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Best Friends DadI was alone on summer break and our pool was being worked on. I decided to go next door to my friends house, knowing she and her mom were away doing a college visit. Her brothers were at their grandparents house, so I knew it was just her dad. Her dad had a history with his daughters friends. We would spend the night often, me more often because I lived next door, and when he thought that we were asleep he would come in and jack off while looking at us sleeping. Now, we all thought he was gorgeous, and love seeing his big black cock out and hard while he looked at us. As time went, we wore less and less clothes, until we were in loose shorts with no panties, or completely see through bottoms and tops pulled up to show off our tits. When we got older , we would make out and touch each other, even eat pussy when we saw him jacking off in the cracked door. We didn’t have many mixed race friends, but we saw what her white mom saw in him. We were all attracted to him.I thought back to this and decided to change my bikini to something much smaller. I decided on a white micro thong. It barely covered anything, and was see through when i wore it, and was even more transparent wet. It had been a few days since my last cock, and my boyfriend was at the lake with his friends. I put on tiny shorts and a tank top and headed over.When I got to the door, I heard what sounded like porn coming from his office. It quickly turned off when I rang the doorbell. He took a bit, but when he showed up his still hard dick was obvious under his shorts. I said hi, and asked if anyone illegal bahis else was home, I knew the answer but he confirmed that he was the only one home. I told him our pool was being worked on, and asked if I could use his. He looked me up and down and was more than happy to let me in. He led me out tot he pool and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for a margarita, and he went to make a couple. one for me and one for him. I was old enough to fuck, but not old enough to drink, so I knew what he was doing. We drank the drinks and I took off my shirt. HIs eyes got real big when he could see my nipples through the top, and that I was now a D cup. He excused himself to “Go inside and finish up work.” I smiled and took off my bottom so he could see my pussy through the sheer white fabric and get a good look at my ass. He was hard again, and turned to go inside.I got in to swim a bit and then laid down on the lounger to get a tan. I could see him in the sliding glass door, cock in hand. He was completely naked, so he was being obvious. I pushed my bottoms to the side and toyed with my clit while I slyly watched him. He couldn’t see my pussy, but it was so obvious what I was doing. I knew neighbors would be looking before long, so I straightened out my bottoms and hurried to he door to keep him from hiding what he was doing. I opened the door, and he stood in front of me, black cock in hand without any explanation other than the obvious. I smiled and walked past him and down the hallways to his daughters room. He followed me into her room. I had him sit on her illegal bahis siteleri bed while I went into her closet and picked out some stockings and a sheer top. then went into her hamper and took out a slutty g string that had cum stains on it. I took off my top and bottoms and started to put on his daughters lingerie. I pointed out the cum stains and said “Did you know your daughter is a slut?” He looked at me like I was joking. “I was there a couple nights ago when she was wearing these. 3 guys lined up and pushed these to the side while they took turns on her. They all came in her. See where it was leaking out?” He nodded. “ I cleaned her out and then shared another half dozen guys with her.” He was so hard and about to cum. I put the panties on, rubbed them into my soaking wet pussy and then took them back off and put them in his mouth. “Suck our pussy juices out of them.” I said and then went down on him. I took his cock into my mouth and played with his balls while I took him deep in my mouth. I grabbed the bottom of the shaft and ran my hand up and down the shaft while i licked the head, then took him in my mouth again. He lasted less than a minute before he he came hard. I heard him moan and I took him deep in my mouth. I made sure nothing escaped and then showed him the load in my mouth before swallowing it. “you like the taste of our cunts?” I asked. He smiled and ran his hands up and down my body. “you used to jack off to us when we slept. We all saw you. “ his eyes got really big. “Don’t worry, we liked it. You could have slipped it in us, and canlı bahis siteleri we would have let you cum.” He smiled. “The offer still stands. You can put it in me if you want to feel my tight cunt on that cock. You can even cum in me.” He laid back and smiled, not taking his eyes off my exposed pussy. “want me to get you hard again?” he nodded. I put him back on her bed, then I straddled his face so he could eat my pussy. He jumped in and went to work on me. He toyed with my clit with his finger while his tongue went deep inside me, lapping up all the juices. I grabbed his cock, which was nearly hard again and ran my tongue up and down the shaft before taking the head in my mouth. I sucked him for a couple minutes before I came. I flooded his face and let a cry out. He pushed me off and asked he how I like to be fucked. “You are the man, take me how you want me.” I said,He Threw me down on my back and got on top of me. He used a sock to tie my hands to her bed frame and tore the bra off. He left the stockings on me and forced his cock into me. I cried out as he forced his cock as deep as it would go, and then started hate fucking me. I love it rough, so I got into it. His balls were slapping against me while he fucked me as hard as he could. I came hard immediately, then again in short succession. He was trying to hold back from cumming when I clamped down on him. He put his hand on my throat and lightly squeezed, making me cum one more time. Right before I said, “Oh fuck yes! Cum in my cunt, daddy!” I clamped down and he couldn’t help it. He came deep inside me. We chatted for a while before he pulled out. His cum draining. We agreed that we could never tell anyone about it, but we could certainly fuck a lot more. I got dressed and went home, eating dinner with my family while his load was still inside me.

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