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If you have trouble telling the difference between the two please do not read any further and seek professional help. All depictions of sexual acts in this story are pure fantasy. This story is not intended to condone such acts being performed by anyone outside of the realms of fantasy. If you feel that you may be struggling to split fantasy from the real world or you fear you may not be able to stop yourself from attempting such things in real life I implore you to seek professional psychological assistance immediately! Children are innocent. They should remain so. The events and acts depicted in this story are for fantastical entertainment purposes only and should never, ever, ever be reenacted in real life. Any questions, comments or criticisms are welcome. Please send them to ail. MAILING LIST: To be added to the mailing list please send an email with the subject line ‘Mailing list’ to ail Thank you Edgar Friendly The belated education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 26- An end is just a chance for a new beginning (part two) James and Charlie just stared at Seb, wide eyed and open mouthed. Seb looked from James to Charlie then back again, “I mean it. It’s a really good idea for a show. And you know, Netflix will greenlight anything haha” James and Charlie glanced at each other. Had he not heard them? Seb asked, “What’s up?” In his usual cheery tone. “Err… ” James tried to think of something to say. “Umm… ” so did Charlie. They were saved by Billy, Michael and Damien running at them from the kitchen and tackling James demanding he give Damien the rematch he had promised. The boys played video games until Frank told them it was time to get ready for bed which they all gladly did. The sooner they slept, the sooner they could wake up and go to Wacky World! As soon as they had gotten into Charlies room with the door closed Seb broke down. He had put on a brave face for Billy and his friends, he didn’t want to ruin the fun they were having, but he knew he didn’t have to with Charlie and James. Now they were alone he could be honest. He had heard them talking in the hallway, every word, and as soon as he heard James summarise his life for the last nine months he knew he was right. The boys had held him as he cried, listened when he spoke and hugged him tight when he needed it. At this moment the three of them lay naked, curled up together under the covers in Charlies bed, Seb in the middle with Charlie and James hugging him. He seemed all cried out now, “… It’s just… so strange you know?” Seb was doing his best to work through so much, “It’s like… he was dead… He was… and it hurt so much… for so long… Then he wasn’t! … and that’s amazing! That’s great! That is literally all my dreams and wishes come true all at once! … but … ” Seb thought for a moment, “All those nightmares… and those times I just cried for hours and hours… and… the times I hit things… just to feel something… that all happened… it was real… and it still hurts… ” Neither Charlie nor James knew the pain of losing a loving parent but they knew Seb did. Regardless of Anthonys death not being real Sebs feelings about it and the effect it had on him certainly were. Neither of them said anything. They had nothing to say. They just listened and held Seb in their arms while he tried his best to express all his pent up emotions. All they could do was be there for him which is exactly what they intended to do. Seb took one of each of their hands in his own and squeezed, “I guess I have alot of stuff to work out in my head.” Charlie squeezed Sebs hand back, “Well, we’re here for you.” James agreed, “Yeah. Anything you need.” “Thanks guys.” Seb knew he could count on them. He looked at the digital clock by Charlies bed, “Damn, we should get some sleep.” Charlie clicked out the lamp and darkness embraced the boys as they embraced each other. Soon all three of them were fast asleep. ******** “Hmmm… ” Lucas looked at the chess board and knew he was in trouble. “You’re gonna have to move eventually.” Donny told him. “I know… I know… ” He reached out and his hand hovered over his rook, “Hmmm… ” He moved his knight instead and sat back. Donny smiled, “Nope.” He moved his queen and took Lucas’ rook placing him in, “Check.” “Shit… How did I not see that?” Lucas leaned forward and analysed the predicament he was in. To be fair his concentration was elsewhere. He was waiting impatiently for the boys to return so he could see if Hibbs had calmed down enough to once again consider meeting Donny and maybe even go through with it this time. “Your head’s not in this.” Donny said. “No… ” Lucas agreed, “It’s not.” He moved his king one space to the right. “You thinking about the kid?” Donny moved his bishop. Lucas was getting used to Donny reading him like a book by now. They had spent months together, “Yeah. I hope he will come and meet you when the new term starts.” Lucas moved his pawn one square closer to Donnys side of the board. If he could just get his queen back… Donny used his other bishop to take Lucas’ pawn, “He did come and meet me.” Lucas looked up at Donny, “What?” “Yep. Came down here last week. We talked for hours.” Donny looked back at him, “Your move.” Lucas’ attention was now not on their game at all, “Hibbs came down here?” Donny nodded, “Well… what did you talk about?” “Everything.” Donny said, “It’s your move. Come on man I’m so close to beating you-” “Wait wait wait… ” Lucas was thinking, “When? I mean what time?” “Must have been the middle of the night I guess.” Donny could see it on Lucas’ face, “I know what you’re thinking.” “What am I thinking?” Lucas didn’t believe Donny knew. “You’re thinking, ‘Ahh shit. Now I have to punish him more then he’ll never come back and talk to Donny again.’ Right?” Lucas was a little surprised, “… Yeah… Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking.” “Well you don’t need to worry about that.” Donny told him. Lucas frowned, “Why not?” “Make your move and I’ll tell you.” Lucas picked a random pawn and moved it one space forward, “There.” He looked back up at Donny and waited. Donny smiled and picked up one of the books about Rockstaff that Lucas had brought to him a few days before. Opening it up to the chapter on behavour and discipline he flipped through a few pages before finding what he wanted and read aloud, “Section three C regulation two. An infraction of any kind must be dealt with in a timely manner. Any punishment given to a student must be decided upon within the school term the infraction was committed. In cases where there is no longer enough time in the current term to administer the punishment then it can be administered in the next but the student must be made aware of the nature of his punishment before that current term ends.” Donny looked up from the book and smiled at Lucas, “By the time he comes back it’ll be a new term so even if you did want to punish him for being out of bed after lights out you can’t. That’d be against your own rules.” He made the final move of the game with his queen placing Lucas’ king in, “Check mate.” Lucas was stunned, “… … … Wow… You really read those books closely… ” Donny nodded, “Not much else to do down here and talking with the kid… intrigued me.” “It did?” Lucas asked, “In what way?” Donny looked thoughtful, “Well I guess… You know… actually hearing it from him… ” Lucas waited patiently for Donny to find the right words, “… I suppose I’m starting to get you… this place… those books were so I could try and make a little more sense of it… ” “Did they help?” Lucas was acting calm but inside he was ecstatic. Hearing Donny talk like this was astounding. Meeting Hibbs seemed to have worked. “Yeah. I think so.” Lucas smiled, “Good.” He then had a thought, “Donny?” Donny looked at him, “While the boys are away… I was just thinking… perhaps you might like some fresh air?” Donnys eyes shot wide open, “You mean… ” “Yes.” Lucas’ smile widened, “How would you like to go outside?” ******** “Hey, you can finish this floor then get on home.” Sam Bolton, the head of the janitorial department of Steelrod academy addressed the new guy, “Great work today.” He smiled and walked away. “Thanks boss!” ‘Filthy pedo scum’ The new guy kept his smile as he mopped the last floor for the day. Walking across the base to his little house on the west side he waved and smiled at eveyone he passed, ‘Degenerate perverts’ and had his keys in hand ready to open the door and greet his ‘son’, “Son? You home or are you off playing with the other boys again haha!” Slipping off his shoes while lazily pushing the door closed, “Or are you waiting for me in bed? Haha.” ‘Disgusting’ “You know how horny I am when I finish work-” Bang! The door closed. “Fall in!” The ten year old boy came running down the stairs and stood to attention in front of the man who then addressed him, “Anything to report?” “No sir.” “Did you complete your tasks?” “Yes sir.” “How many connections have you made?” “Two solid. Three potential.” The boy stared straight in front of him. “Good work.” The man noticed the boys eyes momentarily glance at the ground then back up, “There’s something on your mind.” The boy said nothing, “Speak freely.” “Sir, one of my solid connections said… well he told me his father had said that… ” “Go on.” The man encouraged him. The boy looked directly at the man, “He said they killed him… Killed the boss-” “That is NOT true!” The man cut him off, “Don’t you believe that for a second!” He knelt in front of the boy and held his gaze, “You remember meeting the boss right?” “Yes sir.” “Do you think these filthy scumbags would be able to kill him so easily as they say?” “No sir.” “Exactly.” The man was sure the boys mind was still right, “You and I have a mission to complete. The boss trusted US! Over anyone else! Remember that!” He held out his hand and the boy took it. He squeezed, “Us over them.” The boy squeezed back, “Us over them.” The two of them nodded to each other, “Okay. Pushups, pullups and squats. Then we’ll do some hand to hand combat