Betty’s Betrayal Part 1


Betty’s Betrayal Part 1My name is Beth Swanson, but everyone in my life just calls me Betty. On my knees, my hands tied behind my back, an old wrinkly cock in my mouth, hearing this man yell at my father, I wonder how I came to be in this situation.It started a few weeks ago. My dad has always provided me and my mom, and my brother, with everything we could always want. He didn’t have an amazing job, it’s not like he was a CEO, but I knew that he had a more stable job as an accountant at a family run auto parts supply company than a lot of my friends dads growing up in Detroit.I was just finishing high school and looking forward to a summer of fun before leaving for college. I had been accepted to several, including two fancy East Coast schools. I knew the tuition would be crazy expensive but I also knew that my dads company had a scholarship fund for c***dren of their employees, and I had always worked hard to keep my grades up to qualify.On the day I went in to pick up an application for the scholarship fund and have lunch with my dad I bumped into my dads boss, Mr. Thompson at the reception desk. As I said it was summer, and I was wearing a pair of jean cutoffs, flip flops, a pink tank top, and a white bra. My hair is blonde and I like to keep it long, past my shoulders. The receptionist told me my dad had been called out of the office for some meetings.Mr. Thompson, although I hadn’t seen him since the company Christmas party when I was younger, recognized me. He was in his 60’s, quite chubby and balding, tall, with thick hands that seemed to swallow mine when he shook them.“Betty, how are you?”“Hi Mr. Thompson, I’m doing good. I just graduated”“That’s fantastic Betty, and great timing too, since we had to close the fund”“What do you mean you has to close the fund?” I said as my voice raised an octave. “Well Betty, things have been tough. We couldn’t keep it going anymore without making some big cuts around here. You know how things have been. But you said you just finished right?”“High school Mr. Thompson” He could see the worry on my face as I could feel all of my dreams of going to a nice college far from home slip through my fingers. I really really needed that money. How could my dad have not told me?After what seemed like forever Mr. Thompson invited me into his office to sit and talk. “You know Betty, I know this is really unfair to you. Your dad should have told you about the fund. Now look, it’s not going to be as much as you would have gotten with the scholarship fund, but this might be great timing. My assistant, Mrs. Rose, she has had to take a leave of absence for a few months, and I’m actually looking for a temp for the summer. The hours can be long, so you might not get to enjoy summer as much as you’d wanted, but the pay is pretty good. You’re father has always been a great employee and I wouldn’t want to see you suffer because of something out of your control”This seemed amazing, so lucky, I couldn’t help but accept. “Ok, I’ll just talk to your dad today when he gets back and make sure he’s ok with it. If he is, how about you start on Monday?” I thanked Mr. Thompson so much and promised I wouldn’t let him down.That night my new job offer was the talk of the family table. Of course I was still angry at my dad for not telling me about the fund, and he was quite embarrassed with himself, but he said that he didn’t ever want me to worry and was planning on taking on a second job to cover it. This worked out because now he wouldn’t have to. My mom and I made plans to go shopping that weekend for work clothes.On Monday I drove in with my dad. I was wearing a black pencil skirt, 5” black heels, a white button down blouse, white bra, and my hair in a pony tail. The day went well. Mr. Thompson showed me my desk, my duties, took me to meetings to introduce me, and even took me out to lunch at the Country Club where he is a member.The work wasn’t very difficult, and I really enjoyed working for Mr. Thompson. He wasn’t very demanding I thought, polite, and cared for those who worked for him.Two weeks later he asked me to come into his office for lunch. He asked me to order from my favourite Thai place and have it delivered. When it I arrived I went into his office and we sat at a 4 person table. His office consisted maltepe escort of the table, a very large desk, and a couch.On that day I was wearing a black pencil skirt, 5” red heels, a white button down blouse, and a pearl necklace that belonged to my mother.After eating and joking Mr. Thompson asked how I was enjoying working for the family business. I told him that it was so much fun, that everyone was so nice, and that it was such a relief to not worry about paying for school.Just then Mr. Thompson got a very serious look on his face. “Listen, Betty, your dad has been stealing money from me”I looked at Mr. Thompson in shock. It couldn’t be. My dad wasn’t a thief, he was a hard worker who tried to give us a better life. “Mr. Thompson you must be wrong”“I’m afraid not Betty. I hired an outside firm to look into things and you’re father has taken over $75,000 in the last few years. I know things have been tough on everyone but that’s too much hunny, I can’t let that go. I wanted to tell you first because I want you to be able to prepare”I looked at Mr. Thompson. I could tell he could see in my eyes, my soul crushed, my college gone, future gone, my dad in jail, my family destroyed. My shoulders slumped. I was deflated.Mr. Thompson stood and walked over to me, out his hand on my shoulder, and apologized. “I’m sorry Betty, I can’t imagine what you are going through right now” His thick fingers weighed heavily on my shoulder, as he then touched the necklace. “I wouldn’t be shocked