Big Bang Ch. 04

Abbi Secraa

Author’s Note:

All characters engaged in sexual situations are eighteen years of age or older. All characters and events are fictional. Any similarities with actual events or persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you’re looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.

WARNING:This story contains some sadomasochism. If these situations are not to your liking, please do not read this story.

WARNING:This story contains ‘sciency’ stuff, set in the year 2122, and some passages that may require more than the average amount of conceptualization to understand. If this is not to your liking, please do not continue.


“Remind me again, why does it need to be so cold, and insufferably boring, in here?” Truana whined into the dark interior of their commandeered ship.

Tryson sighed. He wished his sister weren’t so, well, insufferably whiny.

“My love, there is, unlike the vessel we left, a finite amount of energy on this vessel.”

“So we use it up and be comfortable and entertained until we die.”

“You’re so pessimistic.”

“Tryson, I was planning to live another three hundred years, before we were assigned the unconscionable piece of refuse this mission turned into.”

“You know this went to the dogs because you wanted to have your fun with them.”

“I seem to remember you ejaculating sperm when you felt like you were fucking the primitive woman, dear brother. Don’t blame this all on me.”

“That’s only because he thinks he’s not supposed to fuck his sister, while I know that’s the only way to produce the purest specimens to carry on the species.

“The first contact we’ve had with that part of our colony in thousands and thousands of generations, and you want to turn them into sex toys. Obviously, you’ve come from the shallow end of our gene pool.”

“You’re just angry, Tryson. I know you don’t mean that.

“I’m sorry, Tryson,” Truana whispered into the silent darkness. “I love you. I know this is all my fault.”

“I love you, too, Truana.”

“How much longer?”

“Just a few more days. They’re almost here.”

Tryson wasn’t aware of the fourteen day deceleration period the Cassini had before reaching the Titan Station.


Jen was furious. At Jules, but mostly at Tim. Her brother was supposed to be hers. She understood his attraction to Truana. She was attracted to Truana, but chalked it up to the girl being in her head, quite literally.

They would never see Truana again, so the fact that her brother wanted to put his dick and cum inside her didn’t matter.

Tim wasn’t supposed to want to be with other women though.

She slid her bare feet to the floor of her brother’s bedroom and padded toward the door.

“Jen…where are you going?” Tim asked from the bed.

She couldn’t talk to him now. She was too angry, and didn’t know what to say anyway.

In the living area of his cabin , she slithered into her dress and pulled the zipper under her arm up. When she turned to leave, she spotted the blue spot on the floor and stopped to pick it up. She knew it would be too big for her. Jules towered over her, just like her brother did, but she knew it was the girl’s personal dress, brought from home, and she imagined she would get some perverse enjoyment of now owning it.

She listened for any sounds before opening the door into the corridor outside, and heard nothing from her brother’s bedroom.


Tim stared at where the ceiling was in the pitch blackness of his bedroom, and shook his head. Maybe this was why he was attracted to men. They weren’t so illogical.

She didn’t even give him a chance to tell her he didn’t want to fuck Jules. He knew he could make the argument it was true. His penis wanted to fuck Jules. His penis wanted it so much he barely prevented himself from pounding her from behind when she was wiggling her ass in his face. His mind, and his heart, didn’t want Jules. The only woman those parts of him wanted was his sister. Maybe Truana, some, a little. A great deal actually, but she was gone forever now.

He had no idea how long he had laid there, and was totally unaware that he had fallen asleep until the knock at his door woke him. Jen didn’t usually knock on his door anymore. It didn’t occur to him to wonder why she did now.

“Jen?” he asked in a loud whisper at his door.

“No, Tim, it’s Jules.”

“Jules, what do you want?”

“My dress.”

Tim looked around on the floor where he thought it had been left when she marched out of his cabin naked.

“It’s not here.”

“Where is it?”

“Are you naked now?”

“No, but I still want my dress. It’s mine, from home, and I want it.”

“It’s not here.”

“Ask your sister.”

“When I see her, I will”

“Can I wait?”

“No, she’s…No. I’ll let you know, tomorrow.”

Tim listened at his door for any indication of movement bursa escort outside. He listened longer than he thought Jules would stand there, and decided she had gone.

He finally relaxed in his bed, and felt himself begin to drift off to sleep, but sat upright when the knocking at his door started again.

