Begging For It

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Begging For ItIt was a deep and dark night out in a remote cabin in the mountains of Georgia, it was just you and I there alone in the backwoods atop of a mountain. We sat listening to the sound of darkness and the solitude of the mountains. We sat there sipping on our beers thinking of our next move for the night. I reach across the small table that was between us to hold your hand. Once my hand touched yours I asked are you ready to go inside. You said nothing but stood up still holding my hand and pulling me out of my chair and guiding me to the door. We stepped inside and as you continued to walk I stopped you and spun you into my arms where I pulled you into me and kissed you passionately. You returned the kiss with your tongue working its way into my mouth. It was a hot sexy long kiss. We stood there kissing and holding each other, you could feel my cock growing as I was pressing my body against yours. You could not resist and reached down grabbing my hard cock through my pants. Stroking it through my pants as you continued to kiss me.You then broke your kiss and gazing into my eyes you said “Take me damn it take me now” I lead you to the stairs that lead to the loft and as we were about to head up you stopped and turned to me and said “NO I CAN NOT WAIT NOW” as you lowered yourself to your knees to grab my belt and undoing it only to grab my pants and unbutton them. in one fluent move you pulled my pants and underpants down to about my knees, freeing my hard cock. You reached out with both hands one wrapping around the shaft the other gently grabbing my balls. You started stroking on my hard cock and playing with my balls. You then looked up at me asking me if it felt good and all O could do was moan a soft but reassuring it all felt good moan. After just a few minutes you stood and with out any hesitation you ripped my shirt open exposing my bare chest. Still having hold of mu hard cock you lend in and lick my hard nipple and then you softly bit it. Then you started sucking on my nipple. You steadily stroked my cock all the time sucking my nipple driving me wild with passion. You then stopped and broke you r hold on me only to start removing your cloths as you did this I got mine off as well. You walked to the small sofa in the cabin. I followed you and as we reached it you turned and pushed me down in a sitting position. You then dropped down between my legs and as you did this you stopped to kiss me. Once you was down between my legs again you reached out grabbing my cock and my balls and started back to playing with my balls and stroking my cock. You watched the tip of my cock as you stroked it not ever looking away. As soon as you saw the first sign of percum you leaned in taking your tongue licking the precum from the tip of my cock and then you leaned up and kissed me. Then breaking the kiss you went back to watching as you stroked and played with my balls.Just with in a few minutes you could not control your needs, you leaned over and started licking and sucking on my cock but not for long as you needed more as well as me. You stood looking into my eyes and with out saying a word I knew what you needed. You slowly sat down while facing me and guided my hard cock deep into your wet pussy. with out a word being said you and I both let out a passionate and pleasurable moan. You knew just how to work yourself up and down on my hard cock. You leaned in and kissed me as you rod me up and down. Then you broke your kiss with me and leaned back placing your hands on my knees. canlı bahis I leaned forward and started sucking on biting on your nipples as you road me. We both were close and we both knew it. I told you I wanted to taste you and with out hesitation you rose off me only to fall over onto the sofa. With out any hesitation I was between your legs licking and sucking on your wet throbbing pussy and with in just a few minute you let out a scream of pleasure as I tasted your sweet pussy juices as they flowed from you. But you where not done you needed more. You looked down at me and said “I NEED YOUR CUM PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME I WANT IT I NEED IT NOW PLEASE” I knew what you needed as I raised up and straddled your body my cock still wet from your pussy I reached down and started stroking my cock as you reached out to play with my balls and my ass. As I stroked all you could do was watch and continue playing with my ass and balls. You then noticed I was getting close and that is when you started begging me “OH BABY CUM FOR ME CUM ON MY TITS BABY I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM ALL OVER ME GOD PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME CUM ON MY BABY GIVE ME YOUR CUM” Just then I started shooting my hot cum all across your breast covering both your nipples as it ran down between your boobs in the cleavage area and shooting up on your neck and some dripping on your upper belly. You where covered in my hot cum. I looked down at you and you now where finger fucking your pussy as I watched on you where even more turned on by my cum all over you. You took a finger and with one sweep of your finger gathered a glob of my cum and placed it on your waiting tongue and then wrapping your lips around your finger sucking my cum from it. You then pulled your finger from your pussy and placed in in my mouth where I wrapped my lips around your finger and sucked your juices from it. Then you took your finger and placed it back inside you covering it with your juices you pulled it out and with the same finger gather more of my cum. You slowly was bringing your finger to your mouth and I leaned in and we both cleaned it off as we kissed. We then got up and went and cleaned up and feel asleep in the loft bed. We woke the next morning to a beautiful sunrise as we sat on the porch and had coffee and some breakfast. We made a trip into town and hung out for the day. We found a little hole in the wall bar where we sat and had a few beers. Not realizing it was getting late and as the bar filled up with patrons. We sat and talked with everyone making new friends, several guys had been hitting on you all night but you would always tell them you was with me. There was a few couples there that we had been talking with and you and the ladies played some pool as me and the husbands talked. It was getting close to closing time and we had a drive ahead of us. We were telling everyone bye when you started inviting everyone out to the cabin. I was ok with it I did not care. I think there was three couples going and like three guys and the waitress all going. We go there and everyone moved inside and on the porch. Talking and drinking was what we was doing.About an hour maybe an hour an half went by. I notice one of the guys getting a little close to you and he was trying to get you to kiss him. You would stop him and look over at me. I never said a word just watched on. A few minute passed you came over to me and left him standing them looking like a lost puppy. You leaned in and kissed me and said “lets get everyone to leave I want you and I want bahis siteleri you now” You then leaned in and kissed