Beth or “Straight Night”

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I first met Beth when I started going to “straight night” at a gay bar called “The Casbah” that sat on the top floor of an old art-deco building downtown.

Beth had long, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and wore a perfume that smelled somewhat reminiscent of bug-spray to me, but there was something about her that I found fascinating. She seemed to know everyone who was anyone in the club, and walked around dancing, drinking, and talking non-stop, shaking her little ass, which was barely covered by the seam of the very cut-off jeans she wore. She seemed quite proud of her ass, and though it was a bit flat, the way she moved it while wearing some heavy boots really caught my eye.

Most of the girls at the club that night seemed unreceptive or already taken by the boyfriends who stood uncomfortably by them next to the bar, unsure of what to make of some of the drag queens and ostentatiously gay men who stood nearby, regular patrons who really made Beth stand out, since she was a good bit smaller than the drag queens and men she mingled so effortlessly among. She seemed friendly in a passive-aggressive way, and gave me an odd little half-smile when she saw me checking her out after I had carefully determined that she herself was not a drag queen, which was quite obvious, due to her size, build and face, but at The Casbah, even on “straight night”, one could never be too careful.

After we had first made eye contact, and she had given me a smile, she made a short lap around the outer tables next to the windows, where some drag queens sat and cut up, bending over the table gratuitously to laugh and pat the the large manicured hands of Cashmere (who I would later work with) and laugh loudly. I could only spot the vaguest hint of a g-string under the crotch seam of her cut-offs, which she caught me studying as she turned around for a moment and glanced directly at me, as I stared.

I looked down sheepishly for a moment, as she walked up right next to me at the bar, where she fished some bills out of the top of her big boots and ordered some drinks, while she pretended to ignore me, even though she kept glancing at me.

“Hi,” I said, “what’s your name?”

“Beth,” she replied, “what’s yours?”

“Eric,” I said.

“So many Eric’s,” she sighed, as the bartender handed her her drinks. She walked back to the table of drag queens she was talking to before, and handed a laughing Cashmere, who was having issues with her wig, a cocktail..

I thought Beth wasn’t interested, but she kept walking by me while making her rounds with her friends, occasionally making direct eye contact with me and giving me a small smile. It was already late when I got to the club, and most of the eligible women had started to leave as I sat at the bar and had my last drink, getting ready to leave, when Beth took a break from shaking her ass on the dance floor, and stood next to me at the bar.

“Did you make any new friends?” she asked, as she glanced at me.

“No one but you,” I said smiling, hoping to come off as cool, even though I had a pretty good buzz going.

We made some small talk, and she kept up her end of the conversation, even though she sounded disinterested. She told me what she did for a living (paralegal), her last name, and how she loved coming to the club and hanging out with her gay friends. I told her some mundane things about myself, and about how I liked the club. This went on for about fifteen minutes, and since it was late and I had a pretty good buzz going, I cut to the chase and asked if she’d like to come over to my place for a drink. She laughed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Well I was going home with someone else, but they left. You can come over to my place if you can give me a ride,” she said softly.

I thought that was an odd reply, but hell, I was game. To be honest, on closer inspection, I thought Beth was a bit on the plain side, but definitely not ugly. She had large doe-like eyes and a mole on the side of her face that I thought looked unique in a wabi-sabi way. She did smell somewhat like bug spray to me because of the perfume she wore, one that I still occasionally smell on some women today. I don’t know why it smells that way to me, but it didn’t bother me too much as we headed out to the parking lot. I got to study her ass some more as she walked ahead of me, as I found it quite pleasing by then, the way it halfway hung out of her cut-offs, very pale, a little wide and somewhat flat, but she knew how to move it.

She was moving so fast that I had to direct her to my car, which she seemed disappointed by. She told me how to get to her place, which wasn’t very far off, an apartment I discovered to be much nicer than mine, full of nice furniture and tasteful bric a brac. She told me to sit on one of the plush couches while she went into the bathroom.

