Being Jack’s Milk Cow Ch. 05

Double Penetration

We spent our first evening at the Farm getting to know the other guests. Alex and Robin had chosen the company well; in addition to our mutual interest in certain erotic pursuits, we were all well matched in terms of good humor and conversation. We had all dressed for dinner, meaning that we women were all showing off our particular charms. Jack had chosen a slinky, form fitting evening dress for me that emphasized my heavy 44ddd mammaries and cleavage, as well as my rounded belly and ass. With a pair of 4inch heels, I looked and felt incredibly sexy. Jack had made sure that I was completely milked just before he dressed me, so I knew that I had 4 hours before my next milking, but this also meant that over the next 4 hours, my tits would swell visibly as they filled with milk. The halter top of my dress fit me quite snugly now, and by end of dinner my cleavage would be overflowing the deep red silk confines of my dress. I said as much to Jack as he laced me up in the back.

“Maybe we’ll all have you for dessert, then,” he smiled, running his hands around to cup my breasts and tweak my sensitive nipples. “I think this vacation is going to expand you and your experiences. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes, please,” I answered, feeling my pussy tingle with anticipation.

Descending into the living room for a before dinner cocktail, I looked around at the group. Robin looked extravagantly pregnant and terribly sexy in a short black chiffon dress that accentuated her enormous belly. Given her tiny 5 foot frame, i guessed that she was almost as big around as she was tall, and marveled that she still had more than two months to go….er…grow. We’d be guests at the farm for the next month, and I was arousing thinking how much she’d swell over that time. I suspected that Jack felt the same. Alex, Robin’s husband, had already teased her about becoming so big that even waddling would become difficult, and perhaps he wasn’t too from from the mark. This was Robin’s second pregnancy,and she had confided that she was already bigger now than when she’d delivered her son, and she and Alex were enjoying every additional inch as she continued to blossom.

Joanne looked tall, blond and elegant in a long black silk corset top and pants. Her Louboutin heels made her even taller and leaner, and the corset top cinched her waist and emphasized the swell of her full breasts. We smiled at each other, admiring our very different shapes. At 5’7″, I was frequently the tallest woman in a room, especially if I wore 3 inch heels, but Joanne was about 3 inches taller than I, and much leaner than I’d ever been even before Jack had fattened me up to be his milk cow. I completely enjoyed my new, rounder, shape, and I wondered what the next month would have in store. Joanne did look delicious, however, and I knew that all the men in the room thought so too.

Kim, Alex and Robin’s new ‘assistant’, looked young and impossibly hot in her schoolgirl way. I knew that she was at least 22 and had graduated from an Ivy League college, but her Asian genes gave her a lithe figure with small anadolu yakası escort but lovely curves. Her evening dress was a short,gold ‘flapper’ style dress that showed her body off to good advantage. At 6’5″, Alex towered over both Robin and Kim. Clearly he liked small women and I wondered what would become of Kim’s tiny physique if she stayed in their company. Jack and I suspected that Kim was or was intended to become a ‘third’ in the relationship, and that she’d soon swell with the first of many babies she was destined to bear for Alex. I imagined her body rounding and ripening and knew that it would please all three of them.

Alex had become wealthy in the tech field several years before, and could certainly afford to support this unusual household. The Farm was a vacation property, specially designed for erotic getaways; he and Robin and Kim lived mainly in California, and had left their son with Robin’s mother and a nanny there for their month’s visit to the Farm.

Jack brought me a glass of red wine and kissed me on the neck, just below the gold collar that he’d given me early in our relationship, and which I now always wore. I noticed that all of the women were wearing collars of some sort: Robin’s masqueraded as a black velvet ribbon around her neck, Joanne’s was (of course) soft black leather with silver studs, and Kim’s was a pearl choker. I doubted that this was a coincidence, and Kim’s collar reinforced my theory about her position here. Lucky Alex.

The conversation during the cocktail hour was wide-ranging, and continued over dinner. Much like any dinner party, we talked about books, politics, and music, but there was a sexual undercurrent that was unmistakably present. All the men were clearly appreciating the four sexy women, and the women returned the compliments, both in our flirtatious behavior and the way we carried ourselves. Talking and laughing with Alex and Jonathan, the ‘single man’ at the house party, I found myself standing a bit closer than I would normally and as I was seated between them at dinner, I ‘accidentally’ bumped their arms with my breast as I reached for my wineglass. Neither of them appeared to mind, and by the end of the main course both Alex and Jonathan were touching my back and lingering there as they chatted and laughed. I didn’t mind either, and looked forward to what might happen later that evening.

Jack was seated on the other side of the round dining table, and I knew that he had noticed my appreciative audience. He was clearly enjoying his position between Joanne and Robin, and I knew that he must be fiercely aroused by Robin’s playful flirting, as she kept rubbing her belly and talking about how big she had become–she had discovered the day before that her belly wouldn’t fit behind the steering wheel of the car, she pouted– and Joanne’s cooler but very sexy demeanor . Dessert was served; a very rich trifle loaded with whipped cream and liqueur. Eric looked over at Joanne as she declined a serving of the luscious dessert. “My dear, you promised that you’d eat everything put before you on this avrupa yakası escort trip. I insist that you have a double portion as punishment for trying to break your promise. I want to make sure we can start filling you out a bit, like the doctor said.” Eric looked around at us. “We’re trying to get Joanne pregnant, and the doctor suggested that gaining weight might increase her chances. Plus I think she’ll be even more beautiful as she gets a bit fatter, don’t you?” he asked impishly, already knowing the group’s opinion. “She’s afraid that she’ll burst out of those tight leather outfits that she likes, but I think the tighter, the better, no?”

