Bigger Sister


*Author’s Note*

Literotica Edition 2019/10/17

This is an explicit erotic novel written by FrigOfFury for her generous readers. You should not read it if you are not of legal age to read graphic depictions of sex.

Erotic content: Breast bimbofication; M/F; F/F; group sex; lactation; mild exhibitionism; futanari; excessive cum; manual and mechanical milking; breastfeeding; impregnation; light bondage; brief prostitution; incest


Part I:A First Wish

New At College

“Candi! You should totally come out with us!” offered Kelly, Candace Andersen’s not-at-all-identical twin sister. Kelly’s smile was welcoming, but the expressions on the faces of Kelly’s friends Mary and Tina were much more noncommittal. Candace could tell that they didn’t want Kelly’s awkward sister tagging along to ruin the mood. Candace thought they were right: she would ruin the mood.

“I should finish unpacking, Kels,” Candace said, disappointing Kelly and relieving her friends, “Plus, first class tomorrow.”

“Not until, like, one in the afternoon, though!” Kelly objected.

“I know, I know, but I don’t have clothes to be going out in, either.”

“True,” Kelly acknowledged, looking up and down Candace’s baggy outfit, “We should totally go shopping and fix that this weekend.”

“Sure, that would be great,” Candace said, looking away to hide her embarrassment. It wouldn’t matter what clothes she wore; she wouldn’t fit in with Kelly’s chic London friends. Kelly had overcome her provincial upbringing partly by being tall and athletic, with a glorious auburn mane, and even more glorious breasts. Candace was stuck with below average stature, a dumpy body, thin colourless hair that she dyed black, and slightly droopy breasts that were kind of big but had become mismatched recently as one boob grew without the other.

“Maybe I should help unpack,” Kelly said gently, more perceptive than she usually let on.

“No! There’s not that much to do. You should definitely enjoy your last night before classes.”

“Okay,” Kelly said, unconvinced, but Candace pretended she needed to use the loo, and while Candace was absent Kelly yielded to Mary and Tina’s cajolery.

Which was Candace’s intent, but she felt bad that it succeeded so well.

After they were gone, Candace sat on the sofa of the flat she was now sharing with Kelly, contemplating what she’d gotten herself into. Kelly had always been a popular girl with both boys and other girls, and Candace had always looked up to her ‘big sister’ who was the eldest by a few minutes. Kelly, being the outgoing one, had made friends for the both of them, made sure Candace wasn’t an outcast, and stood up for her when, shortly after Candace had acquired a reputation as a lesbian, she’d been accused of ogling other girls in the locker room. Kelly’s grades weren’t as good as Candace’s, but between a sport scholarship that had paid for Kelly’s first year and modelling income more lately, Kelly had actually been able to afford attending her favoured university from the start.

Candace, meanwhile, had taken part-time jobs whilst saving money by living with Mother and taking what courses she could, feeling like a useless leech. When Kelly had offered to share a flat with her, it had seemed like a perfect opportunity. Candace wouldn’t be living at home any more, and she could finally enrol full-time at university. Now Candace was realising that she would likely become a burden on her sister. For one thing, though she wasn’t precisely a lesbian, it was true that she didn’t much fancy boys, especially the meatheads Kelly and her friends favoured. Even if Candace could look like she belonged in Kelly’s set, there was no way she could be a part of their endless trawling for hot guys.

It especially galled Candace that she was beginning to resent her sister’s success. Kelly could pretty much bat her eyes and get anything she wanted. The one girl Candace had ever kind of dated had turned out to be more interested in Kelly than Candace. Here at university, Candace thought things might be a little different, and it was: it was even worse.

Candace had transferred from the branch of an international coffee shop in her home town to one near the university and her first shift had been earlier that Thursday afternoon. Her relative experience had allowed her to start as an assistant shift manager, and she’d hit it off with her gothish shift manager Gwendolyn right away, sharing music preferences and commiserating about the ‘basic bitches’ and ‘rich bimbos’ that comprised a large part of the students who patronised the shop – in both senses of the word. Kelly had been on Candace’s mind even then, but of course she hadn’t meant her sister when she agreed to how irritating the vapid party girls were.

