe me, I understood that Simon fucked his young little brother. David slept often with me when he was a young little boy himself. The switch from loving Daddy to passionate lover came soon with David. David even understood my intentions at a very young age and eagerly encouraged me and the harder I kissed him, the more David thrashed around. Soon he was soon ready more. I finger-fucked him and the lust-filled side of me, I was thankful for his willingness to have sex with me. Soon David turned out to be a real bottom boy. Now his teen dick was much smaller than my man-sized cock and that was a good match with Jonah’s tiny ass hole, so I asked David earlier about my idea to get him involved and to fuck his little brother when the time as right. David was delighted and Jonah nearly begged for it. Of course he knew my intentions, my oldest son knew of my taste in boys. Now he was teen and we shared out horny lust. Having the possibility to fuck Jonah was making David’s brain short-circuit, not to mention getting his boxer’s soaked with leaking pre-cum. Hell, Jonah was so damn cute, David was looking forward to sloppy seconds. Many times, I had seen Jonah in front of the laptop, bare ass naked, gingerly jerking his slender boy pole while he was fantasizing. He Jonah was the boy who was being fucked, fucked ever so savagely. Often, I watched him as he eased his small middle finger into his tiny butt hole while jerking on his preteen penis frantically. Jonah and David played sex games, but the young boy never got fucked. David never fucked another boy, he was always the bottom. It sounds strange but I was aware of what I was doing, but for me this is the only solution, David would fuck Jonah and take his cherry and I would help him if necessary. I think the time was right! My sons were ready. ============= Jonah’s cherry ============= When Jonah came home I didn’t say anything about my intentions but just said, “Hi Jonah, we will have some things to do, can you stay with me in the living room? I will make us dinner.” This was not uncommon and Jonah agreed, “Okay, I will stay with you, Daddy.” Jonah’s little voice was so sweet, to match his smile and his sparkling blue eyes. We went into the living room and I got hard looking his little bottom. He’s wearing shorts and they have become a bit small for him so they’re too tight, and I scold myself for thinking about my little son’s sexy ass. I remembered myself, David was the lucky one, but in my mind, I could see his asshole, his tiny rosebud and sighted. “How about salami pizza for dinner? I will make us dinner, then we will get you a bath, and we can play some games.” He just smiled and looked at my tented boxers and asked, “Where is David?” I told him. “David will join us in a couple of hours, he and Simon have a good time in his bedroom.” Jonah nodded and I went into my bedroom, Jonah followed me around like my shadow. I undressed and I walked back to the bathroom with Jonah two steps behind me. I laughed and said, “Jonah, if you are going to follow me and watch me take a shower, maybe I should put you in the shower with me and we can save water and time.” He just shrugged his shoulders at me. Well I said, “Okay, arms up, boy”. I pulled his shirt over his head, looking at his smooth hairless chest, with the tiny little brown nipples and my dick throbbed. I pulled his trainers and socks off his small feet. I undid the button od his shorts and unzipped his fly. Jonah had no problems with me undressing him, I pulled off his shorts, then hooked his briefs and lowered them off his small boy body. Jonah’s little hairless penis bounced up and back down when he was freed from his briefs, his little boy balls were snug to his body. I said, “Are you ready?” Jonah just held up his arms for me. I picked him up like a little child and he laughed, “Don’t do that, Daddy. I’m not a baby!” but I put him on my hip like a baby and stepped into shower. Soon the water was running and I had put him down and got him wet head to toe. I took a handful of the liquid soap and started to wash his smooth boy chest and his little belly button. He started to giggle, “That tickles, Daddy” I lifted his left leg to wash it, and then repeated the right leg. I washed his penis and balls very gently and they started to grow in my hand, I used my other hand to wash the crack of his tiny ass. He had to be clean for tonight. I continued to play with his boy jewels and Jonah leaned back against me as his penis stretched away from his body. I washed his short blonde hair and returned to his boyhood. I moved him behind me so I could get under the water stream. I got more soap on my hands and washed myself. Jonah just watched me. My dick was hard, “Your dick looks so good, Daddy.” I washed my hair and rinsed off. “You like my dick, don’t you?” I asked him. “Oh, Daddy, it is beautiful!” his