Betty Goes to Mo’s


Thanks to the wonder of Facebook I’ve been able to reconnect with my friend Betty. While most of us from the class of 1974 looked like we were in our mid-50’s, Betty looked like she was the class of 1994. Her youthful face was framed by the same blonde hair. And the cut is a very similar style when I knew her in high school. She was attractive in high school and she is still attractive.

In high school Betty was not only pretty, she was smart and quiet. Three qualities that intimidated me so I never looked at her as a potential girl friend. Actually I didn’t have a girlfriend until my senior year. Being tall, skinny and not a great athlete didn’t help my confidence. I was an average student who tried to hide my insecurities by being the class clown. Occasionally my class clowning crossed the line and the assistant principal and I got know each other very well. Over the years I gained confidence “interacting” with women. Which, is the primary reason I divorced. But I digress

Betty and I were both divorced after long marriages. Hers was 35 years, mine 29. We also shared the same birthday so it seemed only natural that we celebrate together. We went to a nice seafood restaurant in Galveston. We talked a lot and caught up on the 38 years since we had seen each other. Our dating remained platonic, however; that was to quickly change.

One night we were chatting on Facebook. I am not sure how, but our chat became sexual in nature. Mostly talking about how we didn’t have sex very often since our divorces. Betty was the first to mention being “Friends with Benefits.” She couldn’t see me, but my jaw dropped. Perhaps Betty was not as quiet and demure as I thought.

The next weekend Betty drove up to have dinner at the restaurant I managed. We went back to my house. I poured a glass of wine for each of us and we sat together on the couch. We talked for a few minutes and then there was that awkward moment when we looked at each other for few seconds. The only thing that wold remove the awkwardness? We leaned towards each other and began to kiss. We were on the couch acting like teenagers as we pawed at each other and began unbuttoning and unzipping. Not to mention knocking over our half-filled wine glasses. Soon my cock was out of my pants and her breasts were being sucked and licked. Before we got too far into being naked and fucking in front of the open living room window, we went upstairs and explored bodies and crevices for a few hours.

Betty and I had a few evenings like this in the weeks to come. Given her quiet personality I expected Betty to be a good lover but not adventurous. Boy was I wrong! Betty was a great cock sucker. She was a swallower and loved to talk dirty. She told me about some of the adventures she had with her ex. (Quite an adventurous couple.) I learned that they would watch porn and then act out what they saw.

One night when we lay in post coital bliss I said, “I guess there is not a fantasy that you haven’t acted out.”

Her reply, “No, not at all. I still have a few and the big fantasy that I have wanted for a long time.”

“Oh really? And what would that be.”

“I want to have a threesome. Two guys making me the center of their attention. I have always wanted to be with two guys. My ex and I talked about it a lot but were never brave enough to act on it. I guess you have to find one for me.”

To say I was caught by surprise would be an understatement! Over the next few weeks we talked about it. (In and out of bed.) But I was still drawing a blank as to whom of my friends or acquaintances could I get to participate. I just accepted that I would just have to make a post in Craigslist. We would have to take our chances as to what we would be able to find as a suitable third for our menage a trois.

Our dates so far had been to casual restaurants, which are ok for eating but not really dining. I’ve always enjoyed the very upscale steakhouses. Recently I heard many good things about a new steakhouse in The Galleria area of Houston, Mo’s Place for Steaks.

Mo’s had not only made a name for itself with their food but for also their lively happy hour, which was especially lively on Thursdays. I was ready to experience a really nice restaurant on one of our dates. So when Betty and I both had Thursday off and she was off on Friday for a holiday we decided to go to Mo’s.

When Betty came over to my house she was dressed in a form fitting black skirt cut a couple of inches above her knees. Black suede boots came to just below her knees and her buttoned light blue silk top completed her outfit. She was stunning.

It was about a 30-minute drive to Mo’s. We talked about various subjects. All the time with my hand on her bare skin leg above her knee and occasionally I let my hand drift under her skirt a few inches. Betty has wonderful smooth soft skin. Even though my touches were not overly sexual my slacks were beginning to tent. Something that didn’t go unnoticed.

“Jake, it looks like you are enjoying the trip.”

“Uh yeah, I guess that’s sort of obvious.” She reached over ankara moldovyalı escortlar and stroked my erection and quietly in my ear said, “I am to. If you were to take your hand all the way up to my pussy you would find it is very wet.”

