Being Introduced to the Master

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Being Introduced to the MasterI was always curious to see what it would be like to suck a big throbbing cock and always wanted to be fucked in my arse. I decided to go to a Sauna in Birmingham and see what would transpire. whilst there I was told to come into a room there were 2 guys in there. Both had very large cocks and I was very nervous. the guy Laying on the bed had about 9 and a half inches and his friend pushed my mouth over his cock and ordered me to suck his cock. I later found out that it was Master Gordon who pushed me onto that huge cock. He had about an 8 inch cock and whilst I was sucking he started to lube my Arse. He pushed a finger in my hole and I said I am still an anal virgin. Good he said your man cunt will be nice and tight when I fuck you, and boy I am going to fuck you you little slut. he gave me poppers and said take a good sniff it will help you. I did as I was told and as I sniffed denizli escort the guy I was sucking came in my mouth and pushed my head further down and told me to swallow like a good slut. After he came he left me in the room with Master Gordon. I pleaded with Master Gordon not to fuck me because he had such a large cock and he also had a prince Albert. He told me to shut the fuck up and bend over like a good boy. I did as I was told and he then used my Man cunt for ages and he was very forceful making me take every inch up my Man Cunt, I was whimpering and begging him and the more I did this the harder he fucked me. he eventually said he was going to Cum and that I should open my mouth for him. By now he was in total control and he emptied all his cum in my mouth and over my face. he then slapped my face and said he wanted to see me again at his house where he would use me with a group diyarbakır escort of friends. A week later I went to his house and was very shocked to see his selection of toys. He pulled out a dildo that was about 12 inches long and said that he was going to fuck me hard with it. I told him it was too big and he said not to worry he would stretch me wide and fuck me all day and night with toys. an hour later I was tied and gagged and had a spreader bar between my legs. I had been taking so many poppers I did not know where I was. 7 of his friends came round and took turns fucking me I was whimpering and the Boss told me when they had gone I would be taking the huge Dildo and he had 2 others that were larger next to it. about 5 hours later his friends had finished using me and all i could think was Oh no not that dildo. The Boss as I had to call him came back into the room and escort bayan shoved the dildo up my well lubed man cunt. The Boss was not gentle and he just kept ramming the huge Dildo into my arse he pulled the gag out of my mouth and forced the last few inches of the dildo into my stretched open hole. I screamed and he said that turns me on slut and he pulled the dildo out and shoved it all the way in again making me whimper, this made him rougher and he then picked up another dildo that was 15 inches and said that was next after he had fisted me. I said what please do not fist me please he just smiled and said do not worry slut I will be gentle on your Man Cunt as he eased his fingers up my arse. I could not do anything as I was tied up helpless and had a spreader bar between my legs. He eventually had his fist inside my hole and i was screaming and he said good slut I like hearing your squeals. he stopped fisting me and started face fucking me and came down my throat telling me I was a good slut slave. The Boss uses me on a regular basis now and I always take more than I think I can handle. The boss says he will eventually double fist me and he is arranging for me to be double fucked soon.

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