Best Present Ever Ch. 02


He lies on his back and I straddle his hips. I kiss him deeply then I move down to his neck and kiss down his chest. All the while, I am finally rubbing my hands all over his smooth chiseled chest and stomach. I grind my pussy against his hard cock through his jeans. I slide down his legs so I can run my hand over his very large bulge. I unbutton the top button and slide his zipper down. I can see the outline of his cock through his boxer briefs. Grabbing the waistband of both pants and boxes I pull them off in one swift movement.

Not that his cock has sprung free I am actually a little terrified that it won’t all fit inside of me. He was clean shaven, and had to be at least 9 inches long. He was thick but not as thick as some of my ex boyfriends’ were. He had really big balls in a sac that was tight and pulled up against him. The look of surprise must have been on my face because he whispers encouraging words to me as a slowly run my hands up his thighs and take hold of his impressive tool.

Leaning down I place a kiss on the head of his cock. I can see that he has a small drop of pre cum already leaking out. I lick it and savor the sweet taste of it. I start to slowly lick the underside of his cock up to the tip and then I work my way back down the sides and back up. Once I have covered his entire cock with my saliva I slowly take the head in my mouth. More pre cum oozes out and onto my tongue.

“Oh baby girl, I thought you never done this before. It feels so good and I’m so close already.”

Wrapping my hand around the base and jack him off just for a second. “Daddy I said I never had sex but that doesn’t mean I have given head before. How else would I keep my boyfriends without having sex with them? You are my biggest cock I’ve ever had in my mouth though its not all going to fit.”

Sucking on his head a little more I decide to see how far down I could actually go. I work my way up and down on his cock bobbing my head. I manage to get half of it in my mouth before it hits the back of my throat. At first a gag just a bit but I relax my throat and force him down a little bit further. I only have about 2 inches of his cock out of my mouth. I can feel it stretching my throat open and I start swallowing so that it applies pressure onto his cock in all the right places.

“Oh god baby, suck on daddy’s cock. Make daddy cum down your throat. You want to swallow my cum baby?”

Pulling up some taking his cock out of my throat I start sucking vigorously while pumping my hand to match the pace of my mouth and the other massaging his balls. I feel them tighten up even more and his cock throbs in my mouth. He shoots his first load right into the back of my throat and the rest land on my tongue. After his 5th or 6th volley he starts to subside I swallow everything and lick his dick clean not wasting a single drop.

With a mischievous smile I slide my way back up his body so that his cock is trapped between his stomach and mine and I kiss him. Not knowing if he would mind I slipped my tongue in his mouth and he did the same in return.

“God baby that was the best head I have had in a very long time. I don’t what to know where you learned to do that, but please never stop. That was amazing.” He said as he flipped me over so I was lying on my back with my legs wrapped around him. “Are you sure you want to do this. You don’t have to. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be disappointed but if you don’t want to we won’t. “

“No daddy. I want this, more than anything, I’ve wanted it since I was first started to mature and think about guys. You are who I want to do this with no one else. Please daddy, make love to me.”

“As you wish baby girl.” He said as he started to line up his cock with my pussy. He rubbed his head up and down my slit for a second and started too slid in. I felt so full and so stretched. He slowly slid in and out of me so I could get used to his sizes. He stops when he felt my hymen. “Now this may hurt for a second but I promise it will feel better once this part is over with. Are you ok?” I shook my head yes and told him not to stop that I wanted to feel him all the way in me.

He slowly withdrew till just the head was inside of me and slammed all the way into me. When he did this I felt a sharp pain and my back arched off the bed so much that the only thing on the bed was my head and my ass. After a few seconds of him holding completely still I slowly lowered myself back down to the bed. With a look of concern on his face he asked me if I was ok I just nodded and escort izmit he slowly started to thrust soft short strokes in and out of my pussy.

After a minute the pain was gone and all I felt was pure pleasure as my daddy made love to me nice and slow. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my nails clawing his back trying to get him closer to me. Daddy started picking up his pace as he leaned down to lick and suck on my nipples. He leans up and kisses my lips with passion and need. “Baby, you are so tight. I’m close again. Are you ready for daddy’s loads to fill you up?”

“Yes daddy, fill your daughters pussy up like you have always wanted to. Daddy I’m coming too. Come with me.” And he picks up his speed and with a few hard thrust I felt his body tense and his first volley of cum enter my. That was my undoing as I came as hard as I ever had, screaming out my orgasm until there was nothing else in me to give. He collapsed down on me for just a few seconds, till he caught his breath then he rolled off of me and pulled me to him so that my head was on his chest and my arm draped around his waist.


When I woke up I had a warm body next to me and I smiled to myself glad that what I had encountered was not a dream. Not wanting to open my eyes I snuggle closer and I can smell him. His aftershave, his sweat, and even his cum. It was a heady mixture, but it got my juices flowing again. I had found my happy place and I never wanted to leave it again. When it came time for him to leave to go back home it was going to kill me. I don’t know what I am going to do.