desire was perfectly clear. “Help yourself, Jonah,” I said with a smile. Jonah stepped close to me, dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth. This was amazing, Jonah was sucking my dick, and it he was already an expert. I thought David trained him well, his tongue did indescribable things with my foreskin, while one of his little hands fondled my shaved balls. Closing my eyes, I pretended I fucked his cute little ass and on less than a minute I was ready to cum, so I pushed him gentle away. “Stop it boy, you are too good as you continue Daddy will shoot his load in your little mouth and you get drowned in Daddy’s cum,” I said and he giggled but Jonah looked a me puzzled as my hand caressed the bulge in his white briefs, and as he tilted his head back, I brought my lips to his. Jonah opened his mouth and sucked my tongue in. I pushed my hand down the waistband of his briefs and grasped his hard little penis. Jonah penis was little but rock hard. I dropped to my knees and pulled his briefs down, exposing his pure uncut beauty, just inches away from my mouth. I gave his dickie a couple of strokes then closed my lips around it. He gave a groan, “Oh Daddy.” I licked underneath his foreskin and stroked his soft ass cheeks, he groaned, “Oh, Daddy, fuck me, please.” I decided to be honest with my little sweetheart. “Oh boy, you will be fucked very soon, don’t worry, but your little asshole is too tiny for Daddy’s dick. Do you want me to suck your boy tool, Jonah?” and he nodded straight away. He watched me as I took his hard little dick between my lips, his stiffness felt so small in my mouth and he sighs audibly as I begin to use my tongue. “Oh, Daddy!” he whispered, enjoying the sensation of his little boy dick in my warm wet mouth. He trembled as I sucked and opened my mouth wide for him so I could take his little balls into my mouth as well. I licked his balls while I sucked gently and his trembling increases as I took him further towards his boy orgasm. Suddenly he shudders and his legs gave way. An awesome dry orgasm went through his body and I catch him before he could fall down. I hold him tightly, and his arms go around my neck and he kissed me. He’s panting and his head was lying on my shoulder and I kissed his neck and let him come back to earth. After some minutes I asked him, “Are you hungry?” Jonah smiled, “Yeah, always!” Simon and David came from David’s bedroom too tired to speak. David opened the door for Simon to get out but before leaving Simon turned to David and said, “Thank you! This was so great.” and with a huge smile, “hope you enjoy your night with Jonah!” He waved at Jonah and winked at me. Simon kissed David and whispered, “Just do it buddy, fuck that’s sweet ass of Jonah and tell me tomorrow every single detail.” Simon kissed David again and took a step back, reached down and grabbed David’s dick. He gave it a little squeeze and David mumbled, “I will, I will…” Simon waved a final time and was gone. I made pizza, and we sat at the table, while we were eating Jonah got naughty, he rearranged his little penis and all through dinner his boner sticking out of the fly of his white briefs. David looked at him, I was sure he wanted to pick him up, rip his briefs off and ravage his beautiful little boy ass. I winked at David as Jonah cleaned up the dishes, “Look at his beautiful butt,” I joked. Jonah heard that, turned his head, smiled at his brother, and stuck his butt out. He posed for just a second, and we all laughed. From that moment kadıköy travesti Jonah stayed right by my side, while David cleaned his bedroom, which was a terrible mess after his wild sex with Simon. David returned to check on us and we sat together. Jonah felt strange sexual tension. He just climbed onto his brother’s lap, still with his little boner sticking out exposed. David touched his hard penis, running my finger over the tip, and moved his hand over his smooth body to feel the silky skin on his tummy and chest. I smiled and nodded at them, and hoped that they would forget my presence and feel free to whatever they wanted to do. David moved his hand back down, he was holding Jonah’s tiny cockhead between his forefinger and his thumb. With just his fingertip he went down his shaft to his small balls and back to his crown. They both loved this and David’s hand came back up to his boy nipples. Jonah hugged his neck and David kissed the top of his blonde head. “You want to play some more, little buddy?” Jonah wrapped his small arms around his brother’s neck and kissed him. He whispered, “I love you, will you fuck me tonight?” David looked at me and I nodded. Jonah was young, sometimes innocent, but he was not stupid. David looked at his beautiful formed hairless chest with little brown nipples that were already hard and wanting. “Want that? You want to be fucked, you want my dick in