Behind The Facade: Chapter 2

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Female Ejaculation

Behind The Facade: Chapter 2It’s 11:30 am and i’m in the world’s greatest amusement park(at least one of the greatest)Florida’s Disneyland!My father’s private jet is the fastest there is!My parents see that i’m having a great time but they have no idea that i don’t give a rat’s ass about Disneyland and what i really enjoy is my mother’s warm embrace.That perfume of hers…it’s such an ecstacy to me!!!Harry Alexandrou:I’m glad you’re having a blast sonny boy.Harry Junior:Yeah dadda,you and momma RUUULLLE!Taryn Terrell:No mister,you…RUUULLLEEE our very heart and soul!We couldn’t have asked for a better c***d.Harry Alexandrou:Why don’t we go to that lovely cafe for some R & R and a good drink?Harry Junior:May i have a cup of coffee?Harry Alexandrou:Nope,only when you grow up.Taryn Terrell:Drink…Harry Alexandrou:Are you alright honey?You seem to be lost in thought,is everything okay?Taryn Terrell:No,silly!I’m fine,let’s go.That’s strange.I heard mom saying”Drink…”at a nostalgic tone which reminds me that even though i’ve seen dad drink a few times when he is with his business partners or at mom’s birthday,i’ve never seen her drink anything different than coffee and orange juice.Something doesn’t feel right and i beleive that a little”interrogation”is in order.Harry Alexandrou:Here we are family,have a seat.Harry Junior:I wanna sit next to momma!Taryn Terrell:Of course my little pumphkin but…why don’t you sit on my lap instead?Harry Junior:Wiiiiii!!!!!!!Harry Alexandrou:Taryn,are you sure about this?It’s not very appropriate.Taryn Terrell:To some sick minded jurks perhaps but NOT to normal people!Harry Alexandrou:Relax,okay?Geez!Waiter:Good morning lady and gentlemen!What would you like to drink?Harry Alexandrou:I’ll take a cup of coffee.Harry Junior:I want chocolate milk!Taryn Terrell:I would like a Scotch On The Rocks,pretty please with a cherry on top?Waiter:As you wish my lady.Harry Alexandrou:What was that all about?Did you just flirt with him?Taryn Terrell:Take it easy”Tiger”it was just a joke.Harry Alexandrou:Okay…but Scotch at 11:05 in the morning with an empty stomache?Taryn Terrell:I ate breakfast at home while you were sleeping.Harry Alexandrou:You’re still not allowed to drink and you know why.Harry Junior:Why isn’t momma allowed to drink something different for a change?Harry Alexandrou:Because a lchohol,the main ingredient of those drinks is harmful to the human body.Harry Junior:Then why are YOU drinking them dadda?Are you Superman?Taryn Terrell:LOL!Good one son.Harry Alexandrou:You are too young for this conversation and you better show some respect to the man who feeds you and makes sure you have everything you need and desire because what i can give i can also take away.When i say something like this to both of you is because you’re my family and i care about you!Taryn Terrell:Let’s change the subject,the drinks are here.Harry Alexandrou:Here you go.Waiter:Have a beautiful and productive day.Harry Junior:Dadda,what’s a Playboy model?Harry Alexandrou:……….!!!!!!!!Taryn Terrell:Playboy used to be a toy store which was using beautiful women in their advertisements in order to attract both young and old boys and i used to be one of their models.Harry Junior:Used to be?What happened to it?Taryn Terrell:A group of conservative housewives and soccermoms sent a petition to the President of the United States Of America and the company was shut down.Good thing i was also working as a pro wrestler at the same time and i had a lot of money in my bank account.Harry Junior:Do you miss your old job as a model?Taryn Terrell:Yes my little prince,more than you think.The exchange of angry stares between my parents sent a chill up to my spine!If mom came up with this story in such