Bigger Isn’t Better, Right?


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They met at the Faculty Mixer. Henrietta an Adjunct Professor of English, Lance the Wide Receivers Coach. Ordinarily neither would have attended but the team had a bye week and her fiancé was out of town on a business trip.

She noticed that while he was of no more than average looks he had a quiet self-confidence that was appealing. He noticed that despite a retro Annie Hall look she had very large breasts. Such are the differences between men and women.

As the afternoon waned they found themselves in discussion. A few glasses of wine had them both feeling warm and comfortable. Somehow the talk became a little risqué. In fact it was she that brought up the topic. Afterward she would never be able to recall how it started.

“Well, Ralph, my fiancé, and I agree that size plays no part in it. The motion of the ocean, you know” she declared.

“Well, that may be true,” he said. “I have no idea how it is for others. For myself, I find size to be appealing. I admit that I’m a breast man. And I prefer larger to smaller.” His gaze darted to her chest before returning to her face.

“You know,” she giggled, the wine taking it’s toll, “it’s is a little unfair. I mean, you can only do so much to avoid unwanted attention if you are chesty. But with guys, well, you never know what you’re going to find until you are on the verge of doing ‘the deed’!

“Chesty? Is that what you call it? I call it being stacked. And confidentially,” he leaned closer, enjoying her perfume, “there really isn’t any way you could hide that you are REALLY stacked!”

“Well, it makes no difference,” she responded. “Large or small makes no difference in the level of enjoyment for either partner!”

“Oh, I disagree.” He looked her in the eyes. “A large endowment can provide stimulus and pleasure that a smaller person could never hope to match!” He sounded so sure of himself.

“Nonsense!” Her fiancé was not well equipped, barely exceeding four inches. And their sex life was just fine!

“And as for ‘chesty women’, as you put it,” he continued as if she had not spoken, “there are more nerves, more areas of sensation to be stimulated which allows for more arousal.”

“Again, nonsense, I say.” She repeated. “There have been studies that have shown that ‘Bigger is Better’ is just a myth!” The wine may have helped to embolden her but she did believe what she was saying.

“I beg to differ. In my experience bigger is, in fact, better. Assuming that the people in question are equally adept, the man with the larger member will be able to better satisfy his mate.”

“I see, so you claim to have a large member? Is that what you’re saying? Braggart. No, better than that; Liar! It’s just a line you try to use to pick up gullible women.” Her disdain was writ large on her face.

“Things are breaking up here. Why don’t you let me drive you home, Henrietta?”

Twenty minutes later they were parked outside her modest rancher.

“Would you like a night cap?” Somewhat to her surprise she was inviting him in.

“Sure, that’s great!”

The discussion continued on the sofa as they sipped their drinks.

“Do you really expect me to agree with your male fantasy that bigger is better?” she challenged.

“No, maybe not, but I would expect you to have an open mind. See if you agree or disagree after you have had some experience.”

“Hah! I knew it! Just a cheap come on! Well, I’ll call your bluff!”

Her hand landed on his thigh without warning. Glancing into his eyes she slowly stroked up toward his crotch.

“Huh, nothing so special,” she announced, feeling a little relived as she kept her hand moving northward. Her fiancé’s four and a half incher was perfectly adequate she knew.

“Oh, honey,” he chuckled. “I dress left, not right.”

For a moment she didn’t understand what he meant, but then her hand reached his crotch. Under her hand she now felt a tubular shape that led her hand to his left pant leg. Although obviously not erect it did feel thick. Perhaps thicker than her fiancé. No,she had to admit, definitely thicker. And already longer, she found. She felt herself gulp as she explored.

Smiling at her he said nothing as she kept manipulating him through his pants.

“I think you should get a better look,” he declared moments later. Standing up he quickly kicked off his shoes and standing in front of her, he pushed his pants and boxers to the floor.

Not so impressive she thought to herself. Although she had to admit that it looked a little bigger than her fiancé’s penis. A little longer, a little thicker.

“Well, you’re not so big…” she began.

“And I’m not even starting,” he responded. Taking her hand he returned it to his member. “Go ahead, Henrietta see if you can make it grow,” he challenged. There was a glint in his eyes as he looked down at her as she slowly felt his penis, gently squeezing and moving her hand up and down.

