Bi Bi Blackjack

Double Penetration

I had been invited to my friend Jane’s 29th birthday party, again!

A great party passed quickly with copious amounts of drink and by two in the morning only four of us rather drunk diehards remained, Jane, myself plus her married friends Nicola and Ed.

“Time for bed I think,” I yawned, and headed for the stairs.

“Bit early for you, I was going to break the cards out,” Jane exclaimed.

“Oh go on then, I’ll play a couple of hands, what had you in mind?”

“Strip Blackjack! Are we all ok with that?”

“Sure, we’re ok with that,” Nicola decided. Ed nodded his approval.

We sat on the floor as Jane got the deck out. I glanced around for a quick assessment of everyone’s clothing. Nicola wore a red dress with black knee boots and tan nylons, I guessed she had an underwear set underneath? Jane was dressed in a black dress with black stockings and heels, I’d brushed against her thigh earlier and had felt a garter strap. Ed was dressed like myself in slacks and a shirt, adding in socks, shoes and briefs, we all had roughly the same amount of clothes to loose. I noticed Ed already had a nice bulge in his beige slacks and like him I was excited by what was about to unfold.

“What are the rules?” Asked Ed.

“Well, I thought we could make it interesting, best hand gets to take a piece of clothing from the worst hand, shoes and socks both come off in pairs. The twist is it must be done sexily for one minute!” Jane smiled.

“What happens if I win and Ed loses?” I enquired.

“Then you nominate and take off Ed’s piece of clothing silly. I’m sure you boys will like it if we girls win and lose!”

Both Ed and I smiled, I liked the idea of seeing both Jane and Nicola naked, and maybe a little lesbian action. The thought also entered my head of getting Ed naked as his package looked inviting.

“Oh by the way, Nicola and Ed are bisexual,” Jane casually threw in.

This was interesting, a chance of girl on girl action and also, I wanted to blow Ed, for I too am bisexual. The rules decided, Jane dealt the first hand and suddenly I wasn’t so tired!

Jane won the first hand and Nicola lost.

“Think we’ll have your dress off Nicola,” Jane smiled.

Both girls stood facing each other, Jane glanced at the clock on the wall and when the second hand reached 12 she wrapped her hands around Nicola. They both started kissing as I heard the slow rasp of Nicola’s dress being undone. Jane moved her hands to Nicola’s shoulders and the red dress slipped to the floor revealing a white lacy bra with matching panties under tan pantyhose. She looked sexy standing there in those long black leather boots, I had admired them all night.

“Time’s up, put your eyes back in David!” Nicola laughed as the girls sat down again.

Next hand Ed won and Jane lost.

“Time to see what’s below that dress Jane,” Ed remarked.

Ed’s left hand felt around Jane’s ass as his right unfastened the four large buttons that held the dress together. The dress now open, I had a lovely view of a black lingerie set embroidered with gold braid, her sheer black seamed stockings contrasting against her creamy thighs. Ed kept kissing Jane’s neck all the while feeling her ass before trailing kisses down to her ample cleavage.

“Time’s up,” said Nicola, as Jane’s dress slipped from her shoulders.

My dick was rock hard at the sight of Jane’s marvelous figure and sexy underwear ensemble. I wanted to lose a few hands to release the pressure on my cock!

I won the next hand and Nicola lost. I had no hesitation in nominating her boots. I slid over to Nicola and took hold of her right boot, the smooth black leather felt nice to the touch and my throbbing cock twitched in my bikini. Grasping the zip with my teeth I slowly pulled it down, as the boot parted my nose ran down the exposed nylon enjoying the musky aroma of leather and nylon dampness. The boot now fully open I kissed her exposed nylon covered leg, grabbing the heel I pulled and it slipped from her foot.

“Wow! Time’s up,” said Ed. “But the show is so sexy I’ll give you another minute to remove the other boot!”

This time, as I grasped the zip with my teeth, my hands caressed Nicola’s nylon covered thighs. My cock was leaking precum and I could feel my satin bikini briefs had become damp. The zip slowly opened tooth by tooth as the back of my hand rubbed Nicola’s pantyhose gusset. Her legs closed and my thumb sought and found her clit, the tan nylon sliding across her panties beneath. All too soon the boot was off and I kissed a breathless Nicola on her flushed cheek.

“Enjoy that?” I enquired.

She didn’t need to answer my thumb was moist from her damp crotch. Truth be told I’d have loved ten minutes more to remove her boots, so good did I enjoy the process.

Next hand I lost and Jane won. I wondered how she was going to remove my shoes sexily?

“Go,” shouted Nicola.

