Being Chubby Became A Good Thing


Being Chubby Became A Good Thing

By Larry Malone

I don’t ever remember not being “chubby.” I even think I was born that way. Growing up I took a lot of teasing about it and it got worse in middle school. Of course, I was never into sports but I did have a group of guys who let me hang out with them, mainly because I would help them with their studies. Everything changed one summer after puberty hit all of us about the same time. We were starting to all get boners for no reasons, all the time. We jerked off as much as possible, which helped a little, but was never enough to satisfy our constant raging hormonal desires. We were a long way from having sex with girls.

The summer my life change we were all down by the local creek in the “swimmin’ hole” near where we lived. We always skinny dipped in the cool water then dried off in the hot sun on the mossy bank until it was time to go back in or go home.

I was naked and laying on my stomach drying off when one of my classmates, Teddy, came out of the water and commented on how tempting my full, chubby ass cheeks were glistening in the sun. “Man, Larry, you gotta be careful showing your ass like that, somebody might just jump on you. I got a boner just seeing that and thinking about putting my cock between those juicy fat ass cheeks of yours.” I jiggled both ass cheeks and ignored him as I always did since that was the typical kidding I always got. Just then, Ben and Carl came over and each grabbed an ass cheek and spread them revealing my pink pucker hole. Ben egged Teddy on, “Here you go Teddy, now’s your chance, we’ve got Larry wide open and waiting for you.”

I didn’t think Teddy would do anything but he quickly laid on top of me and placed his hard 6” cut cock in my ass crack as Ben and Carl let loose of my two ass cheeks that immediately closed on his shaft. Teddy was still wet from the creek so his cock was able to slide up and down my ass crack as he whooped and hollered on how good it felt. I had to admit it felt pretty good to me too but I didn’t want the guys to know I enjoyed it so I wiggled and twisted and protested. All of a sudden, Teddy got quiet and groaned as he unexpectedly shot a load of cum into my ass crack. The second shot followed up my spine as Teddy collapsed on my back and said, “Damn, Larry that was hot. Sorry, I couldn’t hold back. You OK?” I mumbled, “Yeh, now get off me, perv.” Teddy did and I thought that was the end of it until Ben climbed on my back and slipped his rigid 6-1/2” uncut cock in my cum slick crack and started to slide up and down. It felt better than when Teddy did it because of the added slipperiness of the load of cum in the crack. It was really getting me excited but I knew I had to show all of them I wasn’t enjoying it so I tried to buck him off my back. That was a big mistake. As I arched my back and raised my ass to buck him off, Ben’s cock slipped into my cum coated asshole up to his balls.

At the initial entry, I felt a sharp pain but as his cock went in deeper, the pain disappeared and was replaced by an intense amount of pleasure. Neither of us said anything but Ben started to fuck me faster and deeper full strokes. He leaned into me and whispered into my ear, “Ooo, Larry, this feels fantastic. Let me finish, please, I won’t forget it.” My internal rectal muscles clamped on him as I felt him shoot his load deep into my ass as I unexpectedly unloaded mine under me into the moss. As soon as he finished, he pulled out and dove into the creek to rinse off. I followed him. Neither of us said anything or let on what had just happened.

About two days later, Ben showed up at my house and asked to talk to me in private. He said he was sorry for what he did at the creek but he also wanted to thank me for letting him finish fucking my ass. He said he had never done anything like that before Ankara escort but he loved it. He went on and on about how fantastic my soft ass cheeks felt as he laid on them fucking me. He said he could just imagine how similar it must be to fuck a girl. He was wondering if I was mad at him and the other guys for letting that happen. I had to make sure, at first, to let him know I didn’t like to be teased and taken advantage of but I also confidentially told him how much I enjoyed the feeling of being fucked in my ass. He smiled and asked if we could do it again some time without the other guys around. I agreed under the condition that I got to do the same to him. That, he said, he would have to think about.

About a week later he came over again and said he thought it over and didn’t think he could let me fuck him but he said he figured out another way. He said he mentioned to Carl what had happened down by the creek and Carl got all excited and wanted to try it himself, so Ben fucked him in his ass and Carl loved it. “So, if you want to fuck an ass, how about Carl’s? He’ll let you do that and then I can fuck you again.” Since it didn’t matter to me who’s ass I fucked, I just wanted to try it, so I agreed.