As she worked she found her attention drawn to his testicles almanbahis which were much larger than any she had seen before in her limited experience. The hairy sack seemed to hold two golf ball sized nuts and swung heavily from side to side as she kept up her ministrations to his slowly hardening penis.

Returning her attention to his penis she was shocked to find that it was already larger than her fiancés’. Even in its semi erect state it drooped heavily over his nut sack and seemed almost 5 or 6 inches long as she switched hands.

The growing heft was noticeable as she worked. The shaft filled her hand and she noticed for the first time how smooth the skin was. And warm. Smooth and warm!

Unaware of her action she licked her lips. Moving with more assurance she flexed and manipulated the growing shaft. Although she could contain all of her fiancés penis in her hand she saw that Lance’s penis stuck out above her slowly sliding fist as it worked up and down, causing him to get larger, longer and thicker with each stroke.

She felt a buzzing in her head as his shaft became longer and longer. The skin grew taut as it finally filled out. The shiny skin was lightly coated with the precum which she had unconsciously used as lube. Her tongue ran over her lips again as she admired her handiwork.

“Oh, it is big! I had no…” her voice faded away as she kept looking at the shaft. Her hand was still slowly wanking him. His dick pulsed and throbbed in her hands as she used them both now to pull and push his immensity. Her grip no longer squeezed him. He was too hard, too thick. She examined the largest penis she had ever seen from all angles, her tongue from time to time appearing to wet her lips.

No, she corrected herself. THIS was no penis! Penis was too clinical a word, not at all descriptive of what she was eagerly foundling with both hands. Her fiancé had a penis. But THIS was a COCK! And a damn big one, too!

“I like that, Henrietta, if you keep doing that you’re going to make me shoot!” Lance announced. “But I hope you’ll share with me first.” He reached down and started to remove her tweed blazer.

Seeming to suddenly realize where she was Henrietta pulled her hands away from his groin and looked up at him.

“Come on, come on,” he muttered as he kept trying to remove her jacket.

“It’s only fair, I suppose,” she giggled. How much had she had to drink? Scooting back on the couch she removed her blazer and the sweater vest under that. Oddly, removing these clothes only made her endowments seem larger. Her blouse had stress lines from each button hole. Her breasts seemed to be thrusting themselves forward although she was actually hunched forward a little.

Moving slowly he sat next to her. Taking her in his arms he gently kissed her lips then trailed over to her neck and ear. Nibbling gently he felt her start to respond to his advances. Still moving with care he returned to kissing her lips. Cupping her right breast in one hand as he gave her little kisses he felt her relax toward him and heard her moan deep in her throat.

Several moments later as she was returning his kiss they began to flirt with each others tongue. His exploring hands continued to caress and squeeze her breasts entrapped in a restrictive bra. He was surprised to find that there was very little give as he felt her bosom.

He had managed to undo several buttons on her blouse and used his finger tips to gently caress the exposed skin. She seemed to not notice as more and more of her chest was exposed as they kept exchanges kisses. Her hands were feeling his upper arms and back as they necked like teenagers.

“Lets get rid of this,” he suggested, pulling away from her briefly. His hands went to the remaining buttons.

“Oh, I don’t know…” she started. Her eyes showed a hint of reluctance.

Saying nothing in return he pulled both her hands to his crotch where they automatically grasped his still hard shaft.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned as she looked down. She couldn’t really see what she was doing. Her bosom was large enough to block her view of his groin. Both her hands were pulling and pushing. His cock had rapidly returned to maximum stiffness. The fingers of one hand were unable to completely close around his massive thickness. It took both hands. Her attention remained focused on his dick as he finished unbuttoning her blouse.

Pushing the garment back and off her shoulders he exposed her bra. He stifled a gasp as he saw just how large it was. The bra covered her entire chest. There was no cleavage. There was no flesh exposed to either side. He could not see the bottom but he was sure that there was no flesh exposed there either.

“Now THAT is a big bra!” His voice was filled with admiration as he spoke.

“Oh,” she suddenly seemed shy. “It’s called a minimizer. It’s supposed to let me look a couple of cup sizes smaller than I am.” Her hand and arm covered part of the bra in a show of modesty. She glanced at his face. Seeing nothing but admiration almanbahis yeni giriş and attraction she straightened her back, pulled her shoulders back and allowed him to gaze freely at her gargantuan globes encased in their canvas-like prison.