Jane grasped the lace of my left shoe with her teeth and pulled her head back. The lace slowly loosened as her hand travelled up the inside of my slacks caressing my leg. The shoe fell ankara bayan escortlar to the floor with a gentle tug of her hand and she repeated with the right shoe.

“That was sexy,” I said. “You might as well remove my socks while you’re there.”

“I’m going to, you are way overdressed!” Jane smirked.

She held my ankle in her palm while her fingers found the top of my sock. Her teeth grasped the toe and pulled back. My sock slowly slipped from my foot and the other foot received the same treatment.

“I see you enjoyed that,” Jane remarked, looking at the bulge in my slacks.

I didn’t answer, the smile on my face did the talking for me!

Jane won the next hand again, this time Ed was the loser. He extended his feet for her, but she shook her head.

“I get to choose and will have your shirt please.”

As they faced each other Jane found Ed’s lips, her left hand opened his shirt button by button, her right found and massaged Ed’s package. The last button open, the shirt slid off Ed’s arms as Jane traced kisses down his torso. It had taken longer than a minute, but time was irrelevant, it was all about enjoyment now!

Ed won the next hand and I lost. I stood up, ready to lose my shirt, but Ed had other plans.

“Time to see what you have under those slacks David?”

Ed crawled over and smiled up at me. I felt his hands work at my belt and pull down the zip, his hand entered the open fly, his fingers finding their silky prize within.

“Mmmmm, I like wet silky undies,” he whispered, his fingers playing with my wet cock.

“Let’s see what shade you have?”

The clasp was undone and my slacks fell to the floor revealing my white satin bikini, with my cock head clearly visible beneath.

“Mmmmm transparent bikini, my favourite!” Ed laughed.

His hand left my cock and was replaced at once by his tongue as he removed the slacks from my feet.

“Nice show honey,” Nicola quipped.

I glanced across and saw she had her hand stuffed down the front of her pantyhose rubbing her clit through her white lace panties. Jane too was enjoying the show, her fingers dipping into her vagina beneath those sexy black satin panties. Ed stopped licking my twitching cock head and moved back to his spot. I wondered if he knew how close he was to tasting my cum?

I won the next hand and Ed lost, I nominated his shoes and socks. I slipped the shoes off his heels as slowly as I could, nothing really sexy in that, but I got a pleasant surprise when I grabbed the top of his socks!

“Mmmmm nylon, stockings or pantyhose?” I enquired, as his socks slipped from his feet leaving them covered in smokey gray nylon.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” he teased, as my cock twitched again at the thought of seeing Ed’s cock covered in gray nylon. I hoped he was wearing pantyhose!

I won the next hand and Jane lost.

“I love those heels and stockings Jane, but they need to come off!”

My left hand ran slowly up the back of her right leg and idled around her garter strap, my right hand pulled on her heel and the shoe slipped off. Lifting her leg up I kissed her toes before popping them into my mouth. My hand found her other shoe and slipped it off while I sucked hungrily on her nylon toes, My fingers found her back garter strap and unsnapped it, my palm slid along the lace top to the front garter and unsnapped it. The stocking slid down her thigh to her knee, my tongue still flicking over her toes, I took hold of the reinforced toe of the stocking with my teeth and pulled my head back. The stocking shimmered down her leg and fell to the floor. Jane offered me her other foot and I felt obliged to slip her nylon toes into my mouth. Soon as before I was pulling the stocking off with my teeth.

“Was that sexy enough for you?” I asked.

Jane didn’t answer but her body shuddered as she had fingered herself to her first orgasm of the night. Looking at Nicola I could see she too was close to orgasm as her fingers were still rubbing her lace covered clit, her hand inside her pantyhose. Her chest heaved heavily, mouth open, eyes closed, a long soft moan escaped her lips as her frantic fingers slowed.

“Two orgasms down,” laughed Ed, his hand rubbing his bulge.

I lost next and Nicola won. she quickly pulled me to my feet and started to unbutton my shirt, her breathing still urgent from her orgasm. My hand found her pantyhose waistband and slipped inside. I rubbed her swollen wet lips through her soaking lace panties as she had done earlier, enjoying the feel of her nylon pantyhose on the back of my hand. My shirt fell away as she grabbed my pulsing cock and started to stroke it. I was close to creaming my briefs and sank to my knees to escape her expert stroking. I licked her pantyhosed crotch for a few more seconds, but had to stop or I was going to cum!

I sat back down and hoped I wasn’t involved in the next hand. I had to cool down, the front of my bikini had become saturated with precum! It now dawned on me that I would be the likely loser as I was down to just my briefs, with a boner inside ankara seksi escortlar ready to go off!