training.” “Yes sir.” The boy went to the door that led to the basement, opened it and walked down the stairs while the man went upstairs to his room Opening his closet he retrieved the box of complimentary sex toys Steelrod had provided for him and his ‘son’ to use ‘Sick freaks’ and tipped the unused dildo and butt plug out onto the the bed with the unopened tubes of lube. He removed the panel he had placed there as a fake bottom of the box and retrieved his phone. Turning it on he waited for it to boot up and watched the screen with bated breath. As had been the case every day since the news broke of the bosses supposed demise he was disappointed to see no new messages. He sighed, turned off the phone and hid it again, returning the box to his closet. It didn’t matter. They had a job to do. There was a plan in place and he had every intention of seeing it through to the end. He left his room and went down to the basement to continue the boys training as the boss had instructed him the last time they had spoken. ******** Jenny Brown walked the long hallway that led to the conservatory of the abandoned manor house she and the others had waited in for months. She still remembered every detail of the last time she had seen Tommy in the back of that car, him telling her they need to split up, it was for their safety. She remembered the scars of his face, a tapestry of pain that only she could reflect with her own disfigured features. She remembered meeting him and being pulled out of the pit of despair she believed to be inescapable. She remembered how bastard Borks had crushed her into pieces… and how Tommy had put her back together. She looked out of the glass panels at the overgrown weeds and bushes and noted how she could actually see through them now. When they had arrived three months before the place was filthy. She had immediately ordered the men to clean the place up and plug the holes in the walls to keep out the cold winter air. They had complied of course, the boss left her in charge after all, but that wasn’t the only reason. When Mr. Jarvis was around he didn’t bother with such things, he would just get them to up ops asap and fuck the cold! Deal with it! But not Ms. Brown. She felt the chill just like them and in all honesty they preferred the place clean, warm and dry. The men liked Ms. Brown. As per Tommys instructions they had issued a regroup order and then gone completely dark. No communication of any kind. They were lying so low they may as well be underground. They had waited… and waited. Then a few days ago the call finally came. Tommy had spoken to her and Paldry. Well… mostly her. He had sent her the file which outlined in detail his new plan with the expressed instructions she keep the most sensitive details to herself. She had done as he outlined in the file and taken one techy and a few select soldiers aside privately. They were to be the elite, those that were trusted above all others and would know each other by their motto, ‘Us over them’. He told them he would be there within a day or two. A day had passed. Then another. Then another and another. Paldry began to worry. He expressed his wories openly. She didn’t like this. She felt the same concern as him but would never think to share those concerns in front of the men. They needed to keep faith in Tommy or the whole thing would come crashing down. Paldry had called a meeting. She didn’t like this either. She remembered Tommy leaving her in charge. It was time to remind Paldry. The shuffling of feet behind her signified the arrival of Paldry and all the men that were stationed with them at this safe house, “Ah. Ms. Brown. Right on time I see. Thank you.” Paldry said as the men all packed into the conservatory. Jenny turned around and looked at him, “It’s not like I had anywhere else to be.” “Yes… well… Ahem. Let’s get this meeting started shall we?” Paldry said to all in the room. “Yes. Let’s.” Jenny agreed, “First order of business, what made you think YOU could call a meeting Paldry?” Paldry looked confused, “I… Well the situation called for it. Mr. Jarvis said he would be here and… he isn’t so I thought-” “Let me quickly break down all that was wrong with what you just said Paldry… ” Jenny stared into the fat little mans eyes, “First of all you don’t call meetings regardless of the situation. I do. Secondly you don’t do the thinking. I do. Finally, I know what Tommy said. I was there. I was also there when he left me in charge. So were you-” “Now look here!” Paldry was flustered, “This situation needs addressing!” He began to step towards Jenny, “I took the initiative to call this meeting so we could-” Paldry stopped as every man in the room stepped forward, looking at him intensely, their hands resting on their holstered weapons. He felt a hand placed on his shoulder and looked to his right to see the stern face of Jones, “Don’t step to the lady. Mr. Jarvis left her in charge so while he ain’t here, she’s the boss.” Paldry looked at the smiling face of Jenny Brown and had one thought, ‘… Shit.’ “Thank you Jones. I think Paldry has calmed down now so you can let go.” Jones released his grip on the fabric of Paldrys cheap suit while Jenny continued to talk, “Now men, it is true that Mr. Jarvis told us he would be here by now and he isn’t but I’m sure you all know the boss well enought to know he never does anything without a reason right?” Murmurs of agreement, “Do you think he is the kind of man to just drop it all and forget his mission? Our mission?” Shouts of No from the assembled men, “Exactly. What do we say about him when we are unsure? When we don’t know?” “The boss always has a plan!” Called one of the men. “Absolutely he does. He ALWAYS does.” Jenny looked around at them all, “And this situation is no exception.” She once again rested her eyes on Paldry and smiled widely, “He has a plan. An ingenious plan with parts for all of us to play. Are you all ready to play your part?!” “Yes boss!” The collective response from all but one of the gathered men came. Jenny approached the only one who hadn’t spoken, “… Paldry?” Paldry swallowed, very well aware of the may pairs of eyes on him in that moment, “… yes.” “I’m sorry?” Jenny pretended not to hear him as she closed the distance between them. “Yes.” Paldry spoke more clearly. Jenny broight her face inches from his, “Yes what?” For the first time, as he looked into the crazed eyes of Jenny Brown this close, Paldry felt the same fear he did when Tommy looked at him. He gulped, “…Y… Yes boss!” “Good.” Jenny grinned and addressed all of them, “Like I said the boss has a new plan and he wants us to start right away. Step one, recruitment… ” ******** “It’s beautiful.” Donny knox looked up at the stars and realised just how much he had missed them. Lucas watched the mans eyes widen as he looked up, “You much of a stargazer?” “Yeah.” Lucas was a little surprised by the straightforward answer. When it came to questions of any kind Donny had never been the most forthcoming so to hear him answer one about himself so bluntly was new, “Since you were a kid?” Donny tore his eyes away from the spectacular heavens to look at Lucas, “Okay.” “Huh?” Lucas didn’t know what Donny was agreeing to, “Okay what?” “It’s obvious you have questions. You always have. And they ain’t about the stars.” Donny looked back up, “Okay. I’ll answer them… ask what you really wanna ask.” Lucas was stunned. He’d dreamed of this moment. The moment Donny finally opened up to him. The moment he had waited for for so long and now that it was here he wasn’t sure what to ask first, “Oh. Wow. Okay… How many of you are there? Roughly.” “Ha!” Donny was surprised by such a dumb question, “Man, you think I would know? You think it matters?” He again looked at Lucas, “The boss does things his way. He talks to a few who talk to a few who talk to a few, only sharing what they need to.” Lucas was amazed, “And… and your bosses name?” “Mr. Jarvis.” Donnys eyes glazed over, “Yeah Mr. Jarvis is something… I’ll never forget the day he saved me. That fat piece of shit that killed my brother was giggling, thinking the boss was gonna cut my throat… ” Donny smiled, “Then he cut the throat of that fucker instead haha! I can still feel it… ” Donny touched his own face, “The blood… the joy… ” He came back to reality and looked at Lucas with clear eyes, “Yeah, the boss is something alright.” Lucas didn’t speak. Hearing Donny describe being drenched in the blood of another human being so fondly, gleeful even, with that look on his face made Lucas come right back down to earth. He had to remember who this man was, “Well umm… thank you Donny. I appreciate you answering my questions-” “You can’t seriously be done?” Donny looked at him confused, “You worked for months to ask me two questions?” “No no… I have many more it’s just getting late and we should be going back inside. That’s all.” Lucas said as casually as he could and Donny regarded him for just a moment during which Lucas held his breath. “Okay.” Donny replied and walked to join Lucas as he began making his way back to the main building of Rockstaff. Lucas breathed a quiet sigh of relief. ******** Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. “Grrrrr… ” Beep. Beep. Beep. Bee- Bang! Charlie hit the top of his digital clock to stop its alarm. He looked at the time, “Ohhhh… izmit escort bayan ” ‘Four thirty… why the fuck did I set my alrm for… Wacky World!’ His eyes shot open, “We’re going to Wacky World!” He sat up and shook both Seb and James by the shoulders, “Guys! Guys wake up!” “Mmm! What the fuck Charlie?!” James wasn’t impressed. Charlie turned on his bedside lamp and leaned his face close to James’, “Wacky World!” James’ eyes shot open, “Oh yeah!” He also sat up then got out of bed. He began rummaging through his bag looking for his toothbrush and a fresh pair of underwear. Charlie looked at Seb who had opened his eyes. Seb looked up at Charlie and smiled, “Morning.” “Morning.” Charlie was a little worried, “How you feeling?” “I’m okay.” Seb was being honest, Charlie could tell, “Last night… talking about it helped.” “Yeah?” Seb nodded and Charlie was glad, “Good.” Albeit still a little concerned, “You sure you’ll be okay going there?” “Oh yeah.” Seb nodded enthusiastically, “In fact, I’m really excited haha. I’ve wanted to go there for years.” The rush to get two adults and six boys aged nine to twelve ready to leave the house this early in the morning was hectic but they managed it somehow. As soon as Billy and his two friends were in the back seat of Isabelles large people carrier they snuggled up together and went back to sleep. Charlie, James and Seb couldn’t though. They were too excited. Charlie kept his eye on the signs they passed on the motorway indicating the shrinking distance between them and their destination. After about ninety minutes of driving he began a count down in his head reading the road signs, ‘Wacky World five miles… Wacky World four miles… Three miles… Two… One… This is it! This is the turning-‘ Frank sped past the turning off the motorway to Wacky World without taking it, “Err… dad?” “Yeah?” Frank kept his eyes on the road. “You umm… You missed the turning.” Charlie pointed out. “Oh no son. The main entrance is closed.” Frank explained, “Remember? To anyone who isn’t ‘friendly’ it’s the off season. Would be a bit suspicious if the car park was full and a whole load of people were going in there this time of year don’t you think?” Charlie hadn’t thought of that, “Oh yeah… So, is there like, a back door or something?” Frank chuckled, “Haha. Something like that yeah.” After a couple more miles on the motorway Frank took a turning off of it and drove along a few country lanes. As they did Charlie noticed other cars joining the same road they were on from different lanes that all seemed to be converging into one as the road led into a forest. Frank slowed the car down to a crawl to match the speed of the car in front of them. The driver of the other car seemed to be looking for something. “You know where it is?” Isabelle asked. Frank replied, “It should be around here somewhere- Ahh they must have found it.” He said as the car ahead of them stopped in the road. Charlie leaned forward and looked out the windscreen at the car ahead of them that had stopped. The driver lowered their window and waved at something Charlie couldn’t see. Seemingly from nowhere a man dressed for hiking appeared from the bushes and approached the car. He seemed to be talking with the driver who handed him something he checked before handing it back and waving them on. The car pulled away and around a corner out of view. The hiker waved to Frank who pulled up next to him as he lowered the drivers side window. The hiker leaned down to talk to Frank, “Good morning. You lost?” “Found.” Frank replied handing the man the printed receipt for their tickets to Wacky World, “How is it today? Busy?” “Average.” The hiker replied as he checked the details on the piece of paper, “Two adults, three students and three childeren.” He said aloud before looking into the car to do a head count. He couldn’t help saying, “Aww.” When seeing Billy, Michael and Damien all curled up together fast asleep. He handed Frank his receipt back, “Yellow rectangle.” He tapped the top of the car indicating it was time to drive on. “Thank you.” Frank said as he began to pull away and raise his window again. He turned the same corner the car ahead of them had and drove slowly down the muddy lane through the thick bushes and trees, “Eyes open everyone. We’re looking for a yellow rectangle.” Charlie didn’t have any idea what Frank was talking about. As they drove along he saw other lanes leading off of the one they were on. When they approached one of the lanes James piped up, “Oh! Theres one… No. Blue star. Sorry.” “That’s quite alright James.” Frank told him, “Keep calling them out.” “Could that be it?” Isabelle asked aloud as they approached another turning off their lane, “No. Green square.” Charlie asked James, “What are you guys looking at?” James pointed out the window, “Look up in the trees near the turnings.” Charlie did as James explained, “Those boards nailed there, they have shapes painted on them.” It took a moment for Charlie to see it but there it was, high in the branches of an oak tree they passed, a board of wood nailed there with a red triangle painted on it, “Oh yeah… so when we see a board with a yellow rectangle… ” “That’s the turning we will take, yes.” Isabelle confirmed. As they drove along the winding lane they all looked for the boards in the trees whenever they approached a turning off of it. Some had the boards, others didn’t. Eventually Isabelle announced, “There it is. Left here Frank.” Frank turned left down another narrow forrest lane and sped up. Charlie asked, “What would happen if we took the wrong road?” “It would just lead back ro the main road we left.” Frank explained, “They move the signs and can block any road they need to. See there? On our right coming up?” Charlie looked out the window and saw the large log blocking a turning off of the dirt road they were on, “Huh… That’s clever.” “That’s necessary.” Frank said, ” Gotta make sure only ‘the friendly’ can get in… Ah! Here we are. I gotta say it doesn’t look too busy either. That’s good.” The forest lane they were on opened up into a large clearing and they found themselves in a car park. There were some cars pulling into spaces and others already parked with people standing by them. Charlie guessed the car park was about a quarter full. Frank pulled into a space and parked, switching off the engine, “And here we are.” He turned in his seat to address them all, “So, first things first. Breakfast?” They all agreed and after gently waking the three sleeping boys in the back they all got out and joined the steady flow of people heading towards a small hut at the far end of the clearing. Near it they joined the queue when Charlie heard a familiar voice from up ahead, “It’s so annoying though!” Another voice replied speaking in a thick Scottish accent, “I know man but you have to admit, you look really young for your age.” Charlie looked towards the front of the queue and called out, “Hey! Mark! Martin!” Mark and Martin looked at him, smiled and waved, “Hey guys!” Seb and James also called over their greetings as they saw a man and woman ushering Mark and Martin on, “We’ll see you in there!” Martin called back to them. Standing in the queue didn’t take too long. Once they had made it to the hut Charlie saw a man behind a plastic window with a hole in it, “Tickets please.” “Here.” Frank said handing over their tickets, “Two red, three green, three blue.” The man checked their tickets and handed Frank back eight wrist bands of the colours Frank had said, “Here you are. Just follow the path to the park and enjoy your day sir.” “Thank you.” Frank took the wrist bands and handed a red one to Isabelle while handing Charlie three blue ones, “These are for you, Seb and James.” He turned to Isabelle and handed her the green ones, “Darling would you please put these on the boys?” “Of course.” She replied taking them and proceeded to put one on each of the younger boys’ wrists which they held out to her. As they followed the path through the trees to the park Charlie noticed Frank looking at him with a little smile, “What?” “You’re not gonna ask?” Frank said then noting Charlies frown he said, “About the wrist bands being different colours?” Charlie shrugged, “I figured red for you and Issy since you’re adults then blue for us since we started Rockstaff and green for them since they haven’t.” Frank beamed, placed his arm around his son and kissed his head, “You’ve come a long way son. I’m so proud of you.” “Oh, you know… “Charlie played it cool but he was proud of himself too. As the path straightened out Charlie could see in the distance the unmistakable loops of rollersoasters and the top of the fake mountain that was the flume ride. He couldn’t wait to get in there! Lowering his gaze he saw the large wooden fence that encircled Wacky World and the small gate they were to use to go in. Looking through the gate was like looking into another world. The vibrant colours that spilled out through the opening in the fence made the colours around him, those of an English forest in March, look not just dull but pratically grey. His excitement grew exponentially. He had to get in there! Now! Standing between him and this bright pastal paradise were a line of park emplyees in hi-vis jackets asking patrons to, “Please present you arm bands!” Charlie watched Frank approach the line of men showing his red arm band. One of the men used a device to scan the bar code printed on it and it beeped, “Thank you sir. Please go on.” Frank walked through the line and waited on the other side while the employee gestured to Charlie, “Please young man.” Charlie repeated the actions his father had taken and when the device beeped the employee lightly patted him on the shoulder, “Thank you. Enjoy your day. Next please.” Charlie stood by Frank and waited with him for all of their party to go through the final security check. Once their group was together again they walked towards the gate and passed through it leaving behind the humdrum dullness of the forest and stepping into the bright excitement of Wacky World! The effect on the boys was immediate with all of them shouting about what to do first until Frank got their attention, “Boys!” They all stopped arguing and looked at him, “We know what we’re doing first. Breakfast. Charlie you have the map. Which way from here?” Charlie took out the fold up map of the park and checked it, “Err… Food… Left from here.” “Right.” Said James causing Charlie to look up from his map to see that James was looking at his own. Charlie checked again, “Nah… Left from the entrance is how to get to the food court-” “Right but we didn’t come in through the entrance so that’s not where we are.” James told him, “Look at the top right of your map.” Charlie did, “You see where there’s a forest just outside the park?” “Yeah.” “That’s where we are.” James told him, “We just came through that forest so it’s right from here.” Charlie looked at his map and saw nothing marked on it near the forest but understood why. They wouldn’t mark the friendly entrance down. He looked behind him at the gate they had just come through and saw the sign that hung on it, the sign anyone would see when the gate was closed, ‘REFUSE MANAGEMENT AREA. PARK EMPLOYEES ONLY’ “Oh yeah… yeah dad. James is right. It’s right from here.” “Alright then.” Frank said and they all set off to the food court together. Arriving there they again ran into Martin and Mark with Martins mother. Hands were shaken and names exchanged as they decided to move a few tables so they could all eat together. Mark explained, “My parents were glad to lemme stay with Martin over the holidays. Saved them the drive from Edinburgh haha.” “Haha cool.” Charlie turned to martin, “What was up at back at the car park dude?” “Huh?” Martin asked. He had no idea what Charlie was talking about. “You know. Back at that hut where we got the arm bands. You seemed upset about somethi-” “Ohhhh yeah!” Martin remembered and became angry almost immediately, “I’m just so sick of it! All the bloody time!” “Martin darling.” Martins mum placed her hand on her sons shoulder, “Please calm down-” “It’s not fair!’ Martin protested. “I know but that’s life sweetheart.” She said. This was clearly not what martin wanted to hear as his face went red. Mark quickly approached and hugged Martin and began whispering in his ear. Noone could hear what Mark was saying to his bunk buddy but whatever it was had Martins face going from furious to angry to suspicious to confused to bemused to happy and finally to laughing in under thirty seconds. Mark let go and Martin looked around at them all, “I’m starving!” “And so am I.” Announced the man approaching their table who Charlie recognised as the man he had seen with them earlier, “Tables together? We have company for breakfast? How nice-” He stopped when his gaze fell on Frank, “As I live and breathe… Franky!” “Arty?” Frank recognised the man, “Arty!” “Come here!” Arty shouted and the two men embraced laughing. Martin and Charlie exchanged a confused look as Martins mum asked her husband, “Arthur? You two know each other?” Arthur broke their hug and looked at his wife, “Linda, this is Franky Hibbs. We were at Rockstaff together.” He turned back to Frank, “How long’s it been?” “Ohhh… ” Frank thought for a moment, “Well over a decade I’m sure…. Wait a minute, so this young man here-” Frank gestured to Martin, “- is your boy?” “That’s right.” Arthur smiled as he placed his hand on Martins shoulder, “Martin’s in his first year at Rockstaff.” “So’s my boy!” Frank said pointing to Charlie, “Charlie’s in the same year as Martin! Haha!” The two men found this fact to be far funnier than anyone else at the table so they left them laughing together while they all hit the breakfast bar. Charlie had just placed a croissant on his plate completing his mix and match meal when Mark stood beside him to do the same. Charlie saw his chance to ask, “Hey man. What was up with Martin?” Mark sighed, “At the arm band hut the guy wanted to give him a green band. You know, cos of his height.” “That’s awful.” Charlie felt bad for Martin, “That’s not fair.” “Aye but nothing he can do about it but wait. He knows that. Told me his whole family are late bloomers so it is what it is. Still pisses him off though.” “I can understand why.” Charlie said, “People always thinking you’re younger than you are and treating you like a little kid… That would get pretty annoying pretty fast.” “Yep.” Mark agreed and with their plates full the two of them joined the others at the table. As they all ate Frank and Arthur chatted and caught up with each other. After filling each other in on all that had happened there was a lull in the conversation. Arthur looked thoughtful for a moment before saying, “You know… since the recent news… people have been talking about the anniversary later this year… ” Frank cleared his throat not looking up from his breakfast, “… They’re saying that… since they got him… alot of people will be going… ” “Arty… ” Frank warned as he kept his eyes down. “… Do you think… perhaps you might go?” “Not here… ” Frank still didn’t look up, “Not now.” Arthur stared at Frank, “… … … Lee would want you there-” BANG! Frank slamming his hand onto the table shocked them all, “ARTY!” He stared with fury at Arthur, “Not here! Not now!” Isabelle placed a hand on Franks shoulder. Arthur opened his mouth to respond but Linda placed her hand on his arm. He looked at her and she shook her head. He got the message and dropped the subject. Once breakfast was eaten they made their way to the first attraction they were to visit that day. They had decided to tour the zoo and see the wild animals before ending up at the petting zoo. About half way through the animal exhibits Mark tapped Charlie on the shoulder and asked, “What’s err… what’s your brother doing?” Billy was stomping along the fence of the lion enclosure. When he passed a lion sleeping close enough to the fence he would turn to look at it, raise his arms with his hands like claws and make a scary face with his eyes closed, “Rooooaaaarrrrr!” The lions didn’t react. “Oh! That’s just a new game he plays.” Charlie explained, “Right now he’s the goblin king.” “Oh right! haha.” Mark laughed, “Quite the imagination eh?” “Oh yeah haha.” Charlie laughed too, “Very vivid. You know he swears on his life he actually met the real goblin king haha.” “Aww that’s cute.” Mark and Charlie laughed together at the innocence of the younger Hibbs brother. Once they had reached the petting zoo they had all taken time to feed the goats and pet the rabbits. Michael especially was in his element, sat on the floor while a dozen baby rabbits hopped all around him and on his lap. He looked up at Charlie with a wide smile. Seeing the happiness on the young boys face Charlie thought his smile would never go down. His cheeks actually started to ache. After the animals it was time to hit the arcades. The boys had a great time on the racing and shoot ’em up games while their parents enjoyed the more traditional games of penny pushers and claw machines. Then it was time for ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. They managed to fit a few rides in before lunch too and after they had eaten their burgers and fries Isabelle announced to the group, “We’re doing great gang! If we keep this up we should be able to do everything we wanted to today. So now that we’ve finished lunch… ” She thought for a moment, “… yeah… yeah it’s the pool, spa and sauna then we can squeeze in the last few rides we have left to do before the show and then we go home.” Charlie was confused. He got out his map and looked all over it, “Err… Issy?” “Yes Charlie?” He was still looking at the map with a frown, “There’s no pool at Wacky World.” He looked up at her, “Or spa or sauna?” A few people at the table chuckled and Frank said, “You’re still relying on that map a little too much son.” Considering how his experience with the map had been that day charlie had no problem agreeing with Franks statement and just resigned himself to going along with the group. They left the table and began their journey to their next destination. As they walked to wherever they were going Seb tapped Charlie on the shoulder, “Hey man. Wacky World is amazing! Today’s been great.” “Yeah haha.” Charlie agreed, “It has.” “So… what’s that show Issy mentioned?” Seb asked. From what charlie remembered of the last one he had seen years before, “It’s awesome! There’s acrobats and clowns and those guys that hang from those things-” “Trapeze artists?” “I dunno what they’re called but sure, them and loads more. Oh! And it finishes with fireworks. It’s great man.” “I can’t wait!” Seb was incredibly excited. James came to join them, “Hey guys. You talking about the show? Yeah that was always my favourite part of the day.” Frank slowed down to walk with the boys, “It’s just occurred to me… James you’ve been here before with your father right?” “Yep. A few times.” James replied. “So you’ve been in the mountain?” Frank asked. “Uh huh.” James smiled, “But not with a blue band before.” James held up his wristband. Frank chuckled, “Haha, and Seb I’m sure your father took you to a friendly spa before?” Seb nodded, “Mmmhmm. Yeah a bunch of times. Pretty much anywhere we went on vacation haha.” “Well this is like that .” Frank told him, “Just a friendly spa but with a pool and waterslides too.” Seb beamed, “Brilliant!” Frank looked at Charlie, “Okay son. So this place-” “Lemme guess.” Charlie interrupted him, “It’s a spa and sauna where we can get massages and also have sex but only as long as we have the blue bands cos kids with green bands need to ask their parents first?” Frank and Charlie just walked along in silence, looking into each others eyes. After a long time Frank finally said, “… S… So proud… ” Frank sniffed. “Wait… ” Charlie frowned, “You’re not actually gonna cry?