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Subject: Beneath the Sheets Beneath the Sheets by Xavier L This story is inspired by a real-life experience of a reader. It is a mostly fictional story containing sex between a father and his preteen son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn’t continue reading. If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the Authors section under XavierL at http://www.//eprolific.htmlxavierl or str/files/Authors/XavierL/ . If you have ideas or fantasies you’d like to see turned into stories, feel free to email me. Don’t send me too many details, though. Please email me with if you’d like to be notified when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at ail. Make sure to tell me which list(s) you would like to be included on (gay and/or str8/bi). Follow me on Twitter: @XavierStories2 I’ve slept in Mom and Dad’s bed since I was born. Even though I’m now 10, I still spend most nights with them. It just feels nice being close to them. If I had a brother, maybe I’d feel differently. Being in my room alone just isn’t nice. Some of it is also because they . . . do things when I pretend to be asleep. The first time I woke up was because I was between them. I was a lot smaller back then. Dad’s arm slid over me, and I felt it moving. I heard Mom making some weird noises. As Dad’s arm started moving faster, Mom started making more noise. While he was doing this, I also felt something hard pressing into my leg. It seemed to be coming from the same area where his penis would be. I was curious but afraid to touch it. After this happened a few more times, I decided to try to find out what was going on. So the next time I felt Dad’s arm moving over me, I rolled onto my side. He paused, and I tried hard to seem asleep. He moved closer to me. Since it was summer, it wasn’t quite as dark yet, and I could kind of see under the sheets. I noticed his hand going between Mommy’s legs. He started rubbing her, and she spread her legs wider. I noticed that hard thing pressing against my butt while his hand moved back and forth. Mommy pulled up her nightgown more, and I could tell he was putting his finger, or fingers, in her vagina! As he continued, I saw her rubbing her nipples. Ever since that night I became almost obsessed to watch when this happened. Some nights it meant I didn’t get much sleep because I tried to stay awake. This only happened one to two times a week, but I didn’t want to miss out. I don’t know exactly how long it took for my curiosity to get strong enough, but it happened one night. Dad was doing his finger thing. I was on my back between them and could feel that hard thing against my leg. I waited until it seemed they were really getting into it. Then I moved my hand to the bump and started gently rubbing it. He was wearing boxers like he usually does. As soon as I had rubbed it a few times, I felt his arm stop moving. His hand moved to the bump. I felt it move a bit quickly, and he returned it to Mommy’s groin. My heart was pounding really hard in my chest because I thought I was in trouble. Since he didn’t stop or move, though, I went ahead and moved my hand back to the bump. Except this time I felt skin! I carefully moved my fingers along it and when I got to the tip I knew I was touching my dad’s dick. I explored it for a bit until I felt his hand on mine. He closed my fingers around it and moved my hand back and forth a couple of times before returning to my mom. I gripped it more and started moving my hand like he had shown me. As I did this, I noticed his hand was moving faster, and Mommy’s noises grew louder. Soon he was moving his hips back and forth while I stroked him. After a bit, Mommy made a louder noise, and his arm stopped moving. I continued moving my hand, though. I didn’t hear what they said to each other. Mommy rolled onto her side, and Dad’s hand moved to my belly. His head moved close to mine, and I could feel his heavy breathing on my cheek. His hand slid down my belly until it was resting on my hard-on. He began rubbing me while I stroked him. He pressed his nose against my face, and I heard him whisper “Faster.” I sped up, and I noticed his breathing increase. Soon I felt something warm shoot onto my skin, and his penis was twitching in my hand. He held my hand still while his hard-on kept moving in my hand. There was something on my hand, and I licked it. It tasted a little salty. His fingers rubbed my nipples a few times before he guided me onto my side. He wrapped his arm around me and moved up against me before falling asleep. The next day as we ate breakfast I was a bit nervous, but Dad never said anything. Nothing happened that night either. However, the day after I was in bed with Mom waiting for Dad. When he got to his side of gölcük escort bayan the bed, he looked at me