Subject: Best Day Ever Pt.2 Best Day Ever, Part 2 Still shaking a bit I looked down at Bob and Sam. How Bob`s mouth felt. How Sam running his hand up and down my leg sent little electric shocks running thru me. How Bob running his tongue over and around the head of my cock almost made me pass out. How Sam rubbing his finger over, then pushing into my bud felt. All of this and more flashed thru me like a lightening bolt of hot lava flowing inside me from head to toe as I looked down. They were looking up at me with big smiles and then they kissed each other deeply. Mouths open and lip nibbling. Tongues sliding in and out. Lips capturing lips. Each had a hand behind the other`s head and their free hands were stroking my legs, from ankle to ass, stopping to cup and squeeze a cheek. They both could feel me shaking. They both seemed to know how the last few minutes they took me to places I`d only imagined. Maybe they didn`t know that part, but I did. It made me feel so alive to think they knew. I knew they were sharing my cum while kissing deeply. I could see just a bit still on Bob`s lip before Sam moved in for the kissing. They must have done that for a good 5 minutes as I watched them make out. Sam rose up on his kees and pulled Bob into an embrace. Running his hands up and down Bob`s back, then one would cup Bob`s head. The other on one of Bob`s ass cheeks. I watched in awe and some jealousy. That`s what I`ve dreamed of. Me and a guy so close. So easy with each other. So wildly turned on by each other. Sam get`s up and pulls me close for a kiss. I can taste a little of my own cum as our mouth`s work and tongues wrestle. He`s holding my face with both hands as we kiss. He`s grinding his hard cock against me and then pulls his head away, smiles and says, “Let`s take this show out by the pool”. I couldn`t speak yet so just nodded while still processing what all had been happening since they came into the room.. I looked down at Bob. He gave me a look that confirmed my thoughts that Sam pretty much ran things here..which was fine by me. I gave Bob a big grin, held out my hand to help him get up. He gave it a good squeeze as he rose. Guess he was happy with how my cum tasted as well as how my cock fit his mouth. I couldn`t help but pull him into a hug when he was on his feet, while moving in for a kiss. His mouth was wonderful. His lips felt so good against mine. His tongue filled my mouth, then mine his. ankara escort The full body contact and kisses had their effect. I could feel myslelf hardening again. “Come on out you guys” came from out by the pool. “I`m feeling lonely and left out, being out here all by myself”. I would have been happy to keep making out with Bob, but even more was just outside that patio door. We broke apart and Bob took the lead holding my hand. I was just behind him enough to watch his perfect ass move as we walked. I was half hard as we got outside. My cock sticking straight ahead as I saw Sam on a chaise lounge beside a beautiful blue, sparkling pool. I took in the view of Sam laying there. Must be all of 6ft.2in. Not a gym rat, but obviously fit. Lightly haired chest, with shaved cock and balls. It was only then that I saw the silver cock ring. Fucking hot as hell I thought as my cock got just a bit harder. Bob laid a hand on my ass ass and gave a cheek a good squeeze. “It feels just as good as it looks, if you`re into him doing you” said Bob, as if reading my mind. “it tastes good too and that head in your mouth can drive you wild” “Oh, I am into that” I said as I pulled Bob in for another deep kiss and grope session. “Hey-hey-hey” came from Sam with his arms held wide in invitation to join him on the lounge. That lounge was more like a queen sized bed than normal poolside lounge, which was just fine by me. Bob and I separated, with Bob on one side, me on the other we moved onto Sam and the real fun was just starting. The details of the next few minutes were lost in a haze of hands, lips, cocks, and moans. Bob had moved up and was feeding Sam his cock and that was when I took hold of Sam`s cock and started a slow stroking, rubbing my thumb over the tip. The heat from his cock. The hard-softness. Just the idea of me holding a real, live man`s cock was overwhelming. When I felt my thumb get slippery over the head, I knew Sam was leaking some pre cum. That was my cue to move down and get a taste of that cock. I pursed my lips and ran Sam`s cock head back and forth over my lips a few times. It made my lips tingle and my cock to expand more. Then gave it a lick. Salty, a bit bitter but so fucking hot. Then another before I opened wide for that magnificent head to go into my mouth. My hot breath on his cock seemed to turn Sam on. I felt it throb. In far enough for me to close my lips and use my tongue to push the çukurambar escort head against the roof of my mouth, I moved my head in short up and down strokes. I looked