“Well then I think I will.”

She grabs my wrist, “No, you will have to wait. I can’t sit through dinner with the thoughts of you fingering me on the way. That’s just more than I can take.”

“So I am supposed to be good with you rubbing my erection? How am I supposed to make it through dinner.”

She made that devilish grin make when females know they are winning, “I guess you will just have to get yourself under control.”

“Oh, and how do you recommend I do that?”

“I am not a guy. You will have to figure that out.” Fortunately she removed her hand from my erection, “I guess I won’t encourage you….yet.”

We arrived at Mo’s and it was packed. An hour wait for a table and an almost packed bar. We found 3 open stools at the bar and prepared to wait for a table. I sat next to a gentleman on my right and Betty was sitting next to the open bar stool on my left.

The bartender was an extremely attractive brunette. In her early 30’s, the black slacks fit snuggly to an ass that was obviously in the gym more than once a week. I was disappointed that whoever owned Mo’s thought that female employees looked best in a man’s white dress shirt with a necktie. The white shirt concealed what I am sure were a lovely pair of breasts. “Hello. I am Monica. It’s a typical warm and humid day. I recommend a nicely chilled Moscato to start your evening.”

Betty’s eyes perked up and smile came across her face, “My favorite! That’s a wonderful choice.”

“And for you sir. You don’t strike me as a Moscato drinker.”

“Hmmm.. I would like red. Do you have a Meritage by the glass?”

Monica’s face lit up with a big smile, “Ah a Meritage. My favorite also. A blend of three grape varieties. Sort of a Menage a Trois so to speak?” We all chuckled. I realized Monica knows how to work a crowded bar. “We have a really wonderful Meritage, Estancia Estate 2007.”

“That sounds great.”

As she turned away to pour our wines Betty elbowed me in the side. Leaning over to close to my ear, “I bet you would like to tumble with that wouldn’t you? And don’t tell me no. I know you better than that.” She reached over and squeezed my cock. Then leaned back towards the open bar stool, “My gawd, you were getting an erection just talking to her?”

“Maybe my erection is from sitting next to a really beautiful sexy blonde.”

“Yes, maybe it is. But you forget how well I know you. That hard on is for Monica. And I won’t disagree. She is the type of young woman I know you find fucking hot.”

Monica returned with our wines but couldn’t spend time chatting. She had a full bar top and drinks to pour for the servers from the left end of the bar. Being on the left end of the bar I could face Betty, look over her shoulder and continue to salivate over Monica’s ass. A conduct that didn’t go unnoticed by Betty.

“I guess I should be happy. I know I will be the benefactor of the hard-on you will now have for the rest of the night. But maybe you and your buddies could come down some evening and entice her out for a drink at the end of her shift.”

“Possibly I don’t want to fuck her. Just possibly I do find her sexy but want to use my hard-on with you.” Now it was my turn to lean in close. To slide my hand up her soft thighs and tweak her clit. Betty flinched. A reaction she has anytime I touch her clit. “And you are already wet. So it looks like you like the sexually charged atmosphere?” We looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

We were half finished with our second glass of wine when a good looking guy in his mid-30’s asked Betty if the barstool next to her was taken. “Well yes. I have been holding it for you.”

“That’s very kind.” He extends his hand, “I am Mike.”

“Hello Mike, I am Betty and this is my friend Jake.” Betty turns to me, her eyes get big, she lifts her eyebrows and silently mouths “Wow!”

I find it interesting that Betty introduces me as her friend. But I guess that’s what we are. Maybe she could have introduced me as her “friend with benefits.” But the point is, she was quite taken by Mike’s good looks

Monica returns to take Mike’s order. With a big smile on her face, Betty comments to Monica, “How lucky can one lady get to be seated between these two gorgeous guys.”

Monica replies, “You know, I was just thinking to myself how I would like to be on your bar stool.”

Betty chuckles, “Sorry, but I am not giving it up.”

“I don’t blame you. Enjoy yourself.”

“Oh I plan to.” And she looks at me and winks.

Monica returns promptly with Mike’s Sapphire Martini up with 3 olives. And with a very big smile says, “Enjoy your evening Mike.”

“Mike, what brings you to Mo’s by yourself tonight?” (Boy! You are not wasting anytime are you Betty.)

“I am in town from New Orleans on business. I picked Mo’s ankara ukraynalı escortlar because the concierge at the Hilton Post Oak said they had great steaks and the bar always had attractive women. So far he was right about the women.”