differently. He put his hands on the waistband of his boxers, and I watched him take them off. He stood at the side of the bed naked for a few seconds before winking at me and sliding into bed. It seemed to take forever for Mommy to fall asleep. Once I heard her lightly snoring, Daddy rolled over, and I could feel his stiff penis on my leg. I took hold of it and started stroking him slowly like the other night. Soon I felt him rubbing me through my underwear. He moved closer to me and gently kissed me on the cheek. I could feel his breath on my face, and I found myself wanting to kiss him. I turned my face toward him more, and our lips touched. He took my upper lip between his lips, and I felt dizzy. I felt his hand on the waistband of my briefs, and he briskly pulled them down. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth, and his fingers took hold of my penis and started rubbing it. I kissed him back harder and started moving my hand faster. He checked on Mommy real quick before kissing me more eagerly. Soon he guided me onto my side. He pushed my underwear down farther. He did something before cuddling up to me again. I felt him slide his hard-on between my legs. I could feel something wet as he moved it back and forth. I felt his fingers on my penis again. He kissed my face and neck while he slid his thing between my legs. I rested my hand on his hairy arm as he started going faster. He had to stop for a bit when my mom’s snoring changed. As soon as he was sure she was still asleep, he started going faster. He nibbled on my earlobe softly. A few moments later he stopped moving while his hard-on twitched. I reached down and could feel it sticking out just below my balls, and I rubbed the tip which made it move again. There was more of that sticky stuff, and I tasted it again. We cuddled for a bit before he kissed me on the cheek again and moved onto his back. A couple of days later it was the weekend. Mom had gone into town to shop at Costco. Dad was downstairs watching golf on the TV. I joined him on the couch. As we sat together, I noticed him occasionally rubbing his crotch. Soon it was obvious he was hard. At one point I looked up at him and saw him smiling at me. “You don’t mind helping out your horny Dad again I hope,” he said. I shook my head no. “Good boy.” He smiled at me as he shoved his shorts down past his knees. As they dropped to his ankles, I took hold of his hard-on and started stroking it. “I’m glad you like my dick. It sure likes you. Do you mind if I watch a naughty movie?” Again I shook my head. I was so focused on looking at his penis. This was the first time I’ve been able to really look at it while it’s hard. When I heard the guy on the show talking about his cock, I looked up. “Yeah, suck that cock!” he said as the woman had his dick in her mouth. I watched her for a bit before deciding I would do the same on Daddy. As soon as his meat when into my mouth, I heard him hiss “Yesss,” and his hand rested on the back of my head. “Oh, Dylan that feels so good! You’re making me so happy!” He spread his legs wider, and I tried copying the woman better by taking more of him into my mouth. It often made me cough, though, so I couldn’t do the whole thing like she was. After a bit, the guy on the show got behind the woman. I watched her face as it looked like he was putting his dick in her rear. He began humping her. Dad was now guiding my head faster. I tried sucking on more of his cock. He did have me stop a couple of times and suck on his balls. Before going back to his dick, I had to remove one of the dark brown hairs from my tongue. It didn’t take long before he was moving my head faster, and he was pumping his hips, too. He was having sex with my mouth, and I was really enjoying this! A few moments later he held firmly onto my head as salty stuff shot out of his dick. “Oh gawd yes! Swallow my cum, son!” It was fun how his dick twitched in my mouth while I moved my tongue. “That was amazing, Dyl! You’re fucking awesome.” I got to suck his dick a couple of more times that week. Never while we were in bed with Mom, though. That would be too obvious. One time was in the garage. He had picked me up from school. When we got home, Mom’s car was still gone since she was at work. Dad asked me for a blowjob. Once he told me that was a name for cock sucking, I was happy to say yes. After doing that, we were watching TV again. I asked if he had any movies that had two guys doing stuff since I wasn’t a girl. I was curious. He said he could find some, and soon we were watching two men. The guy’s face was on the bottom looked like he was enjoying it so much! “Dad, does it really feel that good to have something up your kocaeli otele gelen escort butt?” “I wouldn’t know, but a lot of guys do like it.” We kept watching for a bit before I asked: “Is there a