We had to wait another week before the three of us had a chance to get together at Carl’s house one Saturday morning. His parents went to a wedding and would be gone all day so we had the house to ourselves. We met there in the morning, took showers and all three of us laid naked on Carl’s large bed covered in towels. We couldn’t decide who would go first so we decided I would fuck Carl and as I was doing that, Ben would fuck me at the same time. It sounded hot as hell and we were all excited. Carl got Vaseline from the bathroom and everyone lubed up their cocks and holes.

Carl lay face down and since his body was a little skinny, I kept most of my weight on my knees as I straddled his hips and used my 6-1/2” uncut cock to rub on his ass pucker. Carl started to moan immediately and wiggle excitedly which got me even hotter as I slowly eased into his slippery, tight hole. The internal heat and tightness of his rectal channel was like nothing I ever felt before so I loved every fraction of an inch as I eased in until my balls rested on his ass cheeks. I paused briefly to enjoy the unique sensations I was feeling then I slowly started to fuck him. I felt the bed give as Ben got behind me. He gently pushed me flat onto Carl’s back to better expose my pink pucker as he eased his rigid cock slowly into my tight semi-virgin hole. I felt no pain, but just a full feeling that satisfied an internal itch which disappeared into sheer pleasure as Ben started to fuck me deep strokes. I then started fucking Carl and soon we got a rhythm going of Ben going into me deep as I pulled back from fucking Carl. The sensation of fucking and being fucked at the same time was amazing and I soon realized I was approaching my climax rapidly. I shouted that I was cumming and released my load deep into Carl’s ass as I felt his internal muscles grab my cock as he shot his load under him and causing my internal muscles to grasp Ben’s cock forcing him to shoot his load into me.

The three of us eased out of each other cocks glistening from lube and cum as we rolled onto our backs attempting to catch our breath. At our youthful age, it didn’t take long for us to regain our energy and we collectively found that if we slowly jacked each other’s slippery cock, we would get hard even faster. Ben wanted to fuck Carl so he got on top of him and eased his newly hard cock into the still lubed hole now doubly slick with my load of cum and Vaseline. I decided I didn’t want to wait for my turn so I quietly relubed my cock and got behind Ben.

I slowly caressed his back and played with his balls as he fucked Carl. I then played with his asshole and Ankara escort bayan started placing some lube on the pucker. As Ben got more active in fucking Carl, I slipped a finger into his hole that he didn’t object to so I wiggled it and fucked him with it. I then added a second finger that made him quicken his pace getting close to shooting his load. I quickly removed my fingers and replaced them with my rigid cock and plunged into Ben’s virgin ass. He bucked and moaned and shot his load into Carl as I rapidly fucked him until I shot my second load of the day into his ass. For the rest of the day into the late afternoon we rotated asses and became best fuck buddies with cum oozing out of our tender asses.

That day changed my attitude on being chubby. If that meant I could use my soft ass cheeks to entice guys to fuck me, something I was really beginning to enjoy, why not use that as an asset to my advantage. I started to drop subtle hints to my school buddies that I really enjoyed being fucked in the ass and as I knew it would, word spread quickly with the desired results. Soon I was a very popular guy, not for the reasons I would have preferred but that didn’t matter. I was being invited to more guy get togethers, parties (especially sleepovers), their family trips, etc. I always knew the invitations were so one or more of the guys could fuck my chubby ass which was fine with me, I was having a ball and really enjoyed being fucked.

On one friend’s family weekend trip I was invited on, I was surprised that my friend’s Dad, Mr. Parker, pulled me aside and asked me if it were true about what he heard his son talk about on the phone on how great my “chubby ass felt when he fucked me.” I blushed and stammered and didn’t answer right away but he smiled and hinted that if I was ever interested in trying that with an adult, he certainly would like to try it and see what impressed his son so much. With that, he surreptitiously grabbed his cock outline under the fabric of his shorts to emphasize his point. Seeing the outline of an adult obviously erect cock was amazing. It was certainly larger than what any of the guys my age had. He saw my shocked look, smiled and walked away.

The rest of the day, I couldn’t help thinking about that outline and trying to imagine what it would feel like to have something like that deep in my ass. If I enjoyed my buddies 5”-6” youthful cocks, something bigger had to be even better. Whenever I looked over at Mr. Parker, he would smile and surreptitiously grab his cock outline through his shorts to tease me. It got me excited and hard every time and I thought about it more and more and what it would feel like.