short time then she’s canlı bahis a lot smarter than i thought.What if the whole stupid,cheerful,bimbo is actually a facade?Last night i almost bared witness to a dominant side of her personality i had no idea it existed but what about dad?He wasn’t just surprised but horrified as well!My mother is missing her old sexy and carefree life and that bastard is forcing her to be a stay at home mom while i spend half of my day at school and he spends his entire day at work.Plus there’s something about this”alchohol”he’s not telling me and i’m going to Google it later.Harry Alexandrou:I’m going to the bathroom.Taryn Terrell & Harry Junior:Okay.2 minutes later…Harry Junior:That’s it momma,enjoy your drink.Don’t let dadda tell you what to do.You are better and stronger than he is and you know what’s good for you.If you want to drink and have fun just do it.Taryn Terrell:My beloved,adorable junior!You talk like an adult and not only that but you say beautiful and wise things as well.I’m SO proud of you!Harry Junior:All i care about is your happiness mommy.Taryn Terrell:SNIF!You have no idea how much this means to me honey!Harry Junior:You have a life too you know?Stop doing all that k**dy stuff just to please me!What about your old friend Christy from your TNA days?You haven’t talked to her since forever!Why don’t you find an excuse to go to California for a change?Harry Alexandrou:Who is going to California?Taryn Terrell:I want to go,my old friend Christy called and i’ve missed her SO much!Can i go?Harry Alexandrou:Can’t she wait untill Monday?Our weekend is dedicated to our little one.Harry Junior:I don’t mind dadda,becides momma could use a friend in order to discuss girl stuff.Harry Alexandrou:You have a point son.DAMN,you’re growing up really fast!Okay Taryn,we’ll stay at Hilton.Don’t be late for…you know.Taryn Terrell:Don’t worry sweetheart,i won’t be.SMECK!Take care baby!SMOOCH!Harry Junior:You too mom!Harry Alexandrou:Let’s go sports,we have a whole day of father and son bonding ahead of us.Excellent!My plan is working to perfection!Christy is a sexually liberated Feminist and she’s going to be a great influence to my mother’s”awakening”which is going to take place tonight when she gets to the hotel room.Now let’s read about the side effects of alchohol.Los Angeles,California,23:00pm.Taryn Terrell & Christy Hemme:Whoohoo,cheers!!!Christy Hemme:Oh,girlfriend!You have no idea how much i’ve missed you!!!Curse that conservative,nerdy SOB who took you away from us!Both Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett would kill to get you back.Taryn Terrell:I’ve been buried for quite some time but thanks to that HUNK of a son i have,i’ve seen the light and resufaced!Christy Hemme:You are truly blessed for having such a kind,smart and open minded k** Taryn.I would love to meet him someday!Taryn Terrell:Don’t worry sugar,you will.Christy Hemme:Have you considered to come back to the wrestling business?The Knockouts Division hasn’t been the same since you retired.Taryn Terrell:For now i have to show that Calvinist pig who really has the BALLS in the family.He thinks he’s high and mighty because he has money but i have the brains,the brawn and especially the looks in order to turn him into the sissy boy he really is.Christy Hemme:I can help you with that.If you want to shatter the status quo in your family,reverse the roles and become the man of the house you have to use our way of”lovemaking”,the Feminist version of sex.Taryn Terrell:Cowgirl sex?We have scheduled it for tonight but won’t this bring him pleasure?I want to HURT him,exact my revenge on him,make him suffer and disgrace him!Christy Hemme:Come to my place and i’ll show you exactly what i mean.Taryn Terrell:You have no idea how enraged bahis siteleri i am,Christy!I sacrificed everything for him,i turned into a