Subject: Benny – Part 3 Benny � Part 3 Gay, Incest, Father, Son If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * Tom drove his dad back to his hotel and came upstairs to spend some time with him. As soon as Eddie closed the door he asked Tom if he could get comfortable. Tom said, “Of course.” As Eddie undressed, Tom looked around the room. He noticed the art supplies and the painting that Eddie had done of Benny. “I see you brought your art supplies with you.” “Yes, you know I can’t go anywhere without them.” “And Benny posed for you?” “He volunteered… and he’s actually a very good model… as you can see.” Tom turned to face his dad and saw just how much he looked like he had the last time he had seen him nude… all those years ago. “He told me he models for art classes on campus.” “He does? I had no idea. Why would he keep that from me?” Tom peeked at his dad’s cock quickly and his own cock stirred at the sight. It was longer than he remembered. “I don’t know, son. He seems to feel like he needs a little extra cash. Is everything alright financially?” “Well, Dad, now that you mention it, things are a bit tight.” Tom sat down on the bed and noticed for the first time that there was only one. He’d have to ask about that later. “Well, while Paul loves his job writing, it doesn’t pull in a lot of money. I love my job too but again it doesn’t make me a lot after I pay Sally alimony. We’re saving money on the dorm now that Benny is living with Paul and me, but things are still… tough.” “If you need money, I can help out. I can wire you some when I get back.” “No, Dad, thanks. We’ll be okay.” He wanted desperately to change the subject so he asked, “So I see there is only one bed. Why did you text me that Benny was sleeping in the `spare’ bed?” “I’m sorry about that. I just thought it might sound weird if you thought we were sharing a bed.” “Why? We’ve shared a bed before. When I visited you in France that time, you only had the one bed and it wasn’t weird.” “Yeah, but you’re my son. He’s my grandson who I’m just meeting for the first time as an adult. I guess I made it weird when I didn’t have to?” Tom got up and hugged him saying, “Don’t give it another thought, Dad. It’s fine. Benny and I don’t have secrets from each other… well, I didn’t think we did anyway. I’ll talk to him about the modeling.” “Please don’t make him feel guilty about it, Tommy. He told me he still sees a fat kid when he looks in the mirror. The modeling makes him feel good about himself.” “Thanks, Dad. I guess I’ll just ask about needing extra money then. I’m sure we can figure something out.” “I was wondering if you might pose for me, son. I have something to show you.” Eddie went into his bag and pulled out an old painting of Tom when he was a young man. “Remember this?” Tom istanbul travesti couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Yeah, I do. I can’t believe you still have this.” He touched the paper, running his hand over the young, fit Tommy. “Let me paint a new one of you, Tommy?” He was both excited and proud that his dad wanted to paint him once more. “I’d like that, Dad. Let me get more comfortable.” Eddie got ready while Tom stripped. He snuck glances every now and then and was pleasantly surprised by how good his son looked in the nude. He wasn’t sure if he should say anything, then he recalled what Tom had told him about Benny, so he decided to do it anyway. “You take really good care of yourself, son.” Tom looked at his dad and said with a half-smile, “Thanks for noticing, Dad. I’ve been working out with Joe. We’re both getting in pretty good shape.” Tom got onto the bed and struck a pose for his Dad. It was both innocent and provocative at the same time, his hand dangerously close to the head of cock lying enticingly on his thigh, his heavy balls hanging low between his legs. Eddie’s dick stirred at the sight. “Beautiful, son.” He started sketching as Tom watched. While Eddie tried not to look directly into his son’s eyes, he couldn’t help it. And it was having a direct effect on his crotch. The result was not lost on Tom. He knew exactly the effect he was having on his dad and he was smiling inwardly as he saw his dad’s cock swelling. That sight in turn got Tom’s cock to swell and the head that was inches from his hand before was soon touching it. They both knew what was going to happen after Eddie finished the painting. They somehow got through the session. Then Tom joined his father and looked at the finished painting. It was even better than he could have imagined. His father had gotten much better over the years. “It’s terrific, Dad.” “I had a great subject. Are you hungry?” “I am.” “I’ll order room service.” They looked at the menu then Eddie made the call. He thought they might get another sketching session in before the food arrived, but the food arrived while Eddie was still drawing. He told Tom to stay put while he went to the door. He looked out the peephole and saw that it was a man, so he didn’t bother putting on a robe. He opened the door, stood back and let the young man push his cart inside. Once the door was shut he asked Eddie where he wanted it set up. “Why not set it up on the table.” The young man went about doing his job while Eddie offered Tom the only robe. It was the first time he had even noticed Tom sitting on the bed. He was only surprised for a moment then went back to the task at hand. While he encountered nude men in this job all the time, he did think these two nude men in particular were extremely handsome and fit. Okay, he thought they were both really hot. “Will there be anything else, Sir?” kadıköy travesti he asked once he was done. “No that will be all…” “Harry, Sir.” Eddie signed the bill then handed Harry a ten dollar bill. “Thank you, Sir. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to call.” He looked at Tom’s cock then Eddie’s as he said that. The looks were not lost on father and son. “Thanks, Harry. My son and I appreciate the excellent service.” “Son?” Harry asked. Tom answered, “Yes. My dad is an artist and was just doing a sketch of me.” “Would you like to see?” Eddie asked. Harry nodded, looked at the sketches and painting then remarked, “Wow, these are great! I’ve done some modeling myself from time to time.” Eddie could see that so he asked, “What time do you get off work?” “Not until tomorrow morning.” “Oh that’s too bad. My son has to go back home this evening.” Then he walked Harry to the door. “It would have been nice to do some sketches of the two of you together.” Harry looked past Eddie to Tom sitting at the table getting ready to eat and thought that would have been great fun… and a huge turn on… then he left the room. Tom and Eddie ate their dinner then agreed that afterwards, they would finish the last sketch, say their goodbyes then Tom would go home to Paul. Tom got back into position and Eddie was able to finish it after just a few more minutes. Tom got up and looked at the sketch that his father had done and said, “You chose to draw my cock hard, I see.” “I couldn’t help it. Your hardon inspired me.” That’s when Tom took his cock in hand and squeezed, making it hard again. They looked at each other then came together in a hug and a fervent kiss that had been building since the session had begun. Eddie steered them toward the bed where they fell, still holding each other and kissing. Eddie felt for Tom’s cock while Tom did the same for his dad’s. They pulled on them as their tongues fought for dominance. “I need your cock in my mouth, Dad,” Tom said after pulling away slightly. “I need your cock too, son.” Then Eddie looked into his son’s eyes and said, “I need you to fuck me.” Tom was in shock. Never in a million years did he think he’d hear those words come out of his father’s mouth. He was sure he was the one who was going to get fucked that night, not his dad. “Are you sure, Dad?” Tom asked as he looked for any sign that his father had simply gotten caught up in the moment. “I’m sure, son. I need you inside me like I’ve never needed anyone before.” And Tom wanted that too once he knew his dad was serious about getting fucked. Luckily, Eddie had asked at the front desk earlier for condoms and lube just in case he found himself in just that situation. He assumed it would be with Benny, but he was very happy that it was with Tom. It may have been unnecessary but he felt he owed his son this for having been bakırköy travesti such an absentee father. Eddie climbed on the bed, lifted his legs, placed his hands behind his knees and waited. Tom got in between his dad’s legs and couldn’t help but admire the way the red hair swirled around Eddie’s bunghole. Tom rubbed some lube in and around Eddie’s perfect rosebud then rolled on a condom, applied lube to his own stiff prick, placed it at his father’s entrance and pushed. Eddie tried to relax but it had been a long time since he’d been fucked, so Tom’s cock met with resistance. He leaned down and kissed his dad, pressing his thighs to his chest. Eddie visibly relaxed allowing Tom to enter with relative ease. Once he was all the way in, he stopped and waited. Eddie broke off the kiss and said, “I’m okay now, son. You can go ahead and fuck me.” Tom didn’t waste any time. He pulled out then pushed back in again. He did it over and over again, settling into a steady rhythm as he his dad occasionally squeezed his butt muscles. Tom hadn’t been expecting it but loved that his old man could do it. “Damn, Dad, you’re so fucking tight!” Eddie smiled as he let go of one leg and reached up to play with his son’s nipple. Eddie was thrilled that Tom had proven to be a skilled lover because he would remember this fuck for the rest of his life with fondness. When Tom looked like he might be close to coming, Eddie took his long cock in his hand and started jerking off. The sight of his dad beating off while he plowed his butt was too much for Tom to handle and before he could warn his dad, he yelled out, “Aw fuck… I’m coming!” Eddie was right there with him shooting his load of creamy jizz. “Fuuccckkkk!” he cried out as he emptied his balls all over himself. Once Tom was completely spent, he leaned down and kissed his dad once again. This time it was a tender, loving kiss and his father returned it. Tom withdrew his cock form his father’s worn out hole, went into the bathroom and came back with towels to clean him up then laid down beside him. They laid there, Eddie holding Tom, each lost in their own thoughts until Eddie finally spoke, “Thanks for that, son. It meant a lot to me to have you inside me. I mean it.” “I know you do, Dad. It meant a lot to me that you wanted me inside you.” Eddie squeezed him and replied, “Good. I’m glad.” It was getting late, so after they lay there for a while, Eddie suggested Tom jump in the shower. Reluctantly, Tom agreed and while he was in the shower, Eddie started his evening routine of getting ready for bed. He would take his own shower after Tom had left. As they stood at the door, Tom clothed and Eddie still naked, Tom asked if he could visit his dad that coming summer. Eddie was thrilled at the prospect so he agreed wholeheartedly. Then they hugged for what seemed like forever, kissed and said goodbye one last time. Reluctantly, Eddie, who was now robed, opened the door and let Tom leave. He watched as his son walked down the hall to the elevator, waved one last time then went back into his room to get a good night’s sleep. (to be continued in Part 4)

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