“Damn it,” Tim mumbled as he climbed out of bed.

“Jules, I told you it’s not here,” He growled into the back of his door.

“I’m Jen, Tim. Open the damn door.”

“Why did you lock your door?” Jen whispered when she slipped inside her brother’s cabin and closed the door behind her.

“To keep, um, Jules out.”

“She came back?”

“She wanted her dress.”

“I don’t care,” Jen whispered, hugging her brother tight against her body. “Tim, I’m sorry.”

“I lost her dress, I guess,” Tim whispered back.

Jen laughed, then moved away from him and looked at her brother.

“All’s fair in love and war…I just haven’t decided which this is.”

“I, um…love you Jen.”

Tim cleared his throat and could feel heat spread through his face.

“You’ve told me that before, Tim.”

“Yeah, well…I mean, I don’t know, Jen…”

Jen moved closer to her brother, forcing him to look at her.

“You love me? Like Karl, Tim? Do you love me like your spouse?”

Tim tried to remember the last time his sister used his spouse’s name. He couldn’t remember a time, ever, that she had used it except when actually speaking directly to Karl.

“It’s…” Tim stuttered.

“I love you, too.” Jen moaned into her brother’s ear. “Not like my spouse. I don’t want to go back to Curt. Not because I don’t love him, but because I love you more.”

“Jen…I want…” Tim hesitated. “I love you, I want you, but I think I still…I miss Karl.”

Jen leaned away from her brother, and smiled. She didn’t expect to feel like this, but she didn’t care that he still wanted his spouse.

“At least it’s not Jules, or Truana, that you miss.”

The proximity warning klaxon sounded.

“Captain, large object gaining on us from stern, fifty thousand kilometers and closing,” Ron’s groggy voice sounded from the com station.

Tim went quickly to his com station.

“Are evasive actions needed?”

“No, sensors calculate it will miss us by a few hundred meters, but it will be close.”

“Do we have visual confirmation?”

Tim looked for Jen, but she was gone.

“No. I’m still in my cabin.”

Tim touched his screen and spoke.

“Command crew report to bridge.”

Jen was in a jog when she came out of Tim’s bedroom and headed for the door. She had a uniform on, except for her shoes. She was barefooted.

“Meet you there, Captain,” she stated when she paused at the door, and winked. “Jules’ blue dress is mine, now. Spoils of war.”

He understood her comment about love and war, and smiled as she left his cabin.


Tim glanced around the bridge. His crew had all managed to get there before him, and he immediately understood how they managed it.

He and Jen were the only ones in uniform, except his sister was still barefoot. Ron was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. Heather was wearing what looked like a nightgown, but it was hard to tell. Tim had never seen her hair other than in braids held firmly around her head, by what Tim now assumed was magic because now that it was free, it flowed down the back of her seat and pooled on the floor behind her in an orange mass. Jules had on a loose crop top, strapless, that covered her from below her bare shoulders to just below her small breasts and a pair of almost non-existent shorts. Or panties. He couldn’t tell which.

“They’ve slowed but are still overtaking us, now at fifteen thousand kilometers,” Ron announced.


“I think it’s them, Tim,” Jen stated from her seat without moving her eyes from the viewing window.

“It’s the rear camera, Ti…Captain,” Jules muttered from her seat, still not turning from the screen at her work station.

Tim could make out a tiny gray smudge against the background of distant stars and galaxies, slightly larger than a star, and obviously moving closer to them rapidly.

“Time to intercept?”

“A minute, slightly more, at current velocity. Eight thousand kilometers now.”

“Incoming transmission, local frequency, audio and video, Captain,” Jules’ voice sounded excited.

“Let’s keep an eye on them but put it on screen,” Tim instructed.

The object approaching them was clear now on the screen as that view shrunk to half the screen and the other half blinked into the view of what looked like a nicely appointed living area, without anyone in view.

The ship overtaking them seemed to expand very quickly as it began to over take them on the screen. Tim could barely make out the furthest reached, yet the bow was alongside, out of view of the rear camera.

“Good god…it’s huge,” Jen mumbled beside her brother.

“Sensors indicate dimensions of about fifty kilometers length by one thousand meters diameter, cylindrical, flaring at bursa escort bayan the stern to two thousand five hundred meters diameter ,” Ron answered the unspoken question.