full time housewife and mother and how does he repay me?By leaving me alone in an empty house almost 24/7 and calling me a sperm vessel and afilthy whore.Christy Hemme:Not only that but he also erased every trace of your Playboy work by paying the magazine and a bunch of websites a shitload of money.Taryn Terrell:I’ll show him who the filthy whore is.Let’s head to your appartment Christy!One hour later…Good thing the hotel room has two bedrooms.My iPhone is fully charged and ready for action and now all that remains is my mom to return and go all out on dad.I hear the door opening,it HAS to be her.KNOCK!KNOCK!Harry Alexandrou:Taryn,is it you?Taryn Terrell:No,it’s Santa Claus because it’s going to be Christmas for you tonight…”little boy”.Harry Alexandrou:Oh,HO!No way!She’s dressed as a school girl.Harry Alexandrou:When did you…Taryn Terrell:On my way to the room,what do you think?Harry Alexandrou:I think you’ve had WAY too many drinks!Taryn Terrell:Don’t you like me?Don’t you want your Cowgirl sex?Harry Alexandrou:I SURE do!!!!Taryn Terrell:Then shut the fuck up and let me…perform.And…ACTION!They’re French kissing again,mommy really knows how to work that tongue of hers.Now dad is taking off that white bra of hers and he’s once again kissing and sucking her tits (who can blame him)?Hmm…she’s quickly taking of her skirt and white underwear and pushes father back on bed.Taryn Terrell:No more foreplay little horse,here comes your rider,your COWGIRL!What’s this?A pink plastic bag but what does it have inside?A cowboy or in this case a cowgirl hat!Taryn Terrell:Christy gave me some accessories in order to make our fucking sessions more kinky!Harry Alexandrou:Tell her that from now on she’s ALWAYS welcome to our house and that i totally apreciate her help.Taryn Terrell:Ready?Harry Alexandrou:I was BORN ready!Taryn Terrell:We’ll see about that.Aaaahhh!Your cock is so hard!Harry Alexandrou:Oooohhh!Ah!Sorry for being a dick today.Taryn Terrell:Yeeesss!You will be,you WILL be.I swear,mom should have become a pornstar instead of a model and wrestler!She would have been a millionaire by now!Look how she’s moving her magnificent body up and down on my father’s junk!Slowly and technically but unfortunately nothing wild or perverted even at her drunken state.That’s bullshit!I’m going to bed!Taryn Terrell:OH,YEAH!!!!!Or…not!She’s moving up and down faster and she’s getting hornier!!!Taryn Terrell:YEEEHHHHAAAA!!!!WHAT’S THE MATTER HARRY?WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU LITTLE BITCH?SLAP!Yes,finally.She’s playing rough!Taryn Terrell:WHAT’S MY NAME HARRY?SAY MY NAME YOU WORTHLESS CUNT!!!!!!Harry Alexandrou:AAAAHHH!!!!!AAAAA!!!!!!!!NNNNN!!!!!!!!Is she a sexbot or something?I’ve never seen Cowgirl Sex THIS fast!Taryn Terrell:RRRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!Harry Alexandrou:OH,SHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!They both finished at the same time.That’s my mother,my TRUE mother,the object of my sexual fantasies.Wait…what’s that devious smile on her face?Harry Alexandrou:It was DEFINETELY worth waiting for,what are you doing?What else is inside the bag?Taryn Terrell:Voila!I think i’m going to faint from happiness!Handcuffs but what else is inside?A whiplash maybe?Taryn Terrell:Now i want you to turn around so i can put the handcuffs on your hands and legs.Harry Alexandrou:That’s weird,we can’t have sex like this!Taryn Terrell:We will,trust me baby.It’s going to be the best sex we’ve ever had.The handcuffs are on but what now?YES!There is a whiplash after all but what………………!!!!!!!!!!!!Taryn Terrell:The world is changing Harry and the same goes for human relationships.WHIP!Harry bahis şirketleri Alexandrou:AAAARRRRGGGHHH!Taryn Terrell:What was that?Did i give you permission to scream?WHIP!Harry Alexandrou:OOOUUUCHHH!!!!Is this a