me and as you did I took my hand and ran it down into your pants and when it touched your pussy you trebled but I found you wet and very wet at that. I rubbed your clit and you was about to collapse right there. You where loosing control but did not care. I continued to play with your pussy as you tried to maintain a kiss with me. But it was over with you had lost it and now was lost in the need of more than the kiss and my finger.You reached out grabbing my hard cock through my pants again but only for a second then you started undoing my pants. You must have forgot we were not alone but you never stopped you took out my cock and went to sucking and licking it in front of our guest. I did not care what you was doing to me felt so good and watching you wiggle as I was still playing with your pussy I did not care who was watching. But when I looked around I think everyone was watching us. I noticed one couple kissing as they watched us and touching each other I also noticed the guy that had been hitting on you was grabbing his dick through his pants. With in a few minutes I was noticing another couple pretty much doing the same thing as us and the waitress was now kissing on two of the guys as they watched us. I broke my hold on your pussy as I stood you never let go of my cock all the time you was working it in your mouth. I then noticed you placing your hand down your pants so that you could finger your pussy. I looked around the room I watched the waitress drop to her knees and taking each of the guys cocks from their pants and started licking and sucking on them alternating between the two of them. They both were enjoying the view of us as much as her sucking on them. I noticed the one couple was slowly loosing clothing her tits where out and his pants where down to his ankles. With in just a few minutes we had just turned I think everyone in the room on and it was becoming a sex feast. You then realized what was going on at first you were shocked but then you did not care you looked around the room just to see what everyone was doing and then you leaned in and kissed me as you broke your kiss you said to me “FUCK ME NOW RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE FUCK ME GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE” You stood taking off all your cloths and I did the same. As you started lowering yourself to the floor one of the wives of the couples stopped you only to lay some pillows and cushion down for you. As she did this she leaned in and kissed your cheek you shied away but then leaned back into the kiss. She reached out and helped you down to the pillows and cushions she had laid down for you. I lowered myself down between your legs and was about to guide my hard cock into you but the lady stopped me. She reached out grabbing my cock in one hand and with her other hand help spread your pussy and she slowly guided my cock into you. Once I was in she released me but kept her other hand on your clit as I slowly started working my hard cock in and out of your pussy. You where not worried about her as you were feeling so good and everyone could tell from your moans and how your body was twitching. The lady then reached out with her free hand and started playing with your breast pinching and pulling on your nipples. Then the guy that was hitting on you came over by the lady he was naked all but his shirt. As he stood next to her she opened her mouth only to take his hard cock into it and allow him bahis şirketleri to start fucking her mouth. She never stopped playing with your breast or your clit. Then her husband came over and laid next to you and then he leaned in and started sucking on your free breast. I was steadily working my hard cock in and out of you. I looked around the room the waitress was bent over the arm of the sofa and one guy was fucking her from behind while the other guy was in front of her and she was sucking him. All the time you could see her watching you and all of us out of the corner of her eye. I then gazed over to the other couple who somehow had made themselves very comfortable on the other end of the sofa in a 69 position. She was working up and down on his dick and he was lapping up her pussy like a puppy licking a bowl.With in just a few minutes the guy that was hitting on you was moaning as the lady was sucking on him. He was ready to cum and her husband had stopped what he was doing to you so he could watch this guy cum. Just before he was to cum the wife pulled his cock out of her mouth and was stroking him. She looked up at him and told him “CUM ON MY FACE AND TITS PLEASE CUM ALL OVER ME” He lost control and was shooting hot streams of cum all over her face and tits and it would drip from her face to her breast. I then noticed her husband was stroking off and you could tell he was speeding up his pass while stroking so he was close. His wife turned to him and said “SHOOT IT ON HER COVER HER TITTIES BABY WITH ALL YOUR CUM DO IT BABY GIVE IT TO HER LET HER FEEL IT” Just then he grunted and started covering your tits with his cum some shot out onto your belly and then some shot onto your chin and lips. All the time we watched as if in slow motion all this happing. Then the lady leaned into you and licked the cum from your belly and she worked her way up to your breast. She worked on clean them off and when she was done with them she then so very sexually made her way to your lips and lick and cleaned her husbands cum from them and while she did this I watched as you slowly opened your mouth and allowed her cum covered tongue to slip in side as you sucked on her tongue and cleaned her husbands cum from it. As you both broke the kiss you reached out and grabbed her and pulled her back into you but you was going for her cum soaked tits. You started licking and sucking the cum from them and then you moved to her face. You licked and sucked the cum from her and just as she did you, you then kissed her sharing his cum with her.You rolled over onto your belly and then raised to all fours as you needed it doggie style. I was just about to get in behind you but the ladies husband dropped and crawled under you and started licking your pussy. His wife leaned over and started licking your ass hole you was moaning in pleasure. Then your moans became muffled I was to busy watching the husband and wife eating your pussy and ass I did not notice one of the other guys moved over you to and was fucking your mouth with his cock. Then the couple who was on the sofa in 69 were on the floor fucking like wild a****ls. He had her legs up in the air and she was almost folded in half. Hew as ponding her pussy hard his balls slapping her ass. I then watched the waitress get up from the sofa and lower her pussy on the ladies mouth. This lady had this long awesome tongue that just went to work on the waitress pussy. I had never seen a tongue as long as hers and she was ramming her tongue deep in the waitress pussy. Both ladies were enjoying what was happening. I watched the waitress lean in and kiss the ladies husband while she reached down to the wife’s breast and started massaging them all the time working her pussy on her face.

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