Best Pick-up Line Ch. 02


Thanks to oldnakeddad for his editing skills.


“I’ve never been to this brewery before. Which beers are most popular?”


Willow Branch Brewing is a small micro craft brewery in Syracuse, New York. I’m standing at the back of their tap room area checking out the available beers and the customers.

On the plus side, Willow Branch has a diverse selection of their own beer, along with a few options from other area breweries and cider mills. They also have a nice selection of local wines.

On the negative side of this Wednesday evening, there are five regulars huddled together at the bar and a man and a woman sitting at a table.

I’m expecting this to be a one beer stop, so I’m going to approach the table.

“I’ve never been to this brewery before. Which beers are most popular?”

The couple turn and smile at me before the man responds.

“I love brown ales and theirs is very good, but most people don’t like brown ales. Their IPA’s are solid and, if you’d enjoy something different, the cherry wheat fruit beer is award winning.”

“Then that’s what I’ll try. Thanks.”

I’m making my way to the bar to place my order and I’ll watch the ESPN scroll on the muted TV as I wait.


I’m Chris Harrington, a thirty-one year old, professionally employed, married man with two young children. I travel extensively for business and, as an after-hours hobby, I visit local craft breweries.

I visit for great tasting beer and…women! I’ve discovered that women come to breweries to meet men. It doesn’t matter if they’re single or married, alone or with a dozen girlfriends, fat, thin, old, or young—women come to breweries to meet men and a good percentage of them come…to get fucked!

Whenever I ask, “I’ve never been to this brewery before. Which beers are most popular?” it’s led to some incredible sexual adventures.


The beer is good and, as I take a second sip, I feel a hand on my shoulder—it’s the gentleman from the table.

“If you’re here by yourself and would like some company, we’d love to have you join us.”

Barb and Joe are married and fifteen to twenty years older than my thirty-one years. As do I, Joe loves craft beers, but unlike myself, he doesn’t exercise regularly and has a large, soft gut. Barb is attractive with dark, stylish, shoulder length hair; green eyes; a nice smile; and has a slim (yet curvy) build.

Barb’s choice of drink is red wine from a local, upstate New York vineyard. She likes wine, but also admits.

“I love the atmosphere and people I meet in breweries. What brings you here, Chris?”

“I’m in town on business and will be flying out in two days for home.”

“Joe is a craft beer nut. He has a wide collection of very obscure and hard to find beers and trades the beers available to him with others around the country.”

Both Barb and Joe laugh as I almost drool on the table top when he mentions some of the beers he has in his personal cellar.

Barb finally pokes Joe’s shoulder.

“Stop torturing Chris. Let’s invite him home and you can share one or two beers with him.”

We agree and I pay both tabs before we meet in the parking lot.

“If you ditch me on the way back to your house, I’m going to be very disappointed.”

They’re both cracking up.

“Joe, you lead the way and I’ll ride with Chris so he doesn’t get ditched or disappointed.”

Joe waves as he walks to his pickup and I’m escorting Barb to my rental car. After opening the door for Barb, I jump into my side.

“Barb, I’m very happy that I ran into you and Joe tonight.”

Barb is smiling back.

“We’re just as happy. Joe loves to share his beer with people who appreciate it.”

And now, somewhat surprisingly, she’s reaching over the console divide with her left hand and running it from mid-thigh of my right leg to an inch short of my hardening cock.

“Chris, I notice you’re married—”

The rest of her sentence remains unsaid.

I’m looking into Barb’s eyes as I cup her hand and move it the last inch to my cock. She giggles and traces her fingers around my ball sack, down my pant leg, and over my very hard dick.

“Joe likes to share his delicious beers, and I like to share delicious things, too!”

She’s practically climbing over the divide and planting a long, tongue probing, and very wet scorcher kiss on my lips. As we part and Barb eases back over to her seat, I notice Joe has parked his pickup in front of my car and he’s smiling—he was watching us kiss! Joe is waving “follow me” as he’s putting his pickup into gear, and then we both start to drive to their home.

During the drive, Barb tells me.

“Joe and I have somewhat of an open marriage. We belong to a three-couple swap group that meets once a month for dinner and play and, on occasion, Joe and I will pick up a second—often at one of the nearby breweries. Joe’s role is often as a voyeur when we pick up a second although, at times, he participates.”

Fifteen minutes after leaving the brewery, we’re ankara duşta veren escortlar pulling into the driveway of an upper middle-class home. Joe is pulling his pickup into the garage, and I’m parking behind him on the driveway. As the three of us are entering their house through the garage and into a bottom floor family room, Joe waves to me again.