if he bought this with the money”“He will repay you Mr. Thompson, we will. I’ll work for free, please don’t call the police”“Betty, it’s not that simple. You’re fathers actions have affected a lot of people. I had to let Mrs. Rose go, she’s not on a leave of absence. Jesus I thought she was the one stealing from me”“But Mr. Thompson this will destroy my family”Mr. Thompson moved around and sat in front of me. He looked concerned, I was worried he would call the police right then and there. “This is a lot of money Betty, more than you’re dad makes in a year. Do you understand?” I nodded. “He’s facing several years in jail. You’re family will lose your house, your mom will probably leave him, she’ll have to go back to work, but good luck finding a job with this in her past”I began to cry, and I felt his thick fingers wipe away my tears. “There there, I’m sorry to have upset you. That was not my intention. You love him don’t you?” I told him that yes I love my father and family and would do anything for them.“Anything is a very dangerous word” he said as he leaned back. I looked at him, confused. “Dangerous I asked?”“Yes Betty. A man could get ideas”. Just then I could see he was taking in my shape, my long blond hair, my 32c breasts, my thin waist and long legs. I could see him thinking, I could see a change in him. I crossed my legs even tighter and crossed my arms.I had been with boys in high school, but they were all so immature and boring. And I had never let anyone of them inside me, just my mouth. “Listen, Betty, I want you to think seriously about what you think I’m thinking. Now I haven’t said anything, so legally no lines have been crossed, but you need to think about your future, your families, your dads. Your dad is an accountant Betty, just how well do you think he would do in prison?”I began to cry, and Mr. Thompson placed his hand on my knee. I shuddered. “Take tonight, and think about things. If you come to work tomorrow, great. If not, I understand. But if you aren’t at your desk at 9am, just know that at 9:01am I will be calling the police”That night, when my dad and I drove home, I was super quiet with him. He asked me what was wrong and I told him that I messed up some paper work for Mr. Thompson. That night I cried into my pillow for hours, but there was no denying that I had no choice. What else could I do? Send my dad to jail? Ruin my family? That morning I showered, put on my makeup, and put on a very tight black skirt, shorter, showing more thigh. I put on a black lace bra, under a pink button down blouse I wore matching pink lace thong, and the pearl necklace and earrings my mother had bought me because she was so proud of me.The ride in was quiet again. My dad asked what was wrong and I said I was worried Mr. Thompson escort maltepe was still going to be mad with me about the paper work. My dad patted me on the leg, like Mr. Thompson had, and told me he was sure he wouldn’t be. Mr. Thompson had actually texted him last night to tell him what a great job I had been doing. I felt sick, but I had no choice.I sat at my desk, waiting, wondering, staring off, when I heard Mr. Thompson approaching. He smiled at me, said good morning, and told me to come inside his office in 10 minutes. I thought at the time they were the longest 10 minutes of my life.I walked in, and he was seated on the couch. I closed the door, walked over and went to sit, when he told me no. He looked me up and down, and ran his tongue over his lips. “I’m very glad you’ve made this decision for your family Betty. And I’m sure if you’re father knew he would be just as happy.” I shuddered. “Now, I want you to take off everything except your shoes and jewelry Betty.”I slid down my skirt, took off my shirt, and began to cry as I removed my bra. Mr. Thompson sat there, unmoved, gesturing to continue. I slid down my panties, my trim pubic hair that no boy or man had ever seen before, standing at his face height. He stood, walked around me, his fat fingers tracing along my back, pinching my ass, around my breasts, and on my face. “Each morning you will be standing in my office, just like this, do you understand?” I nodded my head. “Good girl. Now, we will start slow. A good secretary needs to know how to suck her bosses cock. Have you ever done that sweetie?” I nodded my head. “Good, this shouldn’t be hard for you then.”He sat back down, and motioned me to my knees. I knelt before him, shaking. “Undo my belt and zipper sweetie”. I fumbled with the belt but got it off, as well as the zipper. His cock, partly hidden by his enormous gut, was already hard through his tight white old man underwear. “Take it out hunny”.I reached in, and felt how thick it was, at least 5” around, and about 7” long. Seeing it was such a shock I gasped, and he smiled. “It’s too big” I stammered. “Go slow” he said. I began to lick it, I knew some boys liked that. I noticed he was very hairy too, not like me. I had to push his gut up just to get at the cock, or it would lean on the tip of my head.