Gwendolyn had specifically meant Candace’s sister, though. Kelly had come in only a few minutes later, accompanying a slim, attractive, well-dressed bloke and not noticing that Candace was there working. Gwendolyn followed the direction of bursa escort Candace’s gaze and, continuing her practice of giving the newest employee all the details about the regulars, derisively described the leggy beauty as ‘the biggest bimbo in the whole school’, who was with a different guy every time she came in the shop, and constantly forgot her own order.

When her gaze finally took in the baristas behind the counter, Kelly seemed a little surprised to see her sister working. Kelly gave her a discreet wink of acknowledgement but returned to an appearance of intense focus on the boy talking to her. Candace stood off to the side as Gwendolyn took Kelly’s order with unusually sweet friendliness. Kelly addressed Gwendolyn by name and complimented her on her outfit, which startled a blush from the barista.

“You were really nice to that girl,” Candace said afterwards to obliquely call out Gwendolyn’s apparent hypocrisy.

“Of course. I’m not going to be a cunt to a customer just because she’s a bit of an airhead. Besides, she’s always really nice.”

The subtle hunger in the way Gwendolyn’s eyes cut to Kelly told Candace that Gwendolyn found her ‘bimbo’ sister attractive.

And by contrast, not Candace.

So Candace had already had multiple reminders that Kelly was both an infamous bimbo and the object of far more girl thirst than Candace could ever hope for.

It was sadly amusing how she’d specifically swapped shifts so as to not to have a late night before her first class because she wanted a good night’s sleep. Instead she spent hours abed but sleepless, contemplating all the ways she was destined to become an unsightly burden once again.

Closing Up

Gwendolyn called out sick the next day to go see one of her favourite bands, placing Candace in charge of closing up the shop after a busy Friday night. Candace was so new to her position at that location that she didn’t know precisely what this entailed, or who was supposed to do what. While she was checking the work log, the two other baristas clocked out and went home, leaving Candace in possession of a barely half-cleaned shop. The front area was well enough, but behind the counter needed some work, and the back was an absolute shambles.

“Has anyone ever cleaned back here?” Candace groused as she energetically scrubbed petrified coffee off what appeared to be some kind of spare part for a cold brew apparatus.

“Well, it’s been quite a while, at least,” a woman’s voice answered.

Candace spun around, but there was no one there.

“I’m right here,” the voice spoke again, and Candace spun back to see a statuesque woman with jet-black hair, a nose stud, blood-red lips, and unsettling green eyes standing just two meters away.

“Where did you come from?” Candace asked, taking in the rest of the new arrival’s appearance. Sort of old-school goth. Or at least, 1990s-old. She looked like one of the girls from The Craft.

The woman just nodded at the stainless steel container in Candace’s hands. “I’m a genie, you know.”

Candace laughed. “Sure, but seriously, how did you get there? Is there a door in the back of the cleaning closet?”

The woman smiled crookedly and started rising into the air. “I’m serious about being a genie. The kind that grants wishes. Been stuck in that bottle for a long time. I mean, time passes faster in there, but even I can tell it’s been years out here.”

Candace goggled for a moment, trying to figure out how it could all be trick.

“Okay, just to convince you that I’m really a genie, I’ll give you a free small wish.”

“A small wish?”

“Right, you can wish for something small and I’ll make it happen. Has to be something that you could have done yourself, like wishing to be home already. And then I’ll blink and it’ll be done.”

“I can’t leave this place a mess for the morning shift, though,” Candace said absently.

“Do you wish it was already all clean?” the woman suggested.

“Um, yeah, that sounds good,” Candace said, expecting that the joke-or-whatever would end then, and the woman would start cleaning.

Instead, she blinked, and the entire back area was instantly spotless. Still a mess, but the floor, the cups, and all the equipment was all gleamingly clean.

“Am I mad?” she muttered.

“No, I am a genie. Man, you are hard to convince. You’re not getting another freebie.”

“No! I don’t doubt you! It’s just a lot to take in” Candace said, though she honestly did still doubt, but was too polite to say so. It still seemed more likely that it was some elaborate prank or a psychotic break.

“Yes you do. I know a skeptic when I see one. Well, no matter. We can still get on with it. You’ve got three medium wishes, one medium and one large, or one major wish. Avoid unreasonable wishes like wishing for more wishes and bollox like that; you won’t like the result.”

“You have a very posh accent,” Candace commented.

“Do I? I was a princess, once. But that was a long time ago in a different language. bursa escort bayan I suppose the magic that translates into your language renders it that way. Funny that no one has mentioned it before, though.”

