Betrayed Wife’s Revenge


Betrayed Wife’s RevengeI didn’t write this, is was sent me me about a yr ago and having just recently found it I figured I’d post it here to share so enjoy:Betrayed Wife’s RevengeJanet didn’t know what to think. She was cleaning out the front seat of the car when she stuck her hand down between the seat and back and came out with the pair of panties. Not her panties. Not her scent on them. And Don had been the only other driver of the car. Suddenly she started to wonder about the car pool he had joined a month back.She had thought at the time it was odd that he had to drive most of the time, and it had played hob with the family schedule that he had to be out of the house an hour earlier and get home later, but they coped with it. Now of course, that all took on a darker significance.So what was she going to do about it? That was a problem itself. She really wanted to find something that would rub his face in the dirt, show him up, and kick him in the balls on the way out of the door. She toyed with the idea of having an affair of her own; the woman next door who had some sort of telemarketing business had been sending Janet fairly obvious signals for some time. It would really get Don where it hurt if he found out his wife was getting her kicks from another woman instead of him. But how would she prove it to him? Pictures? She wasn’t really sure she could do that. Maybe she could hire a detective to get photos of Don and his floozy that she could use in court. But there were always the k**s to think about, not that Don apparently was thinking about anything except his cock.Janet sighed. And she *liked* his cock, dammit. It felt *good* inside her the way he used to swing his hips from side to side so she felt like he was twice as big as he was. Thinking about that only got her madder. She shook her head and resolved to put it out of her mind until later, maybe she would think of something in her sleep.It turned out to come from the TV. She was marinating the chicken breasts and caught the tail end of a movie ad, something like a comedy set on an S&M island, or some such preposterous plot line. But it gave her some ideas. And as she covered the pan with Saran wrap, her mind was at work devising punishments to fit her husband’s crime…Don parked his car in the garage and got out whistling. It had been a *good* day. Old Mr. Karner had poked his head in to compliment Don on getting the Ludlum account, his 401(k) investments were doing well, and Lily had been especially playful on the morning drive. She had brought some hand lotion in her briefcase and languorously, deliberately stroked him off at the railroad crossing. Just thinking about it made his balls tingle, and he carefully rearranged the crotch of his pants before he went into the house.Janet had dinner on the table and the c***dren were mostly finished by the time Don sat down to eat. He tried to start a conversation about school, but the k**s weren’t very communicative. Janet mentioned something about all of them having plans, it being Friday night. “I picked up a couple of movies, hon,” she added, “something to help you relax after your long week at the office. You don’t have to go in this weekend, do you?” Don shook his head. Lily had offered, but she was having her period and that really turned him off.Eventually the k**s were all fed and went their respective directions, with the usual admonition to be back sometime before sunrise. Don and Carol were left alone in the big house, and Carol poured him a tall drink as she cleaned up in the kitchen. “I left the tapes upstairs by the bedroom VCR,” she told him, “why don’t you go on up and load one while I finish up here. I’ll only be a few minutes,” she concluded. Don took a long pull from his drink, savoring the bite of the scotch, and headed up the stairs. When he got to tempobet giriş the bedroom he kicked off his shoes, loosened his belt a notch and wandered over to the TV. There were two boxes there, neither with titles he recognized. He flipped a coin mentally, yawned, and slotted one into the VCR.The scotch must have hit him hard, because he couldn’t stop yawning. He hit the play button, deciding not to wait for his wife to find out what kind of silly romance she had picked up this time. After a few seconds, the screen lit up without the usual “coming attractions”. Don stifled a yawn when he saw what was on the screen! It was a couple, nude, the man standing behind the woman with his erect cock poking out from between her legs. In front of them was a tall woman in dominatrix gear. She was holding the man’s cock, rubbing her thumb over the head while she used a small whip in her hand on the woman’s breasts, slapping at her nipples. “Do you want this, Helen? It belongs to me now. *You* belong to me now. Say it!”The woman on the tape screwed up her face, then as the dominatrix slapped her nipples again she opened her mouth and said in a low voice, “I belong to you, Mistress Kane. My *breasts* are yours. My *cunt* is yours. My husband and that which he pleases me with belong to you.” The Mistress smiled evilly and said “That was very