“Follow me.”

As he walks away, with me in tow, Barb yells.

“Have fun showing off your beers! I’m going to change into something more comfortable.”

Joe’s beer cellar is spectacular!

“Chris, I have many highly regarded brews from some small nano breweries. Most are from North America, but a few are from some of the more well-known breweries in Europe.”

Joe is showing me a bottle of beer from Belgium and telling me about his visit to the brewery when I feel a hand on my shoulder and a body snuggling against my back. Barb has definitely changed into something much more comfortable—a white, floor length, and completely see-through robe! The ties are hanging at her sides, the robe is wide open, and she’s completely naked underneath!

Barb looks spectacular! Her small B-cup tits are capped with small, pink nipples and sag only slightly. Her pussy is bald and I can smell her arousal.

“Joe, please pick out some nice beers to share with Chris. Pour me a glass of wine and fill a pitcher with water. We’ll meet you in the den.”

She takes my hand, turns, pulls me out of the beer cellar, and leads me to a very large, overstuffed, sectional couch where she sits and spreads her legs.

“If you wait until Joe brings the wine, I’ll pour some on my little pussy as an incentive for you to take a drink?”

I’m smiling at Barb as I’m dropping to my knees between her thighs.

“I wouldn’t want to ruin the taste of your beautiful pussy!”

I’m maneuvering Barb’s bottom to the edge of the couch, lifting her legs, spreading them wide, and diving in to use my mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers on Barb’s delicious pussy.

The first time she cums is within a few minutes. The second time takes some work, but it’s definitely worth it. Barb’s excitement is building as she starts to bounce on the couch, grabs the back of my head, and explodes with a long, loud scream. Because we’re both worn out at the end, Barb is rolling up into a protective ball, and I’m plopping down next to her.

Joe has already joined us sometime between her two cums. He’s naked and sitting on the other side of the couch while watching us. Joe gets up and hands me a tulip glass filled with a very well regarded barleywine-type beer and places a glass of wine on the table in front of Barb.

“If you’re comfortable, please feel free to undress.”

After I take a sip of beer, I’m stripping and sitting next to Barb as she looks across the couch at Joe.

“Joe, I owe Chris some oral.”

Barb is kneeling on the couch at my side and is taking my cock into her mouth. After taking me balls deep a couple of times, she looks up.

“Joe would love to watch you play with my pussy.”

She’s taking another deep suck.

“And my asshole while I blow you.”

Her head is bobbing in my lap and her ass is within reach, so I’m reaching over her back and fingering her clit, pussy, and anus.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m only lasting a few minutes.

“Barb, I’m close!”

Barb isn’t slowing down, but instead, she’s continuing to deep throat me until I empty into her mouth. She’s drinking my cum and continuing to suck me. My cock softens for a bit, but after a few more minutes of her fabulous mouth, I’m rock hard again.

Barb is finally taking a break and sipping her wine while Joe and I work on our beers. This time, Barb begins as they tell me about their swinging lifestyle.

“When we started, we went to large swap parties, but as we became older, we’ve decided we’re more comfortable getting together with a few trusted friends.”

Joe is slowly stroking his hard on while he’s telling me about their play group.

“Our group gets together on the third Thursday of each month. Sometimes we have themes, other times we have an orgy. The host couple gets to decide each evening’s kink.”

“Chris, it looks like Joe wants to play.”

Barb is walking to Joe’s end of the couch, kneels on the floor between his legs, and Joe leans his head back as he enjoys his wife taking him into her talented mouth.

After a few minutes into her slow, sensual blowjob, Barb is starting to wiggle her ass toward my direction. I’m not sure of the proper etiquette until she begins wagging a finger in my direction. I’m getting off of the couch, crouching behind Barb’s upturned ass, and pushing my rock hard cock into her inviting pussy.

Barb is grunting around Joe’s cock as I enter her and match her speed—slow and deep in…slow out until my cock head starts to show itself. Barb is sneaking her hand between her thighs and I can feel her fingering her clit.

It’s a very erotic threesome and is lasting a good long time before Joe yells.


He’s ankara fetiş yapan escortlar pumping his cum into Barb’s throat. She eventually comes up for a breath, wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, and looks over her shoulder at me.

“Fuck me! Do it hard!”

I’m grabbing Barb’s hips as I jackhammer her through two orgasms—I’m cumming with her the second time.

