Better with You


Unexpected interruptions are so annoying. Grannie came to Poppy’s house without calling. She used the key from the hiding place that she was supposed to use only in case of an emergency. But there was no emergency only her mother’s intuitive flash that kept nagging her mind. She had a hunch that something was going on but she did not want to believe her suspicions. Quietly she tiptoed down the hall first listening outside the closed door then throwing it open confirming what she had suspected.

She was shocked but not surprised to see my legs wrapped around Poppy with us engaged in hard fast fucking. Most people have would jumped apart if their grandmother had caught them in their own father’s bed having sex with him. We stopped thrusting but he did not withdraw from my pussy. Poppy pulled the covers over us roaring at her demanding for her to leave his house.

Grannie screamed obscenities expressing her disgust at what we were doing. She called us names while standing in the bedroom doorway. Again Poppy shouted, “go home, I’ll call you later.” I knew all hell was going to break loose as the result of Grannie busting Poppy and I. In a way it was a relief that our only relative knows that we are having an affair. I hated keeping our relationship hidden from her.

It’s not that I feel ashamed of myself for being involved with Poppy. Just concerned about what the fall out will be now that she knows. Then there are the negative consequences that could derive from notoriety or the legal penalties that we would face if our relationship became public knowledge. Both of us knew that Grannie wouldn’t tell anyone. For my grandmother the sun rises and sets on my father she is so proud of him. She would not do anything to cause him to be viewed in a negative light. I couldn’t help but wonder what she is thinking of Poppy and me now. She followed Poppy’s demands to go home. Grannie walked out of the house slamming the front door behind her.

We breathed a sigh of relief when she had left. All week we had settled for phone sex. Hearing his voice, listening to him describe the way he wanted to make love to me when we could actually screw had built our anticipation. In fact, the moment I saw him after coming into the house I started taking off my clothes. He greeted me with a kiss putting his tongue in my mouth, holding me in his arms, hugging me eagerly directing me to our bed.

Having my grandmother standing in the doorway looking down at us in the bed together broke our momentum interrupting our rhythm distracting us from pleasuring one another. So Poppy switched to my favorite doggy style position so that he could quickly re-ignite the fire between us. He stood behind me holding my labia lips stretching my hole open, teasing me pretending that he was about to penetrate me but instead he ran his phallus back and forth across my slit and clit stoking my passion. I was soaking wet aching for him to slide in. Finally, he slipped into my hole slowly moving in and out. But going an entire week without having him inside of me drove me crazy with missing him. A slow building of passion would be wasted on me, instead my lust for him prompted me to beg him to fuck me hard and fast. Poppy stepped it up for me because he could tell that I need a hard fuck quickly. He met my need for immediate deep powerful strokes.

Our joint vigorous thrusting produced mutual waves of pleasure. I started to moan lost in the throes of passion and came on Poppy ‘s prick. Poppy slowed his penetration to allow my sensitivity to subside. He leaned forward pulling my behind to him and lifting my ass up to give me his special move inside of me so that he could deliver his deep satisfying thrusts bringing me to orgasm again.

There are times when he doesn’t do any penetrating because he is not able to have sex every day. Sometimes Poppy he sucks my breasts like a baby being breastfed. Ever since he realized how much I loved having him suck my nipples at least twice a week he devotes his attention to my breasts. I hold him in my arms and he nibbles, kisses and sucks my breasts alternating between them. Most times he combines breasts stimulation with fingering me until I climax. Being successful in his business takes a lot of energy for him to be at the top of his game. He devised ways to keep me sexually satisfied on the days he can’t or doesn’t want penetration. At the beginning of our relationship he was afraid that I would leave him for a younger man because he could not perform every day. When he discovered that he could bring me to orgasm using alternate stimulating escort izmit techniques, he relaxed feeling that he could provide me with the maximum number of climaxes I could handle.

There are some benefits to having a lover who takes a longer time to have his sexual release. Most times I am able to have at least 1 but usually 2 or 3 orgasms before he has his one.

Because we are both consenting adults me 35, he 57 we supposed incorrectly that we conduct our lives to please ourselves if we used discretion. Poppy is a widow and I am divorced. I moved in with him after my marriage ended. Staying at Poppy’s house was to supposed to have been a temporary situation but it turned out to be our permanent living arrangement.

The last thing I would have imagined was that Poppy and I would become lovers. No one including me thought that it was strange for me to accompany Poppy to business functions or to be his hostess for business dinners. Both of us were lonely living life without partners before we started sleeping with one another. We would arrive home at the end of the evening. My father would give me a parental kiss on the cheek before saying good night. About 7 months ago everything changed, he kissed me on the lips but not in a fatherly way. Something clicked between us that night. Our awareness of and attraction to the other’s masculinity and femininity deepened and grew.

