Subject: Big Buddy Bobby Chapter 8 Big-Buddy-Bobby-8 The following story is a work of erotic fiction that includes sex between consenting adults and minors. It is not meant to condone or encourage the situations depicted. If it is illegal to read such materials where you live, please refrain. But why do i have to wear my school uniform on a Saturday? Nine year old Casey asked. Because coach wants you to, his 13 year old big brother said. And you know dad says to do everything coach asks us to do, right? I guess. But why does he want me to come over? Casey asked as he pulled his little school shorts up over his Spiderman briefs. Because he said he had fun with you when you visited him last time. Did you have fun with coach? (Of course his big bro knew what they did because he watched coach and Casey play while he watched them on webcam while he stroked his hard little boy boner.) Casey blushed and said: Yeah, I had lots of fun! But Coach told me it was our secret so I can’t tell you what we did. Casey’s big brother made sure his little brother looked perfect for the coach, gave him the backpack packed with the 9 year old’s baseball uniform, cub scout uniform, onesie pajamas and sent him to coach’s house. Casey knocked on coach’s backdoor. in just seconds coach answered and looked at the perfect little boy as Casey looked up at the big, strong man who was only wearing his tight coach shorts with the zipper in front. Hey Casey, how is my little boy? You look so cute today! Are you excited for some special secret time again? The coach reached out and messed up the tiny nine year old’s hair. Casey giggled with excitement. He didn’t know they were going to have special secret time today! Once again Casey was eye height with that big bulge in between coach’s legs. And today I have something really super, super special, coach said as he led the little boy inside, holding his little hand. When they got into the living room, Casey saw cameras set up on tripods and a big light. Little buddy, we’re going to have a video shoot today! And you’re going to be the star, coach said. Cool! exclaimed Casey as he started to jump up and down like a little boy. Are we going to post them online? Only for my special friends, coach said. My friends make them too and we trade! Special secret time videos? Casey asked. You bet, little buddy! Are you excited to be on camera? Maybe even take your clothes off on camera? Coach asked as he slowly unzipped his shorts. Cool! Casey said. Do I take all of them off? Well, not all at once, coach said as he pulled his fat, meaty mancock out of the fly of his shorts. Coach made his cock jump a few times to make Casey giggle as the little boy played with his boner through his shorts. Casey started to unzip his school shorts when coach said, whoa ankara masaj yapan escort whoa little buddy, you can’t do that until the director tells you to. Coach’s cock was leaking precum and a long string started to drip towards the floor. Casey instinctively reached out and caught it in his little fingers, bringing it to his mouth and sucking coach’s pre cum off of each finger one at a time as if it was cake icing, making little smacking noises. Coach knew he had the perfect little boy and he reached over and turned on the big light and pressed ON on the video cameras in the room, pointing them all towards the little nine year old, who was wearing his school uniform. Are you ready little buddy? Coach asked. Yes, Mr. Director, Casey replied. Oh, I’m just the cameraman, said coach, we have a special guest director! That’s when Father Brady, the headmaster at Casey’s school walked into the room. Hello Casey, my son, the father said. Casey looked surprised and scared and put both hands between his legs, covering his little tent. I’m sorry, father, said Casey. I promise I wasn’t doing anything. Wwwwhy are you here? Casey was about to cry. It’s okay my child, I like special secret time with little boys like you. I like to play with their little cocks and like when they play with my big cock. You look so cute in your uniform. Did you know that you give me a boner every day when i watch you in class? Did you know that I take my cock out behind my deck and stroke it when i watch you and shoot my special cream when you look up and smile at me and say “yes father?” So little Casey, do you want to make a video? Yes father, said Casey. That’s a good boy, Casey. Just do whatever i tell you to do, okay? Yes father. Okay Casey, coach has the video on. Are you ready? Yes father. What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything you ask. Coach and Bobby have taught you well, my child. Let’s begin. Okay coach, roll sound please. The video begins. Hello son, tell me how old you are. I’m nine years old father, the boy said as he stood in front of the camera, wearing his school uniform of a white polo shirt with the school crest and his little shorts and his sneakers. You’re a very cute boy, do you know that? You give a lot of men boners, don’t you? Do you notice the men’s bulges when you’re around them? Yes father. I like it when I make men hard, then they are really nice to me and rub against me on the bus and in church and stuff. It makes me get a boner when they do that. There was a man at church who stood behind me and kept rubbing on me until he held me really tight against him and then he had a big wet spot between his legs after and he gave me a little pat on my bottom and whispered thank you into my ear. Now he gets mecidiyeköy escort behind me every week in church! He’s my best friend’s daddy. I have a sleep over at their house next week and my friend said his daddy