Joanne appeared to be not entirely happy with Eric’s order and comments, but she obediently took the larger portion of trifle that she was served and ate it all. “Be careful what you ask for,” she responded, smiling slightly as she licked her spoon. “I may enjoy this a little too much and ruin my modeling work.”

“You’ll make a gorgeous pregnant model, once we get you knocked up,” Eric grinned in response. “A huge belly on top of those long legs of yours–you’ll be in demand for the whole nine months!” He turned to the rest of us. “Joanne’s an amazingly hot lingerie model, but I keep telling her that there’s even more demand for….more specialized models. I thought that spending the month here would help her get on board when she sees what the possibilities are.”

I could see that Jack was looking at Joanne with a new interest, as were we all. Alex spoke up to explain “Eric was also one of our ‘single men’ guests a couple of years ago–the year before you were here, Jack. When he married Joanne last year we hoped we could entice her to join our club and make Eric even more happy. We’re so pleased that she agreed to join us for this holiday.”

Jack looked at me across the table, and his eyes strayed down to my breasts. He smiled slyly as we regained eye contact. I knew what he was thinking, as I could feel my breasts becoming fuller and straining against the thin silk of my bodice. I was definitely displaying a fuller cleavage than when we’d sat down to dinner, and my nipples had become harder and more visible through the fabric as I’d become aroused by the conversation. I saw Jack look over at Alex, who then looked at Robin. Robin smiled at Alex and Jack, and then at me. Something was up, and I thought I knew what it was.

Alex rose, and lifted his wine glass. “Robin and I want to welcome you all here, and we hope that you will make yourselves at home here. We’d like to invite you all into the study for some very special after dinner drinks.”

Jack rose and came around to me as the others all rose from the table. I could see Jack’s very large,hard cock straining against the fabric of his tuxedo pants, and I noticed that the other men seemed to be in similar conditions. Jack escorted me through the dining room door, his hand on the small of my back. As he whispered in my ear “you and Robin are supplying the drinks,” I knew I had judged the situation correctly.

Alex and Jack settled Robin eryaman escort and me onto comfortable leather couches with high sides we could lean back upon comfortably. Jack undid the halter top of my dress, whispering as he did, “I want everyone to see what a good little cow you’ve become for me. Look how swollen and full you are. Are you ready to let us milk you?” His eyes locked onto mine, as he stroked my breasts, cupping them to feel their fullness. I looked back at him, too aroused to talk. Silently I nodded my assent.

While Jack was getting me ready, Alex was helping Robin release her hugely full breasts from the confines of her dress, which was designed for easy access. Jack knelt on the floor next to me, and I turned toward him and offered him a breast. He latched on, and began to suck. I shut my eyes, enjoyed the blissful letdown of my milk, and was soon aware of another pair of hands and a mouth on my other breast. Jonathan was sitting next to me on the couch, leaning over to reach my left tit, while Jack continued to expertly suckle the right one. Jonathan’s technique was not nearly as polished, but he was certainly not a novice, and for the first time I experienced two mouths and two pairs of hands on me at once. I was in heaven, and also was becoming incredibly aroused. I could feel Jonathan’s hard cock pressing against my thigh, and I arched my back in pleasure.

After about five minutes of suckling, Jack rose, and motioned to Alex who had arisen from Robin’s breast. I looked over, and Eric was in a similar position to Jonathan, but he had one had on Robin’s enormous belly, stroking it as he nursed from her swollen milky tit. Alex and Jack changed places, and I was again in heaven. Before he took my nipple into his mouth, Alex murmured to me, “Jack has really made you a beautiful little cow, and I can tell that you love it. You love sharing you milk with all of us, don’t you?”

“Moo,” I breathed, as I melted into a pool of bliss.

Jonathan arose next, and his place was taken by Kim, who also had had some experience with milk-laden mammaries. Jonathan began to fondle Kim’s ass as she suckled from me, and I could feel her respond to his touch. Jonathan had moved away, and I was almost fully drained when Alex arose from my side, smiling down at Kim who continued to suckle, and stroking her ass in approval. “We’re training Kim well, don’t you think? She’ll soon become a cow, too, but we want her to become accustomed to our desires before she makes a longer commitment to us. If all goes well, we’ll have her tits and belly full by this time next year.” His hand strayed under Kim’s short dress, and I could tell that he was penetrating her with his fingers. Without removing her mouth from my nipple, she whimpered, and arched her back to meet his exploring fingers. He continued to play with her in this way until she couldn’t resist her building orgasm. Lifting her head from my breast, bus still lying on top of me, Kim panted and moaned out her pleasure, as I cradled her in my arms. Alex stood over us, looking satisfied at what he’d caused.

Soon thereafter, we all stumbled off to our rooms for more pleasure with our partners. Joanne had not participated, but had avidly watched the action. Eric was quite solicitous of her, and she was clearly turned on and baffled at the same time. I hoped in time she’d join the club.

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