Bianca Behind Bars (Part 2)

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Bianca Behind Bars (Part 2)Officer Goldsnatch pushed Bianca down one of the long, empty prison hallways. The other two prison guards held on tight to her arms, making sure she couldn’t escape their grasp. “Having one of the other inmates suck that big, meaty cock of yours is one surefire way to rise the ranks in this place. But unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, I can’t let that go unpunished.”Bianca swallowed hard, her mind reeling at all the possible punishments Goldsnatch could have in store for her. She would never do anything too crazy, especially in front of the other guards. Right?The two guards holding onto Bianca finally turned off of the hallway and into a small room with nothing more than a long table and four chairs. The only window was a small one in the door, and it had a sliding pane that could cover it up, making whatever happened inside completely obscured. Bianca didn’t like the feeling she was getting. “Strip!” Officer Goldsnatch shouted as she closed the door. The two other guards stood at her side, both of them with a bemused expression. The one to Goldsnatch’s left had rather large breasts and dark brown hair, with a tan complexion. The one to her right was slightly taller, and much thinner, with pale, almost blonde, hair. “Do I have to ask you again?” Bianca dropped the towel she had wrapped around her. It was the only thing she managed to put on before being dragged out of the showers. Her cock, still semi-rigid, hung between her legs, dripping with saliva and cum. She felt so exposed, standing in front of the three imposing prison guards. “Fuck, she really does have a cock…” said the tan, shorter guard. Bianca noticed her name badge had the name H. Deeptwat written on it. “Is it real?””Of course it is,” said the other guard, whose name tag read J. Analslut. “How would she have a fake cock that looked so real?”Bianca stood there, unsure of what to do with herself. As embarrassing as the situation was, she got a sense of pleasure from knowing these three women were all staring at (and were amazed by) her thick, vei ny futa cock. She remembered how sexy it was being watched in the prison showers, having Tori bob her head up and down on her member, blasting a full load on her in front of all those people. “Fuck…it’s getting bigger…” said Deeptwat, licking her lips. “Holy fuck!” Bianca hadn’t realized, but all that thinking about blowjobs made her cock begin to stiffen again. Bianca could fuck and cum until she passed out from exhaustion, but her cock was always ready to go. And this time was no different. Her fat, mushroom head pulsed and swelled, turning a shiny almost-purple color. Her shaft began to twitch, thickening and extending, growing more and more red as it swelled. Her balls, round and heavy, retracted up into her slightly, before dropping back down, over and over, as her cock twitched and expanded. She couldn’t control herself. Her cock wanted to blow a load, and it wouldn’t go flaccid until it did. “See, girls, I told you she wouldn’t disappoint!” Goldsnatch came closer, mere inches away from Bianca’s throbbing member. She looked down at it and bit her lip before reaching out and grabbing the engorged b**st near the base. She squeezed hard, making the already massive head swell from the increased pressure. Bianca felt her eyes roll back as Goldsnatch pulled her hand upward towards the head, and then back down to the base again, slowly, again and again. “You love that, don’t you?””Mmmhmmm…” was all Bianca could get out. Goldsnatch continued to stroke her fuck rod while Deeptwat moved around to Bianca’s backside. She kneeled down behind her, and Bianca felt both of her hands on her firm but hefty buttocks. Deeptwat spread her cheeks and began to tongue her asshole, sliding it in and out. Meanwhile, Analslut got on her knees next to Goldsnatch and placed her head beneath Bianca’s heavy sack. She opened her mouth and took one massive nut into it, sucking it and sliding her tongue across it. Bianca had to muster all her willpower illegal bahis not to blow a load right then and there. She had been in threesomes before, but never a foursome, and never with all the attention on her. Goldsnatch kneeled down and began to stroke harder, her breath warm and heavy on Bianca’s cock head. Bianca felt herself thrusting her hips unintentionally, begging the guard to take her into her mouth. Goldsnatch obliged, and swirled her tongue across the fat mushroom tip, flicking her tongue at the sensitive underside before slipping more of the monster cock into her mouth. Analslut began exploring further underneath Bianca’s ballsack, and discovered her aching, wet pussy. Bianca felt Analslut’s tongue dance across her engorged labia and clit as she began to eat her out. Deeptwat kept tonging Bianca’s tight asshole, spreading her ass wide and getting in deep. Bianca moaned loudly as she placed her hands on the back of Goldsnatch’s head. She was going to unleash a fat load, and she was going to do it soon. It was as if Goldsnatch could sense the incoming orgasm and stopped sucking on the fat cock, pulling her mouth away and smiling. “You think you get to cum that easily? Hah! This is supposed to be punishment!” Goldsnatch reached into her utility belt and pulled out a plastic zip tie. She placed it around the base of Bianca’s cock and pulled it just tight