Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 4.

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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 4.The September sun still held some warmth on my bare arms as I made my way to the toilets just next to our sixth form common room at St. Elmos. Once inside, I set my satchel down in front of the mirror and combed my shoulder-length, brown bobbed hair. I still looked quite plain without makeup; not allowed at school in these so-called enlightened times. According to a read of at the newsagents, I apparently had a ‘gamine’ look with a wider mouth and blue eyes; whatever that actually meant. The door behind me swung open and Celia Ward, my best friend walked in. I greeted her with my usual upbeat enthusiasm:”Hi Wardrobe! Have you recovered from Hardcastle’s punishment!”Her coolness took me completely by surprise.”Well, actually it wasn’t a punishment as such and Miss Hardcastle is quite misunderstood.”Confused, I enquired after her health.”You alright, Wardrobe?” That was my nickname for her.”Yes, perfectly.” She replied frostily. She did up her tie and after pulling her socks up to her knees, she flounced out. Crestfallen, I put my hairbrush in my satchel and began to follow her out at a distance. Something did not make sense. A voice echoed from a cubicle as I reached the door.”Why does she sometimes call you Kitchen Unit?”Sighing, I quickly explained:”Ward – Wardrobe, she couldn’t think of a retort for my name so just blurted out ‘Kitchen Unit’ “”Ohhh” said the flat voice with a note of confusion and none the wiser.I made my way through the door and began to follow Celia, seemingly now my ex-best friend. Yes, the double-barrelled ‘Kitchen Unit’ nickname had been a source of a great deal of laughter, to almost hysterical levels when she first retorted, much to the confusion and incomprehension of those around us, as we nearly wet ourselves. Now, Celia seemed to be making her way in the wrong direction. She went in to the old building of the school towards…. No! Surely not! I reached the entrance and once in the building’s vestibule, I peered through the gap in the inner door to see Celia waiting outside old Hardcastle’s study in the distance. Hardcastle and her seriously short hair appeared and Celia smiled at her. Very odd. As soon as I heard the door close I made my way quietly down the corridor and as close to Harcastle’s study as possible. At first I could hear nothing, but then, quiet murmurs, then a lot of rustling, and then what appeared to sound like the sound of elastic against skin; and then more rustling and low conversation, none of which I could make out. Then more silence. tuzla escort What could this mean? I gave up and retraced my steps fearing the worst.After a dull lesson on the proletariat and the seizing of the means of production, I found myself walking out and down through the town late just after four o’clock. The sun disappeared behind a bank of ominous cloud and I began to feel quite cold in my gingham summer dress. At least next week I will be back in a pinafore and blouse, I reminded myself. I then cursed when I realised that I had left my warm blazer behind in the common room. Then it started to spit with rain; and then began to pour. I ran full pelt. By the time I reached the shelter on the promenade, I was completely soaked; my summer dress, too thin already through overwashing was completely transparent and stuck to my body; the summer tan of my skin showing through, along with the dark navy blue of my voluminous school knickers pulled up almost to my chest.I stepped, still puffing, into the dry of the shelter, thankfully serving its main purpose. Inside sat a familiar, bent figure sitting in his mac. It was Eric! I could not disguise a smile as I saw him. He smiled back and said.”Hello Judy!”I clumped my way into the dry and just stood. He looked concerned at my soaked state. He stood up and suggested I get out of the wet dress and give it a chance to dry out a little. I could wrap up in his coat until then. Shivering, I undid my few buttons and belt and allowed him to peel off the wet dress over the top of my head. As I stood just in my knickers, socks and sandals, he took it to the edge of the shelter and wrung it out, then, taking off his trouser belt and feeding it through the arms of the dress, he fixed it to two metal pins sticking out from the concrete walls in the corner of the shelter where it couldn’t be seen from outside. Although my navy knickers were also damp, he sat me down in them in his coat on the long bench seat at the back of the shelter and wrapped me up in it.We chatted for a bit, Apparently he took a cheap, late season holiday offer in my seaside resort town as a break from his job in London. I showed my naïveté by asking if he knew my ‘pash’ newsreader. He laughed. No, he did not live anywhere near Chelsea, but in a place called Penge. I burst out laughing at the sound of it.He smiled and took off his trilby hat, revealing his greying hair and receding hairline. Although he had rather hooded eyes and a mis-shaped nose, if I were to have screwed up my eyes, well, really tight, he might just substitute for tuzla escort bayan my newsreader, albeit