Beware a wife’s fantasy!

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Beware a wife’s fantasy!Tyrone couldn’t believe how hard he had gotten. His black cock stood like a spit as he lay with the white mans equally large one just inches from his face. His name was Tom and he had been asked to join them by his wife, Jana. Tom looked like an adonis, ripped and with a nice sized member, that swayed erotically as he had undressed a little earlier.Tyrone had begged his wife to play out one of her fantasies just once. She had allowed him to be very creative at times, and he was starting to feel bad about taking such one-sided advantage of the pastors daughter. Eventually, in frustration, she had replied:“OK! I’ll plan a night, but I decide what happens, and you have to do everything I tell you.”He had been so pleased he hadn’t even stopped to think about possible consequences. Jana was a timid pastors daughter, from a black family in good standing, and she rarely took charge when they had sex otherwise. Now though, he was torn between wishing he had and thanking the Lord he hadn’t.It had started a few days earlier when Jana had asked him to wear a chastity device. At first he wasn’t going to accept, but when she told him she wanted his testicles nice and full for Friday, he put it on. He was surprised at how good it did feel, until he started getting erections. It was a constant erotic reminder of the event ahead. Jana had also taken to wearing much more revealing clothes than she normally did, and more makeup. Tight short dresses that showed her legs, and accented her pouting ass and full, large breasts. Her makeup was red-carpet exquisite, especially her full lips now always accentuated by bright red lipstick. She’d even cut her hair short with a long side-bang and changed to a dark blond color. This morning he had kissed her goodbye for work, and had playfully grabbed her ass. He had frozen in surprise while she bit her lip and looked innocent. Tyrone had kneeled to check. She wore a garter belt and stockings but no knickers. In her anal was a buttplug with a red ruby marking the spot. He had had a semi for the rest of the day. Apparently she had even spent time with her parents that afternoon…Tom held Tyrones legs steady above his head, and slowly Jana pushed her finger inside his ass. If it hadn’t been for the super tight cockring he’d have come then and there.“Nice and tight like a virgin,” Jana smiled up at him.Slowly she massaged him open. One finger, two fingers, illegal bahis three. He was breathing deeply, filled with erotic tension. She grabbed a large, much larger than any of hers, dildo. She lightly traced his skin with it, smiling. Then agonizingly slowly, she pushed it inside his now deflowered ass.Jana put on black gloves and reached for his cock. It was swollen to magnificence, the head angrily purple. She barely touched it, and Tyrone started cumming in long, thick white strands. He felt like a dam had burst, so much of it rushed through his penis. Some ended up in Janas mouth. but most of it on her face. It was a strange sensation of pleasure and pain cumming through the restraint. And he felt full. It felt good!Before he really had had a chance to compose himself Tom draged him gently up the bed ad tied his hands to the sturdy headboard. Tyrone had figured Tom was there to please his wife, but was still uneasy about it. His feet were tied to the bedposts so he sat with his legs akimbo in the bed.Jana stood next to Tom and gently stroked the white pole.“Remember honey, you said I could outlive any fantasy I had. And I’ve always wanted to feel a white cock inside me. I’ve had a slave fetish ever since we read about the founding fathers in school.”He could see how horny she was, her eyes almost misty with lust. As he looked at her dark cunt he could se it literally dripping as she explained to him. He was beginning to harden again despite himself, aided in no small part by the large plug in his anal. Seeing Toms pale, white hands start to play with his wife’s large, firm breasts didn’t help either. “To do it right, I stopped with my birth control too…”Tyrone couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth, but his cock made an involuntary jolt and started rising faster. Jana saw, and smiled. Jana got on the bed. She stood her self on all fours with her head six inches from Tyrones. Her juicy mounds swayed and bumped in to his penis, which was practically as hard again as it had been. His body surged with pleasure, his mind reeled in pain at his wife wanting to be a slave to a white man. The combination made for a delicious juxtaposition.Tom got on the bed to, and slowly he started pushing his large member inside her aching African grotto. The expression on her face was that of sheer bliss. Tyrone couldn’t remember her ever looking more beautiful his white seed running slowly down illegal bahis siteleri her cheeks. And he had to admit, the contrast between her mocha brown skin and Toms white was hot.As Tom started moving in and out of the tight sleeve, the bed moved enough to make the analplug start massaging Tyrones prostate. He started to strain agains his bonds, but they felt solid as anything. Hearing her small moans of ecstasy as the large cock penetrated her, he decided he should just play along.