Luckily, she didn’t stay in the bathroom too long before she came back out. She still had on her blouse, but had ditched the cut-offs and was wearing a garter belt without panties. I could see her bush, which was dark and hairy. bursa escort She looked at me and walked over to where I sat, and grabbed my hand, pulling me into her bedroom where she laid down on her large and comfy bed. She looked up at me and put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

I had a throbbing hard-on, and as I pulled my pants down, my cock popped up stiffly as I pulled my boxer shorts down. She reached up and grabbed it, stroking it expertly while continuing to rub at her hairy bush. I got onto the bed and laid beside her, smelling her bug-spray perfume, and the vague scent of her worked up pussy.

In my haste, I forgot about a condom, which I didn’t have that night, oddly enough.

“Do you have any condoms?” I asked, as my hand went between her legs.

“I’m on the pill,” she said quietly as she opened her legs.

“You sure?” I asked as I got between her legs, and felt the soft creamy flesh of her thigh brush against my cock..

“I’m sure,” she said, as if she was slightly annoyed, grabbing my penis firmly and guiding it to the hairy mound of her wet vagina.

“You’re not worried about AIDS or anything?” I asked clumsily.

“No,” she said, looking me intently in the eye, “is there something you need to tell me?”

“No,” I said, “I just usually use rubbers.”

“That’s good,” she said, “but we could have sex for hours like this and not have to worry about it. Come on.”

It felt good, but it was a weird feeling to fuck this strange girl without a condom, something I rarely did back then, and I was intrigued- what did she mean “like this”? What all was she into? Oral perhaps? Either way, she certainly seemed to like sex. She lifted up her hips to meet my thrusts, and grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper. I was enjoying myself, even though the bareback fucking made me feel peculiar. I almost came before she stopped me.

“Here,” she said, “let me get on top.”

She pulled my wet dick out and grabbed it again, guiding me onto my back while tugging on my member. As I laid on my back, she jacked my cock hard and looked down closely at it.

“Will you give me some head?” I asked breathlessly, feeling emboldened by my lust.

“I don’t do oral,” she said firmly as she straddled me and slid my dick into herself. She moved up and down on me, and seemed to go into her own little world where I was just a dildo, rubbing her clit and closing her eyes. She breathed heavily, and really got a rhythm going, unbuttoning her blouse and gently pinching her nipple, as she reached down and pinched on one of my nipples through my shirt, which made me feel odd, but good.

That stimulation, along with me screwing this girl without a condom made me come a little quicker than usual. She looked a little disappointed as she felt me go soft. She rolled off of me, and laid on her back beside me.

“You have to go now,” she said.

“Huh?” I asked, totally surprised.

“You have to leave,” she said.

“Right now?” I asked, as I felt my dick go down, still wet from her.

“Right now,” she replied firmly.

“Oh, OK,” I said as I pulled up my pants and started to leave, feeling really weird and kind of chastised and embarrassed before I hurried out of her apartment while still arranging my clothes around me.

The next week found me back at The Casbah on “straight night”, where of course I saw Beth again. She gave me little wave and a smile, but she didn’t stop to talk to me, she was too busy being a social butterfly with the drag queens and the DJ and the bartenders. She even sat and chatted with the heavily mustachioed owner of the club when he emerged from his dark room in the back to sit at the bar and ogle the straight guys (myself included) on “straight night”.

I skipped “straight night” at The Casbah for a few weeks after that, but about three weeks later I went back and saw Beth once again. I went to the bar to sit down while she made her rounds, talking to everyone she knew, wearing some really short cut-offs that just barely covered the bottom of her luminous buttocks. Surprisingly, she came up to the bar and stood next to me. I bought her a drink and made some small talk about the bar and some of the dancers before she seemed to get bored, bidding me a quick “Bye,” before she ran back out to the dance floor.

I continued to sit at the bar and had a few more drinks, eyeballing the crowd,and of course Beth out on the dance floor. After about three beers I noticed that Beth was quite cute in her own way. Her hair was dark and shiny, and her skin was pale and soft. I know she saw me checking her out, as she danced with her friends, and I was more than pleased when she walked over to where I sat and stood next to me and asked the bartender for a water.

Beth glanced at me and looked back out at the dance floor while I got a gander at her: she wore a small white blouse that was unbuttoned at the top, just barely covering the top of her perky little breasts, breast that I saw were unconstrained by a bra. Her nipples were bursa escort bayan erect from all the dancing or the air conditioning that was always on high, and those little buds really stood out under that white shirt.