your ass?” He asked moving his hand to his cock, showing Jonah his already wet erection. Jonah looked at his cock, and some pre-cum oozed out it’s tip. “Uh, want it?” David asked again. David decided he would play the hesitant teen who was able to restraint himself, but I knew the truth, my teen boy was eager and determined to fuck his little brother. He played his part well, holding back and asking Jonah, “I don’t know, Jonah. I’d like to fuck your sweet little ass but I don’t think it would be right. You’re only a little boy. I think I’d like to explore you more, but it’s maybe too painful to fuck your little ass. You know, there will be some pain before you feel the pleasure of being fucked.” Jonah was also determined, “Of course I want it!” He smiled at his brother and said, “I saw you with Simon, it looked great!” David looked puzzled, did his little brother saw everything? The answer came quickly as Jonah said to him, “I couldn’t stop looking as Simon was holding up your legs and fucking his dick into you. Hell, he went fast and hard and you took it. You loved it and I saw Simon’s ass muscles were flexing, with every thrust into your ass. You really loved it, don’t you?” He looked his brother straight in the eyes, “You were grunting deep, David. I heard it as you begged Simon for more, so what do think? I wanted to be in your place! I saw everything, really you tensed up and your cum shot out of your dick and squirted up onto your face.” Jonah swallowed, catching his breath. He was talking fast and excited, “I really want that, I can’t shoot my sperm yet, but I want to feel your dick in my ass.” Jonah’s voice still the high pitched melodic sound of a preteen boy that I loved so much. David asked the boy, “I got fucked, yes, I liked it, yes again, but Jonah, I’ve never fucked a boy, you sure you can take my dick?” I was surprised but not shocked, more amused to hear David’s confession. Jonah answered straight away, “Yes, do what you like, I’ve never been fucked but want your dick in my ass.” David gave in to everything and hugged him, “Fuck you’re a hot kid and yes, we’ll fuck. You look extraordinarily sexy and you are a very good looking boy with a magnificent ass, be great to get my cock inside you little ass hole.” Jonah smiled so happy. He finally had his way! David leaned over and gentle kissed each of his little nipples, running his wet tongue over each of his hard nubs and sucked them very lightly. As his teeth nibbled on each nipple the little boy began to shake uncontrollably, pressing his chest harder to his mouth and pulling David’s head to his nipple with his little hands. My little boy was so eager that was nearly too much for me as watched David’s dripping teen cock, I couldn’t wait to see him taking his cherry. I looked at them nearly open-mouthed and whispered, “Oh David, enough foreplay, go for it, just do it, fuck him.” My oldest son didn’t need more encouragement. David’s hands went down to Jonah’s briefs and he pulled them down slowly. David’s head went down to his hairless crotch and he licked his hairless ball sack and his fantastic little penis. David slowly took Jonah’s little hard penis in his mouth and cleaned it. It was simply awesome and overwhelming to watch. Jonah was loving all the attention and moaning in sweet passion. I laughed softly and told David, “Taste him David, little boy’s cocks are so wonderful.” David nodded, he had tasted Jonah before and now he smiled at me. Well, David’s throbbing, ragging teen dick told the truth, he was now dripping a lot of pre-cum. He very quickly straddled Jonah’s little body, sitting lightly on his boy chest and placed my steel leaking dick against his little mouth and wiped its wet head against his small lips. Jonah’s small, wet tongue jumped out at his cockhead and he licked it ever so softly, his touch was driving David crazy. Jonah opened his cute, little mouth as wide as possible and David forced some of his teen dick over his lips and into his wanting mouth. Jonah really wanted that and wrapped his little fingers around his raging boner and kept guiding his dick deeper into his little mouth. David whispered, “Damn boy, you are good! Get me ready for your little ass!” He was right, my little youngest son was great cock sucker. At his young age he was well aware of his possibilities. Jonah’s small, soft tongue wrapped around the head of David’s dick. Believe me, it was a beautiful sight as David’s dick began to plunge deeper into his little young mouth. David was breathing very hard with pure lust, he slowly took his dick from Jonah’s mouth. He couldn’t hold back and trembled and his cock swelled. He was overwhelmed by it, couldn’t stop it, he just began to shoot burst after burst, releasing globs after glob of his hot teen cum. He shot his teen load all over my little boy. I didn’t touch my own cock, this was just