Seeing and feeling him gaze at me had an altered meaning. I could tell by the look in his eyes that his feelings for me had transformed from being paternal to being erotic. Our touches sent a rush through me. I began to watch him and admire him increasing how much I was attracted to him. One night he decided to take a chance when he let his lips linger on mine uncertain whether I would kiss him back. I did return his kiss letting his tongue slip into my mouth offering my tongue to him. Little by little the hunger to feel his penis moving in and out of me filled my thoughts and my body. He didn’t seduce me. In all honesty, I eagerly engaged in sexual banter and flirting with him choosing to accept his passes at me. I could have declined to become involved with him but I elected to go forward knowing where my actions were leading. Slowly our mutual desire evolved so that we consciously decided at every step along the way to continue our courtship. Neither Poppy nor I pretend to have lost control in a sexual mania or to have made a spur of the moment mistake to explain how we came to be a couple. We had a clear head about what we wanted. I wanted him in the same way he wanted me. Both of us were responsible for letting our relationship develop into an affair.

Besides good sex we had fun together. When our friends and colleagues noticed us in the same room they saw a father and daughter who get along and work well together. Outsiders see a collegial man and woman together. Poppy and I carefully controlled our public proximity to each other because the electricity between us stimulates our desire of each other. Sometimes we are giddy and giggly about our love for each. If it was possible we would marry but in this country, it would be illegal. We can’t change the fact that we are father and daughter but we can determine whether we live together as husband and wife behind closed doors.

For a couple of hours following our intimate relations, we alternated between kissing, talking, eating a light supper and watching a basketball game on television. Poppy knew he had to give his mother a call. He’d have to listen to a lecture about having an affair with his own daughter. Poppy was not looking forward to his conversation with Grannie. I don’t know what he will say when they talk.

As he dialed her number I sat up in bed to listen. Though I couldn’t hear her end of the conversation I could hear Poppy’s response.

“Hello, Mother.”

“About 3 months.”

“I didn’t force her! It’s something we both wanted!”

“I have no intention of ending our relationship.”

“We’re consenting adults who we want to be together.”

“We’re the same people we were before you saw us together.”

“It’s your decision. We’re the only family you have.”

“We’re not disgusting. Things like this happen every day. Lots of people have fallen in love with family members.”

“No you’re wrong we are not rutting in dirt.”

“Like I said it’s your decision.”

He hung up the phone.

“Poppy, I heard your end of the conversation. What did she say?”

“That we should be ashamed, we’re disgusting and wallowing in the dirt with each izmit escort other. She wants us to end our involvement with each. I said that I wouldn’t so she hung up on me.”

“Poppy we can pretend to end it for Grannie’s sake. Let’s just be more careful so she can’t walk in on us again. Call her back and tell her that we decided to end things between us.”

“She won’t believe that.”

“Yes she will because she wants to believe you. Call her, tell her what she wants to hear. She means the world to you and I know you don’t want to hurt her. Besides she’ll probably believe you because she would prefer to think that we suffered a temporary lapse of judgement. Grannie wants to think that when we come to our senses we would want to stop. Of course, she doesn’t understand. Unless you have had a relationship like ours it wouldn’t make any sense. No need to upset her. Call her and apologize. Blame it on our loneliness since Mommy died and I got divorced. She’ll try to understand and she’ll forgive you. There’s no need to have a family split because she does not approve of us. Call her.”

“I’ll call her in the morning. Give her a chance to cool down.”

“At least call her and say that she was right and that you will call in the morning.”

“OK, baby I’ll call her.”

He dialed her number. “Hello, Mother you were right. We talked and decided to call everything to a halt. I thought about what you said and realized that you were simply trying to make me come to my senses and I have.”

“Really, I love you too Mother. We realized that we made a mistake. I’m sorry if I hurt you. It’s just that we were both lonely but Jennifer agrees that we were wrong and we can’t continue.”

“Thanks, I’m thankful that you made us come to our senses.”

“OK, Mother yes I agree we’ll never speak of this again.”

“Good night. Luv you too.”

He hung up the phone, smiling.

“Sounds like you made up.”

“You were right. Let’s go to bed I want to rock you.”

“Poppy I love the way you rock me. I want to jump in the shower and change the sheets before we go back to bed.”

“You jump in the shower. I’ll change the sheets.”

“OK, love.”

I knew we would have to be more careful. Grannie stops by Poppy’s house or office at random times so daytime fucking at home will be out the question. We’d have to go to a hotel if we want to be together during the day. Grannie doesn’t like to be out after dark if she has to drive so we don’t have to worry about her coming over at night. She stays in bed until ten or eleven if we are up and out of bed by ten a.m. we don’t have to worry that she will find us in bed together. Grannie doesn’t know it but she helped us solidify our relationship. We have chosen to continue together.

After cuddling a while, we fell asleep. Bright and early we woke up and dressed. We had several pending deals in additional to two major projects in the works. There was so much going on that we did not have any time for fun and games.

