Best Birthday Present Ever

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Emily lay there in the dark. The ropes around her wrists and ankles were soft, not painful to bear though they were tied tightly. They had been attached to each post of her parent’s double bed, given some slack that allowed her to move about a fair bit. However, she was stuck on her back in a vaguely spread-eagled shape, the blindfold covering her eyes. She was sure that her mum had only left the room a few minutes ago, but it was hard to tell how time passed in the dark.

It wasn’t what she had expected for her 18th birthday, that was for sure. Her mum had told her in the morning that she would be getting a surprise, a lewd one – that had been the exact word she had used. “You’re an adult now, after all, and it’s time we treated you like one.” In school, Emily had whiled away the boring lessons wondering about what it could be. A dildo? Lube? Something more exotic? The thought of it had got her so excited she visited the bathroom during lunch to touch herself and let off the steam. After all that time imagining, when she did come home her mum had hurried her upstairs, brought her into the main bedroom and asked her to undress.

It was an alarming question but she was very friendly about it, telling Emily that she would be receiving a sexual experience and making sure her daughter was absolutely okay with that. Emily had blushed and then nodded, before shyly undressing herself. The curtains were drawn closed and, a minute later, Emily found herself standing naked in front of her mother. She was about average size for her age, but slim with a narrow waist. Despite that, her rear was well rounded and her medium sized breasts full and perky with slightly puffy nipples. Her auburn hair flowed down to her shoulders, contrasting her milky white skin that was scattered with freckles. Then, her mum had placed the blindfold on her, guided her to the bed and tied her in place before leaving the room.

Now she found herself waiting. She wished she could touch herself, if just to relieve the canlı bahis nerves. Suddenly, the door creaked and opened and somebody walked in. The mattress sagged as the person sat down, after which somebody else entered with a gait that Emily recognised more clearly.


“I’m here sweetheart, in the corner of the room.”

“Who’s on the bed?”

“He’s going to take care of you this evening. Just relax and let him work.”

She yelped, feeling the man’s hands placed on each of her thighs. His grip was familiar, as was the vague smell he gave off. The bed creaked again as he repositioned himself and then, in the dark, she felt his tongue slurp along her wet pussy, which was already becoming a lot wetter. Emily moaned involuntarily, unable even to cover her mouth. Then she gasped as she felt the tongue again, and again, and again. He lapped at her like an enthusiastic dog, as though he was a starving man and this was his first meal. She felt the pleasure through her body, the butterflies in her pelvis.

“It’s okay, sweetie, you can moan.” Her mother. Emily let her inhibition go and began to moan, to enjoy the presence and pleasuring of this man. Though she was not a virgin, she had never had her pussy eaten as well as this before, the tongue dancing across lips and clit, eliciting gasps and whimpers from her. But then, it stopped.

She slumped a little in disappointment, before flinching in surprise when she felt a finger enter her. A rough hand, calloused, obviously an older man. She moaned once more, feeling as another finger entered her, and another. It was uncomfortable at first, stretching her inside, but she soon grew accustomed to it and, as if he could tell this, the man sped up. He was calm and controlled, careful to rub her clit as well. She began to shudder. She tried to pull her legs together but the ropes bound her. She felt the new wave of pleasure rising deep in her hips and she bucked and moaned as the orgasm washed through her, no regard now for her bahis siteleri watching mother or the man. If anything, though she did not address it in her mind, she knew deep down that her mum seeing her like this, exposed and sexual, was turning her on. A lot.

“Good girl.”

That was not her mum. That voice was… It couldn’t be. She felt the man shift himself again, felt his tough and large hands grip her hips. As his cock slid into her she gasped and arched her back. It was big, not especially so, but enough to fill her up tightly. She felt her mother untie the blindfold and it felt like an eternity, frozen there, gripped like a breeding whore with that very gently pulsing cock inside of her. The blindfold slipped away and she saw a bearded man, hair dark grey, flinty eyes and a stern face. Well-sized, obviously strong in his youth but now in his late-40s. He smiled and said it again, “Good girl.” Emily had only just fully realised who it was when her father drew his cock out of her and slammed it in again.

She cried out, both surprised and a little hurt. Her dad’s hand rested on her shoulder, as he looked calmly into her eyes. He withdrew and thrust again, and again, and again. The pain quickly abated and soon there was only pleasure. He gripped her roughly around the waist, pounding at her with an intensity she had never seen in the gentle man before. Her moans and groans slipped out of her mouth, mixing with his grunts and the wet slap of his fucking her. A glance over to the corner and she realised her mother was there, sat back on the chair, completely naked. A chubbier woman, redhead like her daughter, she looked far too good for someone in her early 40s as she vigorously rubbed herself.

Suddenly, Emily became fully aware. Here she was, an 18-year-old, strapped to a bed, being fucked by her own father as her mother watched. The man who had raised her, her own flesh and blood was now inside her, making her his while her mother took orgasmic enjoyment in it. Emily wondered bahis şirketleri if this was what her parents had always intended for her, or if it was some recent idea. Either way, it didn’t matter now, for all that mattered was the act. Was it a sin? Would something so wrong feel so perfectly right? The pleasure simply overcame her and, before she knew it, she was orgasming again, and the question was irrelevant.

She felt a sudden desire to be closer to her dad as he ploughed her, to properly fuck him back. But first she needed to taste him on her mouth and so she begged, “Please kiss me, daddy.” His pace slowed and he bent forward, clamping his mouth over hers and she melted into him, barely aware of the moaning mess that was her mum across the room. The kiss ended all too soon and her father picked up the pace, the butterflies intensifying once again. Emily felt a little bolder now, so she asked, “Could I be untied, daddy?”

His response was immediate, a hand on her throat, pinning her back as she gasped in pain and pleasure. How had he known she loved to be choked? “You’ll do what I tell you if you’re a good girl,” he growled, “And I want to keep you tied up until I’ve finished in you.” That was when Emily truly understood. She wasn’t just here to be rewarded; she was here to be fucked. She was here to be used. It was pleasurable, she liked being fucked like this, in fact, liked that her father was going to cum deep inside her, deposit his seed within his own daughter. She was his breeding whore, and she loved it.

As if on cue, her father increased his intense pace and moaned further, still pinning her back with one arm. Her groans and whimpers rose, her mother crept towards the bed to look into her eyes and then she felt her dad’s cock pulse and throb, as hot cum spurted inside of her completely unprotected pussy. Her mum locked lips with her and, after a moment, her panting father withdrew.

As the proud parents stepped back to admire their daughter, Emily lay there, ropes around her wrists and ankles, slumped on the bed in a spread-eagle shape. Her auburn hair was tousled, her neck red, sweat sheening her skin as white cum dripped out of her pussy.

Best birthday present ever.

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