Subject: Big Bro’s Dare Here’s a story taken from my newTumbl, at hugyerbud.newtumbl. This story is purely a work of adult erotic fantasy, copyright me 2020. I own it and all legal rights to it. If you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of us: fty/donate.html I love hearing from you guys. Contact me at hoo. Enjoy. The Dare My big bro, Kevin is straight as they come…jock in high school…real ladies man…probably banged every cheerleader he met…twice. But he was cool with me being gay…always had my back, and his friends respected him for it…especially his best buddy, Mike, who let me suck his dick occasionally after Kev enlisted in the Navy right out of high school. Kev was stunned when he came home on leave to find out about Mike and I…surprising us when he arrived unannounced, and catching us jerking off together in my room. Mike still liked his pussy porn to get warmed up so it seemed str8 enough to Kev at first…he even decided to join us. I guess the way I was looking at them both made him ask if we’d ever…you know…done more. I pulled out one of my gay mags and showed him a picture. “We’ve done this,” I teased, pointing to a pic of one guy sucking another. “And we’ve done this,” I added, pointing to two guys 69ing. “And we’re thinking of trying this, too,” I continued, pointing to a dude with his dick poised to penetrate his little buddy’s ass. “No way,” Kev sighed, shaking his head. “I mean, I can see you being into all that, bro…but not Mikey. I mean…you’re straight…right, buddy?” he asked, looking Mike right in the eye. “You telling me this stuff turns you on?! “Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, Kev,” Mike grinned. “Your little bro here is real good at it…I mean, really good! And you know what they say, bud…a hole’s a hole! I bet you’d like it too. Hell, I bet you’d get turned on just watching us,” he added. “No fuckin way, buddy…uh, uh,” Kevin insisted. “I ain’t no fag…no offense, bro…I just don’t, you know…get turned on by all that.” “Wanna bet on it, buddy?” Kevin dared him. That was a regular thing with them growing up…always betting and daring each other to do stupid shit. It was sort of a code of honor with them to never refuse a dare, so Mike knew he had Kevin in a bit of a bind. “I’ll bet ya $50 bucks you get turned on just watching your little bro and me.” He spit in his hand and held it out to Kevin to seal the deal. “You’re on, asshole!” Kevin blustered nervously, spitting in his own hand and shaking Mike’s vigorously. “You two douchebags couldn’t turn on a fuckin light bulb!” he beamed. “Gimme your belt, Sean,” Mike told me. He tied Kev’s hands behind his back, tugged off his boxers and dropped my gay mag at his knees on the bed. Then he tugged off his own t-shirt and joined me on my bed. I was already laying there chubbing up at the sight of my bro and his best bud…all of us half naked and grinning about what was going to go down. Mike made the first move, pulling me up to my knees and positioning us sideways so Kev could see us both. He pulled my t-shirt off over my head and wrapped me up in a hug, pulling my izmit escort bayan tightie-whitey clad butt up against him so our dicks were rubbing together thru our briefs. “Just follow my lead, ok, Sean?” he whispered to me. Then he did something we’d never done before…never even talked about doing. He grabbed the back of my shaggy hair and pulled my head back, leaned in, pressed his lips to mine, and kissed me…not some polite peck on the lips either…the fucker stuck his tongue halfway down my throat and tongue wrestled with me for a solid minute! I was rock hard already, and gasped as he pulled away, licking my neck on down to my left nipple and gnawing on it, before working his way over to the other one, and back up my neck for another spit swapping kiss. He pulled away, still clutching my hair and holding my head back. Then the big jock worked up a wad of spit and blasted it into my mouth, diving in after it and slopping it around our tongues passionately. He reached his hand into my briefs, forcing them down as he groped my hard cock and started stroking me. I did the same, pushing his boxers down over his big jock ass and reaching under his boner to stroke his nuts the way I know he likes. I shot my big bro a glance. His mouth was gaping open, gasping audibly as he watched his best friend and his little