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BETWEEN MY SONS LEGSBetween My Son’s Legsbypokenose©I noticed that Tommy, my 18-year-old son, seemed to be spending an awful lot of time in his room lately. I wondered if something was wrong, or if he and his girlfriend had a fight that made him seem so depressed. He hadn’t been out of his room all day, except to have breakfast and then, briefly, when I told him that lunch was ready. I decided that it was time for me to take some action, and that the two of us had to have a talk. I had no idea what it was that we had to talk about. I just knew that something was bothering him, changing his behavior, and that it had to be dealt with. On one really, really hot summer day, I went to his door and started to tap gently, and then, thinking better of it, I simply reached down and turned the knob, opening the door part way. He was laying on his bed, and he didn’t know that the door was open, or that I was there. What I saw, I couldn’t believe, but knew it to be true. Tommy lay there naked on his bed, his legs spread wide, his balls hanging heavily downward, nearly covering his ass hole. His balls were very heavy, pulling downward on the nearly hairless skin, two giant, egg-shaped orbs clearly outline by the light brown sac of skin holding his balls. His hand was wrapped around his hard queenbet güvenilirmi dick, moving up and down slowly. I could see his fat cock, sticking up in the air, his hand slowly stroking it from the base all the way up to the engorged, expanded, bulbous head of it. The head was shaped like a big, red mushroom, glistening in the light with moisture on the tip. In his other hand, he held a magazine up to his face, the pages folded over. I could see a picture on the page facing me. It was a picture of a naked woman, an erect penis stuck in her hairy pussy. My son, Tommy, was looking at a porno magazine, jacking off. I didn’t know that my reaction to such a find was going to be what it was. I wasn’t surprised, I wasn’t shocked, dismayed, or anything like that. I was excited! I stood there, looking at his big balls hanging between his legs, and all I could think of was what his balls would feel like in the palm of my hand, in my mouth, or pressing against me as he fucked me. I slowly moved my hand inside my shorts, and the movement must have attracted his attention. He lowered the magazine and looked at me. In a frozen moment, he just stared, and then sprang into action. He sat up, tossed the magazine under the bed, and threw the covers over him in one quick queenbet yeni giriş motion. “Mom, I, uh —” I smiled. I could see that he was red-faced and embarrassed. He looked at me, a look of terror on his face. Then, he seemed to notice that my hand was in my pants, and that my fingers were moving. “Tommy, it’s OK,” I said, my voice betraying my sexual excitement. “It’s OK, baby, you can play with yourself. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He watched my hand moving in my shorts — he didn’t look anywhere else, until his eyes slowly moved up from my shorts to my tits, and then to my face. “You’re doing it, to, huh, Mom?” I nodded. Red-faced, I managed a smile. “Seeing you like that, I think, turned me on a lot.” His eyes widened. “Really? You liked it? It made you excited?” “Yes, Tommy, you really excited me.” He moved the covers aside, and I saw him sitting there, his hard dick sticking up, pressing against his lower stomach. From my vantage point, his enormous balls looked like two chicken legs laying on the bed sheet between his legs. The sight of them was nearly enough to make me cum. “Does that excite you, Mom?” “Oh, hell, yes, Tommy! It really does.” I stood closer to the bed and looked down. I reached out with my hand and moved it along his queenbet giriş thigh, pressing closer and closer to his groin. My fingers touched the side of his throbbing cock, and he moaned softly. “Oh, Mom!” Hurriedly, I moved away and pulled my shirt over my head, then reached down and pulled my shorts off. He watched with fascination as I reached behind me and undid my bra, and let it fall to the floor. “God, what beautiful titties, Mom,” he said. I pulled my panties off and stood naked in front of my son. He looked at my hairy bush, his eyes wide. Licking his lips, he reached down and touched the head of his cock. I moved toward him, and he moved over on the bed, making room for me. I lay down, spreading my legs, and Tommy climbed on top of me. With shaking hands, he touched my tits, and I reached down, feel his extremely stiff cock. I guided it to my pussy, and he lifted himself up and pressed downward with his thighs, entering me slowly. I could feel his hard cock inside me, and it suddenly expanded and jerk. He came, just like that, filling my insides with an enormous load of hot cum. Time after time, he spurted and spurted cum, his cock virtually exploding inside me. I came, screaming “Tommy!” He kept thrusting, his fat balls slapping against my asshole, and I came again and again. At long last, he thrust one final time, and then pulled out of me, leaving my pussy running with his big load of hot cum. He lay there, and I reached over and felt of his big balls and his sticky cock. “Mmm,” I murmured. It was going to be a hot day, in more ways than one.

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