Subject: Belly Of The Beast This is a tale of father/son incest. If this is not your fantasy, take heart. Nifty has all kinds of stories geared to you. Please take the time to donate to Nifty on their secure donation page. Start the new year by thanking Nifty. Your sex life will thank you. I can be reached at: ail Emails with pics get a faster response but all will be answered in time. Thanks to jlk for the inspirational pics. This is a continuation of Our Naked Week and the follow-up, John And Josh. Enjoy. Belly Of The Beast Already at 7:00 am the rising sun had taken the dew from the grass. John sat on the front stoop naked. Enjoying his morning coffee the muscular clean-shaven bear stared out over the lake but his gaze was inward. How much had changed in the few short days since he had arrived with his son to their sprawling private property. Josh, lithe and golden, had moved into his bed in all the ways a boy could. His son. As the screen door squeaked he half turned his head. “Morning, babe.” He was rewarded with arms folding about his neck as his lover kissed his head. “Sleep good?” “Yeah,” Josh yawned. “I wanted to curl into your arms but you weren’t there. When did you wake up?” “Early enough to make a pot of coffee and shit, shower and shave.” The lips sipped in some brew. “Hungry?” “Yeah, but not for food.” The boy twisted about the broad shoulders as strong arms brought him onto the hairy lap. “Want to?” “Making love to my son is the best way to start the day.” They kissed as only lovers do. Son and father. And in moments they were kneeling on the bed facing each other. Josh raked his fingers through the forest on his dad’s well-formed pecs. Forehead pressed to forehead. Thumb and forefinger twisted the hard nipples standing up invitingly. As he watched his tongue ran over his teeth. Saliva formed as he tugged on the man tits. John held his sons hard-on sliding back the skin. The pink knob stood proudly as it was kissed by the full foreskin of his own hard-on. Easing his own hood back until the tip of his purple knob was exposed, the two piss slits met before his foreskin was slid forward covering not only his sons pink knob but part way down the pencil shaft. Then his fist held them securely together making it impossible to tell where father ended and son began. He began to pulse his strong grip. Josh flicked his tongue about the rigid hairy nipple. His open mouth pressed into hair as his lips encased the full dark pap. As tongue teased his mouth began to suck hard. Teeth playfully bit down before his tongue snaked in to soothe. Over and over he suckled the way daddy had taught him. John held his sons hair as his other let the pink knob slide in full circle about his daddy cock head. His boy maker was full and hot and hard. Between his sons sucking mouth and his sweet rotating prick the man was in a florid state of boy lust. Lifting his sons chin he kissed the wet lips with tender love. Tongue slid in and began to loll with the lads. Josh loved battling tongues with his dad’s. The muscles slapped and slid in a wet tussle. Light fingers slid down the furry torso to fondle the great dad balls. The gaziantep travesti full soft hairy bag was molested as the balls were moved about. The lips parted. John held his sons face with both hands now. “What do you want, baby?” His lips began to kiss about the smooth cheeks, nose and eyes. “Tell daddy what you need? What do you want most, son? Tell me.” The scent of the boy was intoxication. “Daddy”, he half-whispered. John kissed his lips. “Tell daddy.” “Can you play with yourself for me?” “You want a show. You get a show.” As the bear planted his feet on the floor he quickly dipped his head giving his sons prick a few seconds of suck. Then looking over at his son he began to run his beefy fingers through his hair. Once they found his nipples they squeezed hard. His eyes zeroed in on his sons fingers feeling over pricklette and ballys. Hands slid roughly down his torso until he had a firm grip on his cock. Slowly he pumped as fingers once more twisted his tit. “Ah, son, you look so fucking hot!” He jerked off with deliberation. “Is this what you want? You want to see daddy jerking off as he thinks about you?” “Yeah.” His fingers matched whatever his dad did. John squeezed his dick hard forcing up a foggy drop of precum. Forefinger scooped it up to his lips. “Tasty. The taste I want you to always have in your sweet mouth.” He masturbated with renewed vigor. “Do you want me to cum?” “Oh, yes, please.” “Where do you want me to shoot?” Josh grinned lewdly. “In your mouth.” John nodded. Flipping onto the bed the bear brought his lower torso up over his head. Manipulating his body, the cock pointed directly at his mouth. Then he stunned the boy by lapping his own slimey knob. The tongue tip danced about the end of his cockhead. A couple of rough quick jerks and a geyser of cum shot down into his open groaning mouth. Josh watched fascinated as his dad self-sucked the last of the cream. The body uncoiled before he was pulled over the mouth. His cock disappeared into the sucking cum-filled hole. So hard and rough was the vacuum that he began to spasm. As he did both father and son had the same thought. Someday the cum in the mouth would be Josh’s. They hiked the morning away. Hand in hand they followed the trail making small nature discoveries along the way. A new type of bird that Josh had never seen or the chipmunks and squirrels that scurried away as they neared. On their way back they observed a motorboat zoom along the water. From their covered vantage point they watched the craft disappear. “I’m gonna pee”, Josh announced. Before he could even move his father had knelt beside him. Beefy fingers held his prick gingerly. “Here it is.” As the golden stream flowed John leaned in sampling from the fountain. “Daddy, what are you doing?” The lad was shocked. “Tasting your piss.” A long tongue lapped up the warm almost tasteless liquid. His mouth widened as the lad pissed directly into the maw. He held it until it dribbled down his chin. Then he swallowed with a loud gulp. “Good year”, he joked at the vintage. And once the stream had stopped he gaziantep masaj salonları sucked the final drops clean. Josh’s mind whirled but the sucking mouth soon focussed his yearning. Holding his dad’s head he began to