up at Sam and watched him work Bob`s cock with his mouth. He was looking me right in the eye as his head bobbed in short movements on Bob`s cock. Was that as much of smile as one can do while sucking a cock? I looked up and saw Bob with that bald head thrown back as he pumped his hips, driving his cock into Sam`s mouth. I was in sensory overload. No one was touching me but my cock was fully hard and throbbing. I could feel the pre cum dribbling onto my thigh. My god, I could cum from just this I thought. There was movement. It stopped my thoughts and made me look around. Bob had pulled his cock from Sam`s mouth and was moving. He put a hand on my shoulder and gave a small push. I thought he wanted to share Sam`s cock with me, but he had another purpose. I moved away as Bob swung a leg over Sam and moved into a position with Sam`s cock between his ass cheeks. Bob rolled his hips sliding Sam`s cock on his rosebud, leaned forward taking Sam`s face in his hands and planted a hungry kiss on him. Sam reached back, behind his head and handed Bob a small tube of lube. Not to be left out I took the lube out of their hands. They both looked at me, then they both smiled and nodded. Bob raised his hips off of Sam`s cock letting me smear some lube on it, what was left on my fingers I rubbed on Bob`s hole, pushing some in as my finger slid into Bob`s ass.. I held Sam`s cock upright. Bob reached behind him and wrapped his hand around Sam`s cock and rubbed the head against his bud. I came as I watched Sam`s cock head spread that pucker and move into Bob. I`d never had a “no hands” cum before. It was amazing. I had cum on Sam`s leg, but I don`t think he even noticed as he slid further into Bob. Sam was balls deep into Bob and I could see Bob clinching his muscles on Sam`s fully inserted cock. I got on my knees next to them as they just held that position. I moved into a deep kiss with Sam, running a hand over his chest concentrating on a nipple. I gave it a squeeze and it hardened. I moved up and did the same with Bob. Then my hand went for Bob`s cock. When I had it in my hand, “diamond cutter” was in my mind. It felt like a flesh covered rock. Some more kissing of Bob as I slow stroked him. Bob and Sam both started some slow dikmen escort motions. Sam`s up and down were met with Bob rotating his hips as that beautiful cock made some slow motions in Bob`s magical ass. I moved back a little. Just enough so I could get my head into a position where I could take Bob`s hard cock into my mouth. We kept this arraignment going for I haven`t a clue how long. It was Bob who reached down, touching my arm. He gave it a squeeze and shake. I looked up and said “you wanna give my Sam a try?” I couldn`t speak with his cock in my mouth so with my lips not wanting to let go I nodded yes. “`ll love how Sam`s cock feels in you” said Bob as he slowly rose up off of Sam`s ridged cock. Bob took the lube and spread some more on Sam`s cock, then he spread some on and in my ass. I`d just cum twice but this all had my balls tingling and cock on the rise again. His fingers on my ass felt wonderful, when he pushed first one then more into me even better. I rose up as Bob moved off of Sam and laid next to him. I mimicked Bob and swung a leg over Sam and nestled my ass over his cock. I bent forward and went into a deep, long kiss with Sam. Then I felt Bob move to do what I had done. I raised my hips and felt Bob rub Sam`s cock against my bud. I remembered how big it looked, but that thought went away fast as Bob held it up and I pushed down on it. It stretched me open and the head pushed past my ring. “Oh fuck” left my lips as another few inches pushed into me. Sam started to saw the same amount in and out, in and out very slowly. I had forgot all about his size and went with the heat. We had been kissing all this time. I pushed myself up and slowly settled all the way down on Sam`s cock. It felt like nothing I`d even dreamed about. The heat. The stretching. The feeling of fullness. Sam is balls deep in me and Bob was right next to me, an arm around my shoulders and his other hand turned my face for more kissing. God, I love the kissing. He moved his hand to my cock and balls. Squeezing and stroking. I started to roll my hips just as he had done. In my movements I could feel Sam`s cock rub my prostrate.”Oh fuck yes” I said, rolling harder with a few up and downs as well. Bob stroking and Sam in me, I was hard again. Bob whispered in my ear and all I could do is moan and nod. Bob lent down and whispered in Sam`s ear. He smiled broadly and said “Sounds good, let`s do it”. Movements were a blur. Next thing I was fully aware of was Bob on his back with legs spread wide. Sam was guiding my cock into Bob. Then Sam was behind me rubbing his cock on my hole. Whew,,these guys know how to get a party going, eh fellas? Part 3 is cuming.

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