way I can find out?” Dad looked surprised before answering. “Well, I could put my fingers in there. That would give you an idea.” I agreed. I pulled my pants and briefs down while he went to the bathroom. He came back with some lotion. I got on my hands and knees like the guy in the video. Soon I felt Daddy’s finger slide into my hole. It felt weird at first. Soon it felt like he put in a second finger. That definitely felt different. We heard the garage door opening, so he had to stop. “What did you think?” he asked while I was in the bathroom wiping the lotion from my butt. “It did feel good.” That night Mommy told me she’d like me to sleep in my bed. I was bummed. The whole day I had been thinking about the video and Daddy’s dick. I was going to try something with him but now couldn’t. The next night I decided I’d make my move once Mommy was asleep. Once I got into bed and the light was off, I took off my underwear. When Daddy got into bed, I moved onto my side so we could cuddle. As he moved into position, I could tell he was naked, too. When our bodies pressed against each other, I’m sure he felt my skin against his down there. I felt his hand touch my hip before it slid up and down. “You’re naked,” he whispered into my ear. I just nodded. He couldn’t see me grinning. I felt Dad’s cock getting hard, and I got excited. Once Mommy’s snoring got louder, he moved onto his back like the other night. I figured he must be getting lotion or something. When he got back into position, he put his hard dick between my legs again. He slowly moved it back and forth a couple of times before I reached back and grabbed it. He stopped, and I guided it between my butt cheeks until it was pressed against my hole. “Are you sure?” he whispered softly into my ear. I pushed backwards so that he slid into me. My body felt like fire and electricity swept through it as soon as the tip pushed my hole open. I pushed back more so that I could feel more of his dick inside me. He kissed my shoulder while one of his hands rubbed my cock. I continued pushing backward. Every so often I’d have to stop for a bit. Daddy rubbed my nipples or moved his hand up and down my bare body. I loved feeling his rough fingertips on my skin. I was sweating, but it felt so good to have him inside me. After a while I heard him ask “You going to take it all?” I nodded my head. He took me by the chin and pivoted my head toward him. He looked at Mom to confirm she was still asleep, and he covered my mouth with his. I opened my lips as I felt his tongue sliding past them. We kissed as his hand slid down my chest and belly. Once it was right above my dick, he pressed firmly, and I could feel him pushing his dick forward. I made a muffled sound, and soon I felt his body pressed against me tightly. “Fuck!” I heard him breathe. He kissed me wildly as he began moving his hips back and forth slowly. I could feel his hot breath on my face as he continued humping my butt. He began gently nibbling on my ear as his hand slid up and down my body. Soon I felt him take hold of my hard dick. I felt his fingers moving up and down my stiffy. I had to turn my head into my pillow to keep from making a loud noise. He softly kissed my neck as he picked up speed. I grabbed the pillow and pulled it over my face. I couldn’t believe how amazing all this felt! No wonder why Mommy likes having sex with him so much. Suddenly he stopped. I moved the pillow and noticed Mommy had rolled onto her back and stopped snoring. I reached behind me and rubbed Daddy’s hip and muscular leg. It felt so good to have him up against me like this and with his firm cock stuck inside me. When her breathing changed, he carefully returned to humping me. I noticed him starting to go faster for a bit before suddenly stopping, and I could feel his dick moving like when he was shooting into my mouth. He breathed hard against my face while his cock twitched. He pulled my chin so we could tongue kiss while he was still inside me. His hand moved up and down my naked body as we kissed. “You’re awesome!” he whispered into my ear before wrapping his around me and cuddling me. Mommy woke me up as she got out of the bed. Once she was in the bathroom, Dad’s mouth was over mine, and he kissed me hard. “Thank you so much for last night.” He handed me my briefs so I could put them back on before she came back. We got up and had breakfast. As I was heading out for the school bus, Dad caught up to me outside. “I’m picking you up from school today.” “Cool!” I said without even thinking about it. I didn’t enjoy riding the kocaeli sınırsız escort bus so much anyway. Dad and I chatted about different things as we drove home. He followed me into my bedroom. Once I put my backpack down and took off my shoes, he guided me onto my feet. His blue eyes seemed darker as he smiled at me and gently