enough to keep circulation, but to easily stop her from being able to blow a load. “Now you don’t get to cum until I say so! Hope you like being edged!” Bianca could feel the orgasm building as Goldsnatch resumed slurping on her fat hog, but couldn’t bring herself to finish. She tried to relax and let go, to just blast her thick goo, but the zip tie kept it all in. She could feel her balls begin to swell, backed up with all the hot batter ready to erupt. It was going to be one hell of a load once this zip tie got pulled off…”I want to feel it in me!” Deeptwat said, pulling her tongue from Bianca’s asshole. “Goldsnatch, let me fuck her!”Goldsnatch pulled away from Bianca’s cock with a wet pop. “You can ride her, but don’t hog all the fun! We all get a turn on this cock, remember?” Bianca wondered what kind of arrangement these three had before coming in here, but she wasn’t complaining. Three pussies and a blowjob in one day wasn’t anything to scoff at. Analslut kept licking at Bianca’s cunt feverishly, while Deeptwat stood in front of her. Goldsnatch stood to the side and wiped her mouth, a wicked grin taking over her face. Deeptwat pulled down her pants and took her panties off with them to reveal a freshly shaven pussy, tan and glistening. She pulled her top open to show off her large tits, nicely shaped with deep brown nipples, hard in the cold air. She grabbed Bianca’s cock and rubbed the head against her wet labia, coating the head in thick pussy cream. “You’re a big girl, Bianca. I hope you can fit!” Deeptwat put one leg up onto a chair and pressed Bianca’s cock head against her opening. With a little pushing, she slid the first few inches of Bianca’s member into her, her pussy clamping down tight on the oversized dick. “Fuck! How do you get this inside of anyone? It’s massive!”Bianca grabbed Deeptwat’s thighs and lifted her up, getting into a semi-squat position. Analslut moved out from underneath her to stare up at the action, cunt juice dripping down her chin. Bianca hoisted Deeptwat up and slid her down further onto her cock. Deeptwat screamed in pleasure as more and more of the gargantuan cock disappeared into her hole, and she clawed at Bianca’s back, holding onto dear life. Bianca began thrusting up into her, her cock swelling even more with the added zip tie. Most of her colossal dong had made its way up into Deeptwats now gaping cunt. Analslut made her way over to Goldsnatch and the two of them began to undress each other. The pair made out like a couple of high school girls as they peeled the clothing off of each other. Watching this turned Bianca on immensely, and she placed Deeptwat onto the table illegal bahis siteleri to get a better angle on her pussy. Bianca stared at the two guards furiously making out, and she drove her cock deep into Deeptwat relentlessly. She felt the tight pussy clamp down hard on her member as Deeptwat orgasmed multiple times, her head rolling back and deep, guttural moans escaped from her lips. Bianca looked down to see that her cock had a thick white cream coating it, the smell of freshly fucked pussy emanating from her crotch. She pulled her cock out with a wet sloshing sound as Deeptwat laid back on the table, her legs still convulsing from her mind-blowing orgasms. Goldsnatch and Analslut had completely stripped each other and were fingering each other’s tight twats. Goldsnatch had a small patch of blonde hair above her cunt while Analslut had a thin landing strip above hers. The two were making out and rubbing together when Bianca exited Deeptwat, and she turned to face them. They paused and stared at Bianca, her cock and balls even larger than before, clearly backed up immensely by the tie on her member. “Who’s next?” She asked, feeling more confident now. Goldsnatch looked at Analslut. “You next babe, I want her to finish with me.”Analslut bent over, putting her elbows on the table. “I bet you know where I want it, right Bianca?””Of course I do,” Bianca said, pressing the head of her cock against Analslut’s tight back entrance. Bianca had to push hard to get herself to fit, but eventually she slid into Analslut’s incredibly tight asshole, her cock head quivering at the sensation of fucking something so tight. Bianca grabbed her ass, giving herself more leverage to fuck. She felt Goldsnatch come up behind her, her hands on Bianca’s tits. “Mmmm, yes! Is that cum brewing nice and thick in those balls, Bianca?” She asked, her hands massaging Bianca’s tits, pushing them together and squeezing them. Goldsnatch watched over Bianca’s shoulder as the futa girls thick, swollen cock spread apart Analslut’s asshole. “Put it in all the way, she can take it!”Bianca leaned back into Goldsnatch as she slid more of her cock into Analslut’s tight asshole. Her entire shaft disappeared, her fat asscheeks pressed against her pelvis. The warm flesh enveloped every inch of her, caressing her cock and goading it into cumming. Analslut’s moans echoed off the walls as she pressed her ass back into Bianca. But the tight zip-tie around the base of her cock kept all her cum tightly locked away in her massively engorged ballsack. “You want to cum, don’t you Bianca?” Goldsnatch whispered into her ear. “You want to buck and grab her ass, pouring gallons of your thick goo into her, don’t you?” Goldsnatch began to nibble on Bianca’s earlobe as she played with her tits, driving her wild with lust. She pounded Analslut harder and harder, driving