the beginning. David’s cock was softening and his urge to cum was just momentarily satisfied. Indeed momentarily, young teens recover fast and their balls are always loaded. David kissed Jonah’s cute lips, using his tongue to clean his cum left on Jonah’s face. The taste of his load, mixed with his warm boy saliva was obvious incredible. David nodded as I looked at him, we know we were sharing the same lust for Jonah. It was unbelievable good to be able to watch my sons this way and I was a very proud Daddy. within minutes Jonah’s little fingers wrapped around David’s now softened dick and he explored it. Jonah pulled his foreskin back to reveal his glans, with his cum still leaking out and just stared lustfully at it. Jonah took it into his little hands and softly muttered. “David, your dick looks so huge and feels so hot in my hands.” David put his arms around Jonah and drew his little body close to him. As he pulled him on top of him, he felr his very hard and wet little penis stab his stomach. David’s dick slid up between his smooth legs to his little boy pussy. David whispered into Jonah’s ear, “I have a big surprise for you.” I quickly noticed that Jonah’s little boyhood was rock hard and standing straight out in front of him as I asked Jonah, “You want David’s wonderful present?” Jonah gave me a great big smile and he looked so fucking cute as he looked admiring at David’s dick. “Oh yeah, Daddy!” He knew he would be our little fuck boy and David was going to have him in any way that he wanted. I said, “You will get it from David very soon!” David’s cock was dripping with precum as he held Jonah in his arms. He started to kiss Jonah’s little lips softly as his hands explored his hard little penis and while he was exploring, his fingers slowly moved his soft foreskin back and forth. David’s fingers moved down and held his little ball sac. Jonah’s smooth boy balls were two magnificent, soft round gems. As his roving fingers slowly moved lower Jonah began to moan and he tossed his body from side to side and at the same time pressing up with his crotch to him. David finally felt his fingers touch his virgin boy pussy and he softly rubbed the puckered little hole with his fingers. Jonah moaned with delight. David spat on his fingers and increased the pressure on his ass opening and slowly slide the tip of my wet finger into the tight, puckered ring, opening of his boy pussy. David had finally penetrated his warm tunnel and broke into his sealed hole. Jonah let out a gasp but wiggled his cute little ass in joy. The little boy’s ass gripped the tip of David’s finger. Jonah was so tight and he was so soft and we both knew that David would need some real lube to go any further. David moved his head down and he took both his hard, wet and dripping penis along with his sweet, soft balls into his mouth and sucked and bathed them in his warm saliva while rolling his little balls around with his tongue. Jonah was now in ecstasy and was moaning and moving his hips up and down, trying to force more of his small hard, steel shaft into David’s hot mouth. A successful diversion, yes David wanted the boy’s focus on his penis, not on his tight pucker, but it didn’t last long. David quickly moved his head off his weeping penis and down to his sweet little boy pussy. David went for it. He kissed sphincter first and was sniffing at his sexy, pink, puckered ass hole. He kissed and licked his pink, puckered ring, letting his warm saliva drop onto the very small opening that was shut so very tight. He worked his wet tongue over Jonah’s butt hole and by this time the little boy was shaking all over. David licked his sweet hole all over and over with his tongue, spreading his warm saliva all over it. Jonah wanted to feel his dick inside and begged for it, “Oh, fuck me please, David.” David lifted both of his little legs over his shoulders. He placed his mouth directly onto his already wet boy pussy. David’s tongue darted into his sweet boy hole and he pushed as deep as he could. Jonah was crying out in joy and his little fingers were pulling David’s head deep into his lovely hole. I still couldn’t believe that David was going to fuck his little brother’s ass. I was ready to abandon my doubts. I really didn’t know what that meant, where my permission to David would lead. But I knew he would be gentle with Jonah, he would take things slowly. I was scared and excited all at the same time as I watched them, a handsome teen and his little brother. They were for sure passionate lovers. Jonah encouraged David to explore him fully. Jonah did not object; David did not hesitate. They became eager with each other, enjoying their new sexual freedom. David took his index finger and got it nice and wet and placed the tip of his finger onto Jonah’s puckered entrance. He pressed slowly until the tip was finally sliding through