We’re resting again as Joe refills Barb’s wine glass and pours me a Belgium Sour beer. We’re sipping and talking until Barb dips her head back into my lap to suck and lick me.

“Do you have one more in you, Chris?”

“If you keep sucking me, I’m sure I’ll be ready in no time!”

Barb is ducking her head and sucking my balls before suddenly stopping.

“Joe, go get Big Red and get me ready.”

I’m not sure what Barb has asked for, but frankly, I’m not that interested because her lips and tongue are quickly getting me hard. Joe has left the room for a few moments, but is coming back, and he has a six inch, red dildo and some KY lube with him. Joe is coating the dildo with a generous amount of lube and I’m watching as he eases it between Barb’s firm, round cheeks and into her asshole.

My cock is buried deep in Barb’s throat and she’s grunting around it as Joe invades her sphincter with the tip of their fake cock. As Joe starts a slow fucking motion, Barb is taking her mouth off of my cock and looking up at me.

“Let me know when you’re ready to replace Big Red.”

I’m ready to switch holes now but I’m stopped.

“Let me spend a little more time loosening her up for you. She likes it hard.”

Shortly, Joe nods to me, pats Barb’s ass cheek, and she spits out my cock. After I finish climbing behind her, I’m watching as Joe continues the slow ass fuck. He’s handing me the tube of lube so I can coat my cock, and when I’m ready, Joe withdraws the dildo and I’m pressing my cock in.

I’m stopping at three inches, to let Barb adjust, before I begin pushing in, again and again, until I’m buried balls deep.

“Oh, Chris! That feels so good!”

I’m pulling out, slowly pushing in, and waiting.


After another full penetration, Barb is looking over her shoulder and pleading.

“Fuck my asshole!”

I’m banging her. I’ve never had a partner want such a rough ass fuck. While I’m grinding away, Joe is pushing Big Red (now clean) into Barb’s pussy. The new sensation is setting us off and it only takes another couple of minutes before Barb is tightly gripping the sofa cushion.

“I’m cumming!”


It’s early Thursday afternoon. I was so busy this morning, I wasn’t able to catch up on my emails, phone messages, or texts until now. I immediately notice one text is from Barb and it had arrived around mid-morning.

[Barb] Our monthly swing party is tonight. Joe and I are hosting. Tonight’s theme is “three couples and a young stud”…if you’ll join us?

[Chris] Can I call you?

Less than a minute later, my phone is ringing.

“I thought I might have scared you off?”

“No, Barb. My phone has been on silent mode and I just checked for messages.”

“Last night, I had the wicked thought of adding you to tonight’s party, but I wanted to get everyone’s permission before I invited you. Would you like to come…pun intended? Drinks are at five, dinner is at six, and playtime starts at seven-thirty.”

“I doubt I’ll be able to get to your house much before playtime because I have a business engagement that’ll run until six-thirty or so.”

Barb giggles.

“That’s fine.”

“What should I expect?”

“The sex won’t start until you get here, but we will be paired off with partners other than our spouses. I’m sure you noticed, last night, that Joe likes to watch. The other husbands do, too—I think that’s a major reason we all get together as a group—and they like to play, but they’re also somewhat submissive. Are you with me so far?”

“I understand.”

“Normally, we take turns being the couple that plays while the other two couples watch. I was thinking that, tonight, you’d join each couple for an MMF play group while, as usual, the other two couples watch.”

“I could do that!”

“The girls and I think it’ll be hot if you take charge of each couple, similar to last night when Joe got a blowjob and you came in all of my holes. The guys are intrigued and are willing to go along. Joe told everyone that you’re a good guy. Do you think you’re up for that kind of play?”

“What are the limits?”

“We don’t want anything sick or harmful, only hard and nasty sex. Oral, vaginal, and anal is okay with the girls. None of the guys are bi, but they’ve all gotten really close to another cock and all have eaten a creampie.”

“It sounds as though you throw a hell of a party. I’ll get there as soon as I can.”


I’m arriving at Joe and Barb’s home just after seven, and Joe is answering the bell…naked. He’s shaking my hand as he welcomes me before leading me into the dining room. There ankara iranlı escort are two paired off couples (including a man I’ve never met) with Barb, along with one single woman who I assume is Joe’s date for the night.

Like Joe, all three men are also naked, in their late forties, pudgy, and soft. Their wives are attractive, naked, and dressed in the same type of open, white robe that Barb had worn the previous night.