bro kissing and pawing each other just feet away from him. His cock wasn’t hard yet, but he was definitely chubbing up. He glanced down at the porno, then back at us and I’m pretty sure his cock twitched just a little. “You ready to show your big bro what a good cocksucker you are, little buddy?” Mike smirked. I nodded dumbly as he pushed me down to his tit so I could chew on it like he’d done to me, then shoved my face down to his crotch, rubbing it in his thick bush. I went with it, like he suggested…stuck out my tongue and licked all around the base of his dick and down under his nuts. Mike sat down on the bed and pulled me up on top of him for a long, sensuous kiss, rubbing my back and prying open my asscheeks as he did, rubbing his fingers over my pucker while I arched my back provocatively. I worked my way back down his body, sucking on his stiff nipples, and licking around his belly button, before grabbing the base of his eight inch dick and licking all around the flared head…dabbing at the piss slit for the sweet pre that bubbled up there. I lifted my tongue away so my bro could see the long trail of spit and precum that hung between my lips and his cock…gave him a wink and dove back down on it, sucking Mike’s big dick greedily to his delighted moans. Mike looked over and Kev’ straining dick jutting straight out now and dripping with precum. “BUSTED, buddy!” he bellowed. “You’re so fuckin turned on, you can hardly think straight, man!” he teased. He pushed me off his cock and knelt up on the bed, turning me around as he did, so my horny ass was in his hands. He spread my cheeks lewdly and spit on my twitching hole, then leaned in and lapped it adoringly. “Nom, nom, nom,” he teased loudly as he chewed all around my pucker and jabbed his tongue in and out of me. He looked back over at Kev to get his reaction, then knelt up behind me and rubbed his hard cock in my crevice. “Whatta ya say, buddy? Should I take yer little bro’s cherry now? Fuck the little izmit eve gelen escort bitch and knock him up? I never saw Kev look so angry, frustrated, and sad all at the same time. His eyes were shooting daggers at his buddy Mike…then he looked at me…and I saw something else…something new… Desire. “No…it wouldn’t be right. You win, Mikey. Untie me…now,” he hissed. Mike knew better than to push things any further and he got up immediately, unfastening the belt from his buddy’s wrists. Kev grabbed his pants off the floor and rummaged through the pockets for his wallet. He pulled out a hundred dollar bill and smiled at Mike. “Worth every fuckin penny, buddy,” he grinned. Then they hugged, and to my utter amazement, they kissed…every bit as hungrily and passionately as Mike had kissed me. They were both laughing as they broke their embrace and looked at me. “Gotcha, bro!” Kev beamed. “Mike’s been telling me what a hot little fuck you are, and how you been taking care of him from time to time. Who do you think asked him to look after you in the first place, eh little buddy?” I was floored…and started laughing with them…the nervous fear dissipating from my body as I got up and leaped into my brother’s arms. He caught me up in a bear hug as I buried my face in his neck. “You big jerks!” I grinned as I reached one arm around Mike’s neck and pulled him into the group hug. “I thought you were gonna kill him for a minute there, bro,” I confessed. “Well, I was getting a little jealous of him, little buddy…at the thought of him taking your cherry. That’s why we set this up…cuz I wanted it to be me. I want to be your first, Sean…if that’s ok with you, that is. “YES!” I cried, burying my face in his neck again, trying hard not to well up. “Yes, bro…yes, yes, yes.” I kissed his neck and his cheeks…pressed my lips to his and kissed him for what seemed like forever, my dick growing hard against his belly. “Thank you,” I beamed as he set me down. “And thank you too, Mike,” I added, hugging them both. They half pushed, half pulled me to my twin bed and bent me over it. Kev knelt behind me, burying his face in my ass and teasing his tongue in and out of my wet hole. Mike got up on the bed, kneeling in front of me, and shoving his flaccid cock into my mouth. I sucked it greedily, spit and precum drooling from my lips and dripping down his thickening shaft. I could hardly breathe between his cock growing harder in my mouth, and Kev’s