the light lips. He started sliding deeper into Jonah’s sweet, tight ass. He slowly started finger fucking his little brother as he took his hard little prick in his mouth. He sucked his little hard penis deep down his throat as Jonah let out low grunts of pleasure. Jonah wrapped his smooth boy legs around David’s head and cried out, “Oh god David, that feels so fucking good in my asshole. Fuck, I want your cock in me so bad.” My sons were a lovely couple, really, they made love. Jonah fucked David’s mouth as his older brother finger-fucked his tight little boy pussy. After a short time, David pushed two fingers into the already opened boy ass and the tips of his fingers were spreading his puckered ring. He slowly went deeper into his sweet boy ass and began rotating his fingers slowly, easing his ass muscles a bit more open. Finally, both his fingers were buried up to the hilt as he moved them around, making Jonah’s ass more accessible for his teen dick. He slowly pulled his fingers out and somehow managed to get three of his fingers stuffed into his little brother’s ass. David grunted, “Damn Jonah, you sure do got yourself one fine ass! Hell, just by looking at your tiny asshole, it don’t seem at all possible for my dick to even fit. Shit, Jonah took three fingers so I’ll make this dick fit!” I knew that Jonah was now completely ready for David’s dick! So many emotions went through me, I felt excitement, I was of course I was horny, extremely horny. I closed my eyes, felt my orgasm coming. I didn’t want to delay, I’ll do that later when David was fucking his virgin bakırköy travesti ass. I groaned and I think having an audience made me cum harder and finally I felt it, I shot my load twice, my dick throbbed and more sperm flew out of me. It hit both my sons as a special gift and blessing. David looked quickly at me and moved up over Jonah, keeping his smooth boy legs on his shoulders and holding his hard teen cock in his hand. “God, I wanna fuck you so bad, Jonah.” He whispered as he placed the tip of his wet, dripping shaft along the crack of his cute ass, spreading as much precum as possible over his slightly open pucker. David spread his little butt cheeks apart and guided his hot wet dick with his left hand to his little hole. Jonah rolled his head from side to side and groaned as his ass responded to the warm glans sliding in circles around his boy hole. When the slimy tip pushed against his hole he pushed back to meet it. I hold my breath watching their movements. I knew at this point Jonah was still a virgin but, but that was about to change quickly. David started to push, ever so lightly on Jonah’s wet puckered ass. He let his little brother squirm now. David held his shaft still and let Jonah rock his ass over the slimy cock slit. Gently the pucker slid over the soft glans and slowly the swollen ass lips opened over the warm head. Finally, after slowly pushing harder he was able to get his dripping cockhead past his tight outer ring and Jonah wrapped his little arms around him. David started to push harder. Jonah’s whole body focused on his virgin ass, and almost hungry the little boy slowly accepted David inside. No burning pain yet, just pure anal bliss. Jonah opened his eyes, his ass loosened, and David’s dick slid deeper, and the teen saw the boy’s lust for his cock. As the hardness slid over the tight pucker, they both knew, they wanted to fuck. David bent down and kissed his little brother. “Oh, Jonah. Your tiny boy hole is so warm.” He nibbled on Jonah’s earlobe. “Push over me. Swallow my dick up if you want it. Do you want it?” Jonah pushed back and I saw the flared knob opened Jonah’s sealed asshole, and before the little boy had a chance to take a breath, he felt the pressure, the stab, and the invasion, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Jonah’s little hands immediately clutched a handful of bedding while he grunted due to the searing pain from his overly stretched asshole. “Ah!” Jonah screamed, so shrill, David hesitated a split second, “Do you want me to stop?” “No, no, no!” Jonah screamed and David pushed, his dick was now expanding his ass lips and was quickly darting inside his virgin ass. “You know I do want it. Oh, fuck me, David. Like Daddy did as he took your virgin ass.” Jonah was tight but his ass opened slowly as the swollen knob of David’s dick had slipped into his ass. David moaned, “Oh Jonah, I’ve never felt better than right now.” This was the moment, David had finally penetrated his little brother, opening his ass hole with his dick. I was amazed and delighted. This was the first time for both of them. Shit, this was hot! I gasped audibly as the head of David’s dick slipped past the ring of muscle and into Jonah’s little boy ass. Jonah’s eyes were wide open in wonder at the fact that he was losing his virginity, being where every young