said that we don’t need to wear pajamas and we can just wear our underwears. Father Brady was rubbing the front of his trousers as Casey talked to him. Do the men get bulges like this, son? Big bulges behind their zippers? When mine gets big like this it hurts because my trousers are so tight. Do you want to help stop hurting? Yes father. Okay my child, I want you to bring your little fingers to my zipper and unzip me. Yes father, said Casey as he reached for the priest’s throbbing bulge. The little, tiny fingers slowly pulled down the zipper, as the collared priest looked down at the small boy. Are you getting all this? The father asked coach. Coach was slowly stroking his exposed cock and simply nodded his head yes. Once Casey full unzipped the father, his instincts made him reach inside the trousers and wrap his hand around the fat, warm, dripping, throbbing man cock. His little hands guided the meat out of the zipper, the fat cock head now in the boy’s face. Look, it likes you my son, the father said. Do you like my cock? Yes father. What now? I’ve heard that some of of you boys play target practice with the coach. Do you want to play it with me? Oh yes father! But i only played it once so I’m not really good at it and my brother won’t practice with me because Bobby told him he needed to save his white stuff for him. Oh yes, I remember young Robert. He was a good boy at a very young age, thanks to the coach here. I’m glad to hear he is showing other young boys the pleasure of hard boners. Can we play now, father? Yes, my child. But you have too many clothes on. First, i want to to slowly unbutton your shorts and slide them down to your ankles. Do you want me to take them all the way off, father? Father was stroking his fat cock as Casey slowly undid his shorts and slid them down his smooth, hairless legs. No my son, just do as i say. Bring them to your ankles. Casey stood there, his shorts now a puddle at his feet. Father groaned in pleasure as he masturbated in front of one of his schoolboys. Oh yes, my son! Casey was still wearing his school uniform shirt and little spiderman briefs which had a little boner tent in them and were partially covered by his shirttails. He had a huge grin on his face as the two adults in the room stroked their adult penises to him. Beautiful, my son. Please tell me about your spiderman undies. Okay father! Casey pulled up his school shirt and held in up with his chin, like little boys do. He stuck his waist out and pointed to various scenes. See? mersin escort This is spidey swinging on his web, and right near my boner is spidey squirting web squirts from his hand. Casey flicked his boner with his fingers a few times and it stood right up again. He giggled. Oh my son, said father. Father has a big load of area for you today. Showing me your body like that will make it spray out very soon. Turn around. What is spidey doing on your little bottom? Casey turned around, which wasn’t easy with his shorts at his ankles. He pointed his little bum at the father. It was so small that father could have covered it with one of his outspread hands. But his hands were busy now, working up a load from his cock to shoot all over the nine year old. Good boy, my son. And here on my bum he’s climbing up a wall like spiders do. See? Come a little closer, my child. Casey shuffled back towards the father, looking back over his shoulder at the masturbating adult. Is this better? Oh my son, please lower your undies just in the back so i can see your little bare bum. The perv priest was getting close to spraying his hot semen. Casey slowly lowered his brief in the back, exposing his smooth cheeks. He wiggled them a little. Like this, father? Oh yes, son. You’ve showed coach your little bum before, haven’t you? Yes father, he squirted all over it! There was tons of white stuff that sprayed out of his boner. I got it all over me, even in my hair! Are you going to spray on my bum too? We’re not done yet son, said father. Stand up and turn around. Casey’s turned around. His undies were still up in the front, with his boner straining against them. Slowly pull your undies down to your knees, my son. Not to your ankles, but only to your knees. Casey’s little boner popped straight up as he slid his briefs down as instructed. He now stood in front of the head priest, with his shorts at his ankles and briefs at his knees, his bald cock at full erection. Father Brady was leaking like mad and stroking his dark red, engorged man cock, pointing it at the young boy. Lift your shirt, son and open your mouth, he said. The father took a step forward to the boy. Here you go, my little one, was all he said as his cock began to erupt. Rope after rope of thick white cream sprayed all over the nine year old Casey. A big shot hit him on his chest and he got another big squirt in his open mouth. He closed it to swallow and that’s when another hot load hit his face. The sperm kept coming, soaking the little boy, running down his little body and soaking his briefs. The father sat back, exhausted. Casey was jumping up and down, excited. That was so cool, father!!!! Let’s get you cleaned up my son. Hand me your briefs. The father wiped all the cum off of the little boy and slipped the briefs into his pocket. Thank you my son. Will i see you in class tomorrow? Oh yes, father! The father put his finger to his mouth and made a shhhhh sound. Casey giggled and did it back as the priest left, then asked coach: What are the other uniforms for? Did this series make you come? I love to hear from readers. The more detail, the better. hoo

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