Bicurious first time (true story)

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Bicurious first time (true story)Hope you enjoy my true story of my first time, this is the only place I can share this, not something I can chat about with friends down the pub.A bit about me, I have an athletic build, short hair and a nice trimmed 6.5 inch uncut cock and had come out of a long term relationship 8 years ago. At that time I had always considered myself straight and had no attraction to men, the difference now is that while I don’t have an attraction to men, I am attracted to a nice cock and open minded enough to have realised that pleasure can be given and received by both sexes. I think lots of guys feel the same but we are not in a liberated society where bi men can be open about their sexuality.My bicuriousity built slowly after the end of my relationship 8 years ago. I had joined different adult swinging sites and had some success with ladies and couples, but that is a story for another time. On the swinging websites i watched ladies and couples cam and would wank on cam while, i watched and chatted with them. Guys would watch me also and at first i would just hit the block button. One day a guy was watching me wank and i looked at his profile and it said he was straight. After months of blocking guys, I pm’d the guy and asked why a straight guy would be watching me wank my cock, we had a chat and basically he said that he was curious and logically he could not see how having man touch, lick and suck you would feel any different. That bursa escort conversation planted a seed, that stuck with me.Over the months I started reading stories about bicurious guys meeting with couples and other guys and watched bi porn on here. I was getting incredibly turned on and would shoot cum onto my chest when ever i read and watched bi porn. Ultimately I wanted to meet a bi couple and explore the feel of a man and woman together. I started wanking and chatting to guys on cam and cumming for them describing how much i would like to suck them and be sucked, I was definitely curious. Up to this stage i did not want to meet a guy 1 on 1 for fun and tried to find an interested couple with no success online.I booked a last minute deal for a bit of winter sun, to the Canaries and stayed near Maspolamas. Maspolamas has a nudist beach backed by sand dunes. At the time i did not know that people would swing there and guys cruise there . I would sunbathe on the beach every day naked enjoying the sun on my naked body for the first time, swimming naked in the sea and walking up the beach with my trimmed cock swaying in the sun. Being a typical guy i would check out the naked women of all ages and sizes discreetly while i sunbathed. I enjoyed being naked in the sun, it was a very relaxing break.On the third day at the beach i decided to go for a walk in the dunes naked and saw other guys walking naked in the dunes. It was liberating to be naked bursa escort bayan in the sun, i walked through some brush and paths through bushes by the dunes and saw 3 guys wanking each other i watched from a distance and walked past and saw 2 guys walk into some thick bushes. through out he area i saw guys sun bathing hidden by bushes. I had stumbled upon the gay area of the beach. I walked back to my bag and towel closer to the sea, with thoughts running through my head, i was curious and there was an opportunity to suck a cock for my first time, if i went back there. My mind was in turmoil, could i take the next step, what would it me, no one would know. My logical brain said why not do some thing, you are on holiday abroad, no one would know and if i did’nt like it that would be that. I decided that tomorrow i would take the next step.So the next day, I walked down to the beach slipped off my swimming shorts and walked along the beach naked and then into the gay section that i had been the day earlier. I found a section hidden by bushes and set out my towel and sunbathed. After an hour or so, 10 metres away i saw a guy who was well tanned in his fifties with a pot belly wanking his cock looking in another direction, i got up and nervously went over to see what he was looking at and stood by him. He was watching two guys laying on a towel in a 69 position.I wanked my cock as i watched them and then started to just watch the guy next to me escort bursa wank his thick 5.5 inch cock. watching the foreskin slide over the helmet and seeing the end glisten with pre cum. My cock was very hard and the guy noticed and moved closer to me so that our sides were touching. his hand then took hold of my cock and he slid his hand up and down my shaft. I copied him, reaching out and touching another cock for the first time, he was thicker than me, but it felt similar. I wanked him and then he turned towards me and kissed my neck as he wanked me, i turned towards him and he kissed me, i could feel his stubble on my face and then his tongue slid into my mouth and i kissed him back pulling him closer and our hard cocks ground against each other, i kissed his neck and he slowly pushed me down by my shoulders, i kissed over his hairy belly and was then face to face with his cock, i held it one hand and closed my eyes as i kissed his cock and ran my tongue up the shaft, like i had seen in many a porn film, I licked the tip tasting his precum and opened my mouth and his thick cock slipped in and i started to suck a cock for my first time, he was moving his hips so that his cock slid in and out of my mouth, i gagged a couple of times and then without warning he groaned and cum in my mouth, i was surprised and spat it out. He then said his first words to me, thank you and walked off. i went back to sunbathe, turned on and surprised that i had kissed a guy and enjoyed it and then sucked a cock and made a guy cum on my first time. I had crossed the line and knew deep down that i would want more.Thank you for reading and any comments will be greatly received. Feel free to say hi and chat.

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