Being shared with sister and ex boyfriend


“Hey Sha,” I said happily, “come give your big sister a hug. As we hugged, I felt her firm breasts against mine and I must say I did like the feeling.

“It’s so nice to see you again K, it’s been a while with me trying to finish high school and you for away from home for college.” Sha said.

“I know, I know; hey come in, take a seat and make your self at home.”

“So, what do you got planned for today K?”

“I was thinking that we could go shopping and then catch a couple of movies.”

“Sounds nice…hey before we go can I run up and take a shower?”

“Sure go ahead; just don’t use all the hot water so I can take one next.”

“Ok.” said Sha while she ran up the stairs.

While Sha run up the stairs, I can see her perfect ass through her tight jeans. I fantasized about sticking an eleven-inch toy dick into her ass while fingering her wet pussy. When I heard the shower running I snapped out my fantasy and headed up the stairs towards the bathroom. As she was getting undressed, I stood in the doorway of the bathroom still admiring her little cute ass.

“Hold your horses; I’ll be done in a minute.” She said smiling as she closed the door.

“I was just wondering if you need anything or for me to do something.” I said opening up the door a little.

“Naw, I’m good sis, thanks.” Sha said stepping out her clothes and jumping in the shower.

“Well, do you mind if I come in and get something out the closet?”

“Sure come in.” She said from the shower

As I walked into the bathroom, I can see the outline of Sha’s perfect body in the shower. She had great round, big tidies, even though they were not as big as mine. Sha did not know this but I had a secret plan for seducing her into fucking me. I wanted to lick her clit and fuck her with my tongue. I wanted to suck on her nipples and make her come over and over again until she shatters. I opened up the closet and pretended to look for something.

“What they heck you looking for?” she asked from the shower.

“Oh, I’m looking for my oil.”

“Oh.” She said.

“I want to rub some on me after my shower; it’s probably going to take a while since I’ll have to wait for the hot water to come back since you probably used it all. I would just hop in with you but I know you wouldn’t be cool with that.”

“Um…you are my sister…Well I guess we would just have to wait.”

“Ok, it’s whatever you want.”

“What about we just stay here and watch some movies, that way we wouldn’t have to worry about looking too good for the mall.” She said

“Ok, what movie you want to watch?”

“Surprise me…make it be a HOT movie though.”

“Ok, I’ll see what I have.”

“Alright, you start the movie and I’ll come down and make us some drinks.”

“Ok.” I said heading down the stairs. As I got down to the TV, I looked through my collection of porn movies. I found a lesbian movie that I hadn’t watched yet because I was saving it for the right time. I thought that it was the perfect movie to get Sha into the mood of wanting to fuck me. As soon as I pulled the movie off the shelf, I saw Sha in one of my bathrobes heading toward the kitchen.

“Hey have you found a movie yet?” she asked coming into the living room with two glassed of martini.

“Yea, it’s called Silky Sheets, have you watched it before, I haven’t.”

“No but it sounds hot.”

“Yea it does.” I said popping the movie into the VCR. I got up and sat next to her on the couch. “So what’s been going on with you?” I asked.

“Well,” she said sipping her drink. “I had to dump my stupid ass boyfriend because he was cheating on me. It’s been a long time sine the last time I fucked.” She said gulping all of her drink down and reaching for the pitcher that was on the table.

“Well, same here…it’s been a lil while since the last time I fucked.”

“A woman tried to come on to me the other day but I turned her down.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I was intrigued but I’m not like that, unless I’m really drunk.”

“Let me tell you…having a female lover could be…well nice.” I said beginning to plot my plan for seducing my little sister.

“How would you know?” she asked me with wide-open eyes.

“Well…” Ankara escort I began to talk as she leaned in at me. “About four months ago, I and four of my friends went to this wild ass party. We had had many drinks and were really drunk. After the party we took a cab back to the hotel. We were too drunk to try to sleep so we went to the spa in the hotel. We were about to go into the steam room as all four of my friends dropped there towels to reveal their complete nakedness.”

“What did you do?” she asked curious.

“I went in but I didn’t drop my towel. I felt totally out of place. Especially when I saw two guys in there who were naked too. My friends were totally edging me on, telling me how I should be free. Really they had seen the guys enter naked and decided that they were going to tease them but masturbating and fucking right in front of them. I took my towel off but had my knees up to my chin so I wouldn’t be exposed. Then they sat down right across from the guys and opened up their legs. My friend Courtney was the ringleader and she was really into it. That’s when she got on her knees in front of Rachel and started eating her pussy. Michelle went over and started to eat Rachel’s pussy and out of no was Sarah shows up with an eight inch toy dick and starts fucking Rachel’s ass with it.”

“Wow that’s hot…what next?”

