Better than Trick or Treating?


When I was young I loved Halloween. And why not? It has two things that appeal to kids: costumes and candy.

At our house, the children would go trick or treating and then we would have a great Halloween party. Remember bobbing for apples or playing pin the wart on the witch? And how about sticking your hand in the icky body parts box? Gross, but fun right?

Yes, my family always made a big effort for Halloween. They would even have a separate Halloween party for the grownups at Pa-Pa’s farm. My mom and dad would get dressed up in costumes. As a kid I can remember helping my mom into her leather corset and pulling up her thigh high boots.

When I was 9 years old I asked her, “What is your party like?”

“It is a lot like yours. We dress up and play games.”

“Do you have lots of candy?” I asked.

My mother laughed and said, “No, but you know some things are better than candy.”

I remember just staring at her thinking “No way. Nothing is better than a big bag of candy”.

Oh, by the way, I am Annie. I am the youngest child in my family. I have a brother, Tommy, who is 16 months older than me and a sister, Peg, who is 3 years older than I am. When I told them about my conversation with mom, we all agreed that Mom could not be more wrong.

The funny thing is after Peg turned 18 and was able to go to the grownup’s party she told me, “Mom was not lying. There are things better than candy. A whole lot better.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you, but you will see when you grow up,” she replied giggling.

I will let the narrator tell you the story of my first time at the adult Halloween party and how I learned that my mother and sister were so right.


Annie’s mother, Beverly, came into her bedroom and said, “Annie, Here is your outfit.” With a flourish she twirled the dress around. It was a pretty, blue gingham dress with puffy white sleeves. Beverly held it up to her daughter and added approvingly, “This is adorable and it looks like it’s your size. Try it on.”

As Annie slipped out of her clothes Bev continued, “This year Peg suggested we go as characters from “The Wizard of OZ”. She is going as Glinda, I will be the Wicked Witch from the West and now that you are 18,you can join us. You will dress up as Dorothy. “

Annie modeled the dress. Her mother checked the fit giving a tug here and a pull there. She said, “You should braid your hair.” Chuckling she added, “It’s a shame that I don’t have any ruby slippers for you.”

A concerned Annie said, “Mom, this apron dress is kind of revealing in the front. My bra shows and the dress barely covers my heinie.”

“Oh, you silly girl! This is a grownup party. We all will be a little more daring tonight. Annie, in a dress like this you go braless. ”

Peg walked into the room wearing her Glinda costume. It was a gold colored dress with a frilly petticoat. It was also short and had a severe “V” front. She wore pull up thigh high stockings. A good portion of her fantastic tanned round breasts were on display.

Beverly addressed her daughters, “We all will be showing a little cleavage and leg tonight. Here.” Bev tossed Annie some white thigh high stockings. They had a cute blue gingham bows on them that matched her dress.

Turning to Peg, Beverly said, “My Peg, that dress looks great on you.”

Peg playfully waved her golden wand towards her mother and sister and said, “Yes. I love it.”

Beverly announced, “I need to get dressed. Peg, will you braid Annie’s hair? We will leave in an hour.”


The three women drove themselves to the farm. The men had gone earlier to get everything ready. The ladies looked hot in their playful, revealing costumes. Beverly’s wicked witch costume was black and sexy. It had a slit up the side that exposed a tanned, toned thigh and made you question if Beverly was wearing panties. For the record, she wasn’t.

Annie liked her dress. It was revealing, but she knew she had the legs and bosom to carry it off. She felt sassy, sexy and a little naughty. Her large brown auroras and hard nipples could easily be seen through the thin white fabric. Her mother’s outfit was even more revealing. Her top was just a black open mesh that gave everyone an unobstructed view of her fine breasts and erect nips.

Annie giggled as they walked. Her unsupported breasts bounced about and the sensation caused by the cloth top rubbing against her bare nipples made her tingle. She looked about and said, “I see the Halloween booths are still up from the kids’ party.”

Peg answered, “Yes. After we visit the bar, I will take you to the same game booths we visited as kids.” Then she laughed. Annie smiled cautiously. There was something about the way her sister laughed that made Annie think she wasn’t telling her the whole story.

Beverly stopped the girls and addressed them both, “We are going to let loose and have fun tonight. Drink a little, laugh a little and …Well, Peg you know.” Beverly gave Peg a knowing wink.

“Yeah, escort izmit Mom. I am going to get my freak on!” Peg said. She did a little dance and smiling broadly.