… Dad I swear to god… DO NOT embarrass me like this!” Frank sniffed again, “Nah nah… no I’m fine.. ahem! I should catch up with Issy.” The three boys watched Frank hurry away to catch up with his wife. “I don’t know why he was crying over that.” Charlie said, “It was obvious from what he said to you guys.” “Yeah.” Seb agreed, “Weird… Hey! Remember when he called you a wimp for crying? Haha.” “He tried to haha.” Charlie laughed, izmit escort “You punched him before he could! Hahahaha.” They laughed and joked their way behind the others until they came to the entrance to the flume ride and began their way up the fake mountain. Charlie remarked out loud, “I thought we weren’t doing any rides yet?” “We’re not.” James said and pointed ahead of them to where the path split in two. Standing there in a park staff uniform was, “Smith! Hello!” Charlie greeted the sixteen year old he recognised as a Rockstaff prefect. Smith smiled, “Some of Pritchards boys. Hello. Lovely to see you.” He looked at the adults, “Flume or pool?” “Pool.” Linda answered. Smith indicated with his hand to the right, “Right this way.” “Thank you.” Isabelle said, “Come on boys.” “Later Smith.” Charlie smiled. “Bye boys. Have a good time.” The boys followed their parents, “And do behave yourselves!” Smith called after them in his much more official, prefect like tone of voice. The three of them couldn’t help laughing. They liked Smith. He had a reputation as ‘the fun one’ out of the prefects. It wasn’t long until they came to the entrance to the attraction Charlie never knew was there and now he knew why. The path they were on led them to the side of the fake mountain in which an unassuming door marked ‘STAFF ONLY’ waited for them. A park employee greeted them, opened the door and they walked through in single file. Charlie found himself in a reception area slash gift shop. Looking around he noted the receptionist cum cashier sat behind his desk who greeted them with a friendly, “Hello. Any purchases you wish to make can be paid for here. The changing rooms are just down those stairs.” He nodded in the direction of a staircase leading down one flight before turing and coming back on itself and going down further. Charlie wandered around the small room looking at the items on offer. There were goggles, snorkels, inflatable arm bands and rings and all manner of pool toys. He saw along the wall racks of bathing suits on dislpay which reminded him, “Wait a minute… I didn’t bring any swimming trunks.” Seb heard him, “None of us did.” Charlie looked at him, “So… are we gonna buy them here?” “You can if you want.” Frank walked up behind him, “But honestly if you were wearing anything in there you would stick out like a sore thumb.” “Oh… ” Charlie understood. Nobody would be wearing anything in there, “Okay then. Naked it is.” He returned the smile Frank gave him. He had become quite comfortable with his body and being nude around other people but had another question, “What about towels?” He looked around the room and saw none on display. “They’ll give you one.” Frank told him as he looked towards the stairs, “The others are heading down. You want any goggles or anything?” Charlie, Seb and James looked at each other and shook their heads, “Alright then. Let’s catch up.” They followed the rest of their group down the stairs and found themselves in a large, open plan changing room with rows of benches and lockers. People in various states of undress were milling about, chatting and laughing. As they approached the row of lockers now being open and filled with clothes by members of their party Arthur looked over at Frank and asked, “You wanna be they key man or should I?” Frank was prepared with his wallet in hand, “Nah i got it.” He said pulling out his drivers licence and holding it up. The boys picked a locker each and began taking off their clothes and storing them inside. Once nude Charlie looked around to see they all were except for Michael. The boy had taken off his sweater and shirt and was now sat on a bench stuggling with his shoe laces which, Charlie noticed, were in an almighty knot. Apparently Michael had had to retie them quite a bit today and made a bit of a mess of it. Charlie was good with knots, “Hey Michael.” The angelic ten year old looked up at him, “You want me to help with that?” Michael smiled appreciatively and nodded, “Okay then.” Charlie knelt down and went to work on the shoe laces. Once untied he slipped off the shoe and placed it next to the boys other one and looked up with a smile, “There you go little buddy.” Michael didn’t move. He just looked at Charlie with a bashful expression before quickly leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek, the little lads cheeks flushing red. Charlie figured it was a thank you, “You’re welcome.” He went to stand up but stopped when he saw Michaels expression change, “What’s up?” Michael extended his leg bringing his besocked foot to one of Charlies hands, “Oh haha. Okay.” Charlie proceeded to removed Micheals socks placing each inside one of his shoes, “Okay, stand up.” Michael did and Charlie lowered the boys jeans and underwear. As he did this Michaels stiff, one and a half inch cocklet popped out of his underpants. Charlie looked up at Michael with a smile and remembered something Mr. Walker had said to him, “I guess I should take that as a compliment.” Michael beamed as he stepped out of the last of the clothes he was wearing. Charlie stored Michaels clothes in the locker with his and locked it, pulling out the key. Frank addressed them all, “Okay. We all ready? Alright then, keys please.” Evryone handed their locker keys to Frank Their now nude troupe moved as one towards the sounds of splashing, shouts and laughter. Turning the corner at the end of the long rows of lockers Charlie took his first look at what had been described so ungenerously as a pool, “Wow!” His mind was well and truly blown. It was big. There appeared to be multiple pools, most of which were connected by a winding water way that encircled the place. Various slides ended in different pools and when looking up Charlie saw the brightly coloured tubes encircling what he now realised was the inside of the fake mountain in the centre of Wacky World. James helped him pick up his jaw, “I know. Awesome right?!” “Yes!” Charlie replied, “Seb! You seeing this?!” Seb was, “This is amazing! We have GOT to do the waterslides first!” “Obviously!” Both Charlie and James shouted at the same time. “Actually boys we have GOT to take a shower first.” Isabelle told them, “Come on.” She led them towards the rows of showers passing Frank who was handing the locker keys and his drivers licence to a man in a little office behind a screen. He soon joined them in rinsing off before deciding what to do. The adults wanted to relax in one of the hot tubs while the boys jumped into water to go and play. They of course hit the waterslides first. They all went down the yellow slide and the pink one but the younger boys couldn’t go down the purple one. The highest and roughest of the slides, only those with blue and red bands were permitted. After this they explored the various pools and had great fun traversing the rapids, jumping from the waterfall and shooting at each other with the emplaced water cannons on the half sunk pirate ship. Traversing the pools Charlie noted all the people around him. Adults relaxing and chatting, kids playing and having fun, all nude and in various states of arousal. He didn’t see one young boy without a rock solid dick on display himself included. Billy, Michael and Damien were playing with another group of boys their own age and were wrestling with them, their hard boy cocks rubbing together as they did. On about their fifth or sixth lap of the pool circuit Issy called over to them as they passed, “Boys?! Come here please! Where’s Billy?!” Charlie pointed at Billy, Michael and damien who had just come around the corner and into view. She signalled for them to come over. Once they were gathered together she spoke to them all, “Boys, we’re going to the sauna. Billy? Would you, Michael and Damien like to come with us?” “Nah!” Billy shouted while jumping on Damiens back, “We’re having fun!” “Are you sure?” She asked, “Because remember the last time we came? You said the same thing then later when you decided you did want the tingles there wasn’t enough time and you pouted all the way home in the car.” “Uh huh!” Damien and Billy were too busy wrestling to pay attention. “Billy?” Isabelle tried one last time, “Are you listening?” “Yeah!” Damien had him in a headlock, “Pout in the car! Got it!” Isabelle sighed as Mark piped up, “Me and Martin can look after them Mrs. Hibbs.” “Yeah.” Martin agreed, “We’re staying in the pool too.” “Thank you boys.” She turned to Charlie, “Are you coming Charlie?” Charlie looked at Seb and James, “Yeah?” who both nodded, “Yeah we are.” “Okay then. Follow me.” She turned and walked back towards the hot tub while Seb and James got out of the pool to follow her. Before getting out himself Charlie tapped mark on the shoulder, “You guys aren’t going into the sauna?” “No.” Mark explained, “We have something special planned when we get back to his place so we don’t wanna cum here.” Charlie grinned, “What you got planned?” Mark grinned back, “What i whispered in his ear at breakfast.” Charlie made a face indicating he wanted more information, “I asked his dad if we can use the sex swing. He said yes.” “Oh wow. Cool. Okay, well I’m gonna-” Charlie had turned to the edge of the pool to lift himself out when he felt a small hand wrap around his wrist, “Michael. Hey buddy. You okay?” Michal stared at Charlie holding onto his wrist. Charlie understood, “You wanna come to the sauna with us?” Michael smiled and nodded, “Okay then.” He turned to Mark, “Okay Michael’s with us so you guys just have Billy and Damien.” Mark nodded and began to swim to catch up with Martin and the younger lads. Charlie and Michael joined the others and followed them along the tiled poolside to the far side from where they had entered. There the wall opened up much like it did to give access to the locker room but here there was another reception desk with yet another staircase leading further down. As their group approached the receptionist smiled, “Good afternoon. Please take one of the brochures here- “She indicated to the display of pamphlets on the desk, “-to see what services we provide.” They all picked up various brochures and discussed amongst themselves what they wanted to do. Charlie looked over the pamphlets and picked one up that seemed perfect for him when he read its title, ‘First time?’ On the cover was a picture of a naked family of four; father, mother, son and daughter. He couldn’t help noticing the fourteen year old boy in the picture was quite hot but that made sense. He was a professional model. He opened the booklet to the first page which advertised the steam and heat treatments with pictures of the mother and son relaxing in a steam room. The next page was all about the massages they provide with pictures of the daughter having her feet massaged by an asian woman while the father lay on his front with a nude asian boy of about nine years old walking on his back. Charlie turned the page to the centrefold which advertised their sexual services. Every member of the family was pictured here, each with their faces showing they had hit their sexual climax at the moment the picture was taken. The mother and daughter held hands sat on a bench with the heads of two men between their legs. The father and son were shown spit raosting the nine year old asian boy pictured earlier in the brochure. Turning the page he read the words, ‘Red bands only’. On that page the father was pictured bound and gagged as a woman spanked him. He flipped over to the last page which had the title, ‘Something for the kids’. It showed a group of younger childeren all wearing green arm bands laughing and playing in a dry room with lots of stuffed animals and soft toys. There were a number of park employees dressed in white playing with them while a boy of about eight sat naked in one of the employees lap while his hard little dick was stroked. The boys face was a vision of bliss. Charlie turned back a page and stared at the bound and gagged man. “Afraid not son.” Frank placed his hand on charlies shoulder, “Adults only.” Charlie looked up at him, “Oh no, I don’t wanna do that. I was just wondering… why red bands only? I mean, at the gathering you said I could go in the red room if I wanted so why not here?” “Time was you were allowed.” Frank explained, “But younger kids got curious, would find a blue band at the bottom of the pool or borrow one from an older kid and go in without their parents permission. Obviously their mums and dads were NOT happy so the park changed its policy.” “Oh right.” This made perfect sense to Charlie. “Yeah… So. What do you want to do?” Frank asked. Charlie remembered loving the massage that Aaron had given him, “I want a massage.” “Same.” Frank smiled and turned to Isabelle, “Darling?” “Definitely a foot rub.” She replied. “Oh that sounds like heaven.” Linda agreed. “When you’re ready please make your way down to the treatment rooms.” The receptionist said with a smile. As one they walked towards the stairs and began their descent. As the other staircase they had taken to get to the locker room had done this one turned back on itself halfway down and soon Charlie found himself in a large circular room with doors along the left side and a large glass window on the right. A group of park employees dressed in white and standing next to a pile of white towels smiled at them and offered greetings as they arrived. Charlie looked through the window into the younger kids’ playroom and saw boys and girls of various ages laughing and playing together. He approached the window for a closer look. Inside he saw two boys of about seven or eight wrestling in the ball pit. Apparently they had gotten a bit rough since a park employee walked over and pulled them apart. He knelt down and held the hand of each of them as he spoke but from this side of the glass Charlie couldn’t hear what was being said. Both boys seemed to be protesting as they pointed at each other. The park employee said something to which the boys’ response was to look at each other then nod to the man now kneeling between them. The man smiled then proceeded take each of their hard cocklets in his fingers and began masturbating the lads, every so often sucking each of them for a few moments. Near the back of the room a group of girls crowded around a woman who was sat with another little girl on her lap. Charlie couldn’t see what the woman was doing but judging from the girls expression she must have had very talented fingers. Other kids were kissing, sucking, licking and playing with each other, sharing their as yet limited knowledge of sexual pleasure. Charlie felt something brush up against his side and looked down to see Michael standing next to him absentmindedly rubbing his hard cocklet as he looked through the window, “Hey little buddy.” Michael looked up at him, “Looks fun in there right?” Michael frowned and looked through the window again seemingly thinking about something. “Charlie?” Charlie turned around to see Frank addressing him, “You know what you would like to do?” Charlie did so he nodded, “Okay then. When you’re ready just go over to a member of staff and they will take you through.” Charlie looked at the people dressed in white standing by the pile of clean towels. A young man with brown skin and black hair caught his attention with a wide smile. Charlie smiled back as he approached him, “Hi.” “Hello young man.” The employee spoke with an accent charlie couldn’t place. Sort of American but not, “My name is Dasha. How may i help you today?” “Umm… Could i have a massage?” Charlie asked. “Of course.” Dasha replied picking up a towel from the pile, “But if your little friend wants to join us he will need permission from a parent or guardian.” “Little friend?” Charlie was confused for just a moment before feeling a hand squeeze and hold his. He looked to his side to see Michael looking up at him, “Oh! Hey little buddy. You don’t wanna go in the playroom?” Michael shook his head, “You wanna get a massage with me?” Michael nodded, “Okay. One sec. Hey dad?” Frank was about to leave through one of the doors when he looked over at Charlie, “Yeah?” “Can Michael get a massage with me?” “Oh!” Frank waved to Dasha and pointed to his red wrist band, “Yeah that’s fine. He can go in but no penetration of any kind.” Dasha smiled at Frank, “Understood sir. Thank you.” As Frank left with Arthur and two young asian boys Dasha turned back to Charlie and michael picking up a second towel, “If you would please follow me.” Dasha opened one of the doors and led the boys through it into a long hallway with doors along the left wall. Coming to the second to last door Dasha opened it and stood there indicating with his hand, “After you.” Charlie walked into the small room and noted its beauty. Traditional Japanese artwork adorned the walls showing scenes of men, women and children bathing, giving and receiving massages and engaged in various sexual acts. The bench that lined one of the walls was flanked by banzai trees and the air was sweet with the smell of freshly burned incense. The soft lighting and calming music added to the overall serenity of the space as Charlie looked at the massage table in the middle of the room. It appeared to be in four pieces, two of which were together in the centre, the half circle cut into the soft cushions coming to gether to create a full circle in which, Charlie assumed, his face would be when laying on his front. The other two pieces were either side with their half circles facing outward. As Dasha closed the door and busied himself with oils and preparing to do his job Charlie turned to Michael, “Okay little buddy. You sit on the bench there while i have a massage then we’ll swap. Okay?” Michael nodded and sat down. Dasha was ready for Charlie, “Okay young man, please hop up onto the table here and lay face down and we’ll get started.” “Okay.” Charlie followed Dashas instructions and lay face down on the soft cushions of the table with his face through the hole. He had to ask, “Can i ask, where are you from? I can’t place your accent.” Charlie looked at Dashas feet on the floor by the side of the table as he felt oiled hands begin to rub his back and shoulders, “I’m from Singapore. I’m in my last year at Hadokoku and I’m here on my work placement.” “Oh. That’s cool.” Charlie enjoyed the feel of Dashas hands cressing him, “What’s Singapore like?” “Oh it’s great.” Dasha spoke with affection about his home, “The streets are clean, there’s virtually no crime and all the hubs are very interconnected so there’s always a gathering to go to. Any injuries I should know about before I start?” Charlie was confused, “I… thought you had started?” Dasha chuckled, “Not yet. I just oiled you. I mean start the massage.” “Oh. Err no. No injuries.” Charlie told him. “Okay then.” Dasha replied and that was it. He went to work. Dashas fingers and palms glided across Charlies body giving the boy sensations he had never felt before. His talented hands manipulated muscles Charlie didn’t even know he had. Charlie fully intended to make further conversation but couldn’t. All he could manage to vebalise was a gutteral sound of absolute relaxation, “Hooooohhhhhh… ” At some point, he wasn’t sure when, his eyes had closed and only opened again when he heard Dashas voice, “What’s up young man?” Charlie looked at the floor and saw Michaels feet, one rubbing the top of the other, “Oh you need to use the bathroom? … Okay. It’s just back out this door and the next one along.” Michaels feet left Charlies field of view and a moment later he heard the door open and close before dasha telling him, “Okay just relax as you are. I’m gonna flip you now. This table is a little old so we call it the loud one haha. You’ll see what I mean.” Charlie felt a towel being draped over his entire body then the table shaking a little before a loud noise that sounded like crunching metal signified the movement of the two outer cushions as they left their positions either side of him and rose up to come together on his back. Charlie was now sandwiched between the two cushioned tables as he heard a CLICK! The whole contraption turned with Charlies view of the floor being replaced with a view of the ceiling then another CLICK! The two pieces of the table that a moment before charlie had been laying on now parted and moved to the position the ones he now lay face up on had been before, the same crunching metal sound filling the room, “All done. Sorry about that. I know izmit kendi evi olan escort the noise kinda kills the calm but we are getting a new one soon.” Charlie didn’t mind. He still felt incredibly relaxed, “Nah it’s fine.” He smiled up at Dasha. Dasha smiled back as he began oiling Charlies front. Once the oil was applied he again went to work with his talented hands giving charlie the second half of the best massage he had ever received . Through the pleasure Charlie made a mental note to not