Ed was the next winner, this time both Jane and Nicola had identical losing hands.

“Well, what to do now?” Ed frowned thoughtfully, stroking his chin. “As you both lost, you can take each others bras off.”

The girls faced each other kissing tenderly, they had their hands on each others breasts slowly kneading and pinching each others nipples. Jane was first to reach behind Nicola’s back and unfasten her bra. I could see it go loose as Jane’s hand travelled down the inside of the bra strap and caressed Nicola’s breast inside the cup. Pushing the straps off Nicola’s shoulders her bra fell to the floor. Jane stooped to take Nicola’s left breast to her mouth. Nicola reached for and found Jane’s bra clasp and quickly had it undone. Jane continued sucking on Nicola’s breast as her hand cupped Nicola’s crotch, she shook her own shoulders and her beautiful breasts tumbled into view as the bra fell away.

I looked across at Ed, a damp spot had appeared in his beige slacks, his cock must be dripping, I thought. My own leaking cock was on fire and it wasn’t going to take much to explode!

I won the next hand and Ed lost. I was about to find out if Ed was wearing stockings or pantyhose!

“Well Ed, looks like your secret is about to be revealed, stockings or pantyhose?” I questioned.

“Have a guess?” Nicola chipped in.

“I think pantyhose?” I reasoned, as i pulled down Ed’s zip and pushed my hand inside his slacks.

I found Ed’s wet nylon covered cock and balls, it was pantyhose, and my hand glided effortlessly across the silky material. I had to concentrate heavily to stop coming right there!

“Good guess,” replied Ed.

“I can feel you have no briefs on Ed,” I whispered, my fingers cupping his balls.

“You never wear briefs with pantyhose, the whole reason for wearing them is to feel the fine nylon brush against your cock!”

I unbuckled his belt and once I had the clasp undone the slacks dropped to the ground and Ed stepped out of them. My hand was sticky with Ed’s precum as I massaged his swollen nylon tented cock. Ed reached for my briefs but I backed off, his touch would put me over the edge.

I glanced around the four of us. the game was almost over. Jane and I sat in our briefs. Nicola still with her panties and tan hose and Ed with his smokey gray pantyhose. Those sexy gray pantyhose with Ed’s big cock bursting to escape, I couldn’t help but glance at it every few seconds my eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

My luck ran out , I lost along with Nicola, we both had gambled on another card and had gone bust. Jane had won and grinned.

“Nicola, you can get David’s bikini off first, his cock has suffered inside the tight confines of those briefs long enough!”

I wondered what plan Jane had for Nicola’s pantyhose, but returned to matters in hand as Nicola’s palm rubbed up the outline of my cock. That was all it took to start my cum rising and I could no longer control my impending orgasm. My bikini was being pulled from the sides and slipped over my hips, the waistband sliding down my cock.

As the waistband slipped off my purple cock head it bounced up, I cried “I’m gonna cum!”

A rope of thick creamy cum hit Nicola on the chin, her tongue quickly lapped at it as a second rope hit her neck, a third and largest rope hit between her breasts and slid gracefully down her stomach. I heard Jane and Ed both gasp with excitement as Nicola sank her mouth over my cock and swallowed the last of my milk. She was now cleaning my cock with her tongue while her hand groped and squeezed my balls, she still had her forefinger hooked in my bikini waistband and pulled them down to my ankles and off.

“David, I want you to remove Nicola’s pantyhose without using your hands.” Jane laughed.

I had Nicola stand in front of me, her damp crotch only inches from my face. I kissed her left foot with a peck and repeated at inch intervals as I travelled up her leg and across to her crotch. I kissed and sucked at her clit, biting tenderly at her protruding love button.

I licked my way up to her pantyhose waistband and tasted my own cum that had trickled down. I sucked on the cum soaked waistband before gripping it with my teeth pulling it down to her hips. Running my tongue along and under the waistband I pulled down her hose at her right side, the hose sliding under her ass cheek. I moved my lips along the back of the hose to the opposite side and pulled down, they slipped down to mid thigh. I traced kisses across to the front of the lace panties and inhaled the musky smell of her vagina. I kissed the front of her panties sucking in the lace, enjoying her love juice that had soaked them.

“I need you to sit down please Nicola,” I whispered.

She complied immediately and lay on the floor, stretching her legs out in front for me. Ed was in the background, his hand inside his pantyhose stroking his cock. I saw his cock head become visible then masked behind the nylon on each stroke, I wanted bayan ankara escort to feel his nylon covered cock again!