“Well the guys start jacking themselves off and my friends were begging me to come join them, so I did. I went over to Courtney and began to suck on her large stiff nipples. I was stilling feeling very awkward so Rachel came over and began to eat my pussy. It was amazing. So for the next couple of hours we all put on a show for the guys and fucked each other crazy. Then when we went up to the hotel room, we all fucked some more.” I said completing my story.
“Wow,” she said, “I’ve heard of some wild and crazy shit at parties but nothing like that. I’m so jealous.”

“Well you are young, you’ll have your chance someday; matter of fact, I would love to do it again.”

“Really?” she asked putting her hand on my leg.

“Yes.” I said placing my hand on hers which was on my leg. She blushed and turned her head the other way. “Hey look!” I said turning my head back towards the movie. There were two girls and a guy fucking on the couch. “Is it getting a little hot in here?” I asked taking off my blue jean jacket revealing my thirty-six c cup breasts that were firmly pushed out through my tank top. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Sha slide her hand up her robe.

“Yea, it’s a lil warm.” She said removing her hand quickly as I turned to face her.

“I think I’ll go take my shower now.” I said getting up off the couch.

“Yea go ahead.”

As I turned the corner up the steps, I saw Sha open up her robe a lil and start fingering herself as she watched the awesome scene of the threesome in the movie. I headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After I hopped in the shower, I immediately slipped a finger into my pussy. I inserted three more fingers as I fingered fuck my wet pussy hard. I didn’t wash it off because I was saving it for the time that I was going to fuck my little sister. When I got out the shower, I threw on my short silky robe and put some toys in my pocket. I loved fucking with dildos and other kinky toys. I grabbed my oil and headed back down to the living room. As I snuck up behind my sister on the couch, I saw that she was still masturbating.

“What I miss?” I asked in a voice that would’ve made somebody jump.

“A really hot scene.” She said not frightened. She didn’t even close up her robe. “Hey, what’s the oil for?” She asked looking up at me.

“To make me greasy and not ashy.” I said.

“Oh…do you mind if I have some?”

“No not at all.” I said giving her the bottle.

She sat up and start rubbing the oil over her chest. “Is this how you do it?” She asked lookin at me like a very horny schoolgirl.

“Yea that’s how you do it…hey, do you mind rubbing some on my back, and you know… the hard to reach places?” I asked in a kind of sexy voice.

“Sure.” She said.

I sat down next to her and took of my robe.

“Is this the right spot?” She asked rubbing some oil at about an inch away from my ass.

“Yes…that’s Ankara escort bayan exactly the right spot.” I moaned.

“Oops the oil is running down.”

“Just rub it in.” I said feeling the oil run down the crack of my ass.


I felt my sister hand glide from my back to my ass. She rubbed in the oil that was in my crack. Then she start rubbing some on the sides of my thighs. Next she went up to the side of my back and brushed against my tits. At that moment she grabbed both of my tits and started caressing them, rubbing the oil in, and pinching my erect nipples. To act upon my plan on me seducing her, I turned around and gave here a strange look. I can tell she was in a gaze but at soon as she saw how I was lookin at her, she moved her hands, looked down, and blushed. That’s when I lifted up her chin and gave her a little kiss on the lips. At first she pulled back but after that she started kissing me back. “That’s it, I have her.” I thought to myself. She parted her lips slightly and allowed me to slip in my tongue. Our tongues explored each others as I slipped her robe all the way off. I broke free from our passionate kiss to pour some oil down both of our chests. As we kissed again, I began to grind my body on hers to get the oil all rubbed in. I could tell that my little sister was in the moment of beginning to enter ecstasy.

“Would you like to fuck your big sister?” I asked in a sexy voice.

“Yes…I would love to fuck my big sister.” She moaned.

“Lay back.” I said

As she laid back I began to kiss her right below her tits working my way down to her pussy which was throbbing of delight. I ran my tongue up and down her clit giving it an occasionally slight bite. Sha began to arch her back as she felt the pleasure of having her pussy ate by another woman, yet alone her very own sister. I started pushing my tongue down her pussy with a great thrust, making my tongue go deeper and deeper until it couldn’t go in any farther.

“Yes…yes…fuck me…fuck me with your tongue.” Sha moaned out.

That gave me all the encouragement I needed to fuck her pussy with my tongue as if it was a small dick. I was fucking her pussy hard and fast when I felt a warm sticky substance on my face.

“You cumed on my face.” I said jokingly.

“Oh I’m sorry…was it ok?” She asked.

“Yes sweetie, I’m very open…you can do whatever you want with me.” I said rubbing her thigh.

“Ok…same here with me.” She said

“Huh?” I said not sure what she meant.

“You can do whatever you want with me.” Said Sha.

At this time, I reached in the pocket of my robe and spilled the toys on the floor. I reached for my vibrator and picked it up.

“Close your eyes and lay your head back.” I ordered my sister.