boy dreamed of being. David’s hard dick would be buried to the hilt in his soft, warm, tight boy hole. David actually had the head of his dick in his brother’s young boy’s hole and he wanted so much more of his little brother. Jonah wrapped his smooth boy legs around his brother’s torso to adjust the angle, and David slid in half way, to the thickest part of his teen shaft. The pain was hot and exciting like he knew it would be. The boy panted but accepted the pain. Deeper and deeper David’s teen dick sank into his boy ass. Jonah rocked back and forth over the thickest part of David’s dick, stretching his ass muscle, and then reached under him, grabbed with his little hand David’s balls hanging loose and pulled the last inches inside until gradually his entire length was inside his little boy ass. “Oh, fuck.” Jonah groaned. When David bottomed out with a grunt, “Oh man, do it!” David’s precum and spit had made his entrance more slippery and easier to enter. Now all David wanted was to fill his little brother’s ass with his cum. David looked down at the beautiful boy, his little fuck buddy, his cute little lover. Jonah looked fantastic with his blonde hair and sexy blue eyes and his brother’s dick just barely inside his boy-pussy. Their eyes became locked in a passionate stare and Jonah whispered, “Fuck me, David. Please, fuck me hard. I want you to fill me with all your cum.” With that David couldn’t wait no longer. I saw nothing but pure sexual lust and desire on their faces. At first David went very slowly and with great care opened Jonah’s tight hot ass, David growled, “Yeah boy, take this dick, take it! Oh, your ass feels so good!” David’s lust took over, with one hard thrust he just rammed his rock hard throbbing dick as far as he could into his boy ass, “Oh damn boy, you are so fucking tight! Fuck, your damn ass is so hot! Oh yeah boy, now I’m gonna fuck you, and fuck you real good!” David was slamming himself as deep as possible into my little brother until his balls banged hard against his boy butt. Jonah let out a muffled cry and David pulled him close to his body as tears streamed down Jonah’s cheeks. Jonah felt the searing pain that a boy feels as his boy-pussy is fucked for the first time. David now had his dick buried deep inside Jonah’s ass. I was amazed at how wonderfully tight Jonah’s ass was, and it was hard to be believe that David had the entire length of his shaft impaled in his ass. David’s balls were now resting on his ass, taking his time. I loved the very strange and sexy feeling to watch them. David slowly went on, slowly fucking his young brother and it was marvellous! “Fuck me, fuck me, fill me, cum in me,” was all that Jonah could utter as his little body was shaking uncontrollably. David poked deep into Jonah’s bowel the teen knew his little brother wanted his dick all the way up his ass. David remained still for a short time, teasing the little boy and enjoying the intense feeling on his hard dick. He was filling his sweet little brother’s ass and Jonah was squeezing his teen dick tightly with his ass muscles. He slowly pulled back out of him with the head of his dick just staying inside his tight ring. Suddenly David gave Jonah a hard full jab that made Jonah groan in pain and triumph. David rested his face next to Jonah’s ear and pushed in as deep as he could, “You want it, Jonah?” Jonah groaned, turned his blonde head and nodded yes. He got another deep dick jab and the little boy grunted in appreciation. Jonah lay there wide assed open with his brother plunged deep up his boy ass. David stared at him, not moving, “I only ever dreamed of this moment, Jonah.” Jonah gyrated his pelvis around the dick that impaled him, intoxicated him. David started a slow pump session with long glides of his teen dick. “Good god, Jonah, this feels so good. You got something special in there. Let’s see what I can hit it.” David leaned down and kissed his little brother deep as he pumped his ass long, deep and slow, grinding into him like the perfect lover. “Oh, Jonah.” David whispered. “You really are the best little brother a teen can have!” He plunged back into Jonah as deep as possible. When Jonah let out a loud cry of pleasure David knew he had found it. He gave his prostate gland several firm stabs, which made Jonah yelp with pleasure and the little boy uncontrollably thrust his ass back to get more. Now he jackhammered into him, the constant assault on his prostate and sphincter set him off. Jonah cried out as his pucker tightened around David’s dick. “I’m going to cum, David. You’re making me cum!” Jonah gasped and he came hard, very tiny drops of immature cum squirting out on his penis. Jonah shuddered and moaned as he had a extreme heavy preteen climax. I was surprised and happy, Jonah’s balls gave away the first signs of watery boy cum. It was first time Jonah shot his