moved hair off my forehead. I saw his face moving toward mine, and as soon as our lips touched I opened my mouth. As our tongues intertwined, I felt him taking hold of my T-shirt and pulling it up. I had my arms around his neck while we kissed, so I raised them so he could remove my shirt. His hands slid down my bare back and slid into my pants. He grabbed my butt as we kissed. He began moving forward, and I followed his movements until I was sitting on my bed. I noticed his hard-on was pushing out his pants. I glanced up, and he nodded his head yes and moved even closer. Just in case I had misunderstood, I slowly moved my hands to the button of his pants. I began unbuttoning them, and he rested one of his hands on my head. Once I unzipped them, I slowly pulled them down. I looked up at him again, and he smiled at me as he slid a thumb over my lips. I took hold of his boxer briefs and slowly pulled them down as well. Once they were lower than his knees, I licked the tip of his dick. He moved his legs so that he was completely out of his clothes, and I took him into my mouth and started sucking him. After I had done this a few times, he stepped back and told me to lie down. As I moved onto my bed more, I saw him squirt something onto his dick and rub it up and down. When he was done, he wiped his hand on my blanket before taking hold of my jeans. He undid them and pulled them off my legs quicker than I had done his. He rubbed my wood through my briefs. I enjoyed looking at his naked body as he slowly pulled them down and off my legs. He smiled as he looked at me lying there naked. His body moved over mine, and we tongue kissed again. “I need that perfect ass again,” he said. “Turn over.” He stayed in position as I awkwardly rolled onto my stomach. I immediately felt his hard dick moving into my crack, and soon he was entering me again. “Fuck, I’ve never felt something as incredible as your ass, Dylan.” It stung more this time, but I wasn’t going to say anything. I didn’t want him to stop. He kept moving it forward slowly, and it felt like it took forever before his body was resting against mine. “Fuck!” he breathed as he lay against me. I could feel him moving his hips from side to side. My hands were by my sides so I lifted them up and felt his hips and butt cheeks. He kissed my cheek as he started moving his dick back and forth. “How’s that cock feel in your ass?” “Good, Daddy!” He started moving faster. He used his arms to hold his upper body up more, and when he did this I could feel him moving his hips more. “I’ve been wanting to do this all damn day,” he said. Soon he was pulling his dick back more and thrusting it into me deeply. I moaned loudly. “I so fucking love hearing you moan.” He started doing this harder, and I moaned more loudly. Only somewhat on purpose. It didn’t take long before our bodies were slapping together. “Daddy!” I said as he pounded me. “Yes! Take that fucking cock!” He stopped suddenly. I felt hot and sweaty, and it was a bit hard to breathe. He wrapped his arms around my chest, and I felt him pulling me up as he moved backward. He was sitting on his feet with me in his lap now. It felt like his dick was even deeper inside me now. His hand slid down my belly and took hold of my hard-on. He started stroking me while we tongue kissed. At one point he spit into his palm before continuing. He started going faster, and it felt like electricity was running through me. I started breathing faster, and I could feel my heart racing. My fingers dug into his skin as these weird feelings increased. Soon I was crying out: “Daddy! Daddy!” and suddenly my dick was twitching like his before. He shoved his tongue back into my mouth as my cock jerked some more. After a bit, he guided me back down so I was lying flat once again. He started pounding me even harder now. I could hear the bed creaking under us as his body slammed into mine. He didn’t last much longer before he yelled “I’m coming!” He collapsed against me as his cock did that jerking movement. When he pulled out, he moved next to me on the bed. I rolled over so I was facing him, and he pulled me into a cuddling position. We tongue kissed again. He had to get up to go pee. When he came back, we made out like he and Mommy often do. “I think I could fuck you again.” “I’d like that.” “I mean right now.” My butt hurt, but I said I’d be okay with that. His phone went off. He checked it, and it was a text from Mom saying that she was almost home from the store and would need help. He said “Dammit” before replying to her. Once he told me what happened, I suggested we could do a fast one. “Too risky. We can’t let Mom catch us.” He kissed me again. “Don’t worry, Dyl. You’ll be getting plenty of my dick from now on.” I looked forward to the next time for sure!

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