good. Now you may ask me for something.”Wow! This, thought Don, was very hot. But there was going to be hell to pay at the video store when his wife found out what kind of tape had been in the mislabeled box. He yawned again and rubbed his crotch absent-mindedly. Maybe he’d better check the other tape out as well, he thought as his eyes drifted closed…Janet came upstairs to find Don snoring in the chair, his hand d****d over his crotch. The tape was still running, the male slave’s head buried between his wife’s legs and a dildo protruding from his bottom. She wondered what Don had thought when he saw the tape; even asleep he had an erection, nice and thick… Janet licked her lips and forced her mind back to the task at hand. She unbuckled his belt and half-pulled, half-dragged his pants and shorts off. Then she went to the closet and brought out the paper bag with her purchases from earlier, dividing them into “his” and “her” stacks. She took the cuffs and made sure his arms and ankles were secured to the sides of the chair in case he woke up before she was ready. Then she unbuttoned his shirt and played with his chest and belly hair, occasionally toying with his cock to keep it hard.When Don awoke he looked around muzzily, then remembered he needed to get the tape. He started to get up from the chair but was jerked back rudely by the cuffs. He was suddenly aware of the room breeze on his bare balls… a hard pillow pushing his butt forward on the chair. Naked?!? What the hell…”Hello, sleepyhead,” Janet’s voice caught his attention and he turned his head, eyes widening in surprise at his wife’s appearance. She was topless, and her full breasts hung over the top edge of a vinyl corset. Below that she wore a black garter belt attached to a pair of very sexy black-and-nude patterned stockings that stopped a good two inches below her cunt. Her nipples had lipstick traced around them and stuck out like bullets.Janet spoke before her husband had more than a chance to open his mouth. “You’ve been dipping your wick in someone else’s honeypot,” she accused. Don started to splutter a denial, but Janet put her finger to his lips and shushed him. “Don’t insult me by trying to deny it. I guess you forgot how good *this*,” sliding her fingers into herself, then rubbing them under his nose, “could be. Here, have a taste in case you’ve forgotten.”She poked her fingers into his mouth and Don licked them clean, then began sucking on them. Janet jerked her tempobet yeni giriş hand back before the feel of his tongue made her lose her resolve. “You like that? Think you’re going to just come back from some cheap slut’s *pussy* and slide back between my legs? No way, Don. You’re going to have to do better than that!” She went over to her bag and pulled out a dildo. “I bought this today, and it’s too dry… open up!””What the hell do you think…” Don started, then closed his mouth fast as the fake cock approached his lips. He tried to keep his mouth clamped shut, but Janet pinched his nose shut until he had to open up to breathe. When he did, she forced the thing into his mouth. Don nearly gagged; it had a nasty new-plastic smell and the surface had a nubbly texture that dragged unpleasantly against his tongue.Janet didn’t really need the dildo moistened — she was surprised at how wet she was already — but she had to make an impression on her husband. “Pretend you’re licking the mustard off a hot dog,” she suggested. “Or sucking on that bimbo’s toes.” She worked the fake cock in and out, watching his real cock with interest. It had slumped badly when she first violated his mouth, but it was slowly coming to life again. When the crown started to turn nice and purple, she pulled the dildo out quickly.”That should get it nice and wet,” she mused, and stroked her pussy with the dildo. When she pressed it up between her pussy lips, the feeling was so intense she had to fight to keep her eyes open. It was easily an inch thicker than Don’s cock, and the look on Don’s face as she started softly moaning was priceless! Janet huffed and puffed as she worked the invader up inside herself, until only the balls of it were visible. Her cheeks were flushed and her nipples were distended. “Ohhh, yesss…,” she gasped, “you really should try this, Don, you have *no* idea how good it feels.” She strummed her clit a few times, writhing to keep her balance.She looked at her husband, too shocked to even talk back. His cock was as big and hard as she could ever remember seeing it. “Make yourself useful, hmmm?” she murmured, then continued, “but perhaps not in that position.” With that she moved around his back and tipped the chair back so it was lying on the floor. His face started to turn red as the blood flowed to his head. Janet lowered herself slowly, squatting over Don’s face, until she could just feel his warm breath caress her ass. “Lick me, Don… Shove your tongue up my asssss,” she hissed. Inwardly Janet thrilled at the thought — she had read about this in Penthouse but had never dared to ask Don to do it to her. Now, of course, she didn’t have to worry about his cooperation or disapproval.”Now, just wait