Her perky little nipples were really giving me a boner, and I was really staring at them before she turned her head and looked directly at me. I raised my gaze to her eyes as she smiled at me. She was glowing and breathing heavily from all the dancing, and I thought she looked fierce.

“You want to do something later?” I asked, dazzled by her nipples.

“Maybe,” Beth said, as she took a slow sip of water, “I was planning on taking someone else home, but if I don’t, maybe we can.”

“Great,” I said, feeling less than flattered, “I’ll be sitting here for a little while if you want to.”

“Bye”, she said as she headed back out to dance.

I had another drink and tried to see who she had in mind to take home, but I couldn’t tell. When I could see her, it seemed like she acting like she always did at the club, dancing with her mostly gay friends, gossiping with drag queens, and talking with the regulars who came to the club on “straight night”.

I had gotten to the club late, so most of the straight couples had already started to trickle out, even though Beth kept dancing until she seemed to get tired, walking off to stand next to the dance floor and talk to a fellow with thick, horn rimmed glasses, a Moe Howard haircut and a large purse.

Their conversation didn’t seem too amorous, and I was ready to leave, so I took a chance and walked up to her to see if there was any possibility of me going home with her. She saw me walking up and grabbed my arm.

“Here’s the guy I was telling you about Devin,” she said to her friend, “are you ready to go?” she asked, turning to me.

“Uh sure,” I said, as I took her hand.

Devin took a slow sip from his drink and gave me a quick once-over through his thick glasses as we started to leave.

“Bye hun,” he called after Beth as I started pulling her away, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

The whole scene made me feel strange, like many pairs of roguish eyes were watching us as I quickly led Beth out of the club.

“I’m sooo glad to get out of there,” Beth said as we walked to my car, “you remember where I live don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said, as I tried to hurriedly unlock the car doors, fumbling with my keys in my haste to get to Beth’s place.

Beth didn’t say much on the short drive to her apartment. She just rummaged through her purse, looked at her phone, turned on my interior light (without asking me), and touched up her makeup in a little mirror. When we got to her place, she acted like she was in a hurry to get inside.

“Come on, ” she said as she shaked her little bottom as she walked up the steps. She gave me a lascivious look she had never given me before as she unlocked the door, grabbing my hand, and pulling me inside. Once she closed the door, I grabbed her and held her close to me, and kissed her neck. Her skin smelled sweet, even with that perfume she wore, and it was soft and warm. I moved my hands to her ass, and cupped both cheeks with them, and heard her make a soft little “mmmmmm” sound.

I put the side of my face against hers before I kissed her cheek and looked at her as she swallowed hard and blushed. I could see her nipples getting more erect under her blouse. I moved my hands up from her ass and unbuttoned two buttons, softly touching the firm orb of one of her breasts. I squeezed it ever so carefully and bent my head down to put her nipple in my mouth. I gingerly sucked on it, and rolled it between my tongue and upper lip, feeling it grow a little in my mouth.

Beth let out a little sigh and ran one of her hands through my hair. I released her nipple from my mouth and stood up to look at her. Her face (like mine) was flushed, and there was lust in her eyes.

“What do you want to do?” she asked with a husky voice. She put her hand on the outside of my pants and grabbed the outline of the hard-on that lurked in my underwear.

I had been thinking about what we did the last time, and how she had talked about having sex “like this” and all the possibilities that it might entail, so I said “Let’s do something different”, and I kissed her softly on her closed lips.

“We can do that,” she said after a short pause. She guided me to one of her overstuffed couches and pushed me down on it. She stood in front of me and bent down to look at me, with her eyes so bright and wicked.

“You wait here for a minute,” she said, like a mommy telling a toddler what to do. I lifted up my head and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, like a naughty little boy stealing a kiss from mommy.

Beth laughed, and swatted my head lightly before she hustled off to the bathroom, while I laid in bed with an unassuming erection and listened to her rummaging around in the bathroom, as I admired the nice paintings, books and decor in her apartment.

I started thinking about the things escort bursa we would do as I unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my underwear to let my erect cock out. I stroked it some, hoping she wouldn’t think I was being too presumptuous, which didn’t seem to be the case as she came out of the bathroom with just her garters on her lower half, and her blouse halfway buttoned down.