with a few years added on. I looked out to the boiling sea and driving rain of the storm and began to warm and dry out underneath his coat. No one in their right mind would come out along the promenade in this weather.Eric turned the subject of the conversation round to me: How long had I lived here; what did I want to do as a career and so on. I told him about my families diminished circumstances and he was sorry to hear that. A silence descended upon us both and we realised that the rain had actually stopped. I could see he wanted to say something but was somehow reticent. I pursuaded him to actually say it.”Well, I wondered whether you would like to do some exercises to warm yourself up. For example… erm, c-can you still do handstands?””Well, it’s been a while; Why don’t I have a go?”I stood up and pulled my sagging knickers up tight, and took the position in front of the side wall of the entrance to the shelter. I held my hands up and brought them down onto the floor and pushed my feet up, my sandals hitting the wooden surround with a clunk. I wobbled a bit before dropping back onto my feet and standing up. I tried again with the same result. I looked over. Eric seemed a little uncomfortable.”I’m a bit rusty. I might need some help.”Eric stood up and shifted around a bit. Again I put my hands on the floor and pushed my legs up and felt my feet clunk against the surround again. I began to wobble again.”C-could you hold me?!” I exclaimed, urgently. He seemed to falter, not knowing where, exactly, before holding me between my waist and hips, his hands sinking into the soft navy blue material.”Go round a bit and hold my tummy!” He slid one hand round.”Up a bit; it doesn’t matter if you touch anywhere!””Probably a bit higher!” I felt his oversized, careworn hand shift upwards until it rested gently just below my knickered mound. I managed to briefly look up at him, his eyes, looking directly down between my slightly opened legs into my crutch.I said nothing. He said nothing. In the long silence, all pretence was finally abandoned.His hand slid up over my mound and a thick finger pressed gently downwards. I closed my eyes as the delicious ache began. My hands were beginning to hurt, so I said I would repeat the manoevre with a rest between. He let go and I righted myself for a moment, dusting my hands. I did another handstand. He steadied my torso and pressed down again on my mound and this time explored my knickered crutch, pressing escort tuzla and caressing. Then, after standing up once more, I did something really daring. I peeled off my knickers, saying they still felt a bit damp! In the spirit of the moment, He merely took them and threw them onto the seat. I held my hands up and then down to the floor of the shelter again and pushed with my feet until that clunk on the boards. His hands reached across and steadied me, one hand holding a hip firmly, the other directly on my now bare mound, a finger tracing into the wetter slit and sliding smoothly up and over, to my bottom and then back again, the fire beginning to burn once more deep inside my loins. I kept my position as long as I could. Just before I was about to ask to stand up, he quite urgently told me that someone was coming and they were very close! He ran back to the seat whilst I stood up. I did a bridge/backbend in front of him. Worried, he hastened me, saying the person was almost upon us! I stood up and dashed into the safety of his coat. As I wrapped myself up in it, a woman in a headscarf scuttled past. She looked in at the two of us trying to look innocent. Her expression turned to horror as she looked across and down at Eric’s feet and began scuttling even faster. We looked down to see my crumpled knickers which had fallen from the bench seat onto the floor of the shelter in front of us! We looked at each other wide-eyed and laughed with a mixture of shock and embarrassment. Eric checked to see if anyone else was on the promenade before I did a few more handstands followed by some bridge exercises also just in my socks and sandals, I asked him to hold my bottom with one hand and hold my tummy with the other, so he could attend to my crutch while keeping a look out for anyone approaching.I realised that dusk was approaching and when Eric said it was ten past six, I knew I would be ‘for it’ with mum. I hurriedly put my knickers back on as Eric recovered my dress, which was still quite damp but thankfully not soaking as before. I put it on and with some sadness, said I couldn’t meet him tomorrow on Saturday because I was working. I had assumed he was going back to his home, so when he explained he was on holiday here for two weeks, so Monday would be just fine, I was delighted. We arranged to make that a date and would meet early that afternoon after my Advanced Level English for some more ‘rude fun’. Just before we left, he faced me, leant down, hugged me and gave me a long, slow kiss. My heart sped up again and my knees seemed to give way.We both left the shelter and he walked me as far as the town before I turned off and left for home in the grey, darkening September evening. As I neared my house, my heart began to be continued…

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