Bigger the Hoop…



Upstate New York

Walking into the hotel I dressed in a red golf shirt and a pair of slacks. I pulled out my mobile device to review Marie’s message again.

‘Come to the hotel for 2100 hrs for a night of fun with some of my friends. Wear your Armani suit, don’t run to the hotel. M.’

I did run to the hotel and I had my least favourite Armani inside a knapsack on my back. There was no way I’d pass up an opportunity for a run!

I also wasn’t in the best of moods, time was running out on my contract in the area… I had yet to produce results. Although Marie had a reputation for throwing great parties, I however didn’t have time for group sex… I had work to do.

The hotel had an odd lay out, there was a mini lobby at the front, with the elevators in the middle, the rest of the lobby and the front desk way at the back. Although it had a pleasant odour and was very tidy, it all reminded me of an old run down hotel we briefly occupied in Afghanistan.

I had done a few tours there with the Dutch Army, it felt so long ago, but when small things reminded me of those days it left me feeling as if I were still there. I shook my head, such thoughts were best saved for my runs.

I hugged the wall as I passed the elevators, then slowed down as I scanned the next room. Old instincts were always hard to give up.

I spotted Marie at the front desk with a black man in a white short sleeve with a black tie and a tall white woman with long black hair and giant gold hoop earrings. My timing was perfect.

Marie was a petite busty woman in her forties, I befriended her and her husband years ago and stayed tight since then. They were Mormon and poly, always an interesting combination.

The short black man and the taller white woman moved off as if to sit down as I approached. I tried to see his face… with no success. His hair was styled in a small afro. He appeared short to me; but being half Dutch meant that in my blood I had the DNA of the tallest people on earth.

“Hello Marie…” I said coldly putting a hand on her arm.

“Hello dear.” She said with a smile, ignoring my foul mood. “Good to have you along.”

“So Marie.” Still feeling frustrated I asked. “If this is to be a group event, why didn’t you use one of your other regulars? What do you need me for?”

“Cause some damn fool accused you of being the best.” Came a deep voice from across the room.

The short black man approached me his face in the shadows. He had broad shoulders and thick arms. His skin was dark, much darker than my own, I’m a caramel brown, he was the colour of an expensive dark chocolate.

Exiting the shadows I saw his face! It was George! I had worked with him in Afghanistan at the same hotel this one reminded me of.

“George!” I cried out approaching him. “You son of a bitch!”

Our hands clasped in an overhaul grasp. We shot stern stares into each others eyes as we engaged in a mid air arm wrestle.

“What’s the matter…” He teased as he increased his grip. “The bank got you pushing too many pencils.”

His hand squeezed mine, I squeezed back even harder. George wasn’t the sort of man you showed weakness too.

“Huh,” I said acting uninterested. “Had enough?”

Marie rolled her eyes, she had seen this very behaviour many a time with her husband. The tall woman looked on in excitement. The clerk at the front desk served another customer.

George flexed more, he was enjoying watching me squirm. I could out run him, but in a battle of brawn I was underclassed.

“Hey Dutchman.” He teased as he was slowly winning. “Make it easy on yourself.”

I could see his veins popping on his arms and forehead, I knew mine must be visible as well. I was losing, but I didn’t want it to seem too easy in front of the ladies.

“Ok, ok, ok!” I said dropping his arm.

“You never did know when to quit did you!” George chuckled as he embraced me in his massive arms.

We stepped back to look at each other, he hadn’t changed since Afghanistan. Aside from the longer hair, he was the same muscular little man.

Like me George was of Afro-Caribbean roots, his folks fled Grenada during the communist take-over to raise him in the US. My mother was from one of the Dutch islands, and my father Holland.

“Damned good to see you, Dutchman!” George said snapping me back to reality.

“What is this tie business?” I said flicking his tie.

“Aw, come on man, forget about the tie.” He said leading me over to the ladies.

I shook hands with the tall woman, introducing myself. Her name was Violet French, she had high cheek bones, a friendly smile and blue eyes. Her eyelids were painted an interesting mix, there was a streak of pink with a streak of purple above it.

Nervous laughter erupted, died, then erupted again as we got into the elevator towards our floor. To a casual observer we must have appeared to be two mixed couples in the area for tourism, little would they know the mischief we had in mind.