“Chris, let me introduce you to—”

I’m interrupting Joe.

“Who is your date for the night, Joe?”

He’s hesitating for a moment before indicating a petite woman a few feet away.

“My date is Shelly.”

I’m approaching Shelly and extending my hand. She takes it, and I help ease her to her feet.

“Hello, Shelly. I’m Chris and I’m very happy to meet you.”

Even though her robe is sheer and open, I’m taking hold of each side and pulling it completely open to expose her, not only to me but the whole group. Shelly is tiny as she stands five feet tall and weighs only one hundred pounds…even!

“You’re a very attractive woman. I’m going to enjoy ‘getting to know’ you!”

She’s blushing and stammers.

“I hope you…don’t mind…my little…itty-bitty titties?”

I’m reaching for her left nipple and Shelly grunts and smiles as I’m squeezing it.

“I’ve discovered that women with small breasts can be very responsive. I’m looking forward to finding out if that’s true for you, too.”

The next closest man to me is dating the second woman I don’t know.

“Would you introduce me to your date?”

“Sure! I’d like you to meet Martha.”

Martha is tall and stacked! She has big tits and curvy hips and ass but is rock solid. As she stands to take my hand, I notice she’s sporting a full bush above her pussy. As I’d done with Shelly, I’m opening Martha’s robe and gazing from her face to her feet before reaching out and gently tugging at her bush.

“Not many in the lifestyle go au natural?”

She’s smiling.

“I hope you like it.”

I’m looking into her eyes as I’m dropping my fingers lower and tracing along a set of very aroused pussy lips.

“As long as your pussy is wet, I don’t care how you trim the hair.”

There’s lust in Martha’s eyes, and she’s gasping as I’m pushing a finger into her pussy.

“Wet and tight! You’ve got a perfect cunt.”

As I’m approaching Barb, she’s standing. I’m circling my hand around her waist and pulling her against me for a long, deep kiss.

“Thanks for inviting me, baby. I’m so sorry I’m late.”

We’re kissing again and, after I place my hands on her waist, I’m turning her until she’s facing the table. I’m nudging her until she bends over and then, kicking one ankle and then the other, Barb’s legs are spread wide and she’s lying over the table.

Addressing her date for the night, I’m instructing him.

“Please pull Barb’s ass cheeks open for me.”

The gentleman is hesitating for a moment as he looks around the table and, after not seeing any objections, reaches out and pulls Barb’s ass cheeks wide open.

I’m telling the group.

“I fucked Barb’s asshole last night and it still looks a little red. Barb, are you too sore for an ass fuck tonight?”

Barb is smiling.

“Bring it on, Big Boy!”

Joe is bringing me a barrel aged coffee stout and I’m take a sip before asking.

“What are the rules, Barb?”

“Only what we talked about today. You lead, and we’ll follow.”

“Okay. Girls, pick a number between one and a hundred.”

Martha picked thirty-seven.

“Martha, you’re closest to the forty-one that I picked.”

I’m taking her hand and leading her to the family room area and the huge sectional couch before I kiss her once and then again.

“I love eating cunt.”

I’m nudging her toward the couch.

“Get comfortable.”

As she’s wiggling her ass onto the couch and spreading her legs, I’m looking at her date.

“I’d like you to kiss her while I eat her pussy.”

I’m not waiting for his answer as I dive (face first) into her sex to eat, finger, and lick her hole. After she’s done cumming a second time, I instruct her date.

“Take my place.”

I’m getting to my feet and finally stripping off my clothes until I’m naked, too. I’m climbing onto the couch and straddling Martha’s body so I’m standing over her with my cock bobbing in front of her face. Martha knows what I want—she’s opening wide and inhaling my meat!

Martha has a gag reflex, and every time she gags on my cock, it’s turning me on. We’re taking turns—she blows me for a while and then settles back and lets me fuck her mouth. She’s cumming on her date’s face so, after she’s settled, I’m switching things up. Her date sits on the couch as Martha kneels between his legs and sucks his cock as I’m doggie fucking her.

Her date is announcing.

“I’m going to cum!”

“Martha, don’t swallow. Hold his cum in your mouth.”

The man grunts twice and empties his nuts.

“Kiss him and share his cum.”

Both of them are looking at me before Martha attacks her date and gives him a long, tongue kiss while I’m holding her hips and fucking her cunt until I get close.

“Martha, I want to cum inside of your mouth!”

After we disengage, Martha turns and is wrapping her lips around my cock. I’m ready to cum!

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