As if knowing what his on my mind, he was stroking my hair lovingly. “Sweetheart, what are you going to do after you graduate school?”

“Well I was going to take a year off before I start looking for colleges. Get a job and find an apartment close to whatever school I was going to. Why”

“Well, why don’t you come home with me? We can live together, be together and no one has to know that you are my daughter. We can start a life together. I don’t want to leave you now that I have you. It would kill me to go home and not have you by my side. I need you in my life and I don’t want to live without you. Would that be something you would want to do?”

I turn my head so that I could look into his eyes and all I saw was love. “There is nothing that I would want more then to come with you. I love you so much daddy and I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t go with you.” I leaned up and kissed him softly then laid my head back down on his chest. It was settled, I would have the man of my dreams for the rest of our lives and no one could stop us.


It was now 1030 and I am in my bed reminiscing about the best birthday ever. We made love two more times before daddy took me out to dinner and brought me home. Mom was none to pleased that I was out all day with daddy and when I walked through the door at 930 I saw her at the kitchen table asleep with a little cake in front of her. I woke her up to let her know I was home and that she should get in the bed. I went upstairs and got in a shower and got ready for bed.

I wanted to stay with dad but he said it wouldn’t look good with my mother so he reluctantly dropped me off. Now I’m laying here day dreaming about today. I start dozing off with a smile on my face.

I woke up just after 7 and got dressed. Being that I didn’t need to go to school the last two days I decided I was going to show up to drop my books off and then go find my dad. I pick out my outfit for today and toss it on my bed. After I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth I go back in my room to get dressed. I put on my mini plaid skirt, my white lace bra that matches the lace thong I’m wearing, a white cami and a white button up shirt that I only button the bottom 3 buttons. I grab my plaid tie that matches my skirt and put that on as well. I twist my hair in a bun and put my hair sticks in. Doing my make the same as the day before, I slip on my shoes and grabbing my backpack, I’m out the door.

I walk into school and all eyes are on me. Once again my choice in fashion shocks most people in this school. I go to each of my classes and drop off my books, then head to my locker. There is only a few things in there that I want so it shouldn’t take me too long. I’ve already called my dad and told him to pick me up at the school in 10 minutes. Once I close my locker door I turn to head to the main doors when my best friend walks in front of me.

“What in god’s creation are you wearing? izmit escort You can’t wear that here they are going to send you home.”

“Oh I’m not staying here. I just came to clean out my locker and drop off my books. I’m spending the day with someone. Besides I don’t need to be here anyway.” I try to walk away from her but she just follows me asking me all kinds of questions that I simply ignore. Once I get to the main doors I see dads car sitting right out front and I can’t wait get to him. “Look my ride is here, I got to go. I’ll call you later okay.”

I walk out of the school doors and everyone out side and everyone who was on the inside of the main doors came out and watched me walk to the car open the door and get it. “Hay baby, I missed you last night. Let’s get out of here.” I say it loud enough for everyone to hear me and my best friend is just standing there looking shocked. Closing the door behind me dad speeds out of the parking lot smirking.

“I love the outfit baby, but I do have to ask. What was with that show you put on at the school?”

“Oh just my best friend giving me a hard time about my outfit and me not staying in school today.”

“So what made you decide on this outfit today? When I saw you walk out that school my dick got hard instantly. See feel.” He takes my hand and puts it on his bulge. I lightly rub and squeeze it. “That feels so good. So what is it that you want to do today?”

“I think you already know what I want to do. Let’s go back to your room and you can take this outfit off of me.”

“That sounds like a plan but I’d rather fuck you while you are wearing it. Maybe bend you over the table and fuck you nice and hard.”

We got up to his room and as soon as the door was shut he kissed me hard and started to undo the fly of his jeans. Walking over to the table that was in the room he turned me around and roughly bent me over the table. I was so excited I couldn’t help but tease him, so I wiggled my ass right in his face. He lifted what little bit of my skirt that was barely covering my ass and rubbed my checks. He smacked my ass hard one time then leaned down to kiss where his hand just was. He soothed my stinging ass with his hand.

“Are you ready baby? This is going to be hard and fast.”

“Yes, please daddy, I’m so wet. I need you in me now.”

Needing no further encouragement he pushes one hand between my shoulder blades holding me down, and grabs my hip with his other. Lining his cock head up with my pussy hole he slams into me in one full movement, filling me up so full it felt like he split me in two. Holding my hip so hard his fingers dig into it he rams himself in me over and over. All you could hear was our hard breathing but it was masked by the sound of his hips slapping against my ass. He was trusting so hard that his balls would slap my clit.

“Oh yes daddy. Fuck your daughters young tight pussy. Yes… Don’t stop… fuck me harder. Oh yeah… Daddy I’m about to cum… oh yes…DAAAADDDDDYYYYYY.” I scream his name as a massive orgasm hits me and my knees go weak. I can fee dad shoot his load deep inside my pussy. We were both sweating I could feel my clothes sticking to me.

