Bestfriend Jack and girlfriend Kaylin: Caught


Bestfriend Jack and girlfriend Kaylin: CaughtJack and I were hanging out at my house one day in the summer. We went outside to find something to do so we went into my barn to work on my four wheeler. We started to work on it and got all greasy and dirty. We started talking about my girlfriend Kaylin and he asked if she knew I fucked men. I told him she didn’t know. He then asked about my other men I have fucked and asked about mine and Kaylin’s sexual relationship. I told him about the other men. I then told him that me and Kaylin fuck all the time. We have fucked at my family party while everyone was outside we fucked on the living room couch, we fucked on her parents couch, we have fucked in front of my friend Thomas and his girlfriend Marissa, she has even sucked my dick in the backseat of her grandparents car while they were in there. I could tell all of these stories were getting him turned on because I noticed the major bulge his massive cock was making in his pants. I looked down at it and then looked up at him with a smile. I asked if someone was getting excited and he said that he was. so I stood him up pushed him onto the seat of my bahis siteleri four wheeler and pulled out his big, long banana cock. I started to suck the tip nice and slow and then worked as much of that thick cock as I could down my throat. I wrapped my hand around the base of that cock and jerked while sucking. He moaned as I did this. I then pulled down my pants, turned around and told him to fit that cock in my ass how ever he could. He said okay and grabbed my hip with one hand and then spit on his cock and rubbed it in with hi other. He then guided his cock to my throbbing hole and forced his cock in me by slamming it. I screamed and moaned. He was fucking the shit out of my ass I could feel his balls slapping mine and it was such a turn on. He reached around me and grabbed my hard cock and jerked it while fucking me. Then I looked to my left out of the barn and saw my girlfriend Kaylin standing there watching me get fucked by a huge cock. She was in shock and didn’t move. I pulled that fat snake like cock out of my ass and walked over to her. She stared at Jack’s cock in awe. I told her I was sorry and she said it was okay while still canlı bahis staring. She said why didn’t you tell me. I said I didn’t want you to get upset. She replied by saying why would I get upset that your friend has a huge cock. She walked over to him and got on her knees and was marveled. She picked it up and flopped it around. Grabbed it and tugged on it then licked it tasting his cock and my ass. She then started to suck it and then grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her. She said I thought your cock was decent until today now it is tiny and she started sucking me and jerking him. She then stood up and pulled down her shirt and pulled out her lovely tits. They looked like triangles with a puffy pink nipple at the end. Jack started to grope and squeeze them and she moaned and then started to kiss him and make out with him. She bent her self over the four wheeler and pulled her shorts and panties to the side and told him to fit it in. Her pussy was dripping wet and his cock slid right in with no problems I was amazed because she was so used to my cock I didn’t think she would be able to take his. He started to pound her pussy hard and grabbed canlı bahis siteleri her long brown hair and pulled it back like he was riding a horse and her hair was the reigns. She moaned and screamed and then shut her self up by putting my cock in her mouth. She slobbered all over my cock and when I looked up I saw Jack fucking her and fingering her ass at the same time. She was wiggling all over and moaning. After seeing that I came right down her throat and she started choking because she wasn’t ready for it. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she swallowed it. She then said good now you can do what I wanted. She made me go behind him while he was fucking her and made me suck on his big egg sized balls and rub her clit. I worked my tongue to his ass hole and started licking it. They were both moaning and he said he was gonna cum. I said don’t cum in her pussy and he just kept fucking her and blew his huge load deep in her pussy. They both moaned and then she pulled him out and started kissing him. He got dressed and left. I then asked her why she let him cum inside her and she said it was the heat of the moment. I also asked how he fit in her so easily and she said that she had been fucking men with huge cocks behind my back. We got dressed went inside and then about a month later she found out she was pregnant with Jack’s c***d and she left me for him.

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