The women chatted quickly ankara sınırsız escortlar and softly as the elevator rose, Marie told a story about a six blackman gangbang she had. Violet smiled then said something about only sleeping with blackmen. I looked at my hands wondering if I were dark enough.

George elbowed me to get my attention.

“This hotel reminds me of…” George said in a low tone as we walked towards our room.

“The one in the Stan…” I said finishing his sentence. “Yeah, eerie.”

“Too bad that Russian news crew wasn’t here!” He laughed entering the room.

Marie and Violet had several bags each, which they started unloading. I opened my mouth to mention the run-ins I had with that news crew over the years, but shut my jaw. It didn’t make any sense to me, so I doubt it would to him.

“I gotta smoke a J.” He said looking out the window.

I guffawed at this, I didn’t want that smell on me. In the Netherlands one could enjoy cannabis products with a nice coffee at a café, but it wasn’t a habit I ever picked up.

“Wanna come along?” He asked.

“Nah.” I replied.

“Bunch a slack-jawed so and so’s around here!” He boasted loudly holding up the small joint. “This stuff will make you a God damned sexual Tyrannosaurs Rex just like me!”

Marie did the sign of the cross frowning. Violet set down her bags to observe our banter.

“Yeah.” Violet piped up. “I could do a spliff too! Let’s go out back.”

With that they were gone, leaving Marie and I alone. She wore a button up jean shirt with a pair of shorts, her ash blonde hair was styled in a bob. I rubbed my arm, it hurt a great deal from George.

“How are you feeling?” She asked as we kissed.

“It’s been a long week.” I vented between smooches.

“Tonight you can relax.” She said holding me tightly. I tried not to squirm when she touched my forearm. “Let me take care of you.”

I laughed, all my fussiness was silly. I did need to relax. We moved over to the sofa to sit. The hotel room had two queen beds in a separate bedroom, a four chair dining table, a very small kitchenette; lastly was the living room we sat in. It had two comfy armchairs facing the sofa.

“We should start doing it now!” I suggested with a wink. “Give them a surprise upon their return!”

As if she were a superhero, Marie tore her shirt open to reveal a very bright red-plaid brassiere with her milk white tits heaving underneath. If I wasn’t hard before, I certainly was now.

Marie is an amazing woman, if I had pulled my dick out she would have started blowing me right away. My concern however wasn’t surprising her friends, it was cumming too soon. Marie had worked me up into a sexual frenzy!

I press my lips to hers repeatedly as I ran my finger tips across the top of her round exposed breasts. She sighed in deep pleasure.

“Knock knock!” Cried out George upon opening the door.

Violet was beside him and smiling broadly, her gold hoops glittering in the light. Marie stood to join her, redoing her buttons. The two ladies then commenced with unpacking all their bags. Condoms, sex lube, chips, along with cans of beer and water bottles. If we were under siege we could hold out for quite some time.

“Come along dear.” Marie said to Violet, they then picked up the last of the unpacked bags.

“Oh?” I asked.

“Just put that suit on, we’ll see you both shortly.” Marie said closing the door.

George looked at me and chuckled. “She got something planned.”

“She always does.” I said laughing with him.

We talked some about our careers while I changed in front of George, all the while trying not to use my right arm. After Afghanistan he got out and became a fireman in Marie’s town. She ‘seduced him’ as he said while they both sat on the bus.

“Hey you’re bleeding man.” George said pointing to my hand, I had cut myself on my hanger.

“I ain’t got time to bleed.” I exclaimed in my imitation of a gruff American voice.

“Oh… Okay.” George replied laughing anew.

I smiled turning my back on George… big mistake.

“You got time to duck?” He said loudly throwing a cushion at me.

Needless to say I wasn’t able to dodge the cushion. I did however have another good laugh.

Now redressed, I sat on the sofa opposite of George who was in the armchair. In the silence we could hear the girls laughing in the next room. They had something very good cooked up for us.

There was more to our silence. There were many things we saw and did overseas, neither of us wanted to ruin the night by speaking of them. Instead we enjoyed the quiet.

“Hey.” George said breaking our radio silence. “What ever happened to that blue necklace?”

Of all the things we experienced in the Stan, this was by far the most bizarre. Archeologist said it was one of a handful of relics to appear in the Talmud, the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Koran. To us however, it we just called it the blue necklace.