mention this to Aaron. The door opened and closed again. Charlie opened his eyes and turned his head to see Michael sitting back down on the bench to continue watching Dasha perform his task with skill. Having successfully brought Charlie as close to sleep as he could be without falling unconscious Dasha declared the massage, “Finished. How do you feel?” “Hmmmm… ” Was all Charlie could say. Dasha chuckled, “I guess I did well then. Would you like to cum?” Charlie opened his eyes and looked up at Dasha with a smile, “Yes please.” “Aww.” Dasha smiled down at him, “So polite.” Dasha took a small tube out of the pocket of his white shorts and squirted some into the palm of his hand. Putting the tube back in his pocket he rubbed his hands together and took hold of Charlies penis that had been in a constant state of arousal since the locker room. He began lubing up the boys hard shaft and asked, “How old are you?” “Twelve.” Charlie replied. “Really? Hmm. Big boy for your age.” Charlie couldn’t help smiling, “Yeah haha. I’ve been told that.” “I’m sure you have.” Dasha began sensually masturbating charlie, “Do you ejaculate yet?” “Yeah.” Charlies breathing sped up a little as the first tingles began. “Okay. I have paper towels ready.” Dasha used one of his hands to rub the head of Charlies cock while the other continued to work the shaft, “Unless you would like to finish in my mouth?” “Up to yahaa… hoooo… Up to you.” Charlie replied. “Okay. Tell me when you are close.” Dasha instructed him. Charlie laid there enjoying what was probably the best handjob he had ever gotten. Dasha was clearly a professional. His eyes wandered over the artwork on the ceiling and around the walls until his gaze rested on Michael who was looking directly at him. The boy was breathing fast as he sat on the bench quickly rubbing his own hard cocklet up and down. Their eyes met and soon Charlies orgasm began to rise, “Ahhh… Ahhh! N… now! … Now Dasha!” In one swift motion mid stroke Dasha brought his face to Charlies crotch and sucked the boys cock into his mouth, “Aaahhh! Oh god! Aaaahhhhhhh!” As his sweet boy cum was sucked out of his dick Charlies eyes remained locked with Michaels. Apparently seeing Charlie climax had pushed the young lad over the edge himself, his mouth open, his little body shook as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over him. Coming back to his senses the young boys arm flopped to his side, smiling at Charlie while catching his breath. Charlie smiled back and looked up at Dasha as the seventeen year old wiped his mouth with a paper towel, “You… phew… you’re really good at that haha.” Dasha smiled as he tossed the balled up paper towel in the nearby waste paper basket, “Yeah.” He chuckled, “I’ve been told that.” Charlie sat up and looked at Michael, “You ready for your turn little buddy?” Michael smiled and nodded. Charlie hopped down and took a seat on the bench as Dasha helped Michael up onto the massage table. Once the bothwas in place, laid down with his face through the hole Dasha asked him, “I’m going to apply the oil now okay?” No answer, “Would that be okay?” Still no answer. “Tap once for yes Michael.” Charlie called over causing Dasha to look at him confused. Michael raised his right hand and dropped it back to the table once. Dasha looked at this then back at Charlie with a questioning look. Pointing at Michael then bringing his fingers his lips, he made a movement as if zipping them shut. Charlie nodded and a look of epiphany came across Dashas face. He gave Charlie a thumbs up then turned back to Michael, “Okay then.” He began to apply oil to the ten year old boys body in the same way he had done to Charlie, starting at his shoulders and working his way down Michaels back and sides to his cute butt cheeks, legs and ending at his feet, “Alrighty then. You’re all oiled up. Would it be okay if I start the massage now?” Again Michael raised his arm and let it drop once, “Okay. I’m starting now.” Charlie was fascinated watching Dasha work. His skillful fingers and palms gliding across the boys soft skin as it shone with the oil. He moved as gracefully as a dancer and Charlie could have watched him forever if not distracted by the first time he had ever heard Michaels voice, “Hmm… ” It was faint. It was short. It was no more than a moan but it was definitely Michael actually making a sound with his voice, albeit probably involuntarily. For some reason this made Charlie incredibly happy. He didn’t even know why. He knew it was silly to think Michael was physically incapable of speaking but having heard him make a noise he felt relieved nonetheless. Dasha continued his work for a while occasionally illiciting more soft moans from Michael until he was, “Finished this side. I’m going to flip you now.” Charlie watched as Dasha walked to the feet end of the table and reached down. The loud sound of crunching metal again filled the room- “AAHHH! AAAHHHHH! AAAAHHHHHHH!” Michael screamed and Dasha jumped back. The noise of the table ceased as did its movement only to be replaced by the screams and cries of the terrified and panicking boy on top of it. Quickly getting over the initial shock of the moment Charlie hurried over to Michael and lifted the boys face out of the hole in the cushions, “Michael!” His eyes were closed as he continued to wail, “Michael! Open your eyes!” Charlie shook him, “Michael look at me!” “AAHHH!” Michael opened his eyes, “Aaahhhh! Aahhh!” As Michaels eyes focused he saw he was looking directly into Charlies, “Aahhh… ahh… … ” “That’s it… ” Charlie rubbed the boys back, “You’re okay… you’re okay… ” Michael sat up and looked at Charlie who felt an overwhelming sadness come over him. Seeing Michaels pain made him want to cry but he didn’t. He sniffed, “Come here little buddy.” Michael wrapped his arms around charlie and whimpered. Charlie hugged the boy close and soothed him, “Shhh… shhh… It’s okay… I’m here… I got you… shhh… ” Charlie looked over at Dasha who was watching them with a horrified look on his face, “Did… did I do something?” Charlie shook his head, “No. No it’s not you man… it’s… something else.” Dasha was slightly relieved yet still concerned, “Is he… okay?” “Yeah… Yeah he’ll be fine umm… I think we’re done here though.” Charlie stroked Michaels head, “You wanna go back and wait for the others?” Michael sniffed and nodded, “Okay then. Hop down.” After thanking Dasha for his massage Charlie led Michael by the hand back to the large circular room and sat together on a bench waiting for everyone else. Every so often other patrons would arrive, briefly look at the ten year old boy sucking his thumb while a twelve year old boy held him close and occasionally kissed his head, then disappear with a memeber of staff to go and enjoy their preferred spa treatment. It wasn’t long before a door opened and Charlie heard Franks voice, “… his bodyweight to really get at the muscles of my lower back.” “Yeah. Nothing else like it.” Arthur seemed to agree with whatever Frank had said, “I see you still like to make the one you are fucking cum before you do haha.” “I do haha. Did you see his face? Priceless. That and when he came his arse got so tight around my cock- Oh! Charlie. How was your… ” Frank stopped when he saw Charlie holding Michael close. Both men approached and Frank knelt down placing a hand on Michaels leg, “Hey there little guy.” He looked at Charlie, “What happened?” Charlie explained what had occurred. As he did the rest of their party returned through various doors and when he was done Frank nodded, “Those tables can be loud at the best of times so if that one was old and broken… Okay. Hey Michael?” Michael had calmed down considerably now and looked at Frank, “I know what will make you feel better.” Frank smiled as he saw the boys interest had been piqued, “You wanna go on some more rides?” Michael nodded, “Okay then. We’ll all get dried and dressed then we’ll go and do that before watching the show. Would you like that?” Michael smiled. They walked together back to the locker room with Frank stopping off at the little office on the way to pick up their keys. The staff member in the little office looked for Franks drivers licence and found it along with the numerous locker keys it was attached to and handed them back. After they were all dried and dressed Charlie helped Michael tie his shoe laces and they left. They worked their way around the park going on the last few rides and rollercoasters they hadn’t yet made it to then began making their way to the amphitheatre at the northern side of the park. As they approached their group joined the steady stream of people making their way to the entrance. James commented to Seb, “We’ll definitely get seats. We got here early enough. Hey look!” He pointed. Charlie followed his finger to the large posters flanking the entrance they were about to go through that advertised the show they were about to see. It was always a big production giving visitors to the park a way to end their day there with a bang. Charlie remembered loving it when he and Frank had come here before except that one time they were too late and all the seats were full. It was fine though, he and his dad had sat on the nearby field and picnic area with hot dogs and could still watch the fireworks display that was the big finale. Looking at the posters he saw the clowns, the jugglers, the people Seb had taught him were called trapeze artists, the fire eaters- “Ohhh… ” Charlie stopped staring at the poster and glanced at Michael who was listening to Damien tell him and Billy a joke. He was too short to see over the crowd of people around him so he hadn’t seen the posters. The others walked on but Frank noticed Charlie had stopped and asked, “You okay son?” Charlie pointed to Michael and then the poster. Frank looked at them both then back at Charlie with a blank expression, “What?” Charlie explained, “Dad, i don’t think Michael will like this.” “Why not? He seems really excited.” Charlie persisted, “Well seeing how he reacted to the noise that massage table made I’m guessing it