Best friends slutty sister and mom


Best friends slutty sister and momThis story is about how I managed to find out how much of a slut my best friends mom and sister is, his sister name is Lucy and his moms name is Carol, Lucy is 18 still at college, shoulder length long hair, slim, small tits but a cracking ass, her mom Carol had long wavey brown hair, she was a modest size 10 with curves in the right places, an amazing pair of fake tits which I believe were GG cup.It was my best friends birthday and was throwing a big party over at his moms house, everyone was there, all his friends, his moms friends and sisters friends , I’d say there was close to 100 people on the garden and in the marque which he had rented. The night went on and a few people drifted home, I asked Dan if I could stay the night and he said I could crash out in the annexe above the garage.It was around 2am and I decided to get hit the sack , I said bye to the remaining few people and headed towards the garage , as I approached I could see a slight glimmer of light through one of the blinds, Dan didn’t say anyone else was staying over so I just assumed he had left the light on from earlier in the night. I went through the side door locking it behind me, I walked upstairs and heard a commotion, I slowed my pace to see if I could recognise the voices, the were men in the background but I instantly recognised the voice of Carol and Lucy .Before you went into the annexe there was a one way mirror which was only visible into the room and not out, so you can see yourselves when in balgat escort the annexe but you can’t see in the hallway, I looked through the glass and saw Carol naked on the sofa and Lucy undressing next to her, this was getting a little weird I first thought. And then out from the other room came 5 naked lads I knew 3 of them , Harry, Tom and Liam , the other two must of been Lucy’s friends, I first thought I was seeing things and maybe gotten spiked at the party. But what I saw next blew me away!!Carol and Lucy started to make out in front of the men, they was kissing slowly and affectionately, tongues diving into each other’s mouths and their hands were all over each other. Lucy grabbed hold of her mom Carols massive tits and started to suck the nipples till they were hard as steel, she done the same to the other nipple, the lads were encouraging them to go even more and they all stood there were erections and stroking their cocks.The women must of wanted the cocks even more now so they got on their knees and turned to the men, they instantly sank the first two cocks deep into their throats whilst wanking another one off, the one that wasn’t getting anything went round the back of the two girls and planted his fingers into their pussies, this was one massive orgie going down. I couldn’t help myself getting hard, the sight of the very attractive women getting fingered and sucking cocks was a huge turn on, I started to play with my cock whilst watching Carols mouth get fucked batıkent escort by Liam’s cock. They swapped over do the other two could get sucked off and the previous two wanked off. They must of done this before as it looked easy for the women. Harry was at the back of the women and his pace was getting faster and harder, Lucy had already cummed over his fingers and now he was waiting for Carols. Tom grabbed hold of Carols head and thrusted his cock deep and fasted into her throat he cummed on his last pump filling her mouth with his hot creamy spunk. Lucy wanted so of this so the women started making out again and swapping sliver from each other’s cocked fucked mouths.Carol was clearly in charge when she order the lads to line up and all plough through Lucy one after the other. Lucy laid down and Carol kissed her again and slowly kissing down to her tight hairy clit, she buried her tongue into her daughters pussy , Lucy’s back arched as her mom licked her wet pussy lips, Carol stood up and told tom he was first. She held Lucy’s legs to her shoulders as Tom entered her pussy, Lucy gasped a little as his cock spread her pussu open for the first time that night, carols knelt over Lucy and made her lick her pussy whilst she was being fucked by tom, he ploughed deep and hard against her stomach , he was fondling carols breats as his knees buckled and filled Lucy’s cunt up with cum, Carol kept her daughter in the same position so the cum couldn’t leak out.Harry fucked Lucy çankaya escort after tom and so did the other two , Lucy had 4 lots of spunk inside her when it was finally Liam’s turn , he was clearly the biggest there , it cock was huge on length and in width. He teased Lucy’s pussy by rubbing her lips and poking his huge cock just inside and then without I warning he sunk his cock deep into her , her pussy was being stretched by his 4 inch thick cock, Carol was ready to cum all over her daughters face, she buried her pussy over Lucy’s face and as she reached climax she yelled “eat your moms pussy you little slag” and as she finished her sentence her pussy sucked in and the blew and enormous load out of her pussy and into her daughters face , mouth and over her body, Lucy licked her mothers cum off her lips and cleaned her moms filthy slit . Lucy orgasmed soon after licking her moms pussy as Liam carried on fucking her little pussy hard she was moaning at every pump. He was getting ready to cum , he sunk his cock deep one last time and filled her pussy with more cum.Liam pulled out and Carol laid on the bed, Lucy climbed over her moms face and told her mom to clean up, Lucy was dripping like a leaking tap with all the cum inside her, Carol wanted all the cum in her mouth and plunged her tongue deep into her daughters pussy , I couldn’t last much more so I shot my load all over the hall way carpet. Lucy opened her pussy lips and a stream of her cum and 5 lads spunk splashed over her moms face, Lucy lowered her pussy onto carols mouth and slowly fucked her face with her dripping wet pussy, Lucy orgasmed as she was face fucking her mom and shot another load of cum into her moms mouth. The men stood and watched till the women had finished and Carol announced it was her turn… To be continued …..

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