Bi-Night at Club Fantasy


I know you’ve read this before, but everything that I write about in this story is true. I only changed the names.


First a bit about me. I’m 6′, about 250lbs and pretty hairy – a bear. I have a 7″ circumcised cock, I guess a little above average. I’m mostly straight, but I do like to suck a nice cock.

It may be weird to you, but I’m picky about the cocks I want. I prefer circumcised, and I’m not into dark meat. Also, it has to be hard, not just soft and floppy. There is something about feeling a hard cock in your mouth, especially when it throbs and grows when someone is ready to cum. Knowing what it feels like to have it done to you helps. I’m single right now, so that gives me the freedom to do what I want when I want. I’d love to find a woman who enjoys playing with a couple of bi guys. I think that would really open up the possibilities. But for now, I am happy being the 3rd when I get that chance.


Now, for the story. Club Fantasy is a local swing club here in Southern California. They host a Bi-Night once a month. At these parties, everyone dresses down when you get there. For the guys, that means nude or underwear. For the ladies, nude, underwear or at least something sexy. Steve (the host) can be a bit lax in enforcing his policy with the ladies, but it works. That will become clear later on. I’ve been going to these parties for a little over a year now, and they range from OK to amazing. This past party would have to qualify as amazing.

I try to get there fairly early because you never know who will show up when. I was the second car to arrive that night. Steve was giving a tour to the guy who arrived before me. A first timer, probably early 50’s, in pretty decent shape, and seemed pretty outgoing. He was wrapping his towel as I walked by, and his cock looked like it had potential – nice.

I grabbed a bite to eat and a diet Coke, got undressed and waited for the party to start. I chatted with Bob (the first timer) for a bit. He was obviously experienced in the lifestyle and not new to bi-events. As people started drifting in, I got the feeling it was going to be a good night. Steve took a call from a new couple and gave them final directions to the party. That’s always a good sign.

I took a walk around and when I got back to the bar area, Phil had arrived. Kind of like me, he classifies himself as straight, but says he loves to suck cock with a woman. If the girl isn’t part of the action, though, he just isn’t into it. We were ankara moldovyalı escortlar getting caught up when a couple walked in. Jack and Diane. He’d partied with them before a couple of times. I’d met them once.

Here’s the deal with them. At the Bi parties, Jack doesn’t play, in fact he has stayed fully dressed both times I’ve seen them. He’s straight. But Diane just loves to see 2 guys playing together. She gets off on it, but won’t play without him. So when they come, it’s for her to get worked up and rock his world when they go home. She is a total babe, so it is easy for her to have guys give her what she wants. The last time, about 4 of us guys were rotating on who sucked who until she finally saw one guy come on another guy’s face.

Well, now that I knew her story, I was ready. I made my way to the Orgy Room and waited. There wasn’t much going on yet, so I just sat on the couch to see what developed. A couple started playing on one of the beds, and Bob came in and took notice. But that was when Jack and Diane walked in, so I motioned for him to wait. I told him we should put on a show for Diane, and he was willing to let me get to work on his cock. I made sure Diane could see, and started sucking his cock. I was making eye contact to let her know I was doing it for her.

His cock got nice and hard, at least 7″ and a little thicker than mine. She was liking what she was seeing and I was enjoying it. After a few minutes, we moved over to the edge of the bed where she was sitting. Now we gave her a close-up and she was loving it. Just about now, the new couple came in and went straight into the glory hole room. Well, we were game, so we both moved to different holes to see what they were up to. I think it was the guy going back and forth between the two of us. That was fine for a bit. But back to Diane. Jack would wander in and out, making sure everything was cool, but basically was just on the sidelines and wandering around. I sat back down next to Diane and started reeling in the cocks. Bob again for a bit, then Phil, then another guy and another. Then back to Bob.

All the time we’re trying to get Diane to do more than just watch, but she knew what she wanted, and that was to see guys playing. I was willing to let her see as much as she wanted, but damn, what a tease. Anyway, Bob seemed close a couple of times, but didn’t come. He figured if Diane can tease us, he can tease her a little back, right? So one of the other guys is getting close too, ankara ukraynalı escortlar but he figures the night is too young and he isn’t ready. Diane was able to coax him just a little, and her big, brown eyes asking him was all it took. I stopped sucking and started stroking him. Since I know what she wanted to see, I made sure to keep my mouth open and close to his cock. I stuck my tongue out and then he started to cum. And it was a big load, too – really big. All into my mouth, but like in a porno, so she could see every spurt. After he finished cumming, I gave his cock a quick suck to get the last little bit, then spit it out into a trash can. I think we made Diane cream her panties.