Betty reaches over and pats him on the leg, “Aaww, what a nice thing to say.” Betty didn’t leave her hand on Mike’s thigh but she did drag her fingers along his inner thigh. I could have been mistaken but Mike seemed to squirm just a little.

We continued with our drinks and getting to know our new friend Mike. Monica came over and told us that our table was ready. Betty leaned over to me and quietly asked, “Would it be ok if Mike had dinner with us?” Her question is followed by the little smile that says she is winning and knows that I will answer yes. Plus I am beginning to think Mike might be the third that we have been looking for.

Betty turns to Mike, “Come on. You are having dinner with us.”

“I can’t do that. You and Jake are on a date.”

I know I need to respond Mike’s objection. I feel if I was to allow Betty to encourage him, she would come across too pushy. “Mike, Betty and I are just good friends enjoying a nice night out. Granted, we may be Friends with Benefits but bottom line is we are still just friends.”

Betty snapped her head around to look at me. She didn’t say anything, but her expression was, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Betty, we are what we are. I am sure Mike is adult enough to hear that. And I don’t think he will pass judgement on ether of us.”

“Jake, you’re right. I think its great you guys have each other for the benefits without having the responsibilities of a committed relationship. I am a single guy and wish I could find a woman as attractive and sexy as Betty to be my Friend with Benefits.”

Then it was Betty’s turn to stun me, “Well Mike, anytime you are in town, you can count on me as your friend. I will make sure you have my number.” She turned to the hostess, “I need to go to the ladies room. You can seat my friends and then show me to our table?”

“Of course ma’am.”

(Damn! I guess Betty could have said, “Anytime you are in town, I will be your fuck buddy.” But she is too much of a lady to be that wanton. She is certainly a lot different than the person I knew in high school. Well, actually she is still that quiet proper person in public. Tonight’s public persona has caught me by surprise. Surprisingly pleased.”

I follow the hostess with Mike right behind me. My position was intentional, it’s apparent Mo only hires females with nice asses. I thought she was a little mature for a hostess. When Mike and I were seated she introduced herself, “Gentlemen, I am Mary. I am the dining room mgr. If there is ANYTHING I can do for you please let me know.”

Mike and I looked at each other. Both wondering why Mary would put such emphasis on “ANYTHING.” Mike replied for both of us, “Mary I am sure you can provide us with ANYTHING. And my friend and I just may take you upon that offer.”

“Please do. I look forward to being of service.” Mary smiled charmingly with a flirtatious lift of her eyebrows. She then turned away and began to make her rounds in the dining room to ensure all the diners were enjoying the meal.

Mike turned to me, “Well Jake. When you set this evening up you didn’t plan Mary as part of the scenario did you?”

“No, absolutely not. I wonder what she was implying. She’s an attractive woman about your age. Very intriguing.”

“Yes she is. But as you told me last week. Tonight is all about satisfying Betty. And let me tell you my friend, Betty is one sexy woman. I am glad you invited me to be a party to her fantasy.”

“Mike, so far everything has gone to plan. The three bar stools together really made this work. I am glad you and Monica are such good….uh…how did you describe it? Friends with benefits?”

We both laughed so loud that the guests around us all turned to see what they were missing. What they were missing was Betty following closely behind one of Mary’s male minions. While Betty was watching his ass the male patrons were watching Betty. Betty had used her time in the ladies room to unbutton the top 3 buttons of her blouse. Not exposing anything inappropriate but there was a nice showing of her creamy cleavage.

Mike and I both stood up as she arrived. Mike was the first to pull out her chair. “Thank you Mike. It’s nice to be in the company of two gentlemen.”

Mike’s adlib response was a very slick, “Well, there are times I am not such a gentleman.”

Before taking her seat, Betty paused to look at Mike, “Oh really? I find that hard to imagine.”

“What is it you can’t imagine hard?”

Thankfully, before Betty can reply the server greets us carrying a tray of oysters..

We look at him quizzically, “Oysters-on-the-half – shell, compliments of Mary. She felt like you would all enjoy these to start your dinner.”

From my seat I can see Mary watching for our reaction. I smiled and knowingly winked at her. She returned ankara minyon tipli escortlar the smile with a polite understanding nod.

Betty looked at us, “Hey guys who is Mary? I am not sure I like a woman making the move on my guys.”