“Hunny, I said suck it” he said more sternly. I opened wide and it slid in, about half way. It felt so old and loose and wrinkly. He moaned, and I could feel his hands on my shoulders, gripping. After about two minutes he came, his warm sticky cum filling my mouth. I had never been a good swallower and about half of it dropped down my chin onto my breasts.He sat there, smiling, breathing heavy, his fat gut heaving. “Very good, but we will have to work on how deep you can take it. Also, from now on, you will swallow every single drop, unless I say otherwise. Do you understand?”Still in my knees, in my heels, pearl necklace and earring, with his old man cum on my lips, chin, and breasts, I nodded yes. “Good, not use my private bathroom to clean yourself up. You did good today. For today the police won’t be showing up at your home….” he stared at me”…for today”. I realized I was his as long as he wanted.That week went much the same, each morning, standing in heels and jewellery, sucking his old cock, swallowing his old cum. He had started to grab my hair, push down on my head, and be more aggressive, but I didn’t think anything of it. After I dressed I went back to work, and tried to pretend nothing had happened. Every night I cried myself to sleep, and every morning I prepared to take his old cock inside my young mouth, his belly pushing on my head, his fingers gripping my shoulders, knowing it was the only way. All weekend he texted me pictures of his cock, with sayings like he missed me, how he wished I was there, how much better looking than his wife I was.The following Monday I was waiting when his desk line rang. I answered and it was Mr. Thompson. “Betty, I’m running a few minutes late, but there is something in the private bathroom for you. I will see you soon.”I walked in and found a blindfold with a note to stand by the desk with it on and wait. After what seemed like forever I heard Mr. Thompson enter the office, and heard a grunt maltepe escort bayan of approval from him.Standing there, all I could think was how nice he used to be. Like a grandpa almost, taking me to lunch, treating me so kind. I heard him place his briefcase on the desk and the briefcase open. I then felt his warm breath on the back of my neck as he placed my wrists into some sort of nylon hand restraint. “Now, we have been having fun haven’t we sweetie?” I nodded my head. I wondered how I must look, naked, heels, pearl necklace and earrings, my hands behind my back. “The thing is dear, you are a great cocksucker…” this was the first time he used that word and it made me shudder “…but I’m more into what you would probably call kink. Do you know what kink is sweetie?”“Um, like bondage?”“That’s part of it dear. Now, I have an early morning meeting that just popped up, so instead of our usual routine, today you will be under my desk. Before I forget…” I felt somethings metal and round forced into my mouth, spreading my teeth and lips “…we need you to have this on. Can’t have someone noticing you’re under my desk”. The ring was uncomfortable, but what seemed worse was how my spit ran down my chin and chest, like the cum that first day. Mr. Thompson grabbed me by pinching my nipples and led me onto my knees under his desk. I heard him unzip and felt his cock slapping me on the face. I guided it into my mouth and began to bob my head up and down, sliding my tongue all over his shaft which I knew he loved.I heard a knock on the door and Mr. Thompson say to come in. “Scott, glad you could come in this morning.”“No problem sir. Where’s Betty? What did you want to discuss?” I froze. Scott, it was my dad. This was my dads voice. My dad was sitting only inches from where my naked ass was pointing as I had this old mans cock inside my mouth.“I sent Betty out to grab some coffee for me. Scott, I’ve been going through the financials and there seems to be some big discrepancies. I was hoping you could explain?” Mr. Thompson then grabbed a fistful of my hair with his meaty fingers and forced my mouth deep into his cock. I could barely breath. I was beginning to panic, but I couldn’t make a sound. How else would I explain this to my dad?“Well Sir some of our suppliers and customers have been having cash flown problems…”A loud slam against the desk muffled my gag as Mr. Thompson moved forward in his chair and forced his cock all the way down my throat. “Cut the bullshit Scott, I know you’ve been skimming money from me you piece of shit. After all I’ve done for you and your family, this is how you treat me?”I kept wanting to stop, but Mr. Thompson kept squeezing my hair tighter, or pushing my head down. “Mr. Thompson, I’m so sorry. I had some bad debts, my daughter is going to college soon, I fully planned to repay you, i swear”“Scott, I swear to god if I didn’t care about your family you would be getting gang ****d in prison right now. You are a lying piece of shit and I am going to find a way to punish you, do you understand?”“Yes sir I do”“For now you still have a job. But if I don’t start seeing repayments soon your ass is going to jail and your wife can earn money sucking cock in 8 mile for all I care, do you understand?”“Yes sir, yes yes I do” my dad stammered as Mr. Thompson’s cock stuffed my mouth. The power of him yelling at my dad, threatening him, and the power of his cock was making me wet, but why? “Get out of my office” and with that my dad scurried out. When the door was shut Mr. Thompson pulled me from under the desk and removed the blindfold. He was smirking. He leaned in close to me, my mouth still open, and whispered “I own you and your family now you little slut” before he spit in my face. I was stunned, but he then grabbed my hair with both fists and proceeded to fuck my mouth like i had seen only in porn movies. When he came he pulled out of my mouth, slapped me, held me by my hair, and came all over my face. He picked up my panties and cleaned my spit off his cock with them.He then led me to the private bathroom and stood me in front of the mirror. My makeup was stained, running. My fave was covered in cum, even the pearl necklace. And I was covered in spit. I felt like a real slut, not that I wanted to.Mr. Thompson undid the restraints and gag. He slapped me on the ass so hard I jumped. “Get fixed up you fucking whore and be at your desk in 10 minutes. I’m not paying you to sit around”I couldn’t tell my tears from the spit and cum on my face…

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