fuck the sucking mouth. His movements were uncoordinated but the intense sensation was hungering his prick. “Oh, daddy, suck me.” John suckled the prick wanting the moment to last. On his knees with hands stroking the boys thighs and calfs he gave his son a gentle blowjob. His mouth moved up and down the short length as the tongue caressed the sides of the shaft. Hands pulling his hair let him know his boy expertise was working. Josh sighed as he fucked. The handsome mouth felt wonderful. “Daddy? Daddy?!” John knew. Fingers fondled the delicate boy balls. He sucked hard and fast. Bobbing strong he felt the boy spasm, knees buckle, and groans of pleasure escape from the throat. As it all ebbed he looked up at the grateful gleam in his sons eyes. As John’s open mouth smiled he flicked the pink knob with his teasing tongue. “Nothing better than blowing a boy outdoors.” Josh watched his father stand, the fat cock engorged in purple rage. His hands stroked the pole. But his hands were tossed away. Paws aimed the cock towards his crotch. “Want me to suck you, daddy?” “In a minute.” Pulling the foreskin back he bounced the pole up and down rapidly. With a paw firmly planted on the slim hip he held his son still. Then his cock was steadied. The first shot of piss hit his sons cock and balls full on. Josh watched fascinated by the warmth and scent and surprising comfort in having daddy pee on him. The golden shower was gentle. Boldly he took hold of the fat cock aiming the piss where he wanted. Giggling he sprayed his cock, his balls, his legs and his stomach. The water trickled down his body in steady piss streams. He let his hands get wet. All too soon it trickled to a stop. “Suck out the last drops. Come on, son. Show daddy how much you love my fat cock.” On his knees he took in the knob. The scent of backsplash was strong but the taste was surprisingly mild. He sucked hard. Not bad at all was the taste. As the cock fully engorged he longed for a much different flavor. The swim refreshed as well as cleansed. The rest of the last days were spent in more of the same. But all too soon it was there last night. John got onto the bed. Side by side father faced son. “Good thing we’re going home tomorrow. We’re almost outta food.” “I’m going to miss being here”, Josh sighed. “What’ll you miss the most?” Fingers toyed with chest hair. “Everything. All of it. Mostly sleeping with you.” John raised up on his elbow. “Why? Where are you going?” Josh grinned. “You mean we still can?” John kissed his son tenderly. “I love you. We can still sleep together. And suck and piss and anything else we take a mind to.” Their tongues met in a passionate deep kiss. Arms entwined bodies as father and son swapped spit with battling tongues. John broke the embrace retreating to the bathroom and returning with the familiar plastic jar. Then they gaziantep escort bayan went back to the loving tongue war. “Do you know what I’d really love you to do? Sit that sweet ass of yours on my face.” He kissed his son lightly. “I want you to wiggle that butt while I enjoy your sweet boy hole.” With that he rolled onto his back pulling the kid with him. Josh writhed up the furry torso. Kneeling with a leg on either side of his dad’s head he carefully sat down. Paws moved over his body as the wet tongue began to snake his crack. As the sensations increased he was pushed down to solidly squat over his dad’s mouth. John’s tongue licked the smooth asshole. Slobbering over the opening the sweet bag rested across his nose. Hands roamed over his sons chest then stomach then fondled the boys hard-on. As his frenzied tongue snaked about the boy cunt the lad began to rythmically squeeze his plump little ass cheeks. With each wriggle of the butt the tongue pressed harder and harder against the hole. The tip tickled and coaxed the virgin door to open. Delicious tongue assault sent the boys body into overdrive. He wiggled his butt to accommodate the probing tongue. Josh had no idea anything could feel as good as getting his cock sucked. He watched one of his father’s hands grab the container, flip the lid open and dip a finger into the Vaseline. Josh didn’t care. The rimming from his daddy was all he wanted to know. John slid a paw up the kids back forcing him to bend forward. As the boy did his cock and balls moved over the mouth. In one careful gulp he sucked cock and balls in. As mouth and tongue enjoyed the wholeness of Josh his coated finger dabbed at the boys hole. In small circles the fingers pressed the relaxed smooth hole. Josh groaned when the finger entered. His daddy sucked his sex with such love and tenderness that the finger seemed so much a part of all of it. Onward it travelled. Then stopped. It twisted inside creating new sensations. Then it began to retreat. Another stop. The in deeper then back then in then back then in. Josh sighed. His mind was devoid of thought as he experienced overwhelming passionate love. The cock bounced in his mouth as he finger-fucked the boys virginity away. The boy thrust his crotch over and over. No doubt about it, when this kid got a cock up his ass he was going to be the ride of the century. John finger-fucked faster. The boy began to thrash. Then the body suddenly spasmed screaming out “DADDY!” for the universe to hear. Josh slowly sat on his dad’s chest. He looked down at the somewhat smug handsome grin. “Wow, dad”, he sighed. “Wow, indeed. You’re quite the little dynamo.” Fingers fondled the wet sex. “We’re going to have such a good time from here on in. I’m gonna love sucking you after school.” John tweaked the nipples. “But right now I need to give my baby some daddy cream.” Josh needed no encouragement. Turning around he happily slid down to suck the cock head into his mouth. Hands played with hairy balls as he sucked his dad’s fat purple knob. The slimey precum rolled over his licking tongue. He just couldn’t wait to taste the cum again. And again. And… John looked at the sweet cock and loose balls hovering above. His beautiful son was giving him an expert blowjob as his only debate was to suck the lads cock or balls or lick the sweet hole. He pulled the hips down. He had made his choice. Dear reader, this is the end of the lustful trilogy. Hope you enjoyed it. And donate to Nifty. Thanks DaddyRob

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