“Wow, again! Now, wait.” He looked her in the eyes. “You mean you wear a bra that makes your tits look, um, smaller?” he gulped.

“Yeah. If I don’t I get embarrassed from the attention.”

“I thought you said that size didn’t matter?” he pointed out.

“Well, it doesn’t! I mean a woman’s bosom should not dictate if she is attractive or not. Just because I’m bigger in the bust than some women doesn’t mean I’m more or less attractive than they are!” Her voice had risen as she spoke.

You are to me, he thought. His last girlfriend had been a Double D. Her tits had looked like a football sliced in half and pasted to her chest. Pointy and firm, Louisa had rarely worn a bra. She had loved the attention she got. He’d been sad for weeks after she moved away.

And now here in front of him was a woman who tried to reduce the apparent size of her mammoth breasts! Even in her minimizer she had by far the largest tits he had ever seen! How big was she, he wondered?

Without saying anything he went back to kissing and caressing her neck and shoulders. Slowly Henrietta relaxed again, enjoying his ministrations. Her hands were still automatically fondling his cock as they kissed again and again.

When his hands returned to her globes she made no objection, just softly moaning and again leaning a little more into him. His access was improved and he made the most of it, sliding his hands around and around her mounds.

Without slowing what he was doing with one hand he used the other to gently undo the multiple clasps of her bra’s band. He softly moved the wide straps off her shoulders, never stopping the kissing and never allowing his attention to fix on her breasts as he worked.

As her bra straps fell to her elbows she seemed to notice for the first time what was happening. But before she could react his hands reached under the cups of her bra and he was gently pressing her breasts together, then releasing them and pressing them together again. His lips had returned to her neck, then again to her lips. His rhythmic massage provided her with feelings that overwhelmed any objections that may have been forming and she was again moaning into his mouth as she tried to push her tongue deep into his throat.

His hands moved from the sides of her tit to the front. It was a long journey! In time with his press and release he used his thumbs to caress her stiffening nipples. They grew in size, blossoming under his gentle touch.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good! Ohhhh, don’t stop doing that” she sighed as she pulled her mouth away from him for a moment.

He had no intention of stopping of course, but it was encouraging that she enjoyed it. He had to focus on what he was doing or her continued fondling of his prick would have led him too quickly to an explosion. And he didn’t want to hurry that at all.

Just moments later he paused to remove her bra completely. As he dropped it to the floor her heavily lidded eyes were watching, lust bubbling just below the surface.

Using both hands her cupped and lifted her breast. Even with both hands she more than filled his grasp. Her single boob overflowed both of his hands. As firm as it was large, he held her in both hands as he blew across her nipple.

With a groan of passion she watched her nipple rise and rise to greater prominence. When his tongue emerged to draw circles around her aureola she hands flew to the back of his head. She ran her fingers thru his hair and then pulled him to her chest. His lips seized on her quivering nipple.

Gazing down at his head she felt him begin to suckle at her aching, passionately aroused nipple. She responded by pulling him even closer to her. Her breast, mashed against his face, enveloped him. Blocked from both light and air, he felt he had sunk so far into her bosom that he could feel her breast reach to his ears on either side.

No light. Darkness. Warmth. Lack of oxygen. What he felt as she mashed herself against him led him slowly to the realization that if he did not pull back he would black out!

Gasping for air he managed to free himself from her grasp. He continued to lick her breast. Faster and faster he went while she moaned and groaned in response. He switched back and forth from one gigantic breast to the other.

Once more her hands returned to his crotch.

“You’re bigger than anyone I’ve ever known,” she admitted. There was more than a touch of eagerness as she said this. Her thoughts about her fiancé were melting like a snow bank in May.

“So are you!” he responded. Both his hands were busy exploring every bit of her tits that he could reach. Now both hands gripped the ends of her massive mams and he shook both of them. They wobbled and jounced as he pulled on her nipples. almanbahis giriş Using more strength he pulled her tits apart, when his hands were outside of her shoulders he released her boobs and watched as they slapped together, the sound echoing in the room.