Near dinner time, Mr. Parker asked me to go with him into the woods to gather wood for the evening camp fire. I knew he was providing us an opportunity for both of us to satisfy our curiosity ad urges. When we got far enough into the woods and couldn’t be seen by the others, he asked me if I had thought about what he suggested, I told him I had but still wasn’t sure. In response, he unzipped his shorts and pulled out his erect uncut cock and slowly stroked it. I had never seen an adult cock before, it looked enormous to me but I was hypnotically drawn to it. I reached out and touched it, it was warm, firm, and pulsing with life and felt fantastic. Whenever I touched any of my friends’ cock it was just to get them hard and I never did it too long. Then I would just lay down and present my chubby ass for them to fuck me. But this was different, I didn’t want to let go, I just wanted to stroke it and hold it.

Mr. Parker’s cock was a beautiful hefty piece of warm flesh, it was alive and the slit opening was oozing clear drops of liquid I would later learn was “pre-cum.” I had to have it so without even thinking what it would feel like, I turned around, dropped my shorts and Escort Ankara briefs, grabbed the nearest tree trunk and bent over. Mr. Parker slowly caressed my ass cheeks, found my pucker and started to gently play with it. I saw him reach into his shorts pocket and pull out a packet of what turned out to be lube. He coated his entire cock shaft and then slipped the rest into my boy hole with a finger. His lube fingers made the intrusion exciting and very enjoyable. He eased the lube into me first with one finger and fucked me with it, then added another and fuck me with both of them. I eagerly opened up to receive the slippery visitors.

When he felt me push back to get more of his finger deeper into my rectal channel, he eased out his fingers and replaced them with his cock. He placed the bullet head at the opening and I felt my sphincter slowly spread open to accommodate it. He slowly slid in. As his cock enter deeper and deeper, it was briefly uncomfortable but my desire to feel it soon turned everything into a building pleasure. It was more pleasure than any of the boy cocks gave me until then. When he was fully into me and I felt his firm ball sac bounce off my ass cheeks, he paused so I could sense the full feeling and warmth his cock was filling my deep channel length.

He started to fuck me slowly with full deep stroke and I enthusiastically fucked him back by pushing my ass against his thrusts. He reached in front of me and started to jack off my 6” uncut cock. No one had ever done that for me and that heightened my pleasure to the point that I was ready to cum very quickly. I bucked ad shot my load more powerfully than I had ever done before. My internal muscle contraction gripped Mr. Parkers full length of cock which forced him to shoot his load. I felt volley after volley of warm cum coat the length of my rectal channel deep in my ass. He stayed inside me as he collapsed on my back, I could feel his still semi-hard cock throbbing its last spurts. It felt fantastic, I didn’t want it to end so I started to slowly slide up and down his cock and fucked myself. Soon he was rigid again and took up the fucking motion. It took him another half hour before he refilled my ass with another load of cum and I added to the cum on the woodsy ground under me. We quickly adjusted our clothes, gathered some wood and headed back to camp. My no longer virgin boy hole felt a little tender but there was a soothing comfort in feeling the cum seeping out of my ass pucker and into my underwear.

When I got the chance, I immediately went and took off my underwear, put them into my knapsack, washed up and went “commando” with no underwear the rest of the evening. That turned out to be a convenient plan when it was obvious that Mr. Parker had told his son, Denny, what a great fuck I was and that made his son horny for his turn. Right after dinner when everyone was around the camp fire, Denny made sure he sat opposite me so I could see his uncut cock head peeking out from the bottom of his shorts He slowly stroked his 6” shaft through his shorts fabric. At the first opportunity, he guided me to the dark shadows near the cabin and quickly pulled down my shorts, bent me over and shoved his erect cock into my ass. I was grateful I didn’t clean out the lube and cum still in my ass, it made it a little easier to take Denny’s cock. He fucked me so quickly and shot a load deep in my ass, he must have been thinking about my chubby ass for a long time. At the end of the evening, we had our own room and shared his bed where he fucked me during the night at a more leisurely pace that was better for both our pleasure.

He didn’t mind when just before dawn, I spooned him from behind and used the combination lube and cum dripping out of my ass to lube my cock and slip into his hole. I fucked him one load then and we slept joined until morning. I used my morning “piss hard” to fuck his tight ass again and dump a second load deep in his ass. That trip convinced me, there was a whole lot of good having a chubby ass!

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