A plan to ease Grannie’s mind formulated in my mind. Jayne, a female associate in Poppy’s office had a strong crush on him. For months, she had tried to get something going with my father on numerous occasions. We decided that Poppy should invite Jayne on a date so that Grannie could see him with her. Since Jayne is 54, Grannie would think that she was an age appropriate match for Poppy. I didn’t want Jayne to get hurt but we had to protect our relationship even if we were taking the easy way out. Poppy said that he would try not to give Jayne the impression that their dating might lead to marriage.

Poppy asked Jayne out to dinner. The two of them getting together was my idea but that did not stop the pain of knowing that they were dating. Every time Jayne called Poppy or they went out was a gut wrenching experience for me. During the four months they dated maintaining a pleasant demeanor with her was difficult for me. Because they spent more and more time together it felt like I was being pushed out of Poppy’s life.

One evening, the phone rang with the bad news that we had lost Grannie. She had a severe anaphylactic reaction to some shell fish because she forgot to bring her epinephrine injection with her. Both of us were saddened and shocked because other than her allergy she was in excellent health. After her memorial service, friends and colleagues came to our home to show their support for Poppy and me. Jayne was at Poppy’s side being supportive of both him and me. Having her around was grating on my nerves. I was ready izmit kendi evi olan escort for her to go home and never come back.

After excusing myself, I went to my room to cry about losing Grannie. Countless tears were also shed because I lost my man too. I took several days of family leave time to absorb and move on from her death. Poppy took a few days off too. He told Jayne that he needed to spend some time by himself to regroup. We were home alone for two days. The second afternoon he knocked on my door to come in for us to console each other. I was so happy to be in his arms again since it has been over month since the last time. Both of us fell asleep on my bed snuggled up with my head on his chest.

Nothing was keeping us apart now except whether Poppy wanted to continue with Jayne. Our situation was at pivotal point would he choose Jayne or come back to me? Jayne kept in touch with Poppy calling him several times a day. With Jayne there were no encumbrances. On paper Jayne is the perfect partner for Poppy. He had every reason to choose Jayne instead of me. She is attractive, age appropriate, unrelated and a shares his political point of view. Each time the phone rang I wondered if this would be the time that he tells her to come over.

I backed off pursuing a relationship with Poppy. This was not the time to put pressure on him. He needs time to mourn his mother so I gave him the space to do so. While waiting for him to decide what he is going to do about us, I feel stressed. He has every reason not to choose me. Lots of baggage comes along with me – we’re father and daughter, the age difference and his sense of guilt for being intimate with me. If he does not choose me I have no one but myself to blame because I pushed him to ask Jayne for a date.

It was a Thursday evening. My room was dark. A smooth jazz saxophonist was playing softly in my headphones. I let the same album play over and over. My skin felt soft after I took a bubble bath and applied my favorite perfumed body lotion all over before going to bed. I felt relaxed and mellow while sipping a glass of scotch. The bedroom door opened permitting light from the hallway to stream into my room. Poppy came in wearing his purple velour floor length robe. He took off his robe revealing a naked body. I was naked under the covers giving him full access to my body. Poppy leaned down kissing me so tenderly that I cried with joy.

His tongue found mine. We took turns probing and sucking our tongues. Poppy’s kisses stirred me deeply. He got under the covers with me kissing my body all over. When he found my breast, he sucked my nipple making it was hard causing me to moan with delight. I surrendered myself completely to him holding nothing back because I was hungry for the loving that only he could give me. The love that I felt for him was a mix of offspring and lover. My body missed his touch so terribly.

If steam could escape from me because of having my man’s mouth nibbling on my ear this would have been the night that it would happen. Our love making was like a furnace that exploded into an inferno. The passion between us ignited like we had never been apart. I spread my thighs open inviting him to touch me or taste me or finger me whatever he chose to do. He was able to bring me to orgasm no matter how he chose to love me. When he mounted me from above penetrating me with his phallus, my ascent to maximum pleasure produced the most passionate vigorous thrusting that we had ever achieved. The force of our humping was so strong that I expected the bed frame to break. My legs were wrapped around the small of his back. This was a love making session where we went straight through not stopping to change positions. In less than five minutes I had an orgasm that was so intense that my body trembled with immense satisfaction.

We kissed, caressed and sucked until he was hard enough that we could start again. Our love making was epic. Both of us were in a fucking frenzy. My father was the best lover I ever had. Jayne would be with my man over my dead body.

He nibbled my clit and fingered me until I squirted. I was so in love and satisfied as I lay in his arms. After I climaxed, I was breathless.

Poppy said, “Baby, life’s better with you. I love you so much. I don’t ever want to lose you.”

“I love you, Poppy.”

We are together today. Good sex makes us want to stay together even more. Because I am Poppy’s daughter we can live together openly. No one questions what is going on in our relationship at least not to our face. We have to keep the nature of our relationship private so that we can enjoy it as long as we can. I don’t know how other father-daughter relationships survive but our relationship is still going strong after more than 2 years. He chose me making my dreams come true.

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