“Well,” she laughed, “you had a good idea what you’d deal with before you undressed me!” She was arcing her back as she said so. Her enjoyment of his playful manipulation was self evident. Her nipples rock hard, she could feel the ache spreading thru her tits. Smiling coquettishly at him she then lowered her gaze to her vastly oversized boobs and gently shimmied her shoulders. This caused her breasts to wobble and shake, far out of proportion to the effort she exerted in starting their movement.

“Even when I wear my minimizer,” she gestured at the massive garment lying on the floor as she continued the earlier conversation, “I still seem like a Double H.”

His reaction was all she could have hoped for. She plumped her improbable bust in front of him with both hands as he stared. His gulp was audible.

“Double H? In a minimizer? Dear God! What size! That is, what size would you be if you didn’t try to down play your beauty?”

“I really don’t know,” she said. His description of her overtly busty figure as ‘beauty’ struck her as very kind. And flattering as well. ‘Beauty’ was nice! “I have been wearing minimizers for a couple of years. I suppose I’d wear a Double J”

“Lord in Heaven! Louisa was a 32-DD. And I thought SHE had a big… that is, she was large in the…” His confusion only endeared him further to her.

“It’s alright, Lance. I know all the words, and besides, I know i’m in another category from most women. A Double D is about like this.” Illustrating her point she used both hands to grasp her right breast several inches behind her still prominent nipple. There were inches and inches and inches of breast flesh between her hands and her rib cage.

Staring at her he knew she was right. That was about as big as Louisa had been. Not even close to being in the same league as this massive breasted divinity in front of him.

“But maybe being bigger, if not really being better, is of some advantage. In some limited circumstances.” She didn’t want to admit to too much but she was enjoying the look in his eyes as she fondled and massaged her own gargantuan boobs.

Deciding to change the subject she returned her hands to his massively erect cock. It was still as hard as steel, she could feel the pulse of blood pounding thru the shaft, keeping him erect and ready to go.

“You are a lot larger than my boyfriend,” she admitted. If she noticed the demotion from fiancé she made no mention of it. “A whole lot larger! So, you know I wear a Double H minimizer bra, now it’s your turn for show and tell. I can see you show a lot more cock than him. But tell me,” she begged, “how large is this cock of yours?”

Looking into her smiling eyes he let her wait for a few moments, watching as her hands ran up and down his length. “I think I measure about 9 inches long,” he said.

“Oh,” she moaned, “thats about, no its more than twice as long as my boyfriend! Twice as long, and a whole lot thicker too. Look,” she pointed out excitedly, “I can’t get my hand all the way around your big cock!” As she said the words out loud she felt a shiver go thru her, her cunt clenched a little at the same time.

Big Cock. The phrase rippled thru her, causing twinges of lust in her pussy, her nipples hardened up again and her heart beat accelerated. BIG COCK! That felt good she admitted to herself. BIG, BIG COCK!

“You like that,” he asked. “You like that a lot, don’t you, Henrietta?”

Ohhhh, I think I do! I think I do like this… BIG COCK!” She knew the capitol letters were there even if he didn’t. “And I want to get to know it better!”

She pulled off her skirt to reveal a pair of workmen like panties. They were disposed of as quickly. Her cunt was framed by a neatly trimmed bush. Her pussy lips were visibly wet with dew as she fell back on the sofa.

“Come on, Lance, I want to see what that feels like. That BIG COCK!”

“Alright Henrietta, here we go. Sure you don’t want me to um, loosen you up some?”

“No, I’m pretty wet already.” Why didn’t it seem embarrassing to admit to him that her cunt was as wet as she had ever known? And when did she start calling it her cunt? It had always been Pussy or PussPuss before.

Those thoughts fled as she felt the end of his dick start to push against her entrance. Maybe I should have taken him up on that offer, she thought as she felt her pussy lips being folded back into her. He was so BIG! So THICK! Her boyfriend had always just slipped in! This was going to be much different, she now knew!

“UGHHH!” Was that her? “OHHH! UGHHH!” It was her! She never made any sound when she made love! But it had never felt like this! This was uncomfortable. It even hurt a little as he crammed himself deeper into her cunt. This was not the gentle, relaxing motions that love making had always seemed to be before.

As Lance began to move she realized that she wasn’t making love. She was getting FUCKED! And she was liking it! Despite the pain, despite the discomfort, she was liking what she was feeling between her cunt lips! A LOT!

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