I took a deep breath, that old piece ankara suriyeli escortlar of jewellery was rumoured to have magic powers, but I never saw it. What I saw was that it was however a colossal nightmare… perhaps it was cursed? I knew some of what happened to the blue necklace after that fateful night.

“Hello!” Said Marie walking into the room with a small black duster, I closed my mouth thankful that I didn’t have to discuss the matter further.

She was dressed in a formal sleeveless black dress with a white maids apron, and doyley on her head. Behind her with a big sexy smile was Violet, she had a black dress with a pink apron and a pink doyley on her head. She also retained her large gold hoop earrings.

Both ladies wore black boots to their knees, which made Violet seem even taller!

The shortness of breath I felt for that silly necklace was replaced by short breaths due to sexual tension! I didn’t get a good look at Violet before when we first met.

Now that I could look her up and down, I could see she was busty lady with a dream catcher tattoo on her upper leg. Her skin colour could best be described as golden honey.

I then turned my attention to Marie who dusted me in the face.

“Don’t mind us, we are just tidying up the room.” She stated politely as she dusted around me.

Violet was dusting George’s crotch, all of us started to chuckle. Marie laughing left the room to return with a stack of towels, she was very much in character. I assumed that George and I were business execs passing through town.

“Do you need anything?” Marie hinted after putting away the towels.

I didn’t want to laugh, but words eluded me, I was so aroused! George however was cool as a cucumber.

“Perhaps some drinks?” He suggested.

“That’d be a great idea.” I dumbly replied.

Marie disappeared again to fuss about the kitchenette, Violet had retrieved the tossed seat cushion, then rearranged the condoms and sex lube on the dinning room table.

“Here we go,” Marie said with a platter in one hand with two drinks on it.

She opened them before passing them out. Violet was dusting near George.

“Is there anything else you desire.” She said.

I didn’t want to mess up the roll-play, I had the strongest urge to take off my clothes to ravage Marie. She hovered nearby as if she sensed it in me.

“Well…” George said. “I can think of something that needs polishing…”

He leaned back in his armchair to present his penis, I didn’t stare, but it was very hard not to see his thick black cock. I mirrored his actions on the sofa. The ladies smiled broadly as this.

“I might not be much of an outdoorsman, but I do know how to pitch a tent!” I stated.

I got a very good laugh from the ladies. Marie went to her knees before me as Violet made her way to George.

“Let me see if I can help you…” She suggested as she undid my belt, I was happy for the assistance as my wrist was still aching.

Lifting my head up to look at Violet’s curvaceous ass I found myself locking eyes with George. Neither of us was new to group play, but eye contact with other dudes always felt weird.

George was always a reliable fire team partner, he could sense his actions and react accordingly. He rose, taking his beer with him to sit next to me. Violet shoved the coffee table aside to kneel before him.

We clinked out drinks together laughing as the women set to work on our now exposed cocks. Marie is infamous for playing the long game, she won’t purposely blow a man to a fast orgasm if she can help it.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Violet performing fellatio on George’s thick cock. As always he was as cool as a cat. I however sipped my beer in hopes of creating some Dutch courage for myself. Even though Marie was going slow I was overwhelmed.

“You gotta slow down.” I said trying not to beg.

Marie lifted her head to look up at me with those blue eyes, her pupils were large, her face told me that she was hungry for more.

“Ok dear.” She said, then switched from bobbing her head up and down to just licking.

Exhaling, I felt like I was given another minute to live. George meanwhile had a fistful of Violet’s hair and was feeding her his bone!

I reached down to fondle Marie’s massive covered tits, it was completely the wrong decision. It felt good, very good! I let go to find my beer empty I struggled to survive a little longer.

Staring at the blank TV, I started chatting up George, he at first replied, then switched the grunts, then went silent. He could best me in arm wrestling, but at orgasm delaying chatter I was King!

“You better give us five-stars in your review!” Violet said between rounds of deep throats.

“Count on it!” Stated George to another round of laughter.

This garnered a burst of laughter from both groups. Marie laughed with a mouthful of cock, then lifted her head to chuckle deeply. I was especially happy for a moment to re-gather endurance.

Marie ankara türbanlı escortlar eased off to rise to her feet, I knew she wasn’t bored of me, but rather wanted to share the love. She went over to George to kiss him deeply. Violet came to me into my arms.