“Annie,” her mother said, “You know we are a loving, accepting family. People have needs and desires and as long as they are fulfilled in appropriate ways everything is okay. “

“Yeah,” Peg interrupted. “Like the time when the ‘rents were out of town and I caught you naked in the family room sucking on your boyfriend’s big cock.”

Annie blushed horrified that her mom was hearing about that event. Bev said, “I have always told you girls that sex is a normal part of life. It is a beautiful thing between loving and consenting adults. Peg told me about that encounter. Annie, I was not shocked or disappointed to learn that you were experimenting. But a girl needs to be careful, that is why the next week I took you to the doctor and got you on birth control pills.”

Annie remembered the trip to the doctor. The pills had made her life a lot less stressful. Since she no longer had to worry about getting pregnant, she and Larry screwed like rabbits until his family moved away.

Beverly continued, “Sex should be fun and safe. Tonight you are in a safe, loving place. Enjoy yourself. I plan to.”

Beverly hugged Annie and then pulled back. She looked Annie in the eye and kissed her hard directly on the lips and then said, “Welcome to the party, Annie.”

Annie was a little taken aback. Her mother had never kissed her like that before. Beverly then embraced her other daughter. She and Peg kissed in a similar passionate way. After touching tongues with her mom, Peg grabbed Annie and gave her a deep kiss. Peg smiled and said, “Welcome to the party, girl. Let’s have a beer and then go exploring. We are going to have some fun tonight!”

Peg grabbed Annie by the hand and dragged her to the bar. They got a beer and chatted with family and friends. The others were dressed up as you would expect. Lots of vampire, ghost and zombie outfits. Some of the women wore skimpy black leather or latex outfits and they carried a whip. Peg had to explain to Annie that they were dressed as dominatrices and that it wasn’t just a costume. They would hurt you….if you asked politely.

Annie recognized some of the people. Others had masks or costumes that hid their identity. All were gracious and welcoming. After two beers, Peg again dragged Annie away saying, “Let’s go!”

They walked towards the Apple Bobbing station. There was the familiar big square apple shipping crate. A couple of guys were standing around the tub smiling and chatting. One of the men was really happy. He was grinning from ear to ear. Annie could also see some woman’s cute white butt. The woman was bent over at the waist bobbing inside the box. The woman’s short skirt road up letting the world know that she was not wearing any underwear and that she shaved.

As they approached the tub Peg said, “What’s more fun than bobbing for apples?”

“I don’t know.”

“Bobbing for cocks, silly.”

Peg and Annie were now beside the crate. Annie could now see into the tub. It was not filled with water and apples. There were holes in the box and the guys had stuck their hard pricks through them. Peg said, “These look nice. Let’s give them a try. “

Peg bent over at the hip and wrapped her lips around a nice, hard cock of a guy dressed up as a cowboy. Annie looked at an erection of a man in a lion’s costume. Then she looked up. He smiled. Annie looked back at the cock and now she smiled. By this time her sister had come up for air. Peg put a helping hand on her sister’s back and directed her down to the waiting penis. She said, “Give it a taste, little sister.”

Annie let herself be guided to the swollen cock. She tentatively brushed her lips across the rubbery crown. She liked the feel of it and took it into her mouth. Peg shouted encouragement to her, but Annie did not hear her sister’s cheers. Her ears were buzzing. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. She could not believe she was sucking off a guy she did not know and doing it in public!

Annie was enjoying the warmth and hardness of the cock. She paid no attention to the fact that her top had fallen away from her body. Everyone there could see her bare breasts… including her pointy nipples. Her young, pretty breasts drew praise from those around her.

Annie was slurping away, really getting into it. The guy in the lion costume with the yummy cock was too. He did not last long. He called out, “Ughh” and shot a hot load down her throat. Annie gagged and pulled off. He continued to fire off coating her face with spunk. Annie grinned and stoked the last blast out of him enjoying the close up view of sperm flying out of his cock. When she stood, she received a standing ovation from those around her.

“Way to go Annie, ” Peg congratulated her. She kissed her and licked a glob of cum off Annie’s cheek. She then grabbed a nearby towel and cleaned off her sister. Annie was surprised that she was not more embarrassed izmit escort for having engaged in sex in public. The encouragement from the people surrounding her had bolstered her spirit and confidence. Annie curtseyed to her fans.