hot tongue fucking in and out of my ass. I pulled off Mike’s cock, stroking his sloppy dick instead, and looked back over my shoulder at my big bro. “Fuck me, Kev…I can’t wait to feel you inside me, bro!” I gasped. He grinned up over my ass and spit on my hole before he stood up behind me and rubbed the head of his cock over my pucker. I could feel his precum smearing around my hole as it stretched to accommodate his fat mushroom head. He teased it halfway in and out, then spit on his hand and lubed his cock with it. “Try to relax, little buddy…you’re real tight, but I’m not gonna hurt you, I promise,” he assured me. He lined up his cock with my hole again and slowly, but steadily pushed til the head of his cock popped in. “Oh fuuuuck!” I groaned as Mike leaned over to kiss me and rub my back. izmit otele gelen escort Kev pulled out, and just as quickly pushed back in til the sensation started to feel more comfortable. With each penetration, he pushed a little deeper into me, retreating slightly, and pushing in again. It was uncomfortable at first, but not painful as he slowly fucked in and out of my tight ass. Mike distracted me again with his cock, teasing my lips with it til I sucked on just the tip and held onto his thighs. Suddenly Mike pushed all the way in, and I felt his thighs on mine as he pressed his full weight on my back. “Awww…fuuuck, bro…yessss!” I grunted. He lay there for a minute, not moving, just kissing my neck and ears. “Feel good, little buddy? You like your big bro’s dick in your ass?” He cooed in my ear. He lifted himself on his arms and began fucking me slowly…with long, slow strokes…all the way out, and all the way back in. I groaned, and spit Mike’s cock out, drooling spit and precum as I moaned. “Feels so fuckin good, bro.” Kev pulled out and rolled me onto my back…pulling me to the edge of the mattress and hiking my legs up onto his broad shoulders. “I want to see your face when I fuck that first load out of you, little buddy,” he said, penetrating me slowly and groaned. “So fuckin tight, little bro…feels so fuckin good.” His eyes closed as he picked up the pace, lifting my ass right up off the bed as he fucked me deeply…his heavy nuts slapping against my ass…his sweat dripping down on me like rain. Mike lay his head next to mine and licked around my ear and neck, his hands running over my sweaty chest and caressing my tits. Then he reached down and grasped my cock, slick with sweat and precum. He choked the base of it and teased his fingers under my nuts, feeling for Kev’s cock and rubbing my taint roughly with his fingertips. “unnnhhh…fuuuuck, bro…I’m gonna cum…unnnhhhhhh!” I groaned. Kev fucked me harder and faster, grunting as he did, and Mike jerked my cock just as fast. I felt the tingling in my ass first, then my nuts, as my cock erupted, spewing thick ropes of cum into the air that fell with loud, heavy splats onto my belly. “Holy fuck!” Mike exclaimed as he tugged my spurting cock. Suddenly his mouth was on it, sucking my cock and slurping the thick cum as he stroked the shaft. Kev was heaving and slamming his cock into me now. “Ahhhh…fuuuuck…I’m cummin too, bro,” he growled as he held his cock deep in my guts, spewing his load, his hips spasming against my ass in the throes of an intense orgasm. Mike milked one more big mouthful of cum from me and leaned over my face, smiling frostily as he kissed me, slurping cum around my tongue and licking all around my mouth. Kev leaned down, breathing heavey and joined our kiss, savoring the taste of my creamy bro cum, first from me, then Mike, then both of us as we shared a long, sloppy bro kiss. Kev stood up and pulled me up with him, hugging me and kissing me again as Mike circled the bed to join us. We licked and slurped and kissed each other as spit and precum dripped from our chins. Mike leaned down to lick my belly, then stood and spit a wad of fresh cum into my mouth before pressing my face to Kev’s to share it. “Fuckin hottest bros I ever met,” he grinned as we made out in front of him. “I can’t let you pay me for this bet, bro,” he added. “Fuck, I should be paying you for the privilege of being part of this.” “Deal,” Kev replied, pulling back and pushing me into Mike’s arms. “I think getting a shot at sloppy seconds will be payment enough anyway, don’t you?” he grinned.

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