Best Friends Ch. 06

No Panties

Sorry for the wait, I was a bit busy these last few months, but now I’m back, and you can expect a new chapter after this one VERY soon.


As soon as that kiss ended, I knew what I truly wanted in life. I wanted her. I wanted to be with her forever, and forever never ends. When the kiss ended, she looked at me and blushed. She really was a virgin. I gently rocked her in my arms and kissed her forehead. I had forgotten all about my rock hard cock, how sad.

As I rocked her in my arms she was gently biting my ear lobe. But that’s when I heard it. There was a knock at the door.

‘Shit, who the hell just ruined my night?’ I thought to myself. By the time I looked back at Erin she was already putting her bathing suit back on. I put on my shorts, seeing that my ‘little’ friend had understood the moment, and walked to the door.

I looked back at Erin and saw that she was fully dressed, in her robe, pretending to be asleep on the couch. I opened the door and there stood my sister, Allie. I hadn’t seen her for over a month, and I was wondering about her earlier izmit rus escort today. She smiled weakly at me and hugged me, without saying anything. I immediately understood.

Now, if you’re wondering, Every woman in my life is important to me. Just in different ways. But only two do I feel the same way about. But I’ll get to that later on.

She looked over my shoulder, which she had a hard time doing, and saw Erin sleeping. She smiled and asked “Is this a bad time?”

“No, it’s OK. Come in.” I said, trying to figure out what was wrong. She came in and I closed the door quietly, pretending as much as Erin was.

“Michael.. you know how you’ve always stood up for me and Erin, right?” She asked, but she didn’t give me time to respond. “Well.. I.. I just..” I gently held her in my arms and very slowly walked her to one of the rooms.

“Allie, if you don’t want to tell me what happen, just give me the name of the jerks ass I’m kicking tonight.” I said, half-way laughing. She only smiled. “You always seem to make bad days into good ones. How do you do that?” izmit escort She asked, and I simply smiled back at her.

“Michael.. I need you to help me.. Help me get away from John..” John was her husband. I never liked the prick. He always had that ‘punch the prick’ smile on his face. I would if she wasn’t married to him. “He’s been hurting me.. And I don’t want it anymore..”

“Anymore?” I nearly shouted “What do you mean anymore? You didn’t tell me the first time he hurt you?” I became concerned. “Allie, where did he hurt you? How much?”

“Michael.. I didn’t come to you because he wouldn’t let me.. I only had this one chance so I took it.. He’s been hitting me alot.. And if I weren’t married to him, the sex would be labeled rape..” I was in shock. I knew the guy was scum, but Jesus Christ, raping my sister?!

“Allie.. I want you to stay here with Erin.”

“Where are you going? Michael.. Don’t say that you’re-“

“Going to go kick his ass.” I finished her sentence. She only smiled. She knew that it was what she wanted, but she never wanted to actually say it.

“I kocaeli escort know he fights dirty, most likely going to use a knife, so I’ll take mine just in-case.” I said, looking through my bag for my blade. When I pulled it out, she was in shock.

“Uh, Mike?”


“That’s a sword. Not a knife.”

“Eh.. Short sword, maybe.” I chuckled. But as I looked at her, I noticed how beautiful she really was. She was 5’5, Long auburn hair, and very fit. She was an outright knockout. Her and Erin were on their own level of sexy. They topped all of the other girls. Even the ones on T.V.

She got up when I did, and very gently, leaned up and kissed me on the lips. I was in shock for about two seconds, but then, I kissed back. I broke the kiss, and grabbed my blade, trying to act as if it was just a kiss siblings give to one another.

She blushed, but then looked off into space for a second. Then I remembered. ‘Shit! The taste of Erin’s Cum is still in my mouth! And now it’s in hers!’ I thought. “So.. You and Erin getting along well?” She asked. She figured it out. “Yeah.. She’s really something.” I said, trying to pretend I didn’t know why she asked that. But then she had a devilish look in her eyes. “Yes, She really is something.”


Once again, please remember that this is all true.

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