Beyond the Visible


Dian Girard had a little bit of a taste for the kinky. While she had not moved in with Fred Crain, for the last year they had spent two or three night a week together, and the action there was so thoroughly satisfying — not to say exhausting — that neither one had the appetite or interest to look for anybody else. So they might as well have been living together, but neither had asked or given any promises.

She had tried anal intercourse before she met Fred and didn’t like it. He was big enough that she couldn’t see that as anything but pure pain with him. But a finger joint or even two back there at just the right moment, that could get her going like nobody’s business. Once in a while Fred would use an ice cube on her, or tie her spread-eagled to the bed and unable to move — though he released her just before they met in the big explosion.

Just the normal perversions, if you will. Or maybe a little more than that. They had a friend (or acquaintance, since Dian wasn’t sure she liked him) named Bruce Farr. The earring he wore made Dain think he was gay or at least bi, But there never seemed to any other evidence of it. Bruce worked for an internet porn site, and at one long late party he talked to Dian about appearing on it.

On one of the milder or cleaner parts of it, that is. Clean in that he wanted her to take a shower with a couple of other young women on camera, just undress and get under the water, rub her hands over her body, maybe masturbate a little if she wanted to. It wouldn’t be broadcast live — though the site claimed it was — just taped and put into rotation with many other hours of similar tapes.

Now, Dian Girard thought she had a great body and she liked to show itm off, but here she hesitated. Bruce assured her, after she brought Fred into it, that the room would be steamy enough that he face wouldn’t be clear very often, that the camera would be concentrated lower down where the customers wanted it, and that if anyone did see her there and would admit to it, she could act offended and deny it.

So Dian went to the website studio. Fred Crain picked her up afterward, and she couldn’t stop thinking about being told that over a million people would be staring at her naked body almanbahis that month. Fred barely had to touch her that night before she climaxed, and she did it again and again before he shot his semen into her, and at dawn she wanted more of him.

She wanted more of that too. Three times in the ensuing months Dian went to the website studio to be taped for broadcast, twice for shower sequences and once where she lay on a bed and removed her clothing before offering her breasts ans body to an imaginary lover. And each time — moreso the last — Dian and Fred wore each other out afterward.

So it might not have surprised an outsider that Fred one day greeted her with, “I’ve been talking to Bruce…”

She looked at him with her head tilted, a little apprehensive about what would be suggested.

“Now, I know that you are apprehensive about being recognized,” he said as he started his car. “But there is a way around that that might work for the two of us.”

“The two of us? Do you mean…”

“Yes, well, making love and having it broadcast. Not masks or anything, but nobody could see us well enough to know who we were.”

“Well, how — and I’m not sure I would want the camera crew in the room with us. I mean the shower and the bed were different that way.”

“If it makes a difference, they could be in another room, in fact that is better for the sound recording. They would watch on a monitor — two of them, really.”

“That would be like watching over the internet, I guess. But why two monitors?”

“What Bruce wants to do is have us in darkness, total darkness, as far as we are concerned. The idea is to shoot us in ultraviolet light, so that any shadows are totally black, and at the same time use infrared film so that the heat shows as light. Between the two there would be what looks like a full image, but a slightly washed-out one, although it will really be distorted. Since the cameras are separated slightly, there will be a little bit of a 3D effect also.

“I knew that the idea of being watched like that turns you on, and nobody could identify you, so I though you would go for it. Just remember that with this, when you get hot, you would be glowing!”

Dian thought almanbahis giriş for a moment. “From what you say, it might really be all right. But I don’t know how romantic I would feel in that studio, even if nobody is in the room with us. Still — it’s silly, but could you be careful not to use my name, um, during?”

“Well,” Fred said, “It’s not going to be live, so there won’t be any trouble to bleep out any names that get used.”

“That’s true, they would have to listen and hear us. That almost turns me on by itself…”

Fred smiled. “And I talked to Bruce about doing then taping at your place or mine. Preferably yours, since then living room would have more room for the equipment and your bedroom has enough for the cameras.”

“And I would feel more comfortable there.”

“So do you want to do it?”

“Talking about it definitely makes me want to do it with you. But doing THAT I want to think about. Let’s go to dinner!”

And later after a long and energetic session of making love, she turned a happy face to him and agreed to the taping.

On the second Saturday after that, Bruce Farr and a second technician whom Dian knew only as Marty were at her door at six o’clock in the evening. They moved in machinery in three or four trips, set it up, connected it, ran cables, tested it, retested it, and finished at nine-thirty.

Then everyone went to dinner; the two techies to one place, Fred and Dian to a romantic candlelight mean in an Italian restaurant.

At eleven at night, the four went over the script, such as it was, one more time.

“Now you,” said Marty to Dian, “will be sitting on the bed wearing you long nightgown. He will knock on the bedroom door — not too hard, the cable has to go through so it won’t be closed all the way — and you go and open it.”

“The two of you kiss, and you undress him down to his underwear. Then you go to the bed and he undresses you, taking the panties off fast. Then he gets his underwear off, and you two go at it. We want about twenty minutes, start to finish.

“If anybody wants to come out after and see how it cam out, you can, but you don’t have to. The site is going to run this as a pay-per-view extra, so we are only giving almanbahis yeni giriş you $200 each to start, but a check for a percentage every month as long as it gets played.”


Dian Gerard saw the red lights on the cameras go on and felt a nervous qualm. She hesitated when she heard the knock but got up regardless. She opened the door and immediately felt a kiss on her lips. She lifted her arms to greet Fred, and could feel a man’s lips on her right hand. At that she felt a shock, a doubt, and a thrill all at the same time.

Then she felt the arms around her, the hands on her back, and a passion that surprised her by how quickly it grew. She mashed her body to his, stripping him of his clothes in her agitation.

“I never expected this, I never thought that you would want this,” she said. “You feel so wonderful to me!”

The only reply was a soft whispered moan.

She led him to the bed, somewhat ahead of the scheduled time, forcing him to prolong foreplay perhaps further than he had intended.

In any case Dian was at a great heat — surely on the infrared camera as well — when her panties came off at last.

“I don’t know if I can stand this any more,” she said. “Take me, fill me up!”

And with one long stroke, he did, and heard her hiss.

He took her in long slow strokes, in short fast strokes, making her shake under him over and over until the point when he drove in all the way and shot into her, calling her name, and she reached a peak that she seldom had before.

A few minutes after the cameras shut off again, he got up. While she might have wished to fall asleep with him, she understood.

Dian lay there in the darkness and thought. She thought about what she had just learned about herself — that she was a bit kinkier than she expected, since she would not have thought that she would go through with the situation that had developed.

She realized that the relationship with Fred Crain would not survive this night.

She thought to herself that she was more physically satisfied tonight than she had been in a while, and she must decide if this could be repeated.

She noticed that the cameras were set up so that only the left side of the man she had just shared this bed with had been visible on the monitors.

And all these thoughts and knowledge came because despite his bending to avoid it, she had touched the ring in Bruce’s right ear.

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