a…” Don started, only to be forcefully interrupted as Janet grabbed his balls and dug her nails in. “Shut up you sonofabitch and listen good. You’ve been having plenty of fun with your car pool girlfriend — now it’s time to bring some of that back home where it belongs. Here’s how it works: when I say lick, I want to feel your tongue working overtime. If I tell you to suck, I want to feel like I’m up against a Hoover.” She squeezed his balls in her palm. “We can do this easy or I can get *really* pissed — your choice!”Don shuddered at the attack between his legs. Closing his eyes, he gingerly extended his tongue to meet his wife’s ass. To his relief, it didn’t taste at all bad — she had apparently bathed because there was a little soapy tang. He opened his eyes and lapped across her anus, hearing a sudden intake of breath from Janet. With a little less fear, he poked the tip of his tongue inside her. There was a peculiar taste there, but not totally unpleasant. “Oh yeah, Don, that’s the spot,” said Janet, and she released his balls in order to work the dildo tempobet güvenilirmi in and our of her slippery cunt. Don started to alternate pushing his tongue up into Janet’s ass with rimming around her asshole. The next time he poked his tongue up her bottom, Janet let more of her weight down onto his face. Her cheeks spread out from the contact, forcing his tongue deeper inside her. Between the fluttery movements of Don’s tongue (spurred by his increasing difficulty breathing) and the way the big dildo was filling her, it didn’t take Janet long to cum with loud shrieks of joy, rocking her ass on her husband’s face and rubbing her clit furiously.Still shaking from the power of her orgasm, Janet rolled off of Don’s face. While he took several deep gasping lungsful of air, Janet reached out to his throbbing cock and toyed with it, tickling the shaft and lightly stroking his balls until she saw his leg muscles start to tense up. She snatched her hand back then, chuckling. “Oh no, dear boy… we can’t have you cumming yet, that would spoil all of our fun!” Don moaned “Oh baby… please…””Please what?””Please… do me… I gotta cum…”Janet grinned maliciously and teased his cock with light feathery touches. “Of course you do, dear… That’s the whole purpose of this little game — to get you to cum for me instead of that slut back at your office.” She slid the dildo out of her pussy, shivering with a little mini-orgasm as it slipped out the last few inches. “Maybe you’d like to play with this, hmmm?” She dragged the slimy phallus under her husband’s nose then changed her mind and slipped it between his thighs, massaging his balls. Don’s cock jerked and throbbed at the touch and he moaned pitifully, “C’mon Janet, look, I apologize about Lily, it was just one of those office things, you know? Believe me,” at that Janet slid the dildo down under his balls until it rubbed against the rim of his asshole, “uuhhhh… oh god… I was going to break it off with her anyway.””Shut up, Don,” said Janet, keeping Don on the edge of cumming. “You and I both know you wouldn’t pass up a chance at pussy if it were attached to a dog. But I’m tired of being the only one you don’t seem to be interested in. The way I figure it, you’ve got two choices.” She stopped and waited for him to catch up. Finally he took the hint. “What choices?””Either keep your schlong working at home, or I go out and find someone to keep me satisfied. And you might not be happy with who I wind up spending my time with.” Janet put the dildo to one side and replaced it with her hand on his balls. “So who’s going to take care of me, Don — you or someone else?”Don was straining at his bonds now, trying to push his cock harder into his wife’s hand, anything to cum. Finally he blurted out, “Me, hon, I promise I’ll keep my sex life at home, whatever you want. Cross my heart!” Satisfied, although she knew better than to trust his promise, Janet smiled at her husband and leaned over to kiss him on the lips. “Of course, dear, whatever you say. Here, I’ll do something nice for you too!” With that she gripped his hard cock by the shaft and stroked it faster, aiming it carefully.It didn’t take much — Don grunted and said “Oh jeeze… oh god…” and cum started shooting out of his cock in long thick spurts. Working carefully, Janet made sure the first and longest dollops of cum landed in his mouth. When he started to gag, she pinched his nose shut with her left hand and continued milking him with her right until his cock finally started to soften. Janet leaned down and whispered hotly into his ear, “Lick your lips and swallow!”. Aware that his wife still held his balls in her hand, Don shut his eyes, cleaned his sticky lips and swallowed. The taste wasn’t really too bad — it was more the texture of the stuff that made him want to throw up.Janet let go of her husband’s balls and stroked her clit, feeling a thrill run through her. This had been fun — and she could see having a lot more fun before the weekend was up. It was too bad she couldn’t have Don under her thumb like this more often.Or could she?

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