the table across the floor, moving with it to stay inside of the incredibly tight hole. No matter what Bianca did, she couldn’t unload. It was no use, and in her frustration, she began to dive into Analslut’s asshole, slamming against it as hard as she could, the sound of flesh on flesh loud and intense. Analslut couldn’t moan or scream any more. Her mouth hung open in shock as her hands clawed out, a look of sheer pleasure ripping across her face. Analslut’s legs gave out as she orgasmed, her pussy spraying musky girl cum across the floor as she slid off of Bianca’s cock. She moaned with each orgasmic wave and collapsed onto the ground in a puddle of her own cunt slime. Bianca’s cock bounced freely, coated in saliva and ass cum, now bright red and incredibly swollen. The tie at the base began to stretch, and her cock would break out of it soon if it wasn’t taken off. Goldsnatch walked around to the front of Bianca and grabbed her engorged cock in both hands. She stroked it hard, teasing the head with her left hand as her right jerked it near the base. “How about we take this tie off and see what happens. What do you say?” Goldsnatch grabbed a small pair of scissors canlı bahis siteleri and snipped the plastic tie free. As soon as her cock was unrestricted, a massive glob of clear, thick precum streamed from the head. Another fresh pulse send another gush of precum splashing onto the floor. “What’s going to happen next, Bianca, is that you’re going to slide that monster into my golden snatch. You’re going to get as deep as you possibly can, and you’re going to bust the biggest load you’ve ever had into my aching hole. And you’re going to impregnate me. Do you understand?””Im…impregnate you? I…””Don’t worry, you won’t have to do a thing after it’s all said and done. I just want your futa baby inside me. All you have to do is put it there.” “But…””No buts. If you don’t, you’ll be locked in here for a very long time. If you do, perhaps some paperwork gets lost and your sentence gets reduced. You understand?””I’ll do whatever you say to get out of here, Officer Goldsnatch.” Bianca said, her cock still dripping precum onto the floor. “Good, now fuck me and give me that hot seed of yours!” Goldsnatch laid back onto the table and spread her legs, her wet labia glistened in the light. She reached down and spread her lips open, inviting Bianca inside. Bianca couldn’t resist, and she grabbed the guards wide set hips. She pressed her cock against the wet opening and slid in with ease, finding that Officer Goldsnatch’s pussy accommodated the entire length of her colossal 1 4″ cock. She felt no resistance as she slid in and out of Goldsnatch, while the two other guards began to dress while they watched the final act. “Yes! Yes! Just like that, Bianca! Give it to me!” Bianca grunted in pleasure as she drilled the wet cunt, her cock creating a visible bulge in Goldsnatch’s stomach. Her thrusts became more shallow and faster as she neared completion, and Goldsnatch wrapped her legs around Bianca, locking her in. She had no choice now; her seed was coming and it was going to come hard. “GRAAAAA-FUUUUCKKKKK!” Bianca screamed out as she bucked and panted. Her legs quivered as her behemoth cock unleashed its massive orgasm. All of the build up from being tied caused her load to come out thicker and harder than ever before. She could feel her cock literally stretch to accommodate the volume of sperm that burst out of her, each wave taking a tremendous amount of effort to get out. The muscles in her cock worked overtime to dump the entirety of her load, and the orgasm lasted for what felt like minutes. Her balls contracted each time she felt her cock throb, pushing more and more thick, white goo into her partner. Goldsnatch, meanwhile, began to slip into orgasmic bliss. Her eyes rolled back into her head as Bianca came, her hands clawing at the futa girls back as her pussy clamped down hard on the thick member insider her. She felt the thick ropes of cum fill her womb, stretching her belly as more and more impossibly erupted from Bianca’s cock. She felt the thick, warm cream slosh around her insides as she was filled to the brim, all the while her pussy quivered in rhythm with Bianca’s savage thrusts. Finally, Bianca slid her wet, thick cock out of Goldsnatch. It dripped a mixture of pussy juice and futa cum onto the floor, still quivering with orgasmic force. Occasionally a thick glob of cum would dribble from the tip, her balls continuing to empty themselves freely after the intense coitus ended. “Deeptwat, Analslut, get Bianca’s stuff together. She’s…she’s going home today…” Goldsnatch panted as her pussy dripped futa cum onto the table. “I’m going to talk with the warden, she’s going to be released.” Goldsnatch’s belly was swollen with cum, and she practically looked pregnant already. “Really…I get to come home?” Bianca said, breathlessly. “Today?””I can’t keep a futa girl like you locked up. You’d go making my whole jail pregnant!” Goldsnatch rubbed her full belly, smiling to herself. “Just like I’m sure you made me! Girls, get her out of here!”And with that, Bianca received special permission from the warden (also a woman, one who seemed to have an intimate connection with Goldsnatch) to walk free that afternoon. Balls drained and cock wet, Bianca set off from the jail, already thinking about her next sexual adventure…

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