I advise Betty that Mary is the dining room manager and we have no clue as to why she would send complimentary oysters. She didn’t reply. She just looked at us doubtfully. “I think there is more than you guys are telling me.” We both shrugged our shoulders with the look, “We have no clue.”

It was time for me to steer the conversation in a different direction, “Betty, did I tell you how much I like your blouse?” She sat up a little straighter in her chair, her reaction highlighting her cleavage. Mike and I took the opportunity to look unabashedly at her chest.

With a devious smile, “It’s a nice color on me don’t you think?”

Mike’s reply was a suggestive, “Uh yes, that’s what we noticed…..the color. Yep that’s it the color.”

Betty laughed and reached over to touch his thigh. “Oh you! Be careful about what you start.” Unlike the first time she touched his thigh, Betty didn’t remove her hand. From what I could tell she was actually stroking the inside of his thigh. Mike took a deep breath.

I offered Mary the first oyster. “I’d like sauce on mine. She impaled the oyster on the small fork and dipped it into the cocktail sauce. She didn’t place the oyster in her mouth. Mike and I watched as she held the oyster on her fork up to her lips. Instead of placing the oyster in mouth she licked the oyster right off the fork . She looked at us both, “I just love a good COCKtail sauce.” We each ate oysters and that was the only show that Betty performed.

We finished the oysters and Betty announced, “Gentlemen its time for us to order. Or at least try to determine what we want to eat tonight.” She looked at Mike as she made yet another suggestive comment. This time Mike responded by placing his hand on Betty’s bare knee. Her response was to smile. And I think I noticed that she slightly parted her knees. Or maybe he gave her knee a small nudge to concede his desire. I am beginning to feel like the third wheel.

I attempt to guide the conversation back to the menu. “I don’t know about you guys but I am going to have a steak.”

I should have realized Betty would not let that type of statement pass, “Are their steaks big? I love a big piece of meat.”

The server had stepped away for a moment giving me the opportunity to be much more direct. “Betty, why don’t you just tell us you want to fuck? We are red-blooded guys. We understand desire.”

I thought my comment would rattle her. Eventually I will realize that Betty is not the conservative celibate girl she was in high school. Or at least I thought she was. But Betty stayed consistent, “I didn’t realize it was that noticeable. But what can you expect from a girl when she is in the company of two good-looking guys. My problem is I can’t make a choice of one.”

Mike sees the door open so he drives the truck in and pretty much unloaded it, “Who says you have to choose one. What’s to say you can’t have us both?”

“OOOhhhh, I like the way you think. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the one to suggest that scenario.”

The server approached the table. I cut him off before he was able to say anything. I stood up pulling my wallet from my back pocket. I pulled a $100 bill and turned to the server, “I am sorry but we’ve had a change in plans. Thank you for your time.” As I handed him the $100 bill I told him quietly, “hopefully this will help makeup for taking up your time.”

He looked at the bill, “Sir you paid for the drinks at the bar and the oysters were complimentary.”

“True, that is your tip.”

“Oh my. Thank you very much.”

I held my hand out to assist Betty. She asked, “Where are we going?”

“I don’t know but if we stay here you will probably end up on your knees under the table giving us each a blow job.”

“Oh my, I hadn’t thought about that. That would be really hot!”

Mike says, “You know Betty. Jake’s right none of us can afford to get charged with indecent exposure. My hotel is right next door. I have cognac and Baileys in my room. We can order room service.”

“What do you think Betty? Are you ok with us going back to Mike’s hotel room?”

“The thought just makes me very wet.”

I make my way to the front of the dining room and ask Mary to call us a cab. “How far are we going?”

Hmmm…how do I answer that, “Well, Mary we are just going down to the Post Oak Hilton.”

“Well that’s not very far. Maybe I can call Mike when I close up here?”

“Actually Mary, Mike will have to see you another day.”

“But there are two of you and only one of her?”

I stepped close to her so only she could hear me, “That’s the way she wants it.”

“OOOOOHHHH. Sorry. I get it. Have a good time.” She was smiling as we walked outside to wait for our cab.

There were several cabs waiting outside. The ride to the Hilton was very quick. All three of us in the back seat. Betty was in the middle. Mike & I took the opportunity to stroke the inside of her thighs. Mike went as far as to venture all the way up her leg. Betty laid her head back against the seat and closed her eyes. Mike quickly realized that Betty was not wearing any panties.

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