Daddy slowly pulls out and he picks me up and carries me over to the bed. Once he lays me down, he pulls off my shoes and he strips down to his boxers as I start to drift off.

When I wake up daddy is curled up behind me with his hand rubbing my stomach and his other arm curled around me and my head resting on his bicep. I hug his arm closer to me and he pulls me tighter against him. I am in heaven there is no other place on earth that I would rather be.

A little bit later he takes me to the mall and we do some shopping. Again everyone is staring at me because of my outfit. Or maybe they are staring at both of us because he is with me. We go into Victoria Secret and he buys me some new bras and panty sets and a few sexy nighties. We got to Bath and Body Works and get my favorite collection of theirs, candy apple. We walk around and talk a little bit. He tells me about his job and his house. I tell him about school and the few boyfriends that I had and my best friend. We stop to get some lunch in the food court then we do some shoe shopping. He buys me a new pair of sneakers a pair of thigh high boots and a pair of pumps.

We go to Macy’s and he gets me a white dress that I have to have to wear under my gown for graduation. I already have sandals to match it so that is a plus. Over all we had a fun day hanging out together. izmit kendi evi olan escort Tomorrow I wouldn’t be able to hang out with him at all because I have the class picture I have to take and practice walking across the stage. Once we leave the mall we go back to his hotel, I leave all my bags in the car no need in lugging them about twice. He makes love to me one more time before we get in a shower together and wash each other. Once he drops me off at home I take all my bags up to my room and start packing my things.

Two days after my graduation we are leaving. He has to get back to work and I don’t want to wait till he can come back and fly me over. So I am leaving with him, he has already bought me a plane ticket. Going down stairs to get me a glass of water mom walks into the house with grocery bags in her hands. Once she sees me she drops them instantly. I look at her puzzled but she is eyeing me up and down. I look down and noticed I forgot to change and I’m still wearing my outfit.

“What the hell do you think you are wearing? Where did you get that garbage from?”

“I’m wearing clothes mom. God would you just stop treating me like im some kind of baby. I know how to dress myself you are not going to boss me around anymore. ”

“You know only the devil would allow you to wear something like that. What has gotten into you? Staying out at all hours of the night, wearing the devils clothes, not to mention I heard you moaning in your room last night. You are going to straighten yourself out and fast, do you hear me. And take that stuff off and throw it in the trash where it belongs.”

“No, I refuse to be treated like a little girl by you any longer. I am a grown woman I am 18 years old and I will wear what I want to and you can’t stop me. “I storm off to go up to my room but out of spite of this woman I stop and turn around. “In a few days I will be gone anyway. I’m leaving and I’m going home with dad when he leaves.” I go up to my room and slam the door. I change into some sweatpants and a t-shirt and finish packing. I leave out a comfortable outfit for tomorrow and my new dress and sandals for graduation.

I pack a small suitcase with some clothes and other necessities. I make sure I have the nighties and a few changes of clothes, my shoes, and my candy apple collection and call up my dad. Im not staying here tonight. I tell him to come and pick me up because I was not staying in this house any longer.

When he got there he knocked on the door. He offered to help me get my things and load them into the car. I had a few boxes and my suitcase and the bag of clothes I had for tomorrow and my dress. When we went in to get the last few things mom was standing at the base of the stairs. I just knew I wasn’t getting out of here without a fight.

“I knew you would do it, you sick pervert. She is your own daughter. You turned her against me and now she is leaving because of you. What did you do to my daughter? Did you rape her like you did me? That was the only reason I why I got pregnant to begin with. You never loved me, you always resented me getting pregnant.” She started screaming at him. Shocked by what I was hearing I stepped back and watched everything unfold.

“You listen here bitch; I didn’t do anything to her. She said she wanted to come live with me so I said yes. It was her choice, not mine. I will not turn away my daughter; these last 4 years have been hell not being in this family. You have no idea what it was like for me. And you need to get your facts right. It was not rape, you never said no and you never told me to stop, in fact you were the one who pulled my pants down and sat on my dick. Your parents called it rape because they didn’t like me. I was excited when I found out you were pregnant. I wanted my child and I have provided for her like I promised you I would. It was you who resented getting pregnant because you couldn’t party like you used to. I wouldn’t let you get high or get drunk or go fucking everything that walked. Yes I made mistakes in out marriage but it was you who put the wedge between us. There was always a wedge between us and you are putting that same wedge between you and your daughter. She is a grown woman now and if she wants to leave you can not stop her. Wither she leaves to go with me or she leaves and goes off on her own. Now get your head out of your ass.” He turned to me my eyes are wide I can’t believe anything I just heard ” Now I am going to ask you this one time and one time only, and remember this is your choice and your choice alone. Do you want to come with me back to china? If not that is fine I will be ok with that. If you want to leave this house I will make sure you have somewhere to go. You are a grown woman now and you can make your own choices.”

To be continued.

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