boy cum. Jonah closed his eyes and enjoyed the intense feeling of his orgasm. “Is that his boy cum?” David asked me surprised, he looked at Jonah’s wet penis and saw the tiny drops glistening on his cock-head. I laughed at him, “Yes, it is! It’s his first load and that means that he loves what you are doing to him.” David beamed and started to pump hard and harder into his now stretched tight little ass. Jonah was no longer a virgin and David needed to fill his bowels with his warm love juice. Jonah loved it all the way, David was fucking him and each time that he pumped his hard teen dick into him, he moaned of delight. The sensitive feeling on David’s dick was overwhelming as Jonah’s tunnel held his cock tight as his di ck pumped in and out, faster and faster, bringing them to new sexual heights. I never realized that fucking a little boy could be so delightful and fulfilling. Now I saw it with my own eyes and discovered what David really felt when I fucked him the first time. In only a very few giant stabs, David began to get very light headed and to breath harder and harder, shaking all over. I saw his balls swell and his scrotum curled up tightly as he felt his teen cum travelling up his shaft. David screamed, “Oh fuck I’m cumming, oh fuck oh god oh fuck, oh Jonah!” as his dick started to release globs and globs and burst after burst of his hot teen cum deep into his bowels. David yelled, “I love you my sweet Jonah. Oh little brother, you are my boy now.” as his dick pulsed again and emptied into Jonah’s sweet little boy ass. Jets of cum were pouring from his dick into Jonah’s tight boy pussy, filling him with all his love juice. David pressed hard against him and shivered all over from sheer ecstasy. The intensity of his orgasm was awesome! David’s head was spinning as he felt his dick throbbing. When finally his last drop of teen cum was into Jonah’s tight boy ass, he just left his dick deep inside. He moaned with joy and ecstasy as he fell over the top of him and kissed Jonah with a passion. David had just fucked his first virgin boy ever and it was fantastic. My little son had been so very tight and it was something that I knew that I wanted lots more him myself. David whispered, “You know, you are a sexy boy, Jonah. I love you little brother, I can imagine myself actually falling in love with you. You know that? Sounds stupid to say, we are brothers, but I’d like to spend more time with you and play more often.” David’s cock softened enough to slip out of Jonah and I heard “plop” as his dick exited his hole. Jonah shivered and moaned low and David rolled to his side and they hugged and kissed, allowing themselves to relax in the afterglow of their awesome sex. They talked about the act, about me and more specifically about their need to have sex again and again. David looked down at Jonah’s little hole and his puckered lips were still in the shape of a perfect circle and globs of his white cum was dripping from his sweet round hole. David quickly lowered his head and clamped his mouth on his open boy ass and sucked his cum out of his open littlte boy ass, cleaning every bit of juice he could get with his tongue. Oh so sweet! All the time he was sucking his ass Jonah was humping his ass up into his face as hard as he could as his face became covered with the sweet cum. I noticed that Jonah’s little penis was erect, his cute little boy dick was standing straight out. David kissed his sweet boy balls until I reached his young and tender dick. He licked his penis head as Jonah got wild by his tongue. Jonah’s little hands grabbed his head and pulled him down onto his young dick. David slowly licked his penis with his moist tongue, sliding his tongue under his soft foreskin and then his uncut penis up and down, deep-throating his little brother’s dick. Jonah humped his face faster and faster and he felt his little dick swell in his mouth. Jonah moaned and had another preteen climax. avid kept his mouth glued to him and sucking him until he was totally spent and his little cock shrunk. He took his smooth ball sac and swallowed both his balls and soft prick, bathing them with his mouth. I looked at Jonah and he looked so very pretty with his now limp little cock just hanging down. My sweet little boy looked so very pretty and sexy. They hugged each other very tightly as I told them how much I loved them. We showered together, rubbing soap over each other and our hands continuing to explore each other. My own cock rose up and was straining and leaking. Jonah’s looked at my cock and wrapped his little hands around me and began to beat me. I quickly knelt in front of my boy and took his little shaft into my mouth with the water flowing over the three of us. The need for more sex was becoming overwhelming. Thanks for reading! Donate to ail

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