Returning to Nicola I again bit upon the waistband of her hose and pulled them down to her knees, glancing up I could see Nicola once more had her hand inside her panties, well on the way to another climax. I kissed down her right leg and put her toes in my mouth sucking on her nylon covered digits. Once I had got the reinforced toe of the hose between my teeth I pulled back and the nylon slowly slid away from her foot. The technique was repeated on the left leg until i had enough loose nylon from both legs. My teeth gripped both reinforced toes together and crawled backwards, the pantyhose shimmered down Nicola’s legs and finally I had them clear of her feet. It had been difficult but enjoyable and my cock was hard again, but I was now out of the game.

It was decided the next hand would be the last and Jane dealt the cards. My left hand had found it’s way to my cock again and was gently stroking it as the cards revealed Ed had won the final hand.

“I need a little thinking time for the last sex act,” Ed reasoned.

While Ed was thinking, Jane’s hand had travelled up my thigh and found my hard cock. Slowly her hand slid up and down my shaft, each time playing with the purple head on the up stroke.

Ed spoke, “Jane I want you and Nicola to get into a 69 position, remove each others panties, and lick each other until you both cum!”

Jane lay on the floor her black panties contrasting against the white carpet. Nicola crawled over Jane, and crouched, offering her lace panty covered treasure. I moved to the side to get a better look at the show and also to be close enough to caress Ed’s nylon encased cock once more. Jane was gently biting on Nicola’s panty covered clit. Nicola had moved Jane’s panties a little to the side and was licking up and down Jane’s groove.

My own hand had found Ed’s nylon imprisoned cock and was slowly jerking it. His hand had found my cock and we gave each other a sensual slow wank as we watched the girls entertain us. I loved the feel of Ed’s pantyhose as they were both taught and then loose as I stroked away at his shaft.

Nicola had managed to get Jane’s panties to her ankles and I assisted in their removal by pulling the attached garter straps. Lifting them to my nose I sniffed and then licked at her sweet love juice. I saw Jane run her hands under the legs of Nicola’s panties and pull them down over her thighs, her knees, her calves and then flick them off. The girls were now naked, everyone in the room was moaning with pleasure and Ed’s pantyhose were soaking with his precum, a large part in the front was darker than the rest and I wanted to suck on his cock!

I looked back to the sex show from the girls, Jane’s breathing was erratic, she had stopped licking at Nicola’s clit, finding it hard to breathe as Nicola’s fingers dipped in and out of her vagina at a frantic pace. Jane’s body bucked and writhed on the carpet as a tremendous orgasm shot through her body.

My hand had found it’s way back to Ed’s nylon balls enjoying the feel of the fine mesh. Ed moaned, I couldn’t hold back any longer and licked his cock head, a low moan escaped from his lips. I stroked my cock as I slurped on the nylon covered knob.

“Fuck, yes , fuck, yes, harder.” I heard Nicola cry.

I lifted my head off Ed’s cock and saw that the girls had switched places. Nicola was now lying on her back with Jane’s fingers embedded deep inside her, Jane’s tongue licking what was left of my cum from Nicola’s flat stomach.

“Ohh god I’m commmming!” Nicola shrieked, as her body shuddered to a massive orgasm.

I again glanced at Ed’s cock and saw it twitching in his pantyhose, he wasn’t far from blowing a load. My own cock was ready to cum again and I wondered what lay in store for us next?

Both girls lay on their backs recovering and I crawled over to Nicola licking her love juice trickling from her pussy. She pushed my head away. I guess she was still recovering. Jane sat up a broad grin on her face.

“Well boys did you enjoy the show?”

“Did we ever, my cock is aching.” Ed spluttered.

“As the winner Ed, you can name your prize, but as it’s my birthday can I choose for you?” Jane asked.

“Sure go ahead, I’m sure you will nominate something appropriate!”

“Both of your cocks are throbbing from the show we girls put on for you, I think it’s only fair you boys should put the same show on for us. I want you to get into a 69 and suck each other off. We want to see your cocks explode their creamy jiz!”

Nicola then chipped in, “I want to eat your cum David, and I’m sure Jane wants yours honey!”

“How can we refuse,” I said.

“Go for it,” Ed smiled as he lay flat on the carpet.

His smokey gray pantyhose tented sexily. I was going to enjoy this and I’m sure Ed would too!

I crawled over his body and fed him my cock, it slipped between his lips as my tongue licked his wet nylon knob once again. My mouth slowly slipped over the nylon shaft as I sank to the base of his cock and up again, his cock tasted good. My cock was receiving similar treatment as Ed licked my cock head and then sucked deeply. Men always give better blow jobs, we know exactly what we want and need! Ed was good and I knew I would only last a few minutes.

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