Next, Peg and Annie went to the “Body Parts” station. When she was a child, there were multiple little boxes here. Annie would stick her hand in the box and feel grapes while being told they were eyeballs or supposable she was touching someone’s slimy intestines when really she had her hand on a length of paper towels covered in liquid latex. This time there was just one box – a coffin. It had lots of little hinged doors in the top. These openings gave you access to whatever was inside. Peg encouraged her sister saying, “Annie, open a door and stick your hand inside.”

“No,” Annie balked. “I always hated this station.”

“Go on.” Peg cajoled her sister. Annie smiled, but shook her head “No”. Peg opened a door and forced Annie’s hand inside despite her protests. Anne braced herself expecting to touch something gooey and gross. What she found was warm and soft. She found herself kneading a woman’s breast and feeling an erect nipple. She was surprised… pleasantly surprised.

Peg opened a second door and guided Annie’s other hand in. This time Annie touched a bald pussy. She gentle moved her fingers over the soft smooth skin. She explored the moist, slick lips of an unknown female. Peg reached in and joined her sister giving loving caresses to the nude woman in the box.

“Nice, right? So soft,” Peg said.

“Yes. I have never touched… another woman before.”

“Would you like a turn in the box?” Peg asked.

“No,” Annie answered. But the fluid running down her legs from just from thinking about unseen strangers touching her most private parts told a different story.

Next, Annie and Peg followed the crowd to the barn. Their mother, Beverly, calmly sat at a picnic table. The table was surrounded by a dozen chairs occupied by men.

A man dressed as Harry Potter said, “Everyone knows how to play the game “hot potato”. Since this is Halloween we will use a pumpkin instead of a potato. ” He paused and showed everyone a small pumpkin. Then he tossed it to a seated man in a Grim Reaper’s costume. He continued to address the crowd,

“In the kids game, if you have the potato when the music stops you lose. Tonight, if you get caught with the pumpkin you win. The winner of our game gets to enjoy the favors of the beautiful Wicked Witch of the West.”

The crowd in the barn cheered and applauded. Some of the men seated in the circle exchanged high five’s. Annie was confused. “Her mother was going to what?”

The Harry Potter look alike gestured for the crowd to settle down and then said, “Maestro, please.”

Bozo the Clown turned on the music and the sounds of Right Said Fred singing “I’m too Sexy” filled the barn. The master of ceremony barked out, “Start passing the pumpkin. “

The Grim Reaper passed the pumpkin to the man on his right and round and round the pumpkin traveled. When the song was stopped, a black man dressed as Gumby held the pumpkin. He stood and held it up in the air as he jumped about excited to be the winner.

A soft rubber mat was placed on top of the picnic table. Beverly stood on top of it. She began to dance. Slowly, seductively she removed all her clothes. The crowd went wild. Annie was shocked to see her mother…the woman that made dinner every night…behaving this way. Beverly’s generous breasts bounced and jiggled about as she shimmied on the table. Annie lowered her eyes and saw that her mother had neatly manicured her normally free range bush.

“Oh my,” the stunned daughter mumbled.

Annie was so focused on her mother that she did not notice that the black man had undressed too. His was now sporting a healthy sized, hard prick. His erect member bounced about as he moved towards Beverly. She reached out to embrace him and they kissed passionately.

Annie was in a daze. All she could think was “What has possessed my mother to make her behave this way? Oh God! What will Dad think?”

Everyone drew closer to the erotic couple. The crowd carried a gobsmacked Annie forward. Annie heard many encouraging cries from the crowd. One voice was very familiar to her. It was her father shouting,

“Bev, suck that big black cock.”

Annie now was sure she must be dreaming. It was too surreal. Bev broke free from the embrace. She smiled and winked at her husband. Then she did as he suggested. Those lips that had kissed Annie an hour ago were now wrapped around a black man’s dick. “Unbelievable!” Annie said breathlessly.

Her sister said excitedly, “Look at Mom go! Pretty damn hot, huh? Those two have me creaming.”

For the next 15 minutes Annie felt as if she was in a fog. There was her mom naked, sucking cock. Then the nude black man was eating her mother’s pussy and finally Annie saw a sex crazed version of her mother on her knees taking it hard from behind and squealing izmit kendi evi olan escort loudly,

“Fuck me….fuck me harder. You big…beautiful…stranger!”