“That’s thirty miles long…”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Is it the same ship?”

“Maybe,” Ron replied.

Tim realized that during the first encounter with this ship, they had, most likely intentionally, positioned themselves so the scanners could not determine the actual dimensions of their ship, except the stern.

The man that had been introduced at their previous meeting as the Politician stepped into view on the screen, and turned to face the camera.

“Captain Clive, I’m sorry to have arrived unannounced, but we have a small matter that we needed to resolve. We wanted to handled this prior to your arrival at your Titan Station.”

The man’s lips didn’t seem to be saying the words Tim heard over the speaker.

“They’re using a translator,” Jen murmured next to her brother.

“I’m getting emergency com from all…almost all the crew cabins.” Jules interrupted.

“They haven’t made it easy to keep them a secret from the crew,” Tim groaned.

“I’m sorry, Captain Clive, I couldn’t hear your response.”

“Captain, Medical Emergency message from shuttle bay,” Jules whispered loudly from her station.

“Make sure the doctor gets on it immediately.”

“Captain Clive?” the Politician asked again.

“She’s on her way.”

“Tell everybody we’re on the situation, and there is no imminent danger, Jules.”

“Captain Clive?”

“Politician, your sudden arrival has caused some distress on my ship, could you just shut the hell up for a minute?”

“My apologies, Captain Clive. It was not our intention…”

“Jules, end com,” Tim ordered. “What did the doctor say before she headed for the shuttle bay?”

“A tech working there sent the alert. She spoke to him briefly. He said he was attacked before he could even look up when the klaxon sounded, and had been choked unconscious without seeing who attacked him.”

Tim looked hard at the back of Jules head. She had said something that stuck in his head.

“You said almost all the cabins sent coms?”

“Yes. One didn’t. One of the techs didn’t.”

“From the shuttle bay to the crew quarters is a pretty long walk, isn’t it?” Tim asked in general.

“It is,” Jen confirmed verbally while the others nodded.

“Get them back for me, Jules.”

“They’re still transmitting. On screen and opening channel.”

“Politician, I would be more comfortable if we could communicate through Tryson and Truana, please,” Tim spoke when the Politician was once again on the viewing screen. He was more certain that the brother and sister would tell them the truth.

“Captain Clive, they are indisposed at the moment…”

“Are they in confinement?”

“No. Why would you expect that?”

“Seems a reasonable expectation, considering our last conversation.”

“They are not…confined, just indisposed. They have nothing to do with this matter, which is concluded now. Thank you.”

“Politician, did you board our ship without permission?” Tim asked quickly before the other ship could end the transmission.

“It was a matter we assumed we could resolve without permission.”

“You injured a crew member here. Surely that isn’t part of your protocol.”

“No, it is not, and I personally apologize, but I believe you will find they are in perfect…the same health as they enjoyed previously. Goodbye.”

The view of the other ship’s interior went blank the same instant the ship disappeared.

“Home now. The utility vessel is not on the Earth vessel. The Diplomat and Historian, even if they’re with them, have not given them our technology, so I don’t care what becomes of the criminals now,” the Politician ordered.

“Jules, get everyone in the dining room, as soon as possible. The doctor and injured tech too, if he’s not really injured. We, being the five of us, will join them as soon as we, um…are more appropriately dressed. I think an explanation is in order.”

Tim couldn’t help himself, but watched as Heather stood from her seat and wrapped her hair around her arm a few times to finally lift it from the floor.

“Tim, what do you think they were doing?” Jen asked her brother when the rest of the command crew was on their way to their quarters to dress.

“Looking for something, I think.”

“They didn’t look very hard, if they just looked in the shuttle bay.”

“We don’t really know that. They could have been anywhere in the ship, and just got caught in the shuttle bay. That ship could hold thousands, hundred of thousands, even millions of them.”

“We don’t have any way to know, do we,” Jen didn’t ask, but stated.


“Tryson, I’m scared,” Truana told her brother, for the millionth time, or so it seemed to him.

“I know, I know.”

“How much longer…”

“Two days. We won’t be conscious when it happens though. You know that.”

“I don’t want to die,” Truana whispered, almost silently, into escort bursa the cold, darkness.

“I don’t either, but we won’t feel anything.”