Mission accomplished, I needed a break. I laid back on the bed and Diane gave me a big hug and thanked me. We got up and I went to get another Diet Coke. I was talking with Diane for a bit, trying to lay the groundwork for getting her boyfriend to join us sometime. I’d be willing to suck his cock if it got her out of her miniskirt, and I don’t know what kind of cock he has. A little bit later, I saw them leaving. Hopefully, she is getting him to consider it for next time.

I went to the dance floor to see who was there when I saw Al and Lucy walk in. Let me tell you a little about them. Al is Hawaiian, about 5’8″ and 160#. His cock is a little on the smaller side – maybe 5″, and cut. I think he looks like Ken Jeong. Lucy is probably 5’6″ and maybe 150lbs. I’d consider her thick, but not fat. And she has the nicest big, natural D-cups. Last month was their first party. They are straight, too, but the party they used to go to got cancelled so a friend of Steve brought them to this one..

Lucy spend quite a while dancing with anyone who wanted to get out on the dance floor. At that party, when they decided to play, she basically took on all comers. We knew they were straight and first timers to the bi-parties, so we kept it pretty straight and just let them get used to the fact that there was stuff going on besides just straight swinging.

So this time, I’m thinking we can let loose a bit. And boy was I right. Lucy is dancing for about an hour before they decide dance time is over and play time is here. When we make our way into the play room, there are about 7 guys and Lucy. As she gets out of her dress, I lay down on the bed and she gets on top of me in a 69. Other guys move into position and she starts moving from cock to cock. All the while, I’m there with her on my face. ankara minyon tipli escortlar Then another guy moves behind her and starts to fuck her doggie. So I have her pussy and his balls in my face and I’m enjoying everything.

Eventually I need to come up for air, and move to the side. She is taking on whoever has a condom on, and the guys are working really well together. Sucking cock, getting sucked, feeding Lucy cock, like a well oiled and sweaty machine. I stick my head down near Lucy’s pussy again, and Ralph is ready to come from her cock sucking. So she points his cock at her luscious tits, and he comes all over her right breast. I’m right under her! And some of his cum falls onto my chest and shoulder. Well, she immediately shoves her breast in my mouth, and I get right to work cleaning it. Then she moves in for a little cum sharing kiss. I think she found that hot, because whenever another guy came, she was looking for me. I cleaned her face and shared the cum a couple of times over the next hour or so.

Finally, I decided I was about ready to cum. So I laid down on the side of the bed and told her it was my turn. As she is jacking and sucking me, Chuck comes back in ready for round two. He is jacking off just a foot away from my face. I reach up and start stroking him. I move his cock down to my mouth and start sucking his 8″ cock. Al starts talking at this point. He’s telling Lucy to suck me, or whoever else has a cock nearby. He tells me to suck Chuck, and then starts telling Chuck to stick his dick in my mouth. Things are really heating up now, and I’m trying to hold off as long as I can.

I want Chuck to cum first. But it’s just too intense, and I blow a huge load up into Lucy’s face. Just as I’m pushing Lucy’s hands off my now very sensitive cock, Chuck cums again, mostly onto my chest. I’m thinking “OK, This was great, but I’m about done.” when Al tells me to suck on Chucks balls, then tells Chuck to stick his now softening cock into my mouth. I guess I’m not quite done, as I don’t disappoint either of them. Lucy comes to me one last time and I clean my own cum off her cheek. Then I have to lay back, totally spent.

I’m hoping next month, Al will not only be comfortable letting a guy suck him (he did a little this time), but he may even give it a try himself. He seemed to be open to the possibility, if not exactly eager to try.


There are other stories I can tell from other parties. Maybe I’ll write about some of them next time. But like I said, everything I wrote down really did happen to me at this one party. Maybe the best party ever. And I really am in SoCal, but the rest of the names (including the club) I made up. If you come to the Bi-Party sometime soon, tell me how you liked the story. Maybe I’ll write about you next time.

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