This dream/nightmare ended when Annie’s panting mother and the fit black man both exploded and experienced orgasmic bliss. Annie’s father went forward to congratulate the pair. He smiled and kissed his wife as another man’s cum drained out her abused cooter.

Annie was in a state of shock. Her legs were wobbly. Peg laughed at her and led her to one of the circle chairs. Other women fill in the seats around them. The Tin Woodman, their father, moved to the center table where his wife had just had sex.

The pumpkin passing began again. Peg got it and attempted to hand it off to Annie. In Annie’s confused state, Annie did not take it. Peg pushed it to her again unsuccessfully. Finally Peg yelled,

“Annie, take it!”


Peg held it out in front of a dazed and confused Annie. Annie lightly placed a hand on the pumpkin as the music stopped. Harry Potter, the MC, announced to the crowd,

“Ladies and gentleman, I have to call a foul on these two young women. They are not playing properly. “

The crowd booed the girls. Harry called out “The penalty is 50 lashes!” He signaled to a nearby dominatrix to come forward. The wicked Mistress cracked her whip loudly.

“Oh my God!” Annie cried out. She turns to Peg asking, “Are we going to be beaten?”

Peg struggled but managed to keep a straight face as she lied to her sister, “Annie, you messed up the game. Now we are going to have to pay the price.”

The two girls were marched to the center table and stripped. They were truly beautiful young women. It was easy to tell that they were sister. They were the same height and had a similar build — a more than adequate bust, a thin teenager’s waist and rounded womanly hips. They each had auburn hair above and below, bright brown eyes and the family aquiline nose.

Harry shouted, “Hands on the table.” The girls faced each other at opposite ends of the table. They leaned forward and put their palms on the table. The dominatrix again cracked her whip menacingly.

“Please sir,” Annie begged. “This is my first time here. I didn’t know the rules. Must you …” Annie lost her voice as she began to cry.

“Mercy… I ask for mercy,” Annie’s father called out coming forward.

“Tin Man, the law clearing states the punishment is 50 lashes…” Harry explained.

“Yes, but surely we can work something out,” Annie’s dad pleaded.

“50 lashes” Harry repeated sternly.

“Must they come from the leather whip? ” Annie’s father inquired. Then he leaned forward and began whispering in Harry’s ear. Harry stroked his chin thinking over what Bill was saying and nodded approvingly.

“Ladies, your advocate has raised a worthy point. There is no doubt that 50 lashes is the appropriate punishment, but perhaps we can avoid the whip. That is unless you demand to be beaten with the knotted whip.”

“No, please not the whip,” both maidens cried out.

“Very well,” the Harry Potter look alike said. “Up on the table. Lay on you backs. Put your heels on the edge of the table.”

The women did as instructed. Annie clasped her knees tightly together to keep from giving the crowd a full on beaver shot. She looked up at her dad who rested a re-assure hand on her knee. Harry went around to Peg and said,

“You will receive lashes — tongue lashes. Everyone line up and administer the punishment.”

Peg knew the game and immediately spread her legs for Harry Potter and the other men and women who came forward to lick her pussy. Annie had a different reaction and cried out,

“DAD!! No!”

“Daughter, it was the best deal I could negotiate for you. Just go with it.” Then he gently pushed her legs apart baring her trimmed fuckhole. Annie blushed red watching her father lean down and lick her pussy three times.

“Delicious,” he said as he smiled and moved away. Two dozen men and women stood single file waiting to taste her essence. Annie was mortified, but her mood changed from embarrassed to well, kind of excited. The people were so good natured. She relaxed.

At the end of her line was the man in the lion’s costume….the one she sucked off at the “Bobbing Station”. She smiled remembering his warm, hard cock. Then to her surprise, she saw his swollen dick. He was no longer wearing the bottom half of his costume. Many of the man there had removed the lower half of their costume exposing penises of many different shapes and sizes.

Annie’s eye’s travelled back to the Lion man. He had strong muscular legs. Annie found herself wishing he would turn around so she could check out his tush.

The line of people continued their progress towards Annie. Annie’s mood had changed from extremely embarrassed to feeling wickedly naughty and extremely stimulated as more men and women licked her slit. Her pussy was wet, partially from their saliva, but mostly from her own gushing.

When it was the lion man’s turn to feast upon her, he paused and looked her naked body over thoroughly. His fingers gently traced patterns across her soft thighs. That felt good and made Annie tingle inside. Finally, he removed his lion’s head.

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