“Have you granted a great number of wishes over the years?” Candace asked, fascinated.

“I don’t know what ‘a great number’ means to you. I’ve been granting wishes for centuries, but at times I’ve gone years without anyone discovering me.”

“How many centuries?”

“Hmm. More than a dozen. You ask a lot of questions.”

“Sorry! I am just very curious. Am I keeping you? Maybe I should hurry up and think of something to wish for?”

The genie laughed, “I have all the time in the world. I enjoy getting out and seeing what has become of that world. Especially if I have a considerate mistress.”

“A mistress?” Candace said, boggling again. “Oh, you just mean a female person who asks for wishes.”

“Just so.”

“But you were a princess! It must be very bothersome to have to grant wishes to a bunch of ‘masters’, some of whom were probably not very nice people at all.”

“I knew the cost when I made my final wish,” the genie said, shrugging. “Besides, it has its compensations. I would never have gotten to see an aeroplane or men on the Moon if I’d stayed.”

“But it’s not worth it, is it?” Candace asked, noting the genie’s small sigh.

“It was worth it,” the genie said assertively, “I was granted a very great wish of my own.”

“What was your wish?” Candace asked, then caught herself. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t pry.”

“I don’t take offence at the request, though I’m not allowed to tell. I can’t tell you anyone anyone’s wishes. And I will never tell anyone else of yours. All of the wishes will operate so that no one will realise anything supernatural is afoot. Those who notice changes will be supplied with more mundane explanations, and their memories might be nudged toward alternative recollections more consistent with those explanations.”

“Except yours and mine ,” Candace asked.

“Even for you, the memories may be less clear than usual. Think back to the moment I cleaned the room. You may notice a new memory competing with reality. Did it all happen suddenly due to a wish, or did you clean for hours?”

Strangely, Candace did have a memory of having cleaned for hours. She also had a memory of everything becoming clean instantly, and a glance at the clock made clear that it had not been hours. Strange as it was, the instant clean memory was the true one. Candace was a bit late getting out, but not hours late.

“Oh! I should clock out!” Candace exclaimed, and hurried to do so. “We’re not supposed to clock out long after closing time,” she explained. “Let me just tidy up a bit and then we can… uh… do you go back inside the vessel, or do we just walk home, or?”

“I don’t go back inside until I’ve granted all wishes, or at least as many as feasible.”

“Oh. Well, uh, would you like anything whilst you wait? I could make you something. Do you eat and drink?”

“I can get by without,” the genie said politely.

“Oh,” Candace said and took a step toward the pile of cups before stopping again. “But would you like something? I would be very little trouble to make you a cuppa. Or you could have a juice. I’m allowed one per shift.”

“A juice would be very nice,” the genie admitted.

“Pick as you please from the display case there,” Candace said as she tidied. “By the way, what is your name?”

“Feel free to call me ‘Genie’,” the genie said.

“Is that what you prefer?” Candace asked.

“I’ve grown used to it. My old name would sound strange after all this time.”

“I imagine so many centuries would tend to wear those things away. Are you doomed to appear young forever?”

“Doomed?” Genie asked.

“Sorry if I’m being presumptuous, but it seems like being forever young and beautiful would be a bit of a burden, especially if all manner of different people are allowed to demand wishes. I would imagine some of them make quite improper demands.”

Candace didn’t notice Genie’s shudder.

“That is truer than you know,” Genie said, “It has not been so long for me as you may think, however. Only time spent outside the container do I experience at full rate. Otherwise it’s usually just a few hours to me. I should tell you: having me as your companion is not safe for you, and you should find a way to make your wishes quickly.”

Candace looked up from the cold goods she was arranging. “Oh? Like, I need to make them now?”

“It’s not that urgent. I just mean that if someone else hand-cleans the bottle or I get too far from you, the wishes end and I either go back in the bottle or on to the next master.”

“Oh! What’s to keep people from just handing the bottle off from one to the other?”

“I don’t go back into the same bottle when it’s all done, unless the original master loses the bottle, or the new recipient discovers it entirely by chance. It’s part of the karmic escort bursa logic that makes abusing the rules difficult and dangerous. You wouldn’t believe how many greedy masters have come to bad ends in their attempt to get more than their allotment of wishes.”