“Baby,” he said through his own heavy breathing. “There’s a large white man inside you…” She looked up at him, her eyes now dark pools of horniness. From a mix if concern and his own mind being driven insane by the stimuli in his anal and his wife’s breast on his penis he asked:“What if he breeds you. Like a little slave whore. What will you father say?” He breathed, feeling a surge of forbidden heat. “And how will it make me look…”It nearly made him cum, but his wife beat him too it. With a loud scream she collapsed on to his sensitive cock. Tom continued to pump, but slower to let her get back up. As she did, her chest heaved hard. Again Tyrone was struck by her beauty. Glistening in sweat and his own seed.When she was back on all fours her face changed to slow agony.“No master, not my virginity back there…” she said in a girly voice.Again Tyrone felt that surge of horniness and emasculation. The buttplugs he had gotten Jana had been so that she would slowly get used to taking a cock up her ass. She had promised him! Though veils of horny anger he saw her face screw up in pain and heard her narrate:“Oh my god! It hurts. A white man is taking my virginity! Oh god! I feel so full, fuck! God! My pussy feels achingly empty. Oh hell! My virginity!!”This time without practically any stimulation Tyrones sperm sprayed out of his thick African rod. Tom slowed down, and slowly pulled out of the deflowered black ass. She looked up at Tyrone and through jagged breaths she said:“I’m so sorry honey, but the white man takes what he wants. You will have to live with the knowledge that a white man was there first. Took my innocence. Deflowered me…”Tyrone could hardly believe it, but his cock twitched again between her tits now lowered. She was licking his sperm from his chest as Tom started riding her unprotected cunt again. When she came up her lips and mouth were full of white cream.“Wouldn’t it be so hot baby. If canlı bahis siteleri I get pregnant. Knowing your firstborn is from my bleaching? Every time you see my belly grow, my tits swell, you will struggle with feelings of shame, horniness and love. You’d have a semi all the time…”Her face was close to Tyrones, so close he felt her warm breaths with every moan. Tom was nearing his orgasm. Was she truly not on birth control? His mind was a mix of muddled feelings. But it bubbled in his groin once again no matter what his mind thought. In loud moans Tom started cumming inside Tyrones beautiful black wife. “Oh my god honey! It’s happening! I’m being bred like a little worthless nigger whore! I want to be a good breeding nigga. Oh god I can feel his seed splashing in me! Goood!”She started kissing Tyrone deeply just as she started cumming her self. It happened so suddenly Tyrone couldn’t turn away. His mouth filled with Janas tongue and his own sperm. Feelings of disgust, lust, pain, pleasure flooded him. He felt a hand, Toms hand, give his penis a few tuggs and he spurted a little in a small orgasm, that made him swallow all the seed in his mouth.Tyrone sat confused in the bed as Tom got dressed. Jana stood on her tippy toes, gave him a deep kiss, and thanked him for one of the most amazing nights of her life. The he left.Afterwards Jana and Tyrone lay cuddling in the bed. Tyrone had to know:“I just have to ask, how much of that was true?”Jana looked up at him and smiled.“All of it…”He though, confused feelings again playing in his chest.“Do you really want a white baby?” She stroked her belly. “They say if you fuck another man just after, his cock is designed to suck out the previous sperm…”“Oh babe, I don’t think I can get hard again tonight.”“Well then,” she smiled again. “I guess there’s only one thing to do. Unless you want a bastard son…”Tyrones cock twitched in a tired fashion again. Confused horniness surged again. Slowly he moved down to his wife’s abused pussy. It reeked of seamen. He imagined Toms hard cock as he had seen it above himself. His broad tongue gave a lick. It was salty and creamy. The pleasurable feelings of mental agony that surged through his body made it deliciously taboo. He started sucking and could feel gobs of Toms white babybatter enter his mouth.He looked up as he continued licking. Jana and his eyes met as he swallowed. In a howl Janas body tensed up in a third orgasm, with her squeezing her tits so hard they near turned white. It filled his mouth with the last gob. He crawled up beside her. They embraced and kissed for a while, tasting the sperm and each other. Then slowly, the drifted of to sleep.

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