Tryson had already programmed what needed to be done. Their small vessel would automatically reduce the oxygen levels and temperature. They would lose consciousness, without freezing to death, just a moment before the vessel’s engine fired and they left the surface of Titan. The last of their energy would be gone as the gravity of Saturn overcame the gravity of Titan, then a second later they would burn up in the thick atmosphere of Saturn, and they and their ship would be gone.

The only thing that would prevent their demise would be if Truana found the man and woman she had bonded with, and they could move themselves to the primitive vessel before the point of no return.

He was certain of the calculations he had made, for their final trip as well as where the primitive ship should be. He was certain of that. The fact that the primitive humans had not yet reached Titan Station was a mystery to him, unless they were in fact there and his sister could not find them. Or would not.

“Are you still searching for them, Truana?”

“Oops, I forgot to!”

Truana’s sarcasm wasn’t lost on him.

“Of course I am. You think I want to die?”

“No. I know you’ve changed your mind about that.”


“Fine,” Jen spoke gruffly to the sobbing girl at her feet. “You’re certain you absolutely need my brother’s semen?”

“It’s all I can think of,” Jules whimpered without raising her face.

Jen stood up from her sofa and strode into her bedroom.

“Come here, CO.”

Jules had been wearing mascara and eyeliner when she arrived unannounced at Jen’s door, but it was now smeared in streaks down her cheeks.

Jen pointed at the floor, just inside her bedroom where she wanted Jules to stand, then opened a drawer and pulled out a light blue garment.

Jules’ smile at seeing her dress faded quickly as Jen hastily removed her own uniform shirt and pants and donned the blue dress. Jen stepped to the clothing replicator and punched a button.

“Short white cotton running shorts and loose white cotton tee shirt, minimal construction, fittings for Communication Officer.”

Jen moved back to the mirror over the small chest of drawers in her room and examined the fit of her blue dress. It was loose, but passably fit her.

“Put those on, CO,” she instructed when the clothing finished making. “Everything else comes off.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jules sniffled her reply.

Jen went to her closet and slid on a pair of black pumps with two inch heels. These were meant for her dress uniform, but looked nice with her blue dress, too.

“Follow me,” Jen said over her shoulder as she moved toward the door leading out of her quarters, then stopped and turned toward Jules. The minimal construction of her garments meant there was no trim, not at the neck or sleeves of the baggy shirt, or at the waist or legs of the shorts. The garments covered only the girl’s torso, but hid any of her figure beneath what they did cover.

“Shoes, CO. I said nothing but the shirt and shorts.”

Jen opened the door and strode into the corridor while Jules quickly toed off her shoes and followed, barefooted.

On the way to the lift, they passed two of the crew, a man and a woman. Jen noticed the surprise in their eyes when they caught sight of Jules hurrying behind her. A member of command crew, all but undressed and barefooted, wasn’t something one saw every day, especially not with eye makeup streaked with tears covering her face.

Tim was reading over their new orders for their stop at Titan Station and the return trip to Earth. The First Contact had changed their plans radically, and he would need to make sure everything the following five days went perfectly.

“Come in,” he spoke loudly from his desk in the living area of his cabin at the knock on his door. He wasn’t expecting anyone, not for five or six more hours anyway, when he knew his sister would simply enter without knocking, to spend the night in his bed.

“Oh, Jen…” he mumbled as he stood up.

Jen smiled at her brother and, without stopping, walked straight toward him.

“And Jules?”

Jen saw the confusion on her brother’s face at the appearance of the Communication Officer.

“She’s convinced me that her job performance may be compromised if she is not given what she needs, apparently more than anything in the world… or solar system. Her sincere begging indicates that this is the only way to ensure our survival,” Jen barely succeeded in holding back a giggle.

“And what, pray tell, FO, is that?”

Jen turned back toward Jules without answering. Their eyes met, and Jules’ eyes widened when Jen’s fingers slid into the neck hole of her shirt.

Tim wasn’t sure if the sound of ripping cloth or the gasp from Jules’ mouth was louder. He almost couldn’t believe what his sister was doing, but felt the corner of his mouth turn upward as his sister repeated her action with the girl’s white shorts.

Jen saw fresh tears welling in her eyes when their eyes met again. Jules was now naked in front of both her Captain and First Officer, again. The girl was visibly quivering, trying to hold back her tears, but failing.

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