Candace made a worried face, as if she might accidentally abuse the rules.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to avoid getting caught up in that as well. I enjoy my time out of the bottle very much. As time goes on, though, the Veil, the magic that prevents people from recognising that I’m a genie, starts to work to try to end the contract. A few days is perfectly fine, but after a couple weeks, it starts to get noticeable. After two turns of the moon it becomes really quite insistent. I was once kept out of the bottle for almost three months through extraordinary means, but eventually the magic came to my rescue.”

“Oh no! That sounds like it must have been terrible.”

“It was,” Genie admitted. “But he was emasculated, then decapitated by his own men in the end, so karma got its due.”

Candace froze, open-mouthed at the horrible story.

“I shouldn’t have said so much,” the genie said quickly, “Here, let me help you.”

Suddenly everything was just where Candace would have put it.

“Oh! Thank you!” she said. “Do you normally just do nice things for people like that?”

“No, it was just an apology for my story, which I’m sure worries you. Some magic outside the contract is permitted, obviously. I just don’t do it because I have to pay for it later.”

“How?” Candace asked, worried.

“Just time back in the bottle is less pleasant. Nothing to worry about,” Genie said hastily, and Candace suspected it cost Genie more than she was letting on.

Candace didn’t know how to express her growing appreciation of how nice Genie seemed, so she asked instead, “Will you be cold, walking home like that? It’s not a long walk, but it’s a bit brisk out.”

“Genies aren’t very susceptible to the weather,” Genie said with a smile, and they started home.

At Home

Before they arrived at the flat, an obvious practical problem occurred to Candace: what was she going to tell Kelly? She’d been living in the flat for such a short time, and already she was bringing home… Someone.

“I’m going to need to introduce you to my sister as someone who needs to stay with us for a bit. And probably any guy she brings home. God, I wish she wasn’t the biggest bimbo at City.”

“Wishes can’t change other people,” Genie quickly informed her, “Besides, I don’t think it’s very likely that she’s really the biggest bimbo in London”

“Oh! That wasn’t an actual wish,” Candace said, relieved that she hadn’t accidentally expended one of her wishes, “And I just meant the uni.”

“It was a figure of speech and you don’t actually desire it?” the genie confirmed.

“Well, it’s a figure of speech and I… I guess I do wish she wasn’t… I guess it’s cool that she lives her life how she likes. I just w… would prefer that she wasn’t so famous for it. It puts me in a weird position. I’m her twin, but I’m kind of her opposite and it sets up this huge contrast.”

“Why do you care about the contrast?” Genie asked.

“We used to be so close, and I really looked up to her. Still do. But I can’t really be a part of her whole thing. I mean, I barely ever fancy blokes, and even if I did, I wouldn’t look the part.”

“Do you want to find men more attractive?” Genie asked .

Candace laughed. “No, no conversion therapy for me. I do wish… I mean, I would like it if I looked, you know, a little hotter and all that. Well, a lot hotter,” she amended with a glance at the gorgeous genie walking beside her, “So I wouldn’t be a drag on her every time we go out. But I also wish she didn’t have this reputation, right? So people are trying to make me feel better or superior by saying she’s just a busty bimbo compared to me. That doesn’t make me feel good at all. If at least there was someone else who was the school’s acknowledged queen bimbo or whatever, that would take the focus off. I know, there’s nothing you can really do about that. I guess I’m just ranting about my problems.”

“No, I think I can help,” Genie said. “When was the last time she saw you with your shirt off?”

“What? What do you mean? You’re not trying to give me another free wish, are you? You’re very kind, but you shouldn’t.”

“Not at all,” Genie said, giggling slightly. “Why do you dye your hair black?”

Candace was caught off-guard by the question. “My hair?”

“Yes, I can see that your natural hair is blonde. Do you prefer another colour?”

“You can see that?” Candace asked, pulling at her bangs as if she could see her roots that way.

“I’m a genie, so I have advantages,” Genie explained.

“Oh. Well, black hair is cooler,” Candace said, “And blonde is for tarts, right?” She tried to make a joke of it.

“That’s not the real reason. You should really be honest with me, Candace. You can be very certain I won’t tell anyone anything you tell me, and trust that no matter what you tell me, I’ve encountered far, far more outrageous desires.”

“How do you know that, if you haven’t heard yet?” Candace challenged the genie.

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