sounded like… you know.” “The car crash.” “Yeah.” Charlie continued, “And considering what you told me he saw I don’t think he will want to see the fire eaters-” “Ahhh… ” Frank got it, “Yeah… Yeah you’re probably right… hmm… ” Frank thought for a moment, “Okay, if you boys want to go in and enjoy the show I can take Michael to the picnic area and we can watch the fireworks from there.” “I dunno if that will work.” Charlie said and in response to Franks questioning look he explained, “He’ll want to know why everyone else is going in but he can’t and if we explain it to him-” “-he’ll be reminded of it anyway.” Frank finished Charlies sentence, “Hmm… ” Frank was trying to think of a solution. Charlie had one in mind, “I’ll taken him to the place we went when we were too late to get seats. He likes me. I’ll tell him it’s like… a special hang out time just for us.” “Are you sure?” Frank asked, “You’ll miss the show.” Charlie waved his hand, “Yeah it’s fine. I’ve seen it before and besides, we can still watch the fireworks.” Frank looked at Charlie for a long time before smiling, “You really have grown up so much… I know I keep saying it but I really am so proud of you son.” Charlies cheeks flushed a little, “That’s fine… just don’t cry okay?” He and Frank shared a smile and Charlie approached Michael, “Hey Michael, I have an idea.” Michael looked up at Charlie and waited, “How would you like to come and get a hot dog and we can find a great place to watch the fireworks huh? Just you and me. What do you say little buddy?” Michaels eyebrows raised momentarily then he smiled. His cheeks flushed red and he looked at the ground linking his hands behind his back. As he rocked from side to side he nodded his agreement. It was just about the cutest thing Charlie had ever seen and the wide smile on his face showed it. He held out his hand to Michael, “Come on then pal. Let’s go.” Michael took Charlies hand and the two of them began to walk away together. “Charlie?” Charlie and Michael stopped and turned back to see James’ eyes looking from one of them to the other and back again, “Where err… Where you going?” “Oh, I’m gonna take Michael to get a hot dog and watch the fireworks.” Charlie told him. James frowned, “… … oookay… ” Charlies frown matched that of his boyfriend, “You okay?” “Huh?” James’ gaze left Michaels and Charlies linked hands and again found Charlies eyes, “err yeah… yeah I’m fine. Umm… I should get in there.” James turned around and walked back towards the gates of the amphitheatre. ‘That was weird… ‘ Charlie thought. He looked at Michaels face and saw the boy looking at James walk away clearly thinking the same as him, “Come on.” The frown left Michaels face to be replaced by his sweet smile as he looked back up at Charlie, “I can’t stop thinking about those hot dogs. They are sooo good.” Charlie led Michael to the picnic area and approached one of the hot dog stands. He orded them both a foot long dog with their choice of toppings and grabbed one of the complimentary blankets with the Wacky World logo emblazoned on it. Charlie let Michael pick the spot and when he had they lay the blanket down together. It was actually a really good place he had picked since not only would they be able to see the fireworks unobstructed but they had a great view of the setting sun. The sound of the crowd cheering in the amphitheatre rose up in the distance as the show began. The boys ate their hot dogs whille the sun set and the stars began to twinkle in the sky. Charlie remembered being here before with Frank and waiting for the fireworks to start. Charlie had been restless and so to keep him occupied Frank had told his seven year old son about the stars, the planets and the constellations, pointing them out in the sky when they could see them. Charlie did the same now for Michael. Once their hot dogs were eaten Charlie went back to the hot dog stand and grabbed them a hot chocolate each, presenting his arm band to be scanned as he had done all day whenever getting drinks or food or using the fast pass to skip queues. He returned and handed one of the hot cups of chocolatey goodness to Michael, “Here you go little buddy, extra cream and marshmallows.” Michael took it and immediately sipped from its rim completely ignoring the straw. When he pulled the cup away he looked at Charlie with an appreciative smile and a whipped cream moustache. Charlie couldn’t help giggling and the confused look on Michaels face just made him laugh harder, “Hahaha… S.. sorry haha… look.” Charlie sipped his hot chocolate in the same way and beamed at Michael with cream covering his top lip. Michael began to titter at first. Then he giggled. Charlie did too then it just happened. Michael burst out laughing, “Hahahahahahaha!” The joyous noise of a boy seeing the funniest thing he ever had filled the night air just before the first bangs of fireworks lit up the sky. Charlie looked up at the beautiful colours and shapes dancing amongst the stars and watched in awe. After a few minutes he glanced at Michael to check if he was alright only to see the boy watching him and not the fireworks, “Hey little buddy. What’s up?” Michael just kept looking at Charlie, “… Are you oka-” His words were cut short by the young boy kissing him on the lips. He held his lips there for a moment. Charlie thought it was a very sweet gesture of friendship until he felt Michaels tongue enter his mouth. He briefly began to make out with the boy as had become his automatic reaction to such a thing before, “Hmm!” Charlie broke the kiss, “Whoa!” Michaels beaming face was lit up by various explosions in the sky before he leaned in and wapped his arms around Charlies waist, resting his head on Charlie chest. Charlie wasn’t sure what had just happened but hugged Michael close to him anyway. The two of them watched the fireworks like that until they ended with applause from the picnic area and cheers from the amphitheatre. Charlie squeezed Michael, “Okay little buddy, lets give the blanket back then we’ll go and catch up with the others.” They did this and walked to meet up with the rest of their group, Michael insisting still that they walk hand in hand. James again frowned when he saw them approaching. Walking back to the car with the crowd they were all talking excitedly about the show and their favourite parts of the day. Charlie saw Seb and James talking quietly up ahead, occasionally looking back at him and Michael. Once they had gotten to the car and began to all load in Michael wouldn’t let go of Charlies hand, “Come on little buddy we have to get going.” Michael shook his head and squeezed Charlies hand tighter. “Why don’t you two sit in the back together?” James said with crossed arms and an obvious tone of aggression. Charlie was about to ask what was wrong when Billy piped up, “Yeah! Then I can sit next to Seb!” Seb bit his bottom lip looking at James before speaking to Billy, “Y.. yeah little dude. Yeah you can sit next to me. James gave Seb an accusatory look to which Seb replied with shrugging shoulders and an expression which read, ‘What could I do?’ Charlie was confused but had no time for that as Isabelle chimed in, “Well boys whoever sits where doesn’t matter as long as we’re all in the car. Come on.” She opened the passenger side door and climbed in. All the boys got into the car and Charlie was about to join them when he noticed Martin and his family getting into their car to leave. He remembered something, “I’ll be right back.” “Charlie? Where are you going?” Isabelle asked, “We need to leave.” “I won’t be long.” Charlie replied, “I’ll be back before dad.” Frank had gone with the other drivers to recieve the correct directions back through the woods. Charlie jogged over to Martins familys car and knocked on the window. Martin rolled it down, “Hey guys. I just wanted to say it was great seeing you today.” “You too man.” Martin said. “Yeah it was fun.” Mark agreed, “You little brother is hilarious.” Charlie smiled, “Yeah he is… So… Your dad went to get the directions too huh?” “Err yeah.” Martin seemed curious about this strange question, “Why?” “Huh? Oh, nothing.” Charlie saw Mr. Barnes walking in their direction, “I gotta go. See you guys next week.” “See ya.” Martin raised his car window again. Charlie walked back in the direction of his familys car stopping to talk to Mr. Barnes on the way, “Mr. Barnes?” Arthur stopped and looked at Charlie, “Can I ask you something?” Arthur looked at his watch, “If it’s quick, sure.” “At breakfast you and my dad had an argument-” “I know for a fact your father wouldn’t want me discussing that subject with you so I’m not going to.” Arthur cut him off as he began to walk away, “Ask him.” “Please sir!” Charlie spun around, “Who’s Lee?!” Arthur stopped. He stayed still for a moment before turning back to look at Charlie, “… Now that question you REALLY should ask your father. He can answer it better than me.” He went to turn away before stopping and locking his eyes with Charlies, “Better than anyone.” He held the boys gaze for a few moments before turning and walking away, confident in the knowledge he had just told Charlie exactly who Lee was. He had. Charlie looked over at his father approaching their vehicle. Many thoughts bombarded his mind at once leading to many questions, ‘Why have I never met Lee? Why doesn’t dad ever talk about him? Where is he?’ Frank waved him over and Charlie began walking to the car with the same question going around and around in his head, ‘What happened to him?’ ‘What happened to dads bunk buddy?’ AUTHORS NOTE: Hi everyone. Sorry if it seems like I’m dragging the end out a bit lol. I just want to make sure I tie up all the loose ends I need to while laying the ground for when we return to Charlies world in the future. Thanks to all who have signed up for the mailing list and thanks to anyone who reads and enjoys my story. It gives me great joy to know that something I created brings pleasure to others. I hope you are all having a lovely day. Thanks again Edgar Friendly

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