When she did what she was told, I turned the eight-inch vibrator on high speed and poured some oil on it and rubbed it in. Then I put it on the tip of Sha’s clit and she went wild. Next I put it all the way in her pussy and fucked her with it. As I fucked her with the vibrator, I start biting on her stiff nipples. She began to rub on her other tit. I grabbed her clit and pulled on it slightly. Next, I turned in a sixty-nine position on top of Sha and bit her clit while I was still fucking her with the vibrator. She began to lick my pussy. I knew that this was her first time so I didn’t expect it to be real good, but I was going to teacher her. I took out the vibrator and placed in on the table and got up to put on my strap on nine-inch dick and lay on the couch. She got on top of me and rode the toy dick as I fucked her face with the vibrator. Next I took another toy dick and stuck it in her well-lubricated ass. I pulled the vibrator out her mouth after she finished licking her own juices off it. After we both got done coming, I rolled her to the side of me. She laid there softly caressing my tits as I ran my fingers through her hair.

“Did you enjoy your fuck with me?” I asked.

“Yea it was…well…nice.” She said smiling.

“Just nice?” I asked

“Ok…Ok…It was amazing, I never felt this way before after having sex.” She said excitedly.

“I know…I know…but you have a lot to learn about pleasing other women because…” I was cut Escort Ankara off by a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I screamed from the other side of the door.

“Kandi…Kandi baby is that you? Its Josh…baby I’m sorry, I’m sorry I fucked around on you baby.” Said Josh

“Oh, my god…it’s my ex boyfriend.” I said to Sha

“Well should I get dressed or something?” Sha asked

“I have an idea…why don’t you go into the other room and I’ll clean up in here and if we start fucking, you could come in and join us.” I said eagerly.

“Kandi…baby, open up so we can talk this thing through.” Whelmed Josh.

”Just a minute.” I said.

“Are you sure about this?” Asked Sha.

“Yea…Before we start to fuck, I’ll say his cheating on my led me to be a lesbian…that’s when you walk out the other room naked and we’ll start fucking again in front of him and I‘ll handle the rest. You up for it?” I asked.

“Sure.” Said Sha running to the other room.

I grabbed my robe and put it on and opened up the door. When I did Josh immediately gave me a hug.

“Oh baby I’m sorry…I love you and…” Said Josh before I cut him off.

I put my fingers up to his lips. “I know you might think you love me but if you’ll do it once, you’ll do it again.” I said

“No baby just listen…”

“No you listen…I can’t take you back as my boyfriend but…I know what you want.” I said pushing him towards the couch. He fell back and I got on top of him and undid my robe. I pushed my hair to one side of my neck and bent over to give him a long passionate kiss. “You can’t be my boyfriend again…but you can be my fuck friend.” I said unzipping his pants and found the bulge in his boxers. I pulled out his dick and was about to ride it when I rolled off the top of him to the side. “I just can’t do it.” I said sadly.

“Huh…what do you mean?” Josh said confused.

“Well see…after we split up…I…I became a…lesbian.” I said

“What…” Was all Josh could say before Sha came out and interrupted him.

“Hun…What’s all the noise…oh…” She said putting on a great performance.

“My ex and me were about…”

“You know, if you wanted to turn back straight…you could’ve just told me.” She said walking towards us.

I saw Josh looking at naked body and I knew he wanted to fuck us both; he wanted us to fight greedily over his hard erect dick that was now standing ten inches high.

“I’m sorry…I was about to but then…” Was all I could say.

“Shush now.” She said before quickly sliding her tongue down my throat.

As she does this, I took Josh’s hard dick into my hands and started jacking him off. I put my ass on his dick and rode him from the back as Sha and I were still kissing. Josh started pulling on my clit while Sha inserted two of her fingers as far as they went down my pussy. I had one hand on my tit and the other on hers. After that, me and Sha traded positions and she rode Josh. When Sha was done riding Josh, I took his dick in my mouth while Sha licked his balls. We met at his balls as he was deep in my throat and me and Sha kissed, tasting each other juices from when we rode his dick, Josh was fingering Sha’s ass and Sha was fingering my pussy. I tightened my lips around his dick making each thrust of his dick harder to enter my mouth. Josh began to fuck my face long and hard. As I felt his pre-cum in my mouth, I pulled off his dick and let him shoot cum all over my face, tits, and stomach. As soon as his fresh, warm, sticky, white cum hit my body, Sha came over and start to lick it all off, running her tongue over my cum covered body. Sha laid on her back as Josh brushed the tip of dick at the tip of her clit. Josh had gotten another hard on by watching Sha lick all his cum off of me. I watched my ex boyfriend fuck my little sister’s tight pussy as she was close to her spasm. Instead of him shooting his cum on her face he sent about three loads of it into her pussy and before you knew it he was shooting three loads of it in her ass. As I witnessed the loads of cum dripping out Sha’s body, I was to the rescue to make sure it drips into my mouth. I just love the taste, smell, and feel of cum in and outside of my body. After they’re organisms we all fell out in ecstasy. They next morning, we all took a shower together and said our goodbyes to Josh.

“Wow sis, you’ll a wild girl.” Sha said to me after Josh had left.

“I know…and I love it.”

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