“Hello.” I said looking up to her, she was the tallest American woman I had ever kissed.

“Hello.” She replied entering my arms. “I hope you’ll give me five-stars.”

We kissed deeply, then when I came up for air I spoke.

“Six stars!” I said to another round of laughter.

My hands explored her body up and down, giving extra attention to her bust. While I did that I alternated between kisses to her neck with smooches on her lips.

I truly desired to see more of her. At this point I was fully naked save for a pair of white sports socks. Marie had turned around for George to unzip her, giving me a brilliant idea.

Turning violet around I stood on tippy toes to kiss her shoulders, Violet purred. Releasing my hands which cupped her jugs from behind, I undid her apron tie. Her pink doyley had long since disappeared.

With the apron off I undid her dress, which she stepped out of, I put the pink apron back on tying it up for her. Then I spun her around, she wore a black bra and matching thong. I looked her up and down admiring her curves.

Moving back in towards her I reached around behind to fiddle with her bra straps, her skin was warm to the touch.

“There’s four hooks.” She teased after I got the first two.

When I got the last two undone she shrugged out of the bra to reveal two round breasts with nipples the same colour as her. My face and hands fell upon them worshiping them. I could hear Marie’s moans of pleasure from behind.

I licked the first nipple which quickly became hard. One hand held her breast to my face whilst the other snaked down between her legs. I could feel more heat emanating as I pulled the silky material aside.

Rubbing her clitoris I could feel her wetness, she moaned in pleasure as my fingers went faster. When I felt a warm hand gripping my shoulder I knew we were both ready.

Standing straight I pulled her thong down to join the rest of the pile of our clothes. As I sat down I had seen that Marie had vanished.

Violet seemed unconcerned. She took a large swig from her water then sank to her knees. Her mouth was as wet as I expected. She worked her hand vigorously on my tool. I reached for my beer hoping for a distraction.

“Kanker!” I hissed finding the can empty.

“What’s wrong?” Violet asked pulling her head off my penis.

“If you keep up that pace I will blow my load.” I confessed.

“We don’t want that to happen do we?” She teased returning to her task faster than before!

Marie returned wearing a matching red plaid bra and panty. It looked good! Too good.

I squeezed Violet’s very large breast, a foolish idea for a man trying to keep his cum inside himself a respectable length of time. Releasing it I encouraged Violet to ease off and stand up.

I slipped on a rubber, added some lubricant then bent her over the sofa arm. I could see Marie shedding her remaining garments as she tugged on George, once nude she bent over to blow him.

I grabbed Violet’s hips as I eased my penis into her. She moaned soft as I went further and deeper.

“More!” Violet commanded.

I was anxious to fuck her like a mad man, but one doesn’t rush into such things with a new partner. She did say earlier that she was black only, but I wanted her to savour every moment of it.

Violet however threw all my thoughts of slow romantic sex out the window. She grabbed my lower leg then impaled herself as deep as my appendage would go.

“Oh yeah!” She declared.

After a moment’s adjustment she started pushing her ass back at me. Taking her hint, I proceeded to pick up the pace.

A glance over at Marie and George revealed they were doing woman on top. Unlike every woman I knew, she wasn’t afraid to take the reins right from the get go.

The room filled with the sounds of meaty slaps, interspaced by the moans and groans of four people. I glanced around the room wishing we had a camera crew, this was pretty cool!

Taking that idea one step further, I withdrew from Violet to sit on the armchair beside George and Marie. Violet took my cue and sitting with her back to me she rode me in the same fashion as her friend!

Both women increased in volume as they rode us with more joy than the Light Brigade did with their faithful charge.

When I saw Violet’s energy was flagging I knew it was time to mix things up.

“Hey George.” I said standing back up and leading Violet to kneel on the sofa facing away from me.

George got what I was getting at as he lead Marie to the same position next to Violet. Based on the screams of joy coming from the two ladies, these mirror positions were a real hit!

Occasionally I’d reach forward to squeeze Violet’s breast, or slap her ass.

This went on for sometime, perhaps the longest position we did that night. All during this doggy style I was glad for the rubbers. They were key to gaving me an extra layer of stamina.

Eventually we all ceased, neither George nor I had cum, but Marie needed to pee, and Violet another glass of water.

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