Beth meant business as she walked towards me, eying my cock with anticipation. She pulled up her blouse some to adjust the top of her garters, flashing me with her bare legs and dark bush. I laid back on the couch as she came towards me, and I kicked my shoes and pants off. I grabbed her small, soft hand, and she came close to me and straddled me on the couch.She planted a foot firmly on either side of me. She looked directly down at me while her right hand went between her legs to excitedly rub on her pussy for a moment.

She then put her right pussy rubbing hand hand on my chest for support as she leaned forward over me, sitting up and bringing her left hand behind her. I thought she was grabbing her ass for a minute, but from the strange look on her face I realized she must have been putting a finger or two up her bum. She did it gingerly and in a lady-like fashion, as she looked down at the floor next to the couch. She bit her bottom lip lip as she seemed to be going deep, her face a pale mask of glowing intensity.

I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on at the time, but my cock was hard underneath her, and it brushed against her pubic hair and the soft flesh of her lady parts. She looked down at me, and the hand she seemed to be fingering her bottom with came back and reached between my legs, grabbing my dick.

She moved forward as she squatted over it. She looked at the wall as she seemed to bounce on it a couple of times until she squatted down hard and I felt myself entering her. She let out a soft moan and slowly started to move up and down on me, as she seemed to open up and let me slide in and out. She got a little faster and looked down at me with a face full of what seemed like shame and triumph.

I was enjoying it, but I wasn’t quite sure where exactly she had put my penis, since I really couldn’t really see for sure, but I had a feeling it was in her rear entry.

“Where is it?” I asked as she was squatting and leaning forward over me.

“Where do you think it is?” she asked, almost menacingly, looking me in the eyes as she stopped moving up and down, seeming to hover over me with the tip of my dick in her ass.

“I was just wondering,” I said, trying to sound reassuring as I pushed up into her.

“Well you said you wanted to do something different,” she huffed, as she continued to slide down onto me.

“I know,” I said, “it feels good.”

“I know it does,” she said, looking down and continuing her rhythm, as I kept pushing up into the tightness of her ass.

I hadn’t had a whole lot of experience with anal before that, though. My first attempt was with a girl I had dated that had a phenomenal looking ass. It took a while, but I had finally begged and wheedled my way into that heavenly ass just once, when I tried sliding my lubed cock into it, but couldn’t enter. I pushed and got the head in before she yelled at me to pull out, claiming she couldn’t breathe, and that she “can’t see” when I put it in her. I never tried with her again, it was such an ordeal, even though I was a bit amused and skeptical of her claim of being blinded by anal.

Beth seemed to have no such trouble with her vision or breathing, as she slid her ass up and down on my cock. She looked down at me again and squeezed my member with her sphincter for an instant, and then carefully raised herself up and off my cock.

“Now you get on top,” she said, as she quickly crawled around me, putting her knees on the floor in front of the couch and bending her upper body over the seat cushion, sticking her ass into the air. She turned her head on the cushion and looked at me.

“Come on,” she commanded.

I got up from where I was laying and crawled up behind her. Her ass looked very good bent over like that, and I was excited. I slapped her ass playfully as I was walking on my knees behind her, making her let out a little squeal that she muffled into the couch cushion.

Like a dirty pervert, I split the mounds of her ass and inspected her asshole for a second, just out of curiosity . Her butthole was clean and slightly open, shining with some lubricant she must have put on it in the bathroom. A circle of fine, damp hairs surrounded her rosy pucker. It winked at me and I felt breathless. I let go of her ass and slid my hands under her blouse and felt the softness of her back, and the bumps of her ribs. I stood up behind her while still on my knees, feeling absolutely giddy.

“Spread your cheeks,” I said cheekily (or so I hoped) as I looked down at her ass. She wordlessly reached back with both hands and spread her ass with a quickness that made my cock jump.

Everything was completely silent as I pushed my pecker into her anus, sliding it in, feeling the greased tightness of her rear aperture closing around me. It offered some resistance for the first strokes, then surrendered utterly to me as I slid in and out of her pale little fanny.

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