whiplash?Taryn Terrell:No,a fox tail.Of course it’s a whiplash you dumbass!!!Harry Alexandrou:Watch your mouth woman and release me right now or…MMMM!!!!!Taryn Terrell:That plastic apple will shut you up.There’s no reason to wake up Junior and everyone else in the building.I’ve watched BDSM porn videos but what’s about to happen is too much even by my standards.I’m not sure if i want to save dad or keep recording,i’m 50-50.Taryn Terrell:Since time immemorial men have been forcing their will and penises on us BUT times have changed and so has human sexuality.I mean…we’ve always known that there are men who like to fuck women but modern day women like to penetrate their men as much(if not more) as they do!Noooo!Harry Alexandrou:MMMNNNRRRFFF!!!Taryn Terrell:You don’t beleive me?I’ll persuade you.Harry Alexandrou:NNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She did it.She stuck the thin,white strap-on inside his butthole and now she’s moving back and forth like a James Dean who has gone frenzy!Taryn Terrell:WHO’S YOUR DADDY HARRY?WHIP!WHO’S YOUR STUD?WHIP!!WHO’S THE MAN IN OUR RELATIONSHIP?WHIP!!!Harry Alexandrou:YYYYYRRRR!!!Taryn Terrell:WHAT AN ERECTION!YOU’RE REALLY ENJOYING THIS AREN’T YOU?She…has a point.I’ve read that there are guys who are into Femdom and pay a lot of money for this kind of physical and verbal abuse.Now she climbed on top of his ass and she’s pounding him with great force and burning rage!Taryn Terrell:YOU KNOW WHO I AM YOU PATHETIC FUGGOT?I’M YOUR MISTRESS!YOUR TORMENTOR!YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!YOUR WIFE IS GONE FOR GOOD!!!!!!Harry Alexandrou:NNNnnn….Taryn Terrell:I’M THE GREATEST DELIQUENT,THE BIGGEST PERVERT THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!I’M LUST INCARNATE,I AM…TIFFANY!!!!!It looks like i created a monster…GOOD!Tiffany:Leg on the air…WOMAN!She likes a variety of positions.Tiffany:You know how they call this kind of”tough love”Harry?The name is Pegging and it’s the way of the present AND future!What?You’re crying like a little girl now?There are husbands out there who beg their wives for this kind of fun,even sexologists recommend it.Enough,i want you to suck my big,rubber penis and give it a deepthroat like the one Taryn was giving you even after everything you did to her!This is more than a nickname or a gimmick,she’s a completely new person and the alchohol must have unleashed that alter ego of hers.I’ve never been more turned on and terrified at the same time!Harry Alexandrou:GULP,GULP,GULP!Okay,that’s FUCKING disgusting!Tiffany:Passed out alraedy?Be thankful i didn’t take Christy’s bigger and fatter strap-on.What?I’m feeling dizzy and my eyes are closing…The alchohol must be wearing off!So that’s why father didn’t want her to drink.Something must have happened between them in the past!Tiffany:Swallow…that…pill…,drink…from this bottle of water…and…YES!Tomorrow morning you won’t remember a thing and neither will Taryn.Nooo….i…have to…take the sex toys…away…have…to…GDUP!And…CUT!Exorcist movies…EAT YOUR HEART OUT!Now i have to throw away that stuff but first i’ll put their pijamas on and put them to bed.Oh,no!What am i going to do with those handcuffs?Tiffany:k**…key…under…bed….ZZZZZ!!!!!She saw me,what I’m…hey!There’s the key!Good thing there was one.Now let’s check out my m*****ed father’s”back door”.Thank goodness,he’s not bleeding and i doubt there is any internal bleeding since the dildo wasn’t THAT menacing in height and width.Now to put this on and…he’s ready to sleep!Come here my love,no matter your name or your persona i’ll always love you more than anything else in the world.There’s your evening gown and next to dad you go!Look at the